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Emitt D. Dixon • 8 years ago

Now dad, this is great for the kids but about the mom? Where is she going to sit? I think you gotta think "complete family" when going biking , especially if she weighs about three hundred pounds or so.

Maria Boustead • 9 years ago

What a delight to be mentioned in a treehugger article, and such a perfectly suitable one at that! The link in the article goes to our facebook page, which we use for behind-the-scenes updates. If you like the bags, please become a fan! Or go to www.pocampo.com for even more product and distribution info.

jo scheer • 9 years ago

add another- bamboo panniers. I've made several versions, but the theme is the same- fits common grocery bags, made of renewable, stylish bamboo, fits over the common rear rack, and can be made by any one. See it at:




Guest • 9 years ago

I've been using Tony's original bike cart for years. Doubles as a grocery cart, a wheelbarrow, tows behind any bike with ease. Check out http://www.tonystrailers.com/

jorvay • 9 years ago

Thanks so much for the info on the dog basket. We looked at a bar-mounted basket for small dogs, but our dachshund, though light enough, was too long to fit comfortably. I'm really excited to see some options that would let her ride along with the family.

John • 9 years ago

I use a BOB trailer with my bike several times a week. It's been great for hauling groceries and heavy equipment, and such. It's overall very light and doesn't have a much of an impact on the handling of the bike.