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SriLekha • 12 years ago

Hi Aamir ji... First of all thank you
sooooooooooo much

Today's topic was really heart touching & meri  thakath aur badgai
jineki....Even I'm one of them, I"m SriLekha from Hyderabad, AP. Born
disable both limbs effected and i'll depend on others 95% . But I'm so lucky to
have a great parents,brother, sister, friends, teachers..... my parents treated
me like normal child....like my brother and sister.I finished graduation, now
I'm a painting artist (Oil painter), I'll do painting with mouth.

             You know
aamir ji when i saw your first episode mene sochi agar aamir ji ek episode
physically challenging people ke bareme dikayetho acha rehega... Because people
should know about us. For small things they commit suicides...... their thinking towards us......Many things are there.

             Even I faced problem not in school or college when i
applied for job after my graduation, aaj bi muje yad hai, oo officer mere ghar ake mere papa se kesebi
inko job nahi milne valahai  aap kidarbi jayetho.... why you are wasting your time and our time.....when she can't do any work.....   tabi mene socha ee konhi
meri bareme bolneki....I'll show them just how i lead my life happily &
also I'm so proud to be physically challenging. then i started painting with
mouth (holding painting brush with mouth) & I have painted a scenery
within 3 1/2 hours on the occasion of Napier healthcare Anniversary and donated
the same to their office.

finally I want to tell public.... agar apko help karna pasand
nahitho chodiye just leave them.......but please don't show sympathy or don't ever discourage...
we are physically handicap but you people are mentally handicap by thinking......

mohit bhati • 12 years ago

Respected  Aamir Sir,

I was just a fan of Aamir khan as a hero but today I respect you like my god father. As  not waisting your time i just want to say you one thing is that from last year we are started a campian to save cows. Plastic which we use on daily basis are taking lives of those cows. We have started with 4-5 persons and today we are 35 guys to help them . We want to do something for these disabled guys i am ready with my team to start a school for these guys but with guidence of AMAR JYOTI SCHOOL..

Svr • 12 years ago

U r also a real hero....We all Honour, Appreciate and congratulate for ur social work...

Mac • 12 years ago

आमिर खान ने अपने टीवी शो में फिर एक झूठ बोला की समाज विकलांग लोगो की सहायता नहीं करता है,
आप ही बताइए दोस्तों, हमने आठ सालों से एक गूंगे-बहरे इंसान को अपने देश का प्रधान मंत्री बना रखा है, अब इससे ज्यादा और क्या करे समाज ???????????

Harpreet Singh • 12 years ago

Hahaha Awesome Brother ! 

Honest753 • 12 years ago

You betryaed your wife and married your secretary
You tried to prove that your brother Faisal Khan is mentally ill and kept him under house arrest
You destroyed your brothers life
You also have a sun outside your marriage with a british journalist Jessica Hines
You also denied credits to Chetan Bhagat and Amol Gupta who were original writer and director of3 idiots and Tare Zameen par respectively
And after doing all this you say....
First try to make yourself then the country......

Sajjad • 12 years ago

O Honest!!! Can u prove the allegations. Divorcing and re marrying with someone is individual's personal matter. So don't dig in it. Faisal Khan was proved mentally ill by doctors not aamir... Keep reading the newspaper. it should be son not "SUN". improve your english first. Prove if you have evidence that aamir had an son out of his marriage. Everyone knows "Taare Zameen Par" was written by Amol Gupte & "3 idiots" was loosely adopted by Chetan Bhagat's novel titled " Five Point Someone". I guess you must be one of a Doctor who are against Aamir Khan. Someone is trying to make some good efforts why peoples like you want to drag them back. Make a good research before giving any statement. For your kind information I am not an die hard fan of Aamir Khan. I watch movies but doesn't follow any actor or actress. Even it was a common man instead of Aamir. I would have written you this. May GOD give you ability to understand. If you want to reply me personally you are welcome on saj_nakh@yahoo.com

AD • 12 years ago

Kiran Rao was not his secretary. The word is "son" and not sun. The name is Amol Gupte. Your last sentence in ungrammatical. 
 Get your facts right and learn your English before maligning others- correct language might bring you some credibility.

armaan ahuja • 12 years ago

hi buddy ur d real indian who is pulling the country down, ur d type who will see only the flaws when anyone does a honest and valiant effort to change .perhaps if u turn ur jaundicied eye to exposing the corrupt politicians and babus ,and stand up for the disadvantaged,it will do u and d country a lot of good.everyone has flaws, but the good u do has its merits and begets countless blessings!

jessy • 12 years ago

It is his his personal life.

