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Brijesh Sangani • 11 years ago

Aamir is a true role model and a hero
In Mumbai in NM college there is a youth festival called Umang
i think such a festival should also be organised for the elderly so that theri lives can be filled with Umang
our parents care for us their whole lives so it is our responsiblity to give them the same love and fill their retired lives with happiness

Pearl • 11 years ago

Hello Aamir and everyone! 

Alright...I have a proposal for all Indians! I don't know Aamir if you are ever going to read this...but if you ever happen to come across this comment then PLEASE think about it!

I live in Canada, Toronto. I am not trying to compare India and Canada and neither am I trying to put down any of these countries. I am 18 years and have grown up in Canada for a good part of my life. My parents always say that adopt only the good in others. Keeping this in mind, I would like to propose an idea. Here in Canada, volunteering is a HUGE part of every person's life. All the shelter homes and old age facilities are run for the most part because of volunteers. A volunteer is someone who helps/works for a good cause WITHOUT taking any money for it. Canadian government has a rule that requires EVERY student to complete AT LEAST 40 hours of volunteering in order to graduate from school. I really feel that this is an absolutely amazing solution to many of the problems in India. At first, I personally would have probably never volunteered if I never had to...BUT once you experience the joy of helping others without having any personal benefit, I could not stop myself. I now have hundreds of hours in volunteering. We say that our next generation, our youth has the power to change India. They certainly do. However, we need to propel that power into the right direction.  There are thousands and thousands of students in India who can be used for India. Many of relatives in India would probably never go out and start working in an old age homes if they never had to. HOWEVER, if this was absolutely essential, if they couldn't graduate without it, If they couldn't pass 10th without it, I am SURE they will go out and work in a shelter home or help out the government in some way for the better. PLEASEEEE try to take this forward!!! 40 hours of volunteering will not hurt you...but it will definitely mean a lottt to others in need. I know this will not affect me in any way...but it realllly hurts me to see India in such a state. It breaks my heart to say this but every time I visit India, I feel like there is still that difference and between the rich and the poor and only when we work with the poor personally can we realize that they are just like us! Making volunteering compulsory will definitely break the walls! SO PLEASE SAY YES TO MAKING VOLUNTEERING COMPULSORY! Don't forget you are the people who can make the difference! Satyamev Jayate!

Oh and btw...this is my favourite show!!! So much better then the normal dramas! It makes us aware of our reality and yet manages to fill dreams in our eyes!!! LOVE satyamev Jayate! Bravo!!! 

Svr • 11 years ago

There is no essentiality to look at solving old parents care by introduction of volunteer system..rather we should look at such problems do not arise in anybody's life.
Why parents are sent to old age homes by their children needs to be addressed as route cause, this can heal the problem from ill society but not taking care of old age homes...why the Indian family children are loosing the base values of life by sending their parents to old age homes? It is so shame where children sending parents to such bad situation of old age where body cant support them for anything to take care of self...Very sad

Kapil Dev Das • 11 years ago

Yes, why the Indian family children are loosing the base values of life by sending their parents to old age homes? We already had seen many movies on it (Like -Baghban, Santan). Everybody Knows This Is Not Fair also some of them did it, why? Then what is the reason behind this?
It comes from opposite sex’s blind love. We don’t have to forget our parents love and our golden childhood life. And most important thing is that we must have to remember my father-in-low is my wife’s father & my wife’s father-in-law is my father, similarly my mother-in-low is my wife’s mother & her mother-in-law is my mother, so every couple needs to understand each other. So we have to cope-up and we must have to love them from heart.

Sabs • 11 years ago

Couldn't agree with you more. Volunteering molds a human being especially when working with the needy. In today's world compassion seems to be disappearing. I myself love this show and look forward to watching it like none other.

Svr • 11 years ago

Dear Aamir,

This episode is also one of the most heart touching episode......

I loved it most..................


Why don’t we love our parents as much they love? Why are we
not able to love and take care of our parents? Are we so much emotionless, selfish and have
lost the gratitudes and duties towards our parents?  


When I was in school my teachers use to teach us that parents
are First god to the children.  Whatever
the love, affection a kid gives to theirs parents can never replace the
parental care and sacrifice the parents have given to their kids.


