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whitefences • 8 years ago

I have been eating a healthful diet that includes all of these food suggestions for years. Healthy food choices have kept my fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis at bay for over ten years. If more people would take responsibility for their own health we could be a healthier, leaner Nation and not be wasting millions on the health issues that a high-fat, high preservative food choice creates. This is personal responsibility; no different than smoking or not.

Fumigator • 8 years ago

Pot brownies will help your fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis and put you in a good mood all at the same time.

KJ • 8 years ago

Actually marijuana is not recommended for those with mental illness as their have been studies that can induce psychosis

Guest • 8 years ago
RalphBTC • 7 years ago

and islam makes people kill.

Fumigator • 8 years ago

So what Is recommended for those with mental illness? get to the point edna.

KJ • 8 years ago

The most successful treatments we have now is a combo of anti-deps and talk therapy...

lroy77 • 8 years ago

Brownies laced with pot is not only illegal but almost killed a classmate of mine and caused two students to lose many months of school work. I prefer my brownies laced with walnuts and carmel.

Ice cream is also a comfort and it has lots of calcium!

babybass1222 • 8 years ago

Pot has never killed or fatally injured anyone who has used it. Those brownies were laced with something more harmful... just saying.

Kyne • 8 years ago

It can trigger a psychosis in those who have a predisposition for it (you don't know if you have until the first episode is triggered or a genetic test is conducted). Long term use can also induce psychoses so that's enough to be at least careful.
(On the other hand, it can also help to suppress psychoses or mental disorder episodes.)

In the end, those who uncritically promote it as completely harmless are just as bad as those who uncritically demonize it. It certainly has its benefits and uses, but just like every other drug or medication it can have side effects. Raising awareness about the potential benefits and dangers and promoting responsible recreational use and supervised medical use is the real key here.

Dayo • 8 years ago

Continue to delude yourself! Evidence abound of individual and family lives destroyed by these drug. Speak to the mum , wife , individual and family affected by drug induced mental and behavioral problems and they will tell you! If you love anyone, advise them against drugs . There are no clean or pure drug - myth by dealers illegal and licensed!

BASSMAN123 • 8 years ago

When 34 pot gave me grand Mal seizures, a allergic reaction which I never encountered since childhood (teenager). Had to stop or I might have died. Never had a seizure before. Doc said we can have allergies later in life to things that never affected us before, so I stopped (no choice). Wish it wasn't true cause I'm not fond of alcohol. I now medicate with fishing , very lite gambling and artistry.

Dayo • 8 years ago

Worked the morgue or coroner's before?

KJ • 8 years ago

it CAN induce psychosis though in those with mental illness so it's definitely not the cure all for everything

Joe • 8 years ago

I smell bs.

Fumigator • 8 years ago

From a mile away.

Guest • 8 years ago

I think he wanted to say chicken pot pie not pot brownies, he eats it every day.

disqus_tmvkwX9LhA • 8 years ago

Until it wears off.

citizenUSA • 8 years ago

That's what more brownies are for.

t2vodka • 8 years ago

Agreed, I went from a fast food meal only diet to a very healthy fruits, vegetables, and a little bit of meat diet and the difference in how I felt and my mood was un-believable. I will never go back to the old way of eating. My body practicly hums if feels so good.

Mister Flibble • 8 years ago

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Time Out! What is this "Personal Responsibility" you speak of?? Are you honestly suggesting that if someone eats fast food 3 times a day and has a heart attack at 30, it's not McDonald's or Burger Kings fault? We're responsible for the food choices we make? I don't know if I'm ready to take that leap of faith.

Wes Chipman • 8 years ago

Mr. Flibble is very cross!

lroy77 • 8 years ago

You mean Fribble. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is like a milkshake only with ice cream. Friendly's.

lroy77 • 8 years ago

I don't eat fast food very often. My fast food (if you want to call it that) is what you would call casual dining-to go. And I eat frozen dinners, some of which is healthier (if not slightly more expensive) than many restaurants.

Guest • 8 years ago

Your problem is that you're preaching personal responsibility over personal choice. My choice is not to eat hummus and carrot sticks. I choose sugary snacks and it's my right to do so. This is a free country so personal choices such as clothing, education, food, lifestyle, career, religious beliefs, etc. will always win.

My right to personal choice trumps your belief that I owe it to you to eat tofu.

Bob_LobLaws_LawBlog • 8 years ago

Good luck with your Diabetes and heart disease friend.

Guest • 8 years ago

His body, his choice.