Raman kumar sharma • 12 years ago

Amir sir I want you to please put a episode on child labour of our country which is an very major problem for our country and for the future of our nation in india there more than more than 1 crore 30 lakh children who are child labour . This an important topic for aspect of the future of our nation. This is kind request for my side because in the whole nation there are very few who go to school. As a student I also want my country to be one of the best and a highly qualified and educated country . and every student has a right to education it is in the constitution of India so this should be given importance. As in the constitution there is also a right against exploitation in which it is written that child labour is a crime. And its given there that children till the age of 14 should go to school. So kindly work on this topic and there is kind request from my side to please put an episode on this topic. THANKS 

Puneet • 12 years ago

Second that opinion and request

Vaishnavi Vats • 9 years ago

There is not a single shelter for physically handicapped girl in the Capital. Nobody's can understand the pain of a physically challenged person. People ignore them and make fun of them.
But the fact is that they can do something they want to do something. They want to became a Successful Person. If they have a single chance to build up their carrier. They just need help and one open door for their future and success.
Life is impossible to live for the physically challenged especially when they are living around the normal and successful people. They feel like a looser and helpless.
But nobody's can understand.

Kush16 • 12 years ago

My name is Kush, from Hyderabad. In regards to the living of the disabled; I would like to share my experience with "Dialogue in the Dark". This was initiated by Germany and has now spread all around world. The only office of DiD in South East Asia is in Hyderabad city of India. The program is run by blind people, especially a restaurant which is entirely dark and is managed by blind waiters. It is a place where able people are subjected to the dark environment, with no trace of any light. A place, where people are forced to let go the sense of sight and depend on other senses of touch, smell and sound; just like a blind person. One would actually come to know how one feels without sight....I believe Aamir, that they should get an appreciation from Satyamev Jayate and be recognized, as very few people know about them. 

Savitri Dhengle • 12 years ago

I have recently moved to US on company assignment and still in the phase of expolring US. Within a few weeks of my stay in US, I remember telling my friend, if you are born with some physical disability you should be born in a country like US.
This statement does not degrade my country but I am respecting another country which has done everything to make their people live a standard life without any dependence.
My salute to Satyamevjayate team, for raising this issue. You have my respect. Thank you very much.

Bodyfit • 12 years ago

Yes you are right Savitri. You have hit the nail on its head. I do remember you saying this even before Aamir raised this issues.

PRITAM G. TEWANEY • 12 years ago



Yamuna_vasant • 12 years ago

Hello Aamir sir, first of all would like to say that a very nice initiative taken by u n ur team....really heart touching episodes. Sir, i would like to share with u some thing regarding the latest episode i.e. regarding disability. this was told by my brother which he experienced in his college. one of his disabled friend in his college was getting all time sympathy due to his disability n ppl used to help him as he was not able to walk. earlier he used to do his work by his own but as people used to show him sympathy he used to misuse that sympathy n the work which he used to do was being done by his class mates later. that had become a routine n upto some extent everybody could help but at some point of time even the class mates were fed up with his behaviour. 
This attitude of the classmates cannot be called as ignorance towards him because he was atleast capable of doing the basic activities which he purposely didn't used to do.
Sir, i would like to give a salute to those disabled who have proved themselves in whatever field they opted but at the same time a humble request from all that never make a disabled person feel that he is disable. Let the emotions n way of approach towards the disabled be the same as for normal ppl. Plz friends through this forum i wanna request u all to make disabled people self dependent n sympathy towards them shud be such that it will not make them dependent on u any way. 