From the day of birth when the baby is so small of our palm
size, if parents would have thrown them somewhere for their happiness thinking why
to take up of the struggling pain of bringing up kids, giving education and sacrifice
all till kids getting the job. then who would feed a palm size baby,? will that
baby can work and earn for its survival… NEVER… rather it would die within
couple of days or would become the food of some animals…


When parents have taken care of us from day 1 from mother milk
to till a kid settles down in life properly with marriage, then why will not
children love their parents when they need them in old age. If somebody
does not love their parents that is the greatest sin more than anything in the
world. Lets not become so much selfish and leave our all duties away just for
our life happiness..


Old age and childhood both are same life cycle stage of life
except a size of body and 60 years lived experience of life. Once the parents
enter the old age they really  become
babies of their kids… Then how can we not love our parents..?


First and foremost duty of everybody is to love their
parents and take care of them in old age and letting them to live with all kinds of relationships
of daughter in law, grand sons, etc..

We should love them more than 100 times they love us...


Nashan • 11 years ago

Each program of yours brings out the bitter facts of life & touches the heart.I am a regular viewer of all your programs, although I live in a distant country like Algeria. Today's program has particularly touched the depths of my heart as it concerns people of my age. I am a 64 year old retired doctor & my husband is a 72 year old Chest Physicien who is still working in his private clinic. I thank God that we have no complaints with our grown up sons, perhaps because we are not financially dependent upon them & do not interfere with the personal lives of one another. I learnt swimming at the age of 63 years although I have High blood pressure, high cholestrol & a Degenerative Heart disease. Now I enjoy swimming in the sea & my husband learnt swimming at the age of 72 years. I wonder whether our children will be as loving & as supportive if God forbid we would have to be dependent on them.

ChangeIsGood • 11 years ago

kudos to you. I am so inspired by elders like you.

Sayed Sameer • 11 years ago

Sayed Sameer -

Hi Aamir Sir. I'm sort of confused on how to reply to your question - "Do you love your parents as much as they love you". That is because, as a matter of fact, I'm sure that no child can love his parents just like parents love their children. To clarify, parents love for their children is always much much more than a child can ever love his parents. A child learns to love from his/her parents. How can a student ever surpass his teacher? Hence, if your question had been - "Do you strive to love your parents as much as they love you?" - then, I would have replied "Yes"; but to the question which you have asked - "Do you love your parents as much as they love you?" - I shall reply "No"... because I know my parents love for me is incomparable to how much I love them.... 

Kashyap Anshuman4 • 11 years ago

yes sameer i completely agree with you...as soon as i heard the question i thought how can it be....my parents obviously love me more then i love then...no doubt i love my parents but how can their love be comparable to how much i love them...though i replied a 'yes' because  i believe that the question was asked in a positive sense...and i gave the positive answer, knowing what actually is true..

Sanjay • 11 years ago

Please make the video available in US please.....!!!!!!

Asasa • 11 years ago
Pramit Sharma • 11 years ago

I would like to dedicate few lines to the GOD we call PARENTS
People believe that GOD exists in every place,
He may appear/disappear without leaving a trace,
They keep on worshipping him and praise,
Still no one has seen him face to face,
The same is not true in my case,
He lives,scolds,loves,adores and care,
For he is present with me as a beautiful pair,
They are “my parents” and  i love to declare,
Without them the life is like “WORLD WITHOUT AIR”.

Shikha S • 11 years ago

After seeing Satyamev Jayate online, i feel wat Am I doing in Australia. Just for earning an NRI status or living a comofrable life away from my country??? I am single 27 female, so called Permanent resident of Australia. Came here  to live here permanently. Was Living in a  Metro city , Was fed up with eve teasing, power cuts, water woes, endless corruption,pollution, traffic, garbage& filth around (though was earning handsome amount). Now when i saw all these problems, I think i was way better then anyone else on the show.

I am asking this question to me, why Am I here. Is India not worth living. Cant i do anything for my own country where i lived all through before i came here. Or if we being youngies cant do anything for own country, who else will do.
I am hugely inspired & looking for coming back & live /face all the problems we have in India + doing something for them in a best possible way.

I would like to do for water storage/rain harvesting, alternate source of power generation. Most of India is blessed with tremendours sunlight (for solar light), wind (wind power). Though hydro power is great source as well but not so good for endangered marine life.

