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Archman • 5 years ago

From his photo taken in the boat with red dot on his forehead, he didnt seem to have this injury..someone with that type of injury would be in complete shock and not able to control their nervous system. BUT he did and manage to write a confession ALSO.. doesn't make much sense.

Sellhigh • 5 years ago

These 2 losers deserve to both be DEAD. Too bad we only aced one of them. I can't wait to see this LOSER get the gas chamber.

"It smells like pine oil..."

pilam • 5 years ago

No, hell no. I dont want him to die. I want him to suffer. For as long as possible. Death is a quick release for him. I am not going to support that. He is a radical muslim who is responsible for 4 deaths and sufferings for hundreds of people. He made my life miserable along with AQ because we share the same religion. So no, sorry, cant give him such a sweet deal. Punishment first.

thekarl • 5 years ago

I bet you also think the moon landing was faked (as if the Russians would have not called us on that at the height of the cold war) and Kennedy's "magic bullet" changed directions (Connolly's seat was lower and set inwards to give a better view of Kennedy, and he was sitting twisted so later analysis showed it did actually travel in a pretty straight line).

Three people can keep a secret as long as two of them are dead.

I don't think you have dealt with people with such injuries before. You would be amazed at what someone who is dead (will die from their injury within minutes) can still do.

Steverino • 5 years ago

That poor boat did not deserve this

wvankley • 5 years ago

No kidding, I hope he had insurance.

jcottle • 5 years ago

Among the others dead and inured in the marathon bomb blasts is a little 8 year-old boy that was literally torn apart by one of the bombs that exploded only several feet from him and a little girl about the same age that has been learning to walk through the rest of her life with a prosthetic leg.

I could care less where this worthless piece of garbage was shot and very frankly, I would have preferred that they ended his life when they caught up to him.

ed • 5 years ago

they were brother and sister

Istenno • 5 years ago

at first glance, it might be satisfying to think that the cops in Boston should have taken the matter into their own hands and killed him, but that's a dangerous precedent to set for all of us.

jcottle • 5 years ago

" but that's a dangerous precedent to set for all of us."

What planet have you been living on? That "precedent" was set centuries ago.

Guest • 5 years ago

Hey CNN, no one really cares what happened to this piece of crap or how many bullets he took. He obviously didn't take enough

Sunset's mom • 5 years ago

Now these are the pics Rolling Stone should have used

CarinDr • 5 years ago

These pics weren't released until after the Rolling Stone article. And they're just bloody versions of the same guy, so who cares?

psanford421 • 5 years ago

Took the words right out of my mouth

KatNiel • 5 years ago

His injuries are nothing compared to the ones he inflicted upon his victims!

Fred hgggg • 5 years ago

prove it

Guest • 5 years ago

He didn't have a gun, so why this persistent nonsense speculating if he did it to himself?

leftbrain12 • 5 years ago

Before he threw it away and after he ran over his brother to get away.

Guest • 5 years ago

And before he wrote that note in the boat LOL?

Guest • 5 years ago

CNN couldn't find a picture of him when he was 8 years old & wearing a hoodie.

The Big O • 5 years ago

Not even a single picture of him eating Skittles?

Guest • 5 years ago

What the hell type of vitamins was this boy taking? We should all follow his diet and or fitness regime--to be able to suffer those type of wounds, survive for hours, and be able to get up unassisted and walk out of that boat with such calm is truly an astonishing accomplishment!

Guest • 5 years ago

Yes, that is what I was thinking. To top it off he wasn't even as in good of shape as his older brother.

Guest • 5 years ago

Young people are made of rubber. Man I miss those days.

Guest • 5 years ago

It's like in the movies when the main character is shot, stabbed, chased, etc. unreal!

Commander Balok • 5 years ago

He took a bullet in the face? Good. Should have aimed higher and put it in his brain.

TheoreticallyScottCA • 5 years ago

My sentiments exactly.

peterb34 • 5 years ago

They should have put in in his other brain.

zitlips • 5 years ago

I can hear it now. Judge..how do you plead? Terrorist... I pleth noth guilky.

yahooo Die ! • 5 years ago

But you sound too much guilty of murdering the English language.

Baygirl • 5 years ago

Wow. You didn't get his joke. It was funny. Unclench a little. You'll live longer.

KewlDawg • 5 years ago

"... does not say whether the 20-year-old college student inflicted the wound on himself ..."

Since no gun was found on him, or in the boat, that's nothing more than highly unlikely speculation CNN (not news).

What Burns My Bacon • 5 years ago

Not really. He and his brother had a shootout with the police at one point. So he had a gun on him at some point.

Dianne Feinswine • 5 years ago

Hopefully it knocked a few teeth out, that should please his celly.

Guest • 5 years ago

I'm supposed to care about this guy?

Jimmy Tom • 5 years ago

Trusting any gov at these times is ignorant. At the same time to think the US gov staged this while they were trying to say that all firearms needed to be regulated is also ignorant. These two showed that mass destruction and death could be made possible from walmart.

Guest • 5 years ago

I'm amazed at how many people want to execute this person without any proof at all that he did the bombing. Not saying he did, not saying he didn't. I'd just like the corrupt US government to share their evidence that he did it before he's condemned to death.

BrianRunsPhilly • 5 years ago

I was in Boston and had just finished the marathon about 2 minutes before the bombs went off. It was scary and I have an emotional response to what happened.

That being said, the best thing we can do is try him in open court and if he is found guilty he should receive the death penalty. Due process of law is what separates us from these animals.

Dawn Ray • 5 years ago

I love that someone so close to the bombings and obviouslyan emotional connection to this topic can be so fair and recognize that when we take away his rights, we take away our own. Thank you for this comment!

Keith Long • 5 years ago

Yeah, all the evidence against him is obviously made up. It is a mystery why they would want to do such a thing against such a wonderful young man.

Fred hgggg • 5 years ago

what evidence? the only "evidence" presented are 3rd or 4rth hand accounts by the talking heads on your tv

TakeMyTruthN'STUFFIT • 5 years ago

Yet no mention of Sgt. Robert Bales who is on trial for murdering 16 afghan civilians including blowing the brains out of 9 children. He and his wife actually LAUGHED about it and it was all recorded!!! Prosecution is going to use this to show he had no remorse. These are your precious soldiers America.

Dawn Ray • 5 years ago

Exactly, nothing mentioned that I could find on this site and jury selection begins today on his sentencing (life with or w/o parole).

Keksii • 5 years ago

Coincidences between movie Bourne Identity and Boston bombing.

Matt Damon aka Jason Bourne attended SAME high school as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Beginning of movie he was found shot in water and put on boat unable to talk.

Jahar is also found in Watertown in a boat and shot unable to talk.

He was found 5 miles south from French city of Marseille,funny thing that city
is in EXACT ALIGNMENT with city both brothers were born.

Jason Bourne had several fake passports.

USA passport shows date of birth April 15th which is day of Boston bombing.

Issue date 1993 and expiration date 2003.

Jahar was born in 1993 and family came to USA in 2003.

Second passports is Russian,it shows issue date April 19th and expiration April

Identity of brothers were revealed on April 18th and they were killed and
captured on April 19th and both are born in Russia.

Third passport is Canadian,also shows April 18 and 19 but it was issued in

Funny thing April 22 we had "Al Qaida" attempt to bomb train
traveling from Montreal.

Jason Bourne female sidekick is 26 years old just like older brother.

I did not even analyze rest of movie,I think this is plenty of

Archman • 5 years ago

^^ haha I love that movie

scooby37 • 5 years ago

Cool coincidences but you should get a job and fill your free time.

earthy • 5 years ago

He should also be charged for the death of his brother for three reasons:

1. He ran him over (obvious)
2. When someone dies during the commision of a crime most people are usually charged with their death
3. So he can stand trial in the murder of his own brother (the only one he will actually care about)

Dean Nandana • 5 years ago

He ran over his brother while police were trying to handcuff him? He must be quite the sharpshooter... er, sharp-driver. What was he driving, a Mercedes 5.56 bullet?

earthy • 5 years ago

Are you implying that a person can only die if they are shot? He was shot and still alive when his brother ran over him. If he never hit him at all he still died during the commision of a crime that Dzhokhar was involved in.

Rollins902 • 5 years ago

Did you see the video tape of this happening because there were eye witnesses who said that it didn't happen. His brothers identify was kept from the Boston Terrorist Task force, even after the FBI/DHS had received warnings about him from other countries. Despite the fact that Tsarnaev was identified as a terrorist by other countries he wasn't put on a do not fly list. I suspect it's because they were using him. Tsarneavs identify was not released by the FBI/DHS after the bombing either. It wasn't until they had him in custody or killed him that they shared, but only because Russia outed them.