Shethminal • 12 years ago

Hats off to Mr. And Mrs Lobo for the way they are upbringing Nisha so beautifully.
And Aamir Sir - have to say this : Tera rang Asia chad Gaya koi aur rang Na chad sake. You have inspired all of us to do whatever we can. We all felt these things but never thought consciously of doing something for such issues. Thanks for igniting the flame in our hearts.

Babuli • 12 years ago

Completely agree

rupali • 12 years ago

India's Total Population 118 Cores.Daily Death 62389Daily birth 86853Total Blinds 682497If Daily Dead People Donate their Eyes,within 11 Days all blinds will be able to see.
Then in India there will be no Blinds. Don't delete this message without sending at least to 1 person

Raja Mishra • 12 years ago

I am sorry to say, but there are a few diseases that cannot be cured by eye implantation. I for example have one such condition. But your point is really good, it will help many people get their eyes.

Sujata Datar • 12 years ago

Hi Aamir Khan,
First of all I want to say that hats off to you for such a great initiative for spreading awareness amongst our people and all of us Indians. I hold the episode 6 on disabilities and inclusive education dear and close to my heart, as I myself am doing my doctoral studies in Special Education in USA. I liked the way you approached the topic and the very inspiring interviews that were part of this program. The most important message that I think every one should remember from this program is that disability in a body is not a barrier to a person, but we as society are. I believe that we as a society need to appreciate and acknowledge that each and every one of us is different. I also would like to raise a very important question to all of us- What is "NORMAL?" We have raised this concept of "normal" to a high raised pedestal, but can at least one person define what this concept of "normal" is?
In this program you have exclusively talked about physical disabilities under the umbrella term "disabilities", but along with physical disabilities, I believe that it is also important to talk about the experiences and difficulties faced by people with cognitive disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and other types of disabilities with are not apparently visible (By these I refer to disabilities like learning disabilities, emotional behavioral disabilities etc). I believe that to make the education inclusive in true sense, people need to understand that some times a "healthy looking" child might also face challenges while learning in a school environment due to a disability which is biological in nature but is not visible. And here is where the school and parents play an important role is supporting that child in providing needed accommodations to enhance the learning experience. Along with biological factors, social factors play a very important role affecting students' learning and participation in education. No child is "dumb", "stupid", "crippled." It is we who make them so due to our flawed attitude and this abstract concept of "normality". Every child has the right to feel empowered and get access to equal education. For this we also need to revise the structure of curriculum and the structure on which the education is grounded. We need to make it more accessible. Accessibility in itself is empowering. I also believe in universal design, which will enhance the accessibility not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone including children and the elderly. One very important thing is that adaptation of the environment can erase the "dis" from a "dis/ability" where we will only be left with "ability" to focus on which will help all of us to grow in a community and a country which respects difference in a true sense.      

Manisha • 12 years ago

i completely agree with you on this. The fact that community should be looking at educating parents and teachers on such a vast and sensitive subject is very important. 
Thanks Manisha

Roopa Lutzenberger • 12 years ago

I am from London, UK and here having friends or children with disabilities is treated as  absolutely normal. Not only physical disabilities are recognised but also mental and long term health conditions that can affect work are also recognised here in UK. For this to happen most companies employ a Equality and Diversity officer or ask an individual to volunteer to do so, if interested. There are strong laws against discrimination and also against advertising for employees specifically non-disabled. Some industrial places are exempt where work can be dangerous for disabled people but mostly everything else is open. Having said that, private organisations are better in employing disabled people rather than government where on paper they welcome disabilities but the reality is a bit far from it. In some cases it is not much different from India at all, only thing is that they don't say it is from previous life but they say it is a liability and they can be sued easily. There are Govt. funded organisations like Remploy here who help disabled people into employment by training, liaise with employers and offer after employment support for few months until the candidate settles in. I have been dreaming of a day when there will be more inclusive schools in India producing more productive people in a equal and diverse environment. If I could afford I will open one myself. When I was very young, in my grandparents village I saw a girl, must be 15 yrs or so who was disabled but was kept in such a poor state by her parents. She was not well dressed and was reprimanded at every move. It was evident she never went out of the house. The sight still strikes my mind and I felt on that day, I need to do something to raise awareness regarding this issue. I achieved it in UK, I hope I can do the same in India. Thanks Aamir, this episode did really touch my heart and taught me a thing or two.Thanks a lot!

Ruchi • 12 years ago

Any School that is inclusive or plans to become one should keep in mind that when they take responsibility of educating disabled child, they must adhere to very good quality of teaching them which includes supervising teaching by special educators, preparing disabled students beforehand on the subject to be taught in a general class etc. Because either the disabled child will get frustrated in the general class being taught in a normal way or the other non-disabled children will suffer if the teacher tries to teach slowly according to the disabled child.

Secondly, unlike in foreign countries, there is no quota for mentally retarded in govt. jobs in India..for starters, an easier course content should be set especially for borderline mentally retarted which should be recognized by Govt. of India so thatsuch special children can achieve their education, get jobs and hence feel proud, confident and positive by becoming value creating citizens of India.

Thanks and Jai Hind !
Ruchi H

Svr • 12 years ago

I completely agree with u...I am also of the same opinion that just giving admission does not solve the problem, rather than admission most important is that how much an institution is ready for basic facilitate a disabled student in terms of infra, skills of teaching staff, special care, teaching methodologies, syllabus suitability, assessing of disabled kid suitability to study in normal environment  etc ...it is very difficult here... 
I have read all the comments here , all people have not understood to what extent our Indian institutions are ready for all such complexities rather just giving admission... I can see hardly 5 to 6 people like u understanding such base problems....

Tarun Mishra • 12 years ago

My question is "Why a person with disability be treated as if he/she is out of the mainstream?" A different type of school may not solve the problem because society has to learn to be more sensitive towards them. This can only happen when all of us grow together in a more inclusive way. These differently abled-people should not be treated as if they are from some different planet and deserve a different destiny. They are as human as the able-ones. They have same rights of enjoying life to the fullest. They deserve to be cared, to be loved and to be treated as comfortably as we treat other fellowmen.

While playing the game of "Playing Cards", we get different set of cards each time. This is as good as a set of abilities one possess. How a player uses his/her cards to the fullest determines his/her participation in the game. Each player has the right of equal participation in the game and enjoyment of the game. Likewise a person having a set of abilities (by birth or some misfortune) has equal rights of life.

Puneet • 12 years ago

Couldn't agree more 

pranav2012 • 12 years ago

Dear Aamir,

Salute to your efforts and depth of research for all the issues brought up to the world. I have polio with both the legs since age of 4. You are absolutely right that my parents and family accepted me, invested into me and lucky to have studied in great schools like "Sadhna" and "R.C.Patel" - schools in Ahmedabad in late 70s and 80s - along with normal students, which gave me tremendous confidence to compete with normal people, everyday! I did not accept perceived limitations, I believe that this attitude is key to my journey so far.

Sharing my story, I did Electronics Engineering, MBA then grew up the corporate ladder in India (Arvind Mills) as well now in the US, serving currently as a General Manager in world's 6th largest IT services company. Key to all this is self confidence and remaining competitive. I am blessed with 2 handicapped children (they are 17 yeas now) and approach is same - if I can take care of 2 such children, God may help me to help hundreds of such children and their parents in future and learn from the given personal situations to lead such efforts at a larger scale.

Such efforts of yours are tremendous contribution and much needed to change the mindset of 50% of the Indian population - accept the disable community as a mainstream population. 3% grant shd be used for disabled people per 1997 supreme court guideline - if that is implemented and compliance is monitored, a lot can change in next 5-10 years. Even 10% of productivity increase for estimated 6-10% of the population, can result into GDP growth by 0.6-1%, higher tax collection and reduced welfare expenses, apart from key objective of changing the social fabric of India in this 21st century.

Congratulations for doing such thought provoking shows!!!