There are many things to be covered as i said eve teasing (major problem for gals/ladies all around).

Lot to be done. But i am coming back. to face, solve & everything else i can do.

Love you India & love to all those who are facing everything. Hats off to those who chose to live in their country instead of running away like me.

I am ashamed of me but wont sit quiet more..

Ashwathi R Jagadish • 11 years ago

Hello Sir.
First of all I must congratulate u  for this excellent and splendid show.
I have watched all the episodes and absolutely adore them. I am 19 yrs old and would like to bring to ur attention a small aspect abt the last episode on old age.

I do agree that it is wrong for children to give up on their parents at the time when they need them. I love my parents. My question is have u looked into the fact that there maybe some other reason besides property, etc? From my experience, I can tell u that there are old people, who love torturing their daughter in laws (from experience, my mom's the victim). Even though my granma loves me, she tortures my mom, not physically, but mentally. It was my dad who sought her a home and still she complaints abt him not doing anything for her.

Still they take care of her.

I would like it very much if u could bring up the issues faced by a married woman in this patriarchal society.

And as to the question asked by you, i love my parent's as much, maybe a bit less. But I know I love them enough that I am ready to give up on any romantic relationship I had or will have for their sake Coz I know my parents will always be with me!  

A_katti • 11 years ago

I am 22 years old. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I am experiencing EXACTLY the same thing. This aspect of sadism of some  of old people should be brought to the fore.Everytime it is not the fault of the children.

vikas sharma • 11 years ago

if amir could be the PM of india...! ! !

vikas sharma • 11 years ago


Gufran Khan • 11 years ago

 then insha allah india will be the supreme power

Dhawal • 11 years ago

I have voted No for the above question, because that is the truth. My
parents love me much more than I love them. After this episode, I am
going to try to respect, understand and love them much more. Thank you SJ
team for this wonderful episode, it was a true eye opener.

Peeushtrikha • 11 years ago

It is true that increasingly many of us are becoming insensitive towards our elders and they may not always find adequate support in their old age. However, many a times it is the fault of the elder people also who have their own selfish motives and alienate their children. Sometimes parents discriminate between their own children. This should also have been shown on the episode.

Sialcotdashers • 11 years ago


Sialcotdashers • 11 years ago


mtankala • 11 years ago

Goes unsaid the show is fantastic.  I have become a fan.
On all the episodes it seemed you touched the what, who, when, where, how followed by solutions in various forms or so it seemed.

However, I want to specifically bring up the old age episode.  I noted good coverage on the what abuses the old parents are suffering.  I did not see however the why perspective from both sides ie that from old parents and that from the kids.  Surely there are reasons and it would have been nice to bring those upfront and have honest discussions.  Maybe you had a reason not to bring that up. 

As far as solutions you just brought up one that was great but a rarity.  And I cannot even foresee our Indian community getting there.  I would have looked for more practical solutions.  How to encourage conversation and establishing ground rules.  An important point that was not touched was what rights do parents have when they are abused.  You missed the major ruling by Indian government that was passed in the last 5-6 years that allows parents to sue their kids if they are not taken care by their kids.  I noticed that people are not aware of the rule and your show would have been great in publicizing that rule.

Great episodes.  Keep it up.

Kind regards
Manju T 

A student • 11 years ago


Sundip • 11 years ago

Dear Mr. Khan,

It really pained me a lot watching episode 11 and I am extremely pleased that you brought up this issue.

It seems like we have started regressing into a state whereby we all want to leave our own lives, and not have to deal with issues involving our parents. Our parents, who tightened every proverbial belt to make sure us children were well fed, clothed and educated, suddenly find themselves at wits end trying to figure out where they went wrong in the upbringing of their children and find themselves helpless and abandoned.

The children believe it is their birthright to receive, but they are not obliged to give when their own parents have grown old and feeble. Children who think this way are totally useless and a burden to society, because the losers don't want to provide for their parents in their old age. What goes around, comes around. Their own children are watching and learning.

