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Guest • 5 years ago
BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Thanks and good morning, ZH!!

Guest • 5 years ago
BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

:-) !!!

M_Minnesota • 5 years ago

OOOPs sorry!!!, there is a ebook version of "Sarah Takes on Big oil" at Amazon,com


$91249225 • 5 years ago

about damn time disqus

golfmom3 • 5 years ago

Hi! You're up early! Is this So?

Good to see you back! Everybody missed you.

But, oh dear, $91249225 just doesn't have the same familiarity as before -- unless you go by "$9" sort of like Ke$ha. ;-D

john norton • 5 years ago

u betcha.../

mark1955 • 5 years ago

http://www.theguardian.com/... More Snowden revelations! NSA is now spying on "Leaky" 'Smart phone' Apps, to gather information.

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Thanks, Mark, and good morning!

mark1955 • 5 years ago

Your welcome and good morning Brianus!

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

My Dear Friends in Sarah,

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Below are some words that I posted one year and one day ago today. They go back, originally, to 2011.

I think that they are as relevant in this moment and at this hour as they were 366 days ago—and three years ago.

I hope that you are enjoying a great week.

I shall see you later on this week, or else this weekend.

And yes, I plan to watch the SUPER BOWL this Sunday. I do not think that I will be committing a moral wrong in so doing. I dissent from and totally disagree with and reject the opinion, expressed in a recent New York Times (?) article, that it is immoral to watch football (BETRAYING ONE'S COUNTRY—now THAT is EVIL!!)

God bless you all always.

A Sword From Berkeley, California for SARAH and for All My Friends in Sarah!!!

God bless you all always.

Sarah Domination 2014;



FROM 27 JANUARY, 2013:

Here are some thoughts from 2011 on what a run for POTUS--which now seems very possible for 2016 in light of her acts and words of the last few days--what a run for President would involve and entail for her.

I have edited a few words.

God bless, All!!--It is less than a week until the Super Bowl!!


Let us place ourselves, to the extent that we can in thought and in sympathy and in imagination, let us place ourselves in Sarah's shoes and in her soul right now.

Imagine if we were preparing to run a grueling marathon, twenty-six-plus miles of agony. But what relief would await us at the end of the course if we could emerge victorious: Exultation and rest and a "crown of glory"!!

Think now of the marathon the running of which Sarah is very possibly contemplating right now. What awaits her even if she comes out the glorious victor in this race, in this marathon, in this run for the office of the Presidency of the United States of America for 2016???



A Crown of Glory??

No, if she wins the Presidency, in lieu of a bed of roses and a laurel wreath of Victory, there awaits her the cauldron of Washington, the opposition and even hatred of large numbers of the political and media class…there awaits her a snake pit worse than any that Indiana Jones ever feared!!!

In lieu of her Sweet Alaska she will be given in exchange the turbulent and troubled capital of the country.

In lieu of summers spent in the glory of the Land of the Midnight Sun she will be given in exchange the terrible oven of Washington DC, all aflame with the passions and fires of greed, of ambition, of thirst and hunger for power and money…not to mention the thermometer's curse and cross of heat and humidity.

In lieu of the tranquility of her home of Wasilla, she will be given in exchange the seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where, in Harry Truman's immortal expression, "The buck stops."

All this, all this, and yet you and I and millions of others think that she may well do it.


Because, as Jimmy Stewart's immortal character, Senator Jefferson Smith, puts it in the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," because of one simple rule, "Love Thy Neighbor."

In this case, the commandment may be taken in the plural, "Love Thy Neighbors."

And who are Sarah's "neighbors" in this case?

You and I and all the millions and millions of the simple American People.

She will do it for us.

So let us pray for her and support her in every way possible, not just in these fateful and critical hours and days and weeks and months of decision, not just all along the course of her coming marathon, but also during her eight, as we hope and expect, years in the White House.

Remember, in Going Rogue, how her eldest son, Track, once encouraged her on a marathon run, leaving bottles of water and loving notes along the way for her?

If and WHEN she announces her decision to run, let us too leave, all along her thorny and dusty and arduous course, let us leave gifts of prayers, gifts of money, gifts of sacrifice, gifts of labor…gifts of love.

PeterTrump PetretichTrump • 5 years ago

Christie road trip is sign of growing confidence in possible 2016 presidential bid

c4pfan • 5 years ago

No doubt. A messed up state economy is always a sign to run for President.

lanahi • 5 years ago

Yeah, mess up the state, but you'll do better as president, of course./sarc

PeterTrump PetretichTrump • 5 years ago

Good morning C4P. Let's see, do I have a snow day today?

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Good morning, Pete!

bassman • 5 years ago

Wendy Davis hits back at Bristol Palin


PeterTrump PetretichTrump • 5 years ago

Reminds me of the beginning of The Jerk...

"I was born a poor little unwed teenage mother..."