Ronak7485 • 12 years ago

Hi Pranav I read your comment and I can only say that sorry for what happened with you and from my bottom of heart I would like to appreciate and congrats for your achievement, such a great position in top Most company in USA. I am living in Australia and working with disable people over here. This show and you give me more energy to work more deficiently and with pure heart.

Good Luck..
Ronak Patel  

Raja Mishra • 12 years ago

I suffer from what is said invisible disability, due to which you are subjected to sarcasm and scorn all through the way, people think you fake or exaggerate. I never lost hope . . . . or faith on humanity. I just want to say: its not we can make a difference, its rather we are that difference. I would love to share some presentation on multiple disability, on progressive disability and most importantly invisible disability, interestingly in many theoretical way I suffer from last two of the above said conditions with a hint of collateral hearing damage. Pain is no less, but people fail to respect your limitations.  My mail id: raja.mishra7gmail .com. I sincerely believe Satyameva Jayte will follow up the hope it stands for.

Dr Satendra • 12 years ago

Dr Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Sub:   Accessible and barrier free society can only be a truly inclusive society  
Dear Sir,

In the wake of India ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in 2007, it has become incumbent on India’s part, under the established and recognized international human right norms, to harmonise all its relevant domestic laws and policies with this international treaty. Persons with disabilities still continue to encounter umpteen barriers on road, in built environment, and in transport (physical), attitudinal (societal) and inaccess to information and technologies (E-inaccessibility). You may kindly appreciate that although well over 16 years have elapsed since the PWD Act came into force, the status of implementation of this Act across the nation causes acute concern. Accessibility and inclusion of PwD are fundamental rights recognized by the CRPD and are not only objectives, but also pre-requisites for the enjoyment of other rights. 

This year the theme for International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) is ‘Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all.” To commemorate the United Nation’s observance day we want that people with disability are seen as citizens first and then as consumers of healthcare, rehabilitation or social services. As citizens in democratic society they should have the same right to participate, access to the same range of options, degree of freedom, control and self-determination in everyday life. These demands require the removal of infrastructural, institutional and attitudinal barriers and the adoption of the Universal Design principle. We demand the same choices and control in our every-day lives that every other person has. We want to grow up in our families, go to schools, use the same public transport, and work in jobs according to our education, talent and expertise and raise families of our own. We want to be regarded as ordinary people sharing the same need to feel included, recognized and loved. We need to organize and work for political changes that would lead to legal protection of our human and civil rights. 

In the facts and circumstances stated above, you are requested in right earnest to ensure concrete and time-bound steps to enforce accessibility standards and guidelines with utmost strictness. Access audit for the said purpose should be carried out by both subject experts and experiential experts where latter means the persons with disabilities. All Government websites should be made accessible by complying with the latest web Content Accessibility Guidelines. All the States and UTs of India must have a progressive and forward looking policy on persons with disabilities which is compatible with the UNCRPD. It goes without saying that a person with disability has to incur additional expenditure due to, or arising out of his disability. They should be granted be granted exemption to the tune of 50% in the total annual income tax liability in place of existing benefit on taxable income as envisaged in Section 80(U) of the Income Tax Act. Disability studies should be made mandatory part of the curriculum and all higher institutions must have Enabling Units for students with disabilities. We also demand a separate department for disability issues with persons with disabilities being equal partners in all decisions.

We, the citizens of India, earnestly request your expeditious action in respect of the matter, more particularly, in the face of the fact that the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 have been enforced for well over 16 years now. We look forward to your intervention this IDPwD.