Here's a short story my grandfather told me:

There was once a family of three, Father, Mother and Son. The father was an extremely proud dad and worked really hard to make sure his son did not lack for anything. The son grew up to be a highly successful individual, got married and had a son of his own. The sons' mother passed away and the the father got older and feeble. In time he got sick and was bed ridden. The son and daughter-in-law could not keep up  to the old man's demands, and found it increasingly irritating every time the old man called out for something.

The son decided to build the old man a room in which he was confined, and gave him a small bell to ring whenever he needed something. The room was kept locked and whenever the father needed something, he would ring the bell. His children stopped spending any time with him. In time, the old man passed away, his son was relieved and happy.

When they were cleaning out the old man's room, they found the little bell the old man had used to ring to get attention. The grandson took the bell and told his father that he would like to keep the bell.

When his father asked him why he wanted the little bell, the grandson replied: In time you will grow old too. This bell come in handy to give to you when  that happens, so that you can ring it, just as Dada did, when you need something.

These people who think that they will not grow old are delusional. Like I said earlier, what goes around, comes around.

Sureshpanwar1990 • 11 years ago

 Hello Sundip,
I am very happy after reading your comment.
I like it.  Thnx a lot for editing the story.

Praveen Tomar • 11 years ago

I dont know how people get that much selfish who can even consider their  parents as their burden!! We cant disagree the fact that a section of our community always wanted a son instead of a daughter just because they think their son will be there to take care of them in their old age but the truth is different. The number of unfortunate parents are at an old age home, having 3-4 sons in their family. I am a girl and I know my responsibilities towards my parents. And its not my duty to love them and taking care of them, infact its my love in return of their love which they gave me when I was nobody. Everyone should remember that its our parents who brought us up and made us educated and thats all their sacrifices which made us stand on where we are today. Everytime I think about my own self interests I remember my parents' sacrifices for me at that very moment my all confusions disappear and I get very clear vision that now its my turn to fulfill their dreams.. because they fulfill my dreams sacrificing their own wishes just to make me happy. Its my turn and I can never let them down and I will always make them proud to be my parents.. I love you mamma and papa..u r my whole world and thats it i need..

Nandini • 11 years ago

Dear Aamir and everybody who is involved in Satyamev Jayate,

I am writing this all the way from the UK and I would like to congratulate you on the success of this brilliant programme. I am not usually a fan of 'chat' shows, however, this is different because not only is it well researched but the topics discussed are very sensitive issues which are difficult to talk about in everyday society.

This episode on old age really touched my heart because of my current experiences and I could relate to this in many ways. I expressed my view on Twitter stating that parents can be neglected due to their children being blinded by love. Wives/husbands should never replace your parents. I say this out of experience and I strongly believe that nobody should replace your parents. At the end of the day if your marriage fails who will be there for you? Not your 'husband/wife' your parents will be. My comments received mixed reactions I must say, but if parents have done so much for you as a child, what right do you have to throw it back in their faces? Independence, yes we all need this in our lives, but if your parent(s) are so ill that they cannot be independent would you still throw them to the curb? They are human beings just as much as we are and I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around - what your parents today is could be your tomorrow. Put yourself in their place, would you like to be disowned by your children and the older you get the more likely you will be kicked out with nowhere to go and have nobody there? Would you like to die lonely and knowing that your family won't be there at the very last ritual? This is no life to live and whilst our parents/grandparents are here with us, we should give them a fun life within the family because everybody has a right to die happy.

Anyway, this is just my opinion and I'm sure people's opinions will differ to mine - that's fine.
Keep up the good work with this programme.

Mohit Jindal • 11 years ago

Hi Aamir,

I have recently graduated from IIT Bombay, and currently I am preparing for the Indian Civil Services exam.

First of all, I must congratulate you for coming up with this wonderful TV serial - it is easily one of the most relevant serial ever been aired on Indian Television. Each of your episode is well researched and comprehensive in nature. However, the latest episode on old age was to my mind lacking in one aspect.

The episode, in a very powerfully persuasive tone, focused on the old age problems and their possible solutions. The manner in which children treat their parents remains a core theme in this issue. There is absolutely no justification for treating our parents in the way some of the people you showed, did for e.g. the lady whose son didn't allow her to enter home. These kind of situations where an emotional or physical "violence" is meted out with the parents is absolutely not acceptable. It is worth criticizing.