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Thanks, bassman, and good morning.

IMHO, wendy davis is utterly despicable: Trying to build a popular persona based on ... a filibuster in favor of ABORTION.

HELL NO--and I hope and pray that the great State of TEXAS will say "HELL NO" to wendy davis!!!

PeterTrump PetretichTrump • 5 years ago



BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Thanks much, Pete, for this info!!

bassman • 5 years ago

Sounds to me like she more interested in hanging onto the coattails to any one that would help her get ahead.

hrh40 • 5 years ago

Tells me more about W than W, if you know what I mean.

bassman • 5 years ago

Good Morning to you. Pretty cold morning in N. E. Wisconsin.

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

:-) !!

golfmom3 • 5 years ago

"“With all due respect to Ms. Palin, of course, nothing that was said in that tweet is true."

Not the blog post? What tweet? This tweet? "http://twitchy.com/2014/01/... "You can have a job AND kids" ??

A more complicated tweet that likely befuddled Ms. Davis was the tweet from last week: "Wendy Davis needs a man like a fish needs a rich bicycle that will pay its way through fish law school and take full custody of its spawn."


Wendy is sure making a mess of things.

M_Minnesota • 5 years ago


Jean_A • 5 years ago

Good morning, C4P!

I stand with Sarah Palin.

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Good morning, Jean!

I stand with Sarah Palin.

c4pfan • 5 years ago


BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

BTW, re the SOTU tonight, the State of the Union Address, the mere appearance of the wretched obama before Congress will say more about the dismal and dire State of our Union than any and all words from the "president" could.

A couple of days ago, Ian posted a RADIANT photo of the Governor at the head of the Open Thread. It was eloquent in its wordless beauty!!

Faces can often express, in non-verbal and exalted eloquence, the HEART that lies behind those faces.

Behold the countenance of SARAH and that of obama ...

... you see, IMHO, the face of AMERICA and the face of anti-America!!

Cheetah • 5 years ago

Another way to look at it - the face of the defeated vs. the face of the undefeated!

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

LOL--I love it Cheetah/BB!!

john norton • 5 years ago


Cheetah • 5 years ago

Good morning!

John Wooden's Leadership Lesson #11: "Don't look at the scoreboard."

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

Great quote. Cheetah--especially when the enemy perhaps has control of that scoreboard, and is inflating the supposed "lead" that the other side has, to DISCOURAGE us (polls. etc.)!!

Cheetah • 5 years ago

... and especially since the most important scoreboard won't matter until November 2016!

BrianusBerkleianus • 5 years ago

!! :-)

c4pfan • 5 years ago

Morning and thanks!

idesign2 • 5 years ago

Not sure if this has already been posted, it's a satire piece..:)

Wendy vs. Sarah: A Thought Experiment
Imagine if Wendy Davis got the Palin treatment.


c4pfan • 5 years ago

Yeah, but I can't stand how they do the satire. Sorry.

c4pfan • 5 years ago

Please, help a fellow Palin supporter (Firelight) reach the goal of 100 people to send out the 'thunderclap) need just 52 more people to spread the message of school choice! https://www.thunderclap.it/...

Ted Cruz tweeted out this thunderclap (has over what it needs), but send a message. You still have a little time to put one out https://www.thunderclap.it/...

golfmom3 • 5 years ago

Nothing personal -- just musing on this relatively new media tool . . .

This Thunderclap thing is strange. How does it impact anyone? You get a tweet? a post to Facebook?

I looked at the first page of ongoing Thunderclaps and it is used for anything and everything -- from the Sweetwater Teachers' Union negotiations to Ending Child Slavery. Seems kind of pointless (not the topics -- just the medium) and meant to make you think you are changing the world when you're just one more blip of information invading someone's day.

When did this start? why?

kateorjane • 5 years ago

Sad to read the comments Gov Palin made in support of McCain. I understand she may well have affection and personal respect for him but he let too many chances to defend her as vigorously go by. IMO this was a case where she should have kept her powder dry.

Kathleen • 5 years ago

Yeah, I'm befuddled by her defense. This is the man who labelled Ted Cruz, the senator that Sarah helped get into office, a "whackobird." Does she stand by that comment? I can't support her in this. It's an area where we'll have to disagree.

john norton • 5 years ago

Im sorry to say me too...:/

DocBarry1 • 5 years ago

Read the Governor's comments again - she is loyal and she supports him on Benghazi and disagrees with McCain on economic and Amnesty etc

I want Arizona to recall him but I marvel at the Governor ability to show strength in her convictions and fair play

She supports Cruz, she helped him get elected and fought the establishment candidate - I stand with her boldness in writing this FB post

MJUdall • 5 years ago

I agree. I think the statement she put out is a testament to her loyalty.

hrh40 • 5 years ago

And to her courage.

Because she knows politically, some will not see the bigger picture, and will kneejerk condemn her forthwith.