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Norman Costa • 4 years ago

"But it [agriculture] had always been in the service of those of us - the majority - who live in cities and who may want quality produce, but for whom agriculture is a largely abstract, unseen quantity. Arribes turned the tables on me, and I now see food, agriculture and sustainability as the basis of all things. The basis of survival."

"We’re divorced from, and in denial of, what is happening to our
food systems. If nothing else, I hope the film will make people realize that
their meat comes from living animals."

These things seem so obvious. Then one day they pop up and smack us in the face. Now they are no longer obvious. They are profound.

Karen Peters • 4 years ago

Wonderful interview! I can't wait to see more! I love to illustrate the connection of the animals and food produced to the farmers. This is beautiful!

Kate Vrijmoet • 4 years ago

The stills are visually arresting, I feel like I could reach out and be in the scene. I'll be looking for this film in Seattle. Thank you!

johnaltobello • 4 years ago

Elatia, a wonderful, highly informative and uplifting interview. I want to see the film. John

david d • 4 years ago

Another fabulous job by Elatia Harris! The film is important, and the interview helps underscore that--and much else. Merci!

OTT • 4 years ago

Fascinating to see where his artistic temperament led him...to something so vital and meaningful. Even if we don't pursue the creative life we can still listen to that same voice and try not to shut if off when it tugs and whispers to us.

Guest • 4 years ago

Thanks for reading and writing in, everyone -- I truly appreciate it. The film will be distributed so that a group experience can be had watching it, but it's also available on DVD now. It's simply beautiful and rather harsh -- if Zurbaran and Murillo don't leap out at you, you just aren't looking. I've watched it several times already.

Ben Giordano • 4 years ago

One of the finest interviews I've read in a long time, and I look forward to viewing the film. This is a topic which continues to receive short shrift in the media! Thank you Zev Robinson and Elatia Harris!

Harriet • 4 years ago

I would love tosee this film and I will look for it. The stills did remind me of Zurbaran, but then we have seen those paintings together.Terrific interview.

Zev Robinson • 4 years ago

Many thanks for all your very kind comments. It's heart warming to get that sort of feedback after all the hard work that went into it. If you join the Facebook page, link above, you can keep up with future events. Not much more this year, I'm afraid, but, as mentioned above, the plan is to combine all my documentaries on Spain together with my wife's photography and have several events/exhibitions in both North America and Europe in 2014. And many thanks to Elatia, of course.

Katharine • 4 years ago

Elatia, you continue to put forward subjects and artists that I would otherwise miss. Thank you so much - your fan from a farm town of 900 in Kansas