We all fully understand the way western culture is invading our society. Some of it's aspects are good, and some are not-so-good in the context of Indian society at-large. The youth of the 21st century, that includes me as well, wants to emulate the Western style-independence and at the same time keep his/her parents happy. Achieving a fine balance b/w the two is easier said than done. It is a fact that today, people have to move away from their parents for their jobs/studies. You would agree that there is a need on parent's side too, to understand the kind of compulsions posed by our modern society.

In this scenario, one thing is for sure that - we cannot run away or shy away from the change that our society is experiencing. It will come, whether we like it or not. In this context, the Indian culture and values leave a lot to be debated upon. Parents have to accept that a child after college needs a personal and independent space both from career and their own family point of view. Sometimes it can be aligned with the interests of parents but in most of the cases it is not possible to do so.

So, we need to build a culture where a parent as well as the child enjoys a fare amount of autonomy in their respective lives - that will be the Middle Path. The old people in western countries, they avoid staying with their children, so as to enjoy their post-60 years the way they like. Though India as a country cannot provide that kind of social security measures, the child here is seen as an insurance policy for the old age. This attitude will have to change, at least it can start from the upper echelons of our society.

The episode, in my mind, should have touched upon this issue - from the children's perspective also. It was solely a one sided view, except when one women, who had gone to the old age center by her own wish, said that "Bachon ko udne do". This aspect of the issue could have been better highlighted, whereas it received only a cursory mention.


fizafiza • 11 years ago

Well in "western culture" parents don't avoid staying with their children to enjoy their post 60 years, their society doesn't appreciate adult children living with their parents as it implies child is not independent and capable of making a living on his/her own. But this doesn't mean children don't love or appreciate their parents and vice-verse. On the other hand they really appreciate what they do for each other and in east it is more taken for granted. So I don't believe western culture is the culprit here, our thinking is the main culprit and our habits of looking at the fact with our own perceptions.

Mohit Jindal • 11 years ago

Exactly my point, Ma'am. Even if you don't agree with the "parents avoid staying" part (though that observation was based on my numerous interactions with the elderly of the 'West'), I think we have a common point that both parents and children respect/appreciate each other despite living separately. And yes, in the East, it is taken for granted.

But I am amazed how you are denying the fact that some kind of a new culture (akin to West) is reaching the Indian shores. If you don't want to call it as "Western Culture", it is your wish, you may call it by some other name, but I think it is a very common and obvious observation these days that this so called "new" culture is very much influenced by the West, if not exactly like West.

A basic understanding of sociology would tell you that how changes in the society influences our "thinking and our habits of looking at the fact with our own perceptions" in a very subtle way. It is a very slow change, at one time it may even look imperceptible, but isn't that what the real challenge is - identifying the change and adapting to it and not foolishly blame it on an individual's thinking and perception. It is not a change within one or two persons, we must understand that when similar things are happening to society at-large, it is a societal change and not merely based on an individual's whims and fancies.


Sambhav Kumbhani • 11 years ago

Really well made episode Aamir!!

I am an 26 year old boy, my father has barely retired few years ago. I want to share a song, which is more like a prayer to me which I have been listening to all my childhood. Its called "Maa baap ne bhulso nahi" meaning "Never forget your parents"I was going to translate the whole song here but then I found this link which does the job for me (I love Google)

Please follow the link for complete song in Gujarati and its translation.http://www.scribd.com/doc/2946573/... 

Oh and Here is the real song 

You are doing a great job Aamir ...Congratulations on the success of the show :)

Kawiboy • 11 years ago

Also keeping in mind previous episodes on child abuse etc. blind worship of age/elders is completely wrong and a defect in our culture. Not something to be proud of.

We should all learn to respect character and not age. Then our culture will be truly greatest in world!

Shaila Nehal Haq • 11 years ago

sir you have heard it several times still like to recall "i love satya meva jayate" am a huge fan i see all episodes and try to inculcate others about it, today's episode was mind blowing as usual, your doing a great job you have taken the initiative proud of you while others like me can succumb to self pity you have that courage am really happy.
one of my friend moved to u.s.a says that INDIA would never change its a dark room in space but you have lighten a hope definitely not in 1 day nor in years but it will change please sir continue your work its a plea. 

