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XeckyGilchrist • 9 years ago

When the national parks are privatized, no one will ever be denied access.

catclub • 9 years ago

At least, no one with an oil derrick.

Tracy • 9 years ago

At first glance, I read this as "oil dick." Dr. Freud is calling me.

AGoodQuestion • 9 years ago

Well I guess it's better than no lube at all...

slavdude • 9 years ago

...If they can afford the entry fee.

Mark_B4Zeds • 9 years ago

What, some crazy assed person started driving a lawnmower around on public property and got kicked off by law enforcement? Fascism. Because there's no way an unauthorized crazy person driving a machine with wildly spinning blades can ever go wrong.

glennisw • 9 years ago

You'd think a law perfessor would have an inkling of the concept of liability.

Atticus Dogsbody • 9 years ago

He does. His readers don't.

Smut Clyde • 9 years ago

You'd also expect a law perfessor not to confuse 'disinterested' with 'uninterested'.

JennOfArk • 9 years ago

They must've missed that episode of Mad Men where the secretary was driving the riding mower around the office during an office party.

Smut Clyde • 9 years ago

some crazy assed person started driving a lawnmower around on public property and got kicked off by law enforcement?

Life imitates Larry Niven stories.

LittlePig • 9 years ago

Oh for God's sake, shut up! They'll start on the organlegger stuff next (and since in A Gift From Earth it starts with the prison population of my home state, it makes me nervous).

XeckyGilchrist • 9 years ago

Was Niven always a wingnut, or did he just go insane in his later years like so many others?

dstatton • 9 years ago

Funny, I thought that the GOP leadership was now giving other reasons for the shutdown (the deficit! entitlement reform!), so although 67% still think it's all about the ACA, it's a "victory"? Peeking into the bubble is fascinating.

coozledad • 9 years ago

It’s worth recalling that the Park Service has always been deeply ambivalent about the public which they’re charged with serving...

Damn straight. I remember that ranger on Yogi Bear always had a stick up his ass about something.

GeniusLemur • 9 years ago

You're joking, but that's damn close to how Republicans actually argue in their usual "ruling by anecdote" mode.

Guest • 9 years ago

"Damn straight. I remember that ranger on Yogi Bear always had a stick up his ass about something."

Yogi = Andrew Breitbart
BooBoo = James O'Keefe

Yogi = Vice President Cheney
BooBoo = Scooter Libby

Yogi = Lucianne Goldberg
BooBoo = Jonah

Yogi = Karl Rove
BooBoo = Tim Griffin

Yogi = Mark Levin
BooBoo = Sean Hannity

{add to list at will}

No wonder the ranger always had a stick up his ass. Bears multiply like crazy.

XeckyGilchrist • 9 years ago

Yogi = Sen. Cruz
BooBoo = Sen. Lee

Guest • 9 years ago


oh yeah and...

Yogi = Paul Ryan
BooBoo = Marco Rubio

Mark_B4Zeds • 9 years ago
Why, soon they won't even let you piss in the reservoir.

Psst.... Just wear your swimming trunks and jump in. And then if the park ranger asks about the funny expression on your face, you can say you were just resting.

J Neo Marvin • 9 years ago

Where the vegetables are green,
And you can pee right into the stream! (And that's important)
We're back from the shadows again!

Howlin Wolfe • 9 years ago

I think we're all Bozos on this bus! Go ahead, squeeze the wheeze! Many people like to.

Tehanu • 9 years ago

Bear Whiz Beer! It's in the water -- that's why it's yellow!

Ellis_Weiner • 9 years ago

"click on through and buy some gold!"

Worst Doors song EVER.

gocart mozart • 9 years ago

"Break on Through to the Boehner Side" was a lot worse.

parsec • 9 years ago

"Defund Me Two Times" was my least favorite.

J Neo Marvin • 9 years ago

The teabaggers in the forest brightly feathered, they are saying, "Out here we is stupid, immaculate!"