Sign the petition at 

Dr Satendra Singh
Founder, Infinite Ability (http://www.infiniteability....
Coordinator, Enabling Unit
UCMS & GTB Hospital, Delhi

Dr Satendra • 12 years ago

My link is not shown :(

s.krishnaswamy • 12 years ago

One more great program.
I am the advisor to Ability Foundation, Chennai.
I am proud that 2 of the participants today Mr Sai Prasad and Mr Rajiv Johar are recepients of our prestigeous Cavincare Ability Award.
I am sorry to point out one important point you missed out. The hearing impaired are unable to enjoy your programs. You have to make your programs inclusive, being such a sensitive person.
May I request you to include sub titling for all your future programs, with immediate effect, to remove this lacuna?
Will it be possible to repeat today's program especially,  with subtitles at the soonest, with proper announcements in advance?
Keep up your good work.
May God bless you

Suchetana Chatterjee • 11 years ago

Dear Mr. Amir Khan
                               thanks so much for bringing up the issue of disability. I have been studying and working in the US for the last ten years and it hurts to see how much we (our country and our society) are behind in providing basic living rights to people with both physical and mental disabilities. I guess the issue with mental disability is even more horrible where many people do not even realize that it is a medical condition.

                    Regarding the issue of providing admissions to people with disabilities to educational institutes I would like to mention that probably the key issue is with infrastructure.  The Govt needs to take initiatives so  that schools and colleges have enough infrastructure for persons with disabilities. I guess you could have highlighted that issue more strongly in your episode.

                   I have taught students in US universities and I have encountered students with disabilities too. I think the lack of infrastructure in India is one of the root causes of persons with disabilities not getting the rights they fairly deserve.

Suchetana Chatterjee  

Sopan_khairnar • 11 years ago

dear suchetana ,i read abut y'r good opinion about disabilites.
thanx ,
  i 'm physically hadicaped primarry teacher ,i'm innovative teacher, my educational innovation goes on International leval .
i devloped a softwear named " SCHOLAR MANTRA"  so i need some help about it,becose i leave in very poor vilagean area in Nashik district Maharastra.
my mail is    sopan_khairnar@rediffmail.com
@rediffmail my  mobile 09423184845  

Shivanshu • 12 years ago

Dear Amir, Your program has started losing its quality, something in
the first 2 episodes which had brought a sensation in the society, its
all fading. It seems you have made your target as follows: 1) The worst
states in India are Haryana and Rajasthan.2) The only people who suffer
in Indian society are women. 3) Indian men are the worst creatures in
this world. and so on.. Try to bring a broader perspective of Indian
problems ..for example child labour, lack of education to small poor
children, Life of retired old people and their problems, Pressure over
young Indian students of studies, suicide cases in colleges, ragging
cases in Engineering and Medical Colleges etc etc, these are much bigger
problems of India, than  intolerance to love and all (ofcourse I dont
say that is anything less but that must be given less priority compared
to what I have stated above..) Today I was watching Domestic voilence
episode, you cannot arrive at any conclusion that if husband beats wife
that is only the fault of the husband. May be the wife is giving much
more mental trauma to the husband than his physical torture.  Try to be
less prejudiced. Look at things as a whole, dont take a prior sympathy
towards anyone. Anyways ur program is still very nice, but it could be
much better if u take more appropriate problems and make your vision
more wholistic and broader.

Aman • 12 years ago

It was good to see that you have made some suggestions but to say that the problems being addressed by the issues are targeted at some sections is totally wrong. For the ones going through the problems know the gravity of the situation.. But yes, we should have a focus on other aspects as we..


Cheshta Dora • 12 years ago

Though I love every episode of satyamev jayate but this episode regarding "Disability" is close to my heart because I have an elder sister who is physically disabled since birth...she can't walk, her lower limbs don't work. She is 25 years old now and she couldn't complete her studies and I regret that till date.
Till 5th grade, she studied in a nearby govt. school. It was primary school only. Then my parents tried a lot in other schools for her admission but none of them admitted her due to her disability. We even went to the MLA concerned but even his reference didn't work.
Then some how my mother taught her till 8th at home only and used to take her to some govt. school for exams where she somehow got admission but she wasn't allowed to attend the school. Then my parents tried to get her admitted in an open school for her 10th and 12th exams but due to some exam centre problems she couldn't appear for them. and that's how she couldn't complete her schooling n go for graduation, even after many hard tries!
And now, she has no will power, no inner strength to do anything in life. We try a lot to encourage her to learn something or the other which she wants to but her moral has hit the bottom in a way that she has started to think of herself as a burden on us and doesn't want to do anything to increase our workload.. though we always try to ensure her that this is not the case. Also my grandmother, being old, is still clinched with the myth of "last births' sins" and weeps and talks about these things with other people in front of her and pity her every other moment, which is also doing bad to her.
So the crux of my comment is that education is the most important part of a person's life and specially disabled people..and also environment of EQUALITY must be there for these people which helps them to grow up and live their life in a better way.

