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mindyr • 8 years ago

Perhaps murray might want to show some compassion towards those who have died due to the thug in chief? Perhaps murray might want to acknowledge those who died in Benghazi, or those who died because of fast and furious , those who have been oppressed by the thug in chief , those who had and no longer have. Perhaps murray is more then a little misguided, perhaps murray doesn't care as long as it doesn't happen to him.

Hafeed • 8 years ago

My goodness, I thought Mark Murray's line was a joke one of you came up with.

uplateagain • 8 years ago

Mr. "nothing ever comes easy" had his Ivy League education paid-for by someone other than himself. He has never served 1 day in service to his country. His wife got a $375,000.00/ yr job as a 'consultant' about five minutes after he was elected to the Illinois state senate. He campaigns, but doesn't govern.... while knocking down about a couple mill a year mostly playing golf and having massive parties at the White House with top-named entertainers on a weekly basis and taking roughly one "badly-needed" multi-million dollar vacation a month. Yep. He sure has had it hard. I can see where the comparison to SFC Remsburg is valid.

indio • 8 years ago

The press or media which ever, should be held accountable for the lies and non-factual comments they build their careers on, how they can destroy a persons life by anticipating the story without the real facts and then broadcasting it all over the news? its criminal the way they use freedom of speech. " the role of journalists should be to protect the rights of the people. Yet the mass media is sometimes at the forefront in violating those rights." Obama on the other hand is out of touch with the American people, to use the story of a brave soldier then compare his struggles to be the same is in a word F-----up! Andrew V. Mason, MD. said " Sainthood emerges when you can listen to someone's tale of woe and not respond with a description of your own." Crazy Obama just don't get it.

gwalt • 8 years ago

Such a "struggle" for Barokey Doke with 5 billion dollars in FREE PR each and every year propping up this Muslim Marxist.

Erick---- when are you going to launch-- or get someone to launch an Alinsky style campaign against the media anchors by face and name. Just a couple of billboards wth. Brian and Stepphie calling them out as biased Obammy hacks.

Watch them fold--- all,of them.

Do it. We will contribute. Big time!

ceili_dancer • 8 years ago

Pretty soon they'll announce that Barak Obama went on a secret mission and landed on the sun. Because he is that awesome.

dmart81 • 8 years ago

I would think the life of Dr. Hermit Gosnell would be a more appropriate metaphor for Obama's story.

bubbajohnson • 8 years ago

Did our Dictator refer to Remsberg as Corpsmen or Corpsemen?

midwestconservative • 8 years ago

Remsberg is a Army Ranger, so he called him neither.

bubbajohnson • 8 years ago

also serves with U.S. Navy and who may be assigned temporary duty with the United States Marine Corps or Fleet Marine Force.

Just a copy and paste,,,,bet the teleprompter didnt know the difference either

jiminga • 8 years ago

Maybe I'm focused on the wrong things. Yes, Obama is an amateur and a narcissist, we all know that. But Cory Remsburg served TEN DEPLOYMENTS IN A WAR ZONE !!!!!! Sadly, this kind of abuse of our military has become common, and it is abuse beyond the pale. Yes, Remsburg is a hero, but he is also a victim of a bean counter/pork barrel system that prefers spending on un-needed weapons systems instead of adequate numbers of troops to support fighting wars.

celador2 • 8 years ago

Glory theft at State of the Union.
I am wearing thin on stories from highly placed officials and individuals who obit around them like NBC Murray in this case. They weave stories of how hard has been their lives. They hover at the center of power, the ever expanding government and border definition so great its mindboggling, And yet all would have us believe they are just like you and me. Especially if they ever held a job we all hold like farm worker, factory worker, waiter, bars, clerks, drivers. I have never heard of Barack Obama holding any youthful job working his way through college despite his claim his single mother was poor. He had a strong support system and his education was privileged because of others' labors. If he did work so what?
Two years Occidental, two Columbia and Harvard Law for Obama. He attended a fab prep school in Hawaii but his experience in public education is limited. President Obama enjoyed a rare super majority and O care passage was easy as things go 2009-10. Its launch was a disaster October 2013, but since Obama says he knew nothing about that how could it have been rough sailing for him to launch the exchange sites?
Murray set up a comparison with a constructed image of a sweating president Obama and a young man who took fire for the United states with ten tours of duty in life risking situations fighting terrorists. I am clueless how O and Sgt. Remsburg compare.
However, Obama like NBC Murray is a blood sucking zombie who chooses to steal the glory of another in a one time event . Murray the blood sucker is dead inside. He is useless to the republic as a news conduit to the people.

