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mahi • 9 years ago

Amir kahn g pata nahi mera ye msg aap ko kab tak mile meri maa ko cancer hai plz meri madd kro or hum bhut garib hai mrra number7533086579,

Test • 9 years ago


Amit Singh Adce • 9 years ago

I just want to ask ...can amir khan do this show for free that he expects doctors to work for free ....or whoever he wants to work for free...just look into the life of doctors they spent...after being doctors : pt. Ratio so less even lesser than approved by WHO doctors give their 24 ×7 of their life for pt...although their r some doctors like 1 in 100 who..go beyond rules and violate them but...why shud other doctors suffer for it..doctors clear world hardest exam PMT and after that study just too hard ...nobody can imagine also...after that PG clearance ...after all this also they can't have a perfect sleep..bcoz if any emergency comes they have to wake up..... They can't b with their family or spend time with them ...no marriage attending ,or any function.....and what do you think that they don't have heart ....if any pt. Dies doctors are the most disturbed... But they have to ignore it and balance themself as they look others pt....too...and their is lot more ...so pls ...don't disturb doctors... They r not here to harm...and they among you from you and for you

Deepak Jakhwal • 10 years ago

why are generic drugs cheaper than brand??
Cheap Indian generic drugs: Not such good value after all?
Indian quality woes point to generic drugs shake-out: Novartis

AM • 10 years ago

This is with reference to the Episode 04: Does Healthcare Need Healing? We have developed an innovative and ingenious Healthcare solution- Need of present generation, and would like to fix an appointment with Mr Aamir Khan to present the project. Kindly guide, it is really worth presenting. It not only addresses all the issues and problems presented in the episode, but also has various unique and must have features of Healthcare domain. Sincerely IT IS MUST HAVE solution.

Sanjeev Shukla • 10 years ago

i know a docter who dose have the degree to practice please advice

Gagan • 10 years ago

It is saddening that the bad practice of shopkeepers and drug companies has been callously clubbed with medical practice. Dear Aamir, this show saw its demise after this episode

mitesh b. • 11 years ago

yes , i am really appreciating these thing that today medicine market becomes really bad n companies n medical shopkipers only want to sell their brands at higher n higher price as they can get..
they are looking towards at least poor people also that how they ll afford and purchase medicine..and what to say about our doctors..!!!!!! they only knows that which company is providing more money, facility, tour or gift, that's it they write their brand to any one....... its too bad for india..........    and there for i m planning for wholesale generic medicine shop so can help poor people......as i m pharmacist its my duty...n every one should do this.....thanks......mitesh b.

manoj sharma • 11 years ago

it is good to support the minority people to grow up them but what about the children for poor majority category is there any option to grow up them

Noriko Suzuki • 11 years ago

I am a Japanese woman who used to learn Urdu when I was a university student.
Since I haven't have any opportunity to use it, I haven't use it for more than 20 years.
But from last summer I came USA from Japan, I started to learn Urdu again by chance.
And this made me to watch Hindi/Urdu movie or TV or talk in Urdu again after 20 years.

Then I found that the way of speaking Hindi/Urdu in India has changed a lot in these 20 years.
I found that you people tend to mix a lot of English phrases or words when you speak in Hindi/Urdu.
It happens so many times and makes me confuse whether you speak Hindi or English.
When I found it I became so sad because I feel like you people insult or ruin your own beautiful languages.

But when I watch this TV show on internet few days ago, I was so delighted because Aamir Khan,
who was my hero in my university age, appears on TV and takes up such a difficult social problems with beautiful Hindi.
I saw that even he uses English sometimes, he almost always restate it in Hindi.

I show my respect Aamir Khan and his project staff for their effort and courage to tackle with social problems in India which had been ignored before.
And give my applause for Aamir's attitude to using his own national languages.