I would also like to know about some NGO or other organisations which help these people in further studies or learning vocational courses which will provide them with some part time work. I will be waiting for your reply.

keep up the good work.
Thanks a tonne.

VAIBHAV SHAH • 12 years ago

Hello Sir,

I am Vaibhav Shah From Surat(Gujarat). I have Just completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering Field.

In Sir Final Year,

We(My Group -- Haresh Godhani, Naman Khandelwal, Hardik Khanpara, Avish Dhamade) got opportunity to take a Interview of Real Hero for Disable Persons Kanubhai Tailor while the Studying subject Contributor Personality Devlopement.

We Specially thank to our University(Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad) and college professor Yogesh Kapuriya who took this subject in our course and gave chance to interview that contributor Person.

A person who is disable working as president of Disable Welfare Trust of India.

He got PADAM SHREE award for his work to serve the disable person(e.g. reservation of disable person in country, to provide Facility for Disable Student & person Like All the Study Material and Hostel Fare, Bus services to all student if they came from Home and many more...).

He is principle of Disable Trust School which is situated in Surat. which is the Asia's first barrier free school.

They also arrange trips for the Students.   

Now,he is working on his another goal for Free Hospital for the Disable Childs and Oldege Home for old Disable Persons.

I am attaching his Photo.

I have learn one thing from it : 


Arjunsingh • 12 years ago

i am handicapped person. i have complted BE(CSE). i want to give interview in e-learning ahmdabad . plz give me address of this company.

Friendcheema • 12 years ago

Person with disabilities....no 1 has touched this topic before....thnx

Nimisha Desai • 12 years ago

Nimisha Desai
Hi Amir Sir,
First of all i am big fan of yours from Qayamat se Qayamat tak. I liked all your movies with special messages like Lagaan, Taaren Jameen Par, Three Idiots and all others
But, this show "SATYAMEV JAYATE" i just love it( i don't have words ). Not only me my mother-in-law and my husband all of us watch this show together everytime. We always wait for coming episode and think aboout it , that what will be the next episode topic.
We liked all the show. The last episode on disability was wonderfull. We all like to give our best wishes to Sai, Krishnakant,Priciple of Amarjyoti school(where all the kids can go), and all other people on show. But we like to salute Nisha's parents who, adopted her and giving her such a wonderfull upbringing. Me and my whole family just want to say them "HEADS OFF TO YOU". Can you please convey them this message. We are big fan of nisha and her thoughts.
I want take much more time from you, but you and your team really doing wonderful, amazing job

Rabindrak 1961 • 12 years ago

अIमीर खान साहब लोकप्रिय टी0वी0 शो “सत्यमेव जयते” द्वारा 10 जून 2012 को विक्लांगों कीज्वलन्त समस्याओं को समाज के समक्ष लाकर एक सराहनीय कार्य किया । इसके लिए आप एवंआपकी टीम धन्यवाद के पात्र है । विक्लांगता ईश्वर प्रदत नियामत है जो किसी कोस्वेच्छा से नही मिलता है। अतः समाज-सरकार द्वारा वह सारी सुविधाये समान रुप सेमिलनी चाहिये जो एक आम आदमी को मिलती है। आपने समाज के विभिन्न तरह के विक्लांगोंपर जोरदार ढंग से आपके द्वारा प्रसारित चर्चा किया परन्तु समाज का एक घोर उपेक्षितविक्लांग “हीजडों” पर चर्चा नही किया । जबकी आपको ज्ञात है किमात्र एक अंग के अभाव मे हिजडों को समाज द्वारा घोर अपमान एवं तिरष्कारपूर्ण जीवनजीने के लिए बाध्य किया जाता है। अतः मेरे समझ से हीजडों को भी विक्लांगता केश्रेणि मे रखना चाहिए और समाज-सरकार को राष्ट्र –समाज के मुख्य धारा से जोडकर समानअधिकार मिलना चाहिये।
रवीन्द्र कुमार                                                  
हेल्थ सेन्टर, पुलिस ट्रेनिग कालेज,
झडौदा कलाँ, न.दिल्ली-72, मो. न.-09999868842