kenmarx • 8 years ago

Other than Obama is brain damaged, he and Remsburg have nothing in common other than having been in the same room Tuesday night. Remsburg is a hero. Obama is ????

surfcat50 • 8 years ago

Bloodied and bruised? Because a bill he was satisfied with simply because a bunch of statists named it after him and it fell apart? Yes, he's a regular G.I. Joe-bama.

Anybody that endorses such ridiculous notions as these can't possibly be any smarter than a fresh turd.

Surely, reports of our Dear Leader's 19 holes in one during his next round of golf are soon to follow, if not reports of him wrestling a bear. We may have been provided with a glimpse of a post-Presidency career, however: Hollywood action star. Call the project "Mission: Imperial."

lakeworthcane • 8 years ago

This describes the collective personality of the current American political left as we know it: as it has always been since its emergence from the country's nationwide, post-adolescent tantrum of spoiled self-absorption passed off as "revolution" in the 1960s and 70s. Leftists have always shined a spotlight on themselves. Everyone before them had it wrong. Everyone after them will serve them. They invented sex, morality, truth, poetry, and intoxication. Nobody before them had any concept of their common, everyday experiences. Nobody before them had any knowledge at all.

They're locked up so tightly in their own insipidly vacuous, sanctimonious little worlds, where they reign supreme over reality itself, that they're mentally and emotionally crippled: incapable of even acknowledging, let alone comprehending, the thoughts and experiences of others, God as greater than themselves, or any environment in which all that happens, and all that exists, isn't all about, doesn't revolve around, and doesn't exist to serve them.

These people have made me sick to my stomach since I was a teenager, listening to them frothily "protesting" against whatever they could for no other reason than to revel in their own self-ingratiating melodrama. From the outset I sensed that they were phonies; they didn't care about war, peace, civil rights, equality, or the environment. They were always about exploiting morality to elevate themselves to the authoritarian roles in open society that they had enjoyed as the spoiled children of privileged upper-middle and upper-class families.

I have wondered if they are not the predictable result of their parents' prosperity: an entire population of people who've learned that all of reality should sacrifice for their benefit, enrichment, security, and pleasure.

The left is pleased with itself for electing Barack Obama; and he, with his cheap, sneering contempt for all who are not like him, dutifully reflects their self-glorification back at them. He is precisely the president we might've expected the American political left to produce: a personified medal of honor to reward itself for its own omniscient greatness.

gscandlen • 8 years ago

Absolutely right. In my years in DC I noticed some behavioral traits --
-- No one asks a question when they don't know something, they make a statement and wait to be contradicted.
-- People do everything in groups, group houses, bicycling groups, reading clubs
-- A successful party never includes a mix of people, but must have only people of the same area of interest and political persuasion.
-- When you are talking to someone at one of those parties, they never look at you but over your shoulder to see if someone more important has come into the room

These traits apply to both Republicans and Democrats, btw. The place is a rotting incestuous sink hole.

bk • 8 years ago

It was also the story of Michelle's life. I seem to recall that she was paid $300K or so for a part time job at a hospital where apparently the only thing she did was try to ramp up the volunteer count, i.e. convincing people - probably mostly middle class retirees who had worked hard for longer than she had been alive - to come work there for free so she could get paid hundreds of dollars per hour.

norris • 8 years ago

She was able with Barrack's help to get the federal government to send three million to the hospital .

johnnycab23513 • 8 years ago

She also had the very important task of sending all of the poor patients to other hospitals in order to improve the bottom line.

bk • 8 years ago

Both of you make good additions to what she did, which certainly was as stressful as dealing with IEDs and enemy fire during 10 deployments.

capeconservative • 8 years ago

Absolutely...next comes the Congressional Medal of Honor (or whatever its official name is) /sarc