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90530 • 4 years ago

Why is the poster so distorted? :S

Karen Vo • 4 years ago

ikr? but he's still way to handsome for my own good. *dies* how can anyone look this beautiful in a distorted image? only L HAHHAHA

Lala Land • 4 years ago

Probably just the angle it was taken in.

mushuu • 4 years ago

cause Akp's being lazy -_-

Guest • 4 years ago

Try this one ^.^

Mrs._KimMyungsoo (L) • 4 years ago



•miraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa • 4 years ago

yup, its so much better

kwaljomyupen • 4 years ago

Oh my god that looks so much better!!

Mrs._KimMyungsoo (L) • 4 years ago

If only they notice. How do you tell them anyway? Never contacted anyone here.

kwaljomyupen • 4 years ago

I don't know either

kwaljomyupen • 4 years ago

Is it just the picture quality? His head looks squished and small. Lol anyways he so good looking

asianstyle • 4 years ago

Yeah, the distortion is due to the formatting of the photo.

Mir◕‿◕Usako • 4 years ago


ForeverB2uty • 4 years ago


pizzacat • 4 years ago

akp, pls change the image for a normal sized one pls

SS501jjang • 4 years ago

Only L can look good even with a distorted photo.

Shoolishja • 4 years ago

word. xD

Diana J • 4 years ago

Finally, L's teaser photo is revealed .He looks sexy af'. /drools/
cant wait for the comeback doee.

hapyenz • 4 years ago

OMG! Call an ambulance... dying in...1....2.........

pizzacat • 4 years ago

anyway i saw a better quality image somewhere else and damn.. this boy is seriously.. handsome? beautiful *-*

Fantastic Baby • 4 years ago

His look is so intense, now I understand why he won fashion king with just one eye

Woohoolala • 4 years ago

He looks super handsome as always!
That gaze *.*
Now I'm dying to see Sunggyu's teaser and poster!

giraffeoppa • 4 years ago

myungsoo is the epitome of perfection tbh.

Mslolipop112 • 4 years ago

sunggyu is tomorrow ^^

Park Lee • 4 years ago

Even if the picture is kinda weird(the quality),Myungsoo is so....what can you call it? Handsome? Beautiful? Pretty? Cute? Adorable? I CHOOSE ALL~! Saving my bias for last,Woolim~! Grandpa Gyu..! But I'll save my comments for later! Anyways,this is the most anticipated comeback for me so far and I can't wait for the actual MV~!

Joseane Clea • 4 years ago

what a beautiful photo, L is perfect!!!

kaychingy • 4 years ago

Ahhhh L (: so handsome. Can't believe 2 more days!(:

kekeke23 • 4 years ago

Still perfect. *_*

I literally couldn't sleep last night from all the excitement. I kept on replaying all six of the teasers. The song in Myungsoo's teaser is definitely my favorite, and I dunno why but I have this strong feeling that it might be the title track (though it could be in the last one with Sunggyu). If it is, then I AM 100% IN LOVE WITH IT ALREADY LOL. ;n;

D-2. I can't freaking wait, gahhhhhhh.

ahaxd • 4 years ago

Visual indeed! He is really handsome!

ArianaKim • 4 years ago

Why does the picture look so wide?
It's alright, he's still eff-hot ;))

Noona's for BB! • 4 years ago

It's PERFECT! ^^
.....and so is he..... <3

Sweetie2012 • 4 years ago

Look at the original pic....soooo hotttttttt!!

blueberry888 • 4 years ago

HAndsome and hot. I like his sharp nose.

Pauline Luzon • 4 years ago

It's distorted but still, it's L. Who cares!

MusicAllDay • 4 years ago

So handsome and hot :)
Cant wait for Infinite's comeback <3

Jennie ♥ • 4 years ago


imthebestXD • 4 years ago


Nope • 4 years ago

So, he didnt do the shh pose or one hand covering the eye. Lol

Mrs._KimMyungsoo (L) • 4 years ago

I guess he saved himself from me beating him up.

Shoolishja • 4 years ago

Yes, he just stand there, look good, and voila! you got the Adonis! kekekeke

EXTREME KPOP FAN • 4 years ago

Whhaaatt is thissssss shiiet?? NO OFFENSE>. is the pic distorted or OVER USE of PHOTOSHOP??? O.O

Kenshin_Kaito • 4 years ago


CherryMato • 4 years ago

ah,i wait so long for this poster..thinking if i was at Korea..i will become a crazy girl who running around to collect as much as i can L poster..haha

YJッ • 4 years ago

OMG >< Can't wait for INFINITE's comeback!!

bigsuper501 • 4 years ago


INSPIRITBABYV • 4 years ago

Ummm, picture looks distorted...

Guest • 4 years ago

baby-faced Myungsoooo :)

Maureen • 4 years ago

so how do you collect these posters?? i dont get what they mean, like buying them online or ???

Mrs_KimSungGyu • 4 years ago

You have to live in Korea. They're being plastered all over Seoul and they're free for the taking.

Laura Melina • 4 years ago

the harsh life of an international fan TT.TT