Chocolate Covered Cotton • 9 years ago

Ghosts crowd a teabagger's fragile eggshell mind.

Waingro • 9 years ago

Jonah Goldberg's organ solo on "Light My Fart" was fairly pedestrian, in my opinion.

Derelict • 9 years ago

True. But you should hear him wail on "Riders on the Stormtroopers."

JennOfArk • 9 years ago

To be fair, if you'd ever seen his organ, you'd know how little he has to work with.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Aimai • 9 years ago

I would like to offer this comment an air sickness bag and some eau de toilette on a lace hanky.

Chocolate Covered Cotton • 9 years ago

Who knew "LA Woman" was actually about Louisiana?

Cole • 9 years ago

"There's a killer on the road; his brain is squirming like a Toad."

No, wait...those are actual Doors lyrics. They seem to fit the riff so well, though.

JennOfArk • 9 years ago

"There's a moron in the House; he's orange and stinking like a souse."

coozledad • 9 years ago

Investors scattered on gold’s
high yields leading

Bonds crowd the
market’s fragile derivative indices.

JennOfArk • 9 years ago

I'm thinking more of "When You're Deranged."

pillsy • 9 years ago

So Obama's "petulant and upset" because his approval ratings have gone *up* since the Republicans decided to stage a remake of "Dog Day Afternoon" on the House floor? Yeah, that makes sense.

Aimai • 9 years ago

They just always feel the need to portray Obama as petulant and upset. I think it might be in the contract. Because the guy is somewhat famously unflappable and calm. I think its part of the general insistence on babyfying dems and the old "who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?" And, of course, it works on their voters.

Ellis_Weiner • 9 years ago

I bet the wingers' capacity to believe the opposite of what is right in front of them, and of what they've been told for weeks if not years, begins in religion and "faith." If it's not only possible, but virtuous and praiseworthy, to believe in the invisible and the unproven as regards God, why NOT embrace the ability to believe in anything else you prefer, despite evidence to the contrary?

But scratch "prefer." Rather, need. Fox Muldur says, "I want to believe." Wingnuts say, "I need to believe [for reasons of which I am utterly oblivious], and so I do!"

dstatton • 9 years ago

Jonah Goldberg once wrote that Obama "desperately" wants to appear cool.

redoubtagain • 9 years ago

Distillation of 21st-century Republican thinking: Jonah Le Petomane thinks someone else is uncool.

Aimai • 9 years ago

Jaw has dropped to lowest floor, entering sub-sub-basement levels now. Shows no sign of stopping. Emergency. Emergency. Jaw heading to China.

Clark Ashton Kutcher • 9 years ago

In terms of projection, that has to be a 500-seat IMAX, especially coming from "This is central to my point/I'm on a deadline/Pop culture babble/be my unpaid research assistant" Pasty Doughboy.

Howlin Wolfe • 9 years ago

It's like calling Prof. Krugman "shrill". He doesn't sugar coat his opinion, but where do they get the appellation, "shrill", except from the skree in their own minds when Krugman's opinion skewers their pet conventional wisdom.

mds • 9 years ago
So Obama's "petulant and upset" because his approval ratings have gone *up*

Well, duh. If he's rewarded for appearing to stand firm, and the other side eventually backs down, how will he ever be "forced" into gutting Social Security? If I were he, I'd be furious.

Mark_B4Zeds • 9 years ago

The Republicans are coming out with their own version of Breaking Bad. It's kind of a sequel and it's called Broken Badly.

gocart mozart • 9 years ago

or Breaking Wind

Uncle_Ebeneezer • 9 years ago
marrying the disinterested contempt of a meter maid with the zeal of an ambitious party apparatchik.

Police officers cracking the heads of Dirty Fucking Occupy Protestors, are just enforcing the law because we are a nation of laws and actions-have-consequences etc., but meter maids are the Gestapo x∞ !

zencomix • 9 years ago

Allowing meter maids to marry zeal is destroying traditional marriage.