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AlyssaDippolito • 8 years ago

I'm the same way with cameras! My Poppop recently passed away and my Mommom have me all of his old cameras that don't work anymore. I've been looking for something to do with them to honor him and this is perfect. Thank you so much!

Aaron • 8 years ago

It makes me think of Ed Gein's lamp of human skin. Those cameras could have gone on to make such wonderful images.

Naomi • 8 years ago

This is very cool! I love the shade especially. You might like this lamp attachment that's a current Kickstarter project too. http://www.kickstarter.com/...

Angela • 8 years ago

As a photographer I absolutely love this!! I want one now. Gonna see if I can be crafty enough to make one. :) Thanks for sharing!!

ChopperCharles • 9 years ago

I finally built one of these. Haven't made the shade yet, but I was able to make mine completely non-destructive. The cameras are attached to each other with hot-shoe-to-tripod-mount adapters, and sandwiched between the adapter and the camera bottom is a bracket that connects to the lamp tube. It's extremely sturdy this way. I also mounted it to a nice stained wooden base (Michael's/AC Moore craft store). Pics:



Valeri Murphy Picchi • 8 years ago

ChopperCharles, love this! great idea so as not to ruin the cameras!

StacieStacieStacie • 9 years ago

Wow!!! Amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing, Charles!

ChopperCharles • 8 years ago

I went back and loaded one of the cameras with film, and focused it on my couch. Put batteries in so the auto-exposure system works too. Every now and then when I have people over I'll press the shutter. In a year or two, once the film is all taken, I'll have an interesting montage of the people that have been in my house.

danica • 9 years ago

can i use negatives cause i couldnt find any place that sells slides anymore.

ChopperCharles • 8 years ago

eBay for slides

StacieStacieStacie • 9 years ago

You can use whatever you'd like! I've seen slides in thrift shops on occasion. :)

Thao Pham • 9 years ago

super thanks ^^

ChopperCharles • 9 years ago

Instead of ruining the cameras using JB Weld, you can actually get adapters that will mount a tripod screw to each hotshoe. You can then screw each camera together non-destructively. These things: http://choppercharles.com/p... You can get them from eBay for a song. If you rig up a way to attach the adapters directly to the metal rod (I suggest a piece of brass and some plumbing or silver solder), you can build this without ruining the cameras.

Jack Jones • 9 years ago

amazing!! love this... very well constructed

Mary Hogland • 9 years ago

Love it! ;) mary w/b

Lori • 9 years ago

Love this project! I'm into Viewmasters right now and would love to do something similar with them and the reels, instead of cameras and slides. I've been doing a 365 project of my own, and it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I retired last year, got a Sony NEX 5 for Christmas, and take it everywhere.

Candice • 10 years ago

You've been Candoodled! I'm completely amazed by this project so I've shared it. Check it out:

Charles Smith • 10 years ago

I love this, but I'd use screws and hot shoe mounts, so as not to damage the cameras. In fact, I'm about to go eBay hunting now!


janmadeit • 10 years ago

I love this! I have scads of color slides and after I scan the ones I want to keep I'll be making this lamp shade!
And the lamp. A wonderful way for me to display some family keepsakes!

Marie/Underground Crafter • 10 years ago

Wow. I think I will try to get some vintage cameras from my mom's collection to make one of these! Thanks for sharing.

Madalynne • 10 years ago

Ummm... this is so amazingly cool!

Tomboy Jen • 10 years ago

This is just incredibly cool.

DeAnn @ The SIP project • 10 years ago

This is AWESOME! You need to come check out my blog so we can be blogging BFF's :) I love finding stuff like this and people who are just as rad. I love your pic and what you said in the top left corner of your blog. So glad I found your blog!

Laura • 10 years ago


Caroline • 10 years ago

this is so awesome. very impressed, as always!! :) i love you!

gingermakes • 10 years ago

Super cool!!

Sophie • 10 years ago

Stacie, I love your lamp and especially the lamp shade. This is a great idea ! Thank you for sharing the nice things you make. I love to visit!

Stacie Grissom • 10 years ago

Thank you so much, Erin!!! That is such a compliment coming from you! :)

Erin • 10 years ago

stacie WOW. this looks so great, and even better since it has a lot of meaning for you!
Erin @ Thanks, I Made It