Ssxxss2004 • 11 years ago

well said doc sriram.

harmeet • 11 years ago

hi amir , I live in canada but i have a friend in india who is very poor , he goes and finds work wherever he can and works all day sometime for many days..but when it comes to getting paid his employer always makes up an excuse and either pays him a little or doesnt pay him at all for that month or many months..for someone poor  like him its hard to survive without any income for months like that...my heart goes out to people in that situation..i try to help him as much as i can but i hope that in india there could be an organization who will help people like my friend get paid from their employers. and im sure there are thousands of indians in the same situation..
It shocks me when i hear this , how can someone not pay for someone's hard work..and its not only in india its happening in other countries as well . im not sure if other countries have any organizations to help with this but in canada there is an organization who helps workers get paid from their employers if the employer doesnt pay the worker.
it will help millions of indians if we could have such system in india as well :(

Neeraj Kumar • 11 years ago

Dear Aamir khan Sir

Munhe English aati hai samajh sakta hun, magar likhne main problem hoti hai, isliye main hamari rashtra bahsha HINDI me apke samne apni baat rakhta hun please mujhe aap iska hal bataiye..

Mera chhota Bhai jiska Naam Dheeraj hai, jo ki hamre hi pados ke ek ladki se LOVE pichle 8 saal se karta hai Ladki Ka Naam Divya Yadav Hai wo bhi mere bhai se utna hi pyar karti hai, ye dono michle 8 saal se chori chori milte rahe baat karte rahe ek do baar ladki ke ghar walo ko pata bhi chal gaya ladki phone par baat karte hue pakdi gayi pados wali baat hai ye kehkar maine Dheeraj ko samjahya Ladki ke papa hamse jyada paise wale hai wo ghar par aaye or aakar dhamkaya tumhe main iss colony me rehne nahi dunga, dubara aisa hua tha us waqt main ghar par nahi tha mujhe ghar aane par pata chala, fir main ladki ke ghar gaya maine unko softly kaha Sir aap mere papa ke dost hai aap apne bacche ko samjhaiye main apne bhai ko samjahta hun magar Sir Dhamki mat dijiye aap paise wale hai wo aap apne liye hun Main gareeb hi sahi magar aapka kehna ye galat hai ki main apko rehne nahi dunga aaga se dhamki dene mere ghar mat aana waise aap aaiye baithiye mujhe koi pareshani nahi itna kehkar main waha se chala gaya.
iske baad bhi Mere bhai aur divya me baato ka silsila lagatar jaari raha aur divaya ne mere bhai se shadi karne ke liye majboor kiya aap mujhse shadi kar lo nahi to mar jaungi etc. atrah ki baate ki fir mere bhai ne kadkad duma court new delhi date 9-11-2012 ko shadi ki aur original papers advocate ne Dheeraj ko de diye, ye baat na hame aur na hi ladki ke ghar walo ko pata thi, ham log iss baat se anjaan thhe. Dheeraj ne mujhe baad me bataya inn dono ki ye planning thi ye dono jante thhe ki parents razi nahi honge, Dheeraj ne soch rakkha tha main Divya ko bhaga kar nahi le jaunga chahe jo ho, unhone socha tha shadi ke 3 mahine baad ye dono sanagm vihar thane jaynge aur apna apna bayan de denge aur sath me rahenge. magar aisa ho na saka Ladki Dheeraj se baat karte hue fir pakdi gayi iss baar wo darr ki vajah se wo hamre ghar aa gayi aur Dheeraj se Bolne lagi aap mujhe le chalo nahi to mere gharwale mujhe maar daalenge wo bahut ro rahi thi us waqt mere perents bhi waha par maujood thhe Dheeraj Ladki ko kahin le jane ko razi bhi ho gaya magar tabhi meri mammi ka mere paas fone aaya tera bhai ghar chorkar ja raha hai wo rahi thi fir maine Dheeraj se baat ki aur use viswas dilaya kuch nahi hoga tum kahi nahi jaoge main abhi office se ghar aa raha hu itna kehkar maine phone rakh diya ki tabhi ghar par ladki ke papa chacha aur unhi ke 3 aur Friends ladki ko ghar se le gaye aur dhamki dene lage. aur uss Raat Divya ko uske paap ne bahut mara idhar main ghar pahuncha to Maine Dheeraj ko ghabra mat kuch nahi hoga use Main ladki ke Papa se baat karta hun aur usse milta hu ladki ke pitne wali baat Dheeraj ko Divya ne hi chori se phone karke batayi aur wