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vespaman • 8 years ago

Next they will try to feed you tube steak and label it as "Miami Roast".

CommieStooge • 8 years ago

This nonsense just leads to confusion in the supermarket.

Nay Wangtal • 8 years ago

Do you eat pork butt?

Will you eat Boston Roast?

It makes all the difference in the world to most Americans, you can count on that.

Tess • 8 years ago

I've seen "pork shoulder" in the supermarket, and I've definitely bought that before. I agree that "pork butt" isn't a good name -- just as "rapeseed oil" has benefitted from being rebranded canola oil. But "Boston Roast" is much more confusing than "pork shoulder."

On the other hand, I think the newly named pork chops are great -- having the blanket term "pork chop" applied to several different cuts of meat is confusing, and assuming the new terms are appropriate, they give me some idea what to expect from a particular chop.

Tommy Vu • 8 years ago

Sigh...just keep it simple.

William_C_Diaz • 8 years ago

Another example of how the ignorance of the American sheeple is manipulated to assist in their own fleecing.

By calling it 'Boston Roast' it makes it worth $2 more a pound at Walmart. The only 'confusion' it clears up is who the money in your wallet really belongs to.

Have a great day!

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Bonker Farms • 8 years ago

The Chinese suddenly buy the largest "American" manufacture of Pork........supported by Wall Street Brokers like (Goldman and Sax....Obama's funders) and suddenly the whole industry needs to "change the names of cuts".....................................it is strange how many Americans have died or been poisoned by Chinese "manufactures or products from China" the last few years but nothing ever really "sticks" in the News......Kids toys, Licorice, Chicken, and hundreds of other mass produced items poisoning Americans...and the Federal Agencies controlling them seldomly even notify the public...........................I wonder why? Economic Treason? Global Tyranny?

Or perhaps the Lawyers (Politicians) who were paid and placed in office have vested interest not to control, monitor, or disclose products from China?

Aren't the Chinese hacking our military computers and stealing out technology? Have we not found multiple Chinese spy's trying to take nuclear technologies or missile guidance technology in recent years?.........

vespaman • 8 years ago

They're simply fattening us up before they devour us! A tasty diversion tactic...

Nay Wangtal • 8 years ago

You shoulda seen the fake meat and fake eggs (yes, eggs!) that were imported (knowingly or more oftenly unknowingly). I do have to applause them for their creativity.

porky63 • 8 years ago

No doubt a tribute to Senator Barfly in Mass....

Tess • 8 years ago

What, you don't think it's a tribute to Boston's thriving stockyards? ;-)