Kamila Rahimi • 12 years ago

Amir sir i respect you from the bottom of my heart and i salute you for what you have done and for what you are doing to transform or rather awaken people from their deep sleeps. I am from Afghanistan but i lived in Pakistan and i loved India always. I feel that both countries are separated siblings , both love each other but ego destroys everything between them. Back to your show so i honestly can say that i have never ever seen show like this with this power, respect and true emotions. I love you Amir bhai forever and ever <3 

soorya vamshi • 12 years ago

Law of  Karma:  only the intelligent will  understand
if you were quoting some other religion, you would be more cautious abt what to say and what not to say. chirstian and muslims dont believe in rebirth. so when you said that the disease if because of the papa, you intend the hindus, buddhist, jains -- the sanatana dharma. but you forgot to mention the other half of it.

Indian philosophy says 'poorva janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena jayate" but also tells us the remedy -  if you do good action, you can get over it. eg: if the water is muddy, keep adding good water till the muddiness disappears. how much water you have to add? it depends on how much mud you have within.

What is papa? anything that brings sorrow. what is punya? anything that brings joy. you see if you analyses both joy and sorrow, your experience in life -- it may be good or bad -- is the effect of your total past actions.

The scripture says -  do right karma now, you can get over your past. taking a polio pill is the right karma. if you take, right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time, at right place you will overcome the disease.

many cases you can find where they injected over dose or wrong medicine and people will suffer from another ailment throughout their life.

But in some cases even if you take medicine, you wont succeed.  even after all the medical advancement, sometimes doctors are not even able to identify what disease is this, or  even after all the treatments the disease continues. then how to console him/her. tell them its effect of your past karma.  

its not just some consolation. its telling to take responsibility of your life. most of the time you may not know what you did in the past, but from the effect you can conclude there must have been some cause. you must be really intelligent to come to that conclusion.

the smokers get cancer, the drunkards get kidney failures, over eaters get heart attacks etc. we see this around.  when your mother takes-in somethings like medicine or food or some shocking scenes it will have the effect on the fetus. and when the child is born, he/she will have some trace of it. its called past karma - it can be of yours or some one else s.

Then you may ask why should i suffer for my parents mistake? unfortunately you dont ask this question when you are enjoying their richness or fame. we are all connected to each other like the rings in a chain.

Kabir says na - dukh me sabhi sumiran kare, sukh me na koy. sukh me sumiran kare he to dukh he to koy?

this is the law of  karma, law of this universe. no one can change it. only the intelligent one will be able to understand this.

Gooraj • 12 years ago

I understand your philosophy. Question is what are you doing to earn Punya. are you helping handicapped? are you helping poor?
Amir is earning his punya for his next life but he is also giving everyone the opportunity to earn more punya just helping people around you.. 

Panna024 • 12 years ago

Amir ji,

My name is Panna living in canada and working as a firefighter in canada really inspired by your shows.i will reqest you to bring Dr manmohan singh as a guest and hand in all the  problem or issues raised in your episode becuase it will be wrong to point out the problem but not doing anything about it.

Gooraj • 12 years ago

Govt is elected by people for the people who spend most money on campaign. :)  as you and I live  outside of  india knows that each county, city state, and federal govt do their part to solve peoples problem.  most of problems in India are interrelated with corruption and mismanagement. 

Amir has done a great job and he has earned my respect doing his part. there are others, like Ramdev who are also have been doing their part for awakening indian masses for years.  

So we all need to do our part to make this planet a humane place for every one.