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valerie • 8 years ago

This place is one of the most haunted places in the USA. A very well kept secret . Many weird things happen there. Recently they had a glass table implode with no one even close to it. If your in there and talk about the ghost, then thats when you are liable to get touched,. Cold spots in certain areas. Aparitions seen at the top of the stairs. People that spend alot of time in there eventually have strange occurances happen. Glasses fall off the bar onto the floor with no one near. Sounds ( loud) on the thrird floor when no one is up there. Years ago the NYS Police were called in the middle of the night after closing. A passserby noted lights going off and on and shadows on the third floor. One trooper went in the back entrance the other in the front . They thought they would sneak up on and catch an intruder. They heard the noices themslves. They did not find any humans there , but had the wits scared out of them. There are many many other similar stories from the locals. Yes this is indeed the real thing. I just hope that the new owners can keep the place open. They have done such a good job so far. The place hasn't lost its hometown feeling even though it has become a hot spot for out of towners.