Alex • 7 years ago

and OUR tax dollars..

babybass1222 • 8 years ago

lol no one is saying you don't have the right to eat unhealthy foods... do what you want, but don't expect people to think you're being responsible because you're just not.
You're putting your life in danger when you constantly choose the unhealthy option... anything in moderation is fine but overdose on those sugary snacks and you could wind up getting your foot amputated after a battle with diabetes and heart disease...
No one is taking away your personal choice, but we're gonna let you know that you're on a downward spiral, digging yourself into an early grave, do what you want with that news, but just know the possibility is there whether you choose to accept it or not.
I'm not saying you should become a health freak and go on extreme diet programs, but just suggesting that you find some sort of balance... maybe have a sugary snack 2 times a week and the rest of the week you have something a bit healthier...

BASSMAN123 • 8 years ago

You can eat whatever you want, so take it easy. Nobody is going to condemn you for that. You do realize you are what you eat? Again it's still your choice. Heck I wish I could live on Fried Chicken , BBQ ribs, cheese cake and red ripe watermelon but my consequence won't leave me alone.

siracco • 8 years ago

Agreed. I used to have chronic knee pain and that's gone now due to a PH balanced diet, plus the foods mentioned above. And, of course, daily exercise.

Piece Work • 8 years ago

I used to suffer from Migraines 7-10 days every month until 4 years ago I completely removed Gluten from my diet.
I have not had a Migraine or even a sever head ache in the last 4 years.
In addition my acid reflux has gone away and I lost 40 lbs. in the first 3 months after quitting Gluten.
Yes it take a little effort, but it's better and cheaper than consuming 80 Advil a month for a Migraine.

Somebody • 8 years ago

I stopped drinking Diet Coke and other aspartame containing products after a coworker told me it caused migraines. I hardly ever have migraines now and certainly not the bad kind that sent me to the doctor to get a $70 injection. No more 5 day long headaches like when I was younger. I try to warn others about diet soda now, but most folks who are addicted to the stuff just look at you funny if you even suggest the stuff is unhealthy.

MetalGuitarMaster • 8 years ago

It will be a slow change but there's many people figuring out that the junk they put in their body has real consequences.

Supreme ME • 8 years ago

I am addicted to Big Macs, myself.... One a day keeps the doctor away!!

DP2010 • 8 years ago

I really thought I was just cursed with terrible health because I just had so many diverse health problems. I had already got the the acceptance stage of thinking I was going to die early and not accomplish much until then. Then, removing gluten changed the whole game.

MetalGuitarMaster • 8 years ago

Pretty much my experience to a T except I didn't have migraines. Gluten and sugar went bye-bye and so did lots of weight and health problems.

MetalGuitarMaster • 8 years ago

lol down-vote from a sugar crazed fatty? Knock yourself out.

wwoman • 8 years ago

I cut out wheat products/gluten and within four weeks, my rheumatoid arthritis was gone. It's so wonderful, I will never go back.

Lavern • 8 years ago

I was diagnosed with Celiac and had to give up gluten 8 years ago. But so many of my other health problems improved dramatically as well, including migraines, joint pain and asthma! But, no one wants to give up their sticky stuff. I don't even miss it! And 8 years ago, gluten free wasn't a fad yet, so it was much more difficult.

LJ • 8 years ago

FINALLY! Something to validate my chocolate obsession

justxsayxno • 8 years ago

Sugar obsession.
If you don't believe it try the chocolate without the sugar.

Guest • 8 years ago

I only eat 90% cacoa dark chocolate (and put raw cacoa beans in smoothies). It is amazing how many people think they like chocolate until I give them a piece. They actually like chocolate flavored milk and sugar, lol. Real chocolate can be addictive, so I have to watch myself to avoid overindulging. I know I've eaten too much if I can feel my heart pounding in my chest when I try to relax. They never report the side effects of too much chocolate, but they definitely have a downside. Moderation (like in everything) is key.

Jesse • 8 years ago

sure your are putting cocoa in there and not coca?

justxsayxno • 8 years ago

Sugar was very hard for me to give up. Especially sugary chocolate. I am fine if I don't get started. But I still give it a woe begotten look as I pass it by at the store.

siracco • 8 years ago

I put pure cocoa in my coffee in the morning, along with Turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon, and chilli pepper. It's gives me a boost and clears out the sinuses. It manages chronic pain as well.

justxsayxno • 8 years ago

All of those ingredients cause me pain and inflammation even though they are highly recommended for relieving both.

SoCalSteve • 8 years ago

That is a great mix! I try and keep a kettle of this rolling all day at work.

Futile Destiny • 8 years ago

I'm Sweet enough...........

rlj • 8 years ago

You were fine all along - chocolate doesn't need validating :)