Abc • 11 years ago

Please make the video available in US..

kalyanis • 11 years ago

I'm in US and I have had no problem watching every episode.  The problem is probably on your side....maybe try watching it at home rather than work?!  ;)

Paul Barman Roy • 11 years ago

Hi..I have been a huge fan of urs since QSQT days..loved ur work always..u have always made differences in whatever u do like a trendsetter..but now the work ur doing gives me immense pleasure, courage and satisfaction when every time I see SMJ..and grown tremendous respect for u..the words u speak are just the words of many true Indians who never wanted to live in this kind of hypocrite and corrupted society..u r giving a platform..trying to build a new India..I would always want and make it a point that my daughter and her next generations would remember u as someone like Swami Vivekanada or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose..I HAVE A REQUEST..MY DAUGHTER IS JUST 1 YEAR 7 MONTHS YOUNG..PLEASE MAKE DVD OF ALL THE EPISODES FOR PEOPLE LIKE US..so that we can educate our child to always go with the truth and honesty and be courageous to face every challenges in life..Thank you so much Amir for making it happen..I am sure a huge change is going to come..and you are the pioneer!!

Ashok Rao • 11 years ago

Dear Aamir Sir

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Ashok Rao



Agrawal Aditya • 11 years ago

Sorry this is not about this topic but i just wated to request you to please bring a episode on mockery of the education system. I am a student myself and have been affected by it. I request you to please help the future of India. Thanks

Ramya Varanasi • 11 years ago

Too bad
that the child for whom a mother bears so much pain,spends so many sleepless nights, takes maximum responsibility of their lives until they have enough capability is today treating her like a burden.It surely is a situation where in every such unworthy and deceitful child should be ashamed of! why cant the just have a rational thought that if their mother had treated them as a burden when they were small, would they now grow up as adults?

Also there are cases where the grand parents still show the discrimination.In my own case, my grandma refuses to stay even for a couple of days at my home as she fear about what her sons and daughters-in-law might think, if she visits her daughters place for a week or so.Hope this thought train would stop.Wish that day would come soon where our grandparents are allowed to move at their will...!

Rashmita • 11 years ago

I love my parents a lot... par chaah kar bhi hum unke jitna unke liye nahi kar payenge.... Its true

Vishakha • 11 years ago

firstly i want to congratulate you for the sucess of your show it is really an eye opener I do love my parents even i am girl i will surely take care of my parents in their old age even my would be husband parents also. According to our parents are our 1st god i may or may not seve the bhagwan(idols) but i will for sure serve as much as possible for my parents.

Shweta Goyal • 11 years ago

 THANKU...AAMIR SIR,garv hai aap par aur un sabhi bhartiyo par jinhone is desh ko sapno ka bharat banane me apna yogdaan diya.

Like ever mother or father call with sweet names to their children's... In the same way children's should call their parents with sweet names...

i Call my mother : MaaJaan and father : papaJaani

Cyberworldbalod • 11 years ago

kya amir ji curruption par koi episode banane ki himmat rakhte hai.................?

Balaji • 11 years ago

The most beautiful word in the lips of mankind is the word called "Mother"
The most beautifual call - is the call of my Mother !


Harvinder Singh • 11 years ago

Hi Amir,
I would like you to raise issue of driving rules and regulations in India. Mainly the process to get Driving License (DL) in India. I still remember that I got my driving license by sending my photo, and copy of ration card, I didn't even appear in any written and road test. No one has driving sense and deadly accidents are increasing day by day, because no one is aware of rules and regulations as they were never enforced. Young boys and girls drive without DL, it is like someone is sitting on a weapon. It is very dangerous for their own life and other driving without proper knowledge of driving. Currently I am in North America and here there are very strict processes to get DL (like Written Test, Road test, Drug awareness classes etc.).    Thanks!!!Harvinder Singh    

Priyanka • 11 years ago

Very nice program... Every episode Contains Inspirational Messages, which inspire someones life...  Satyamevjayate Rocks.. 

ravi singh rathaur • 11 years ago

aapne abhi tak jo bhi mudde uthaye he wo sabhi bahut he achchhe he or hum ab jakruk ho rahe he. iske liye me aapke per chhuta hu. or aange chal kar me in sabhi pahlu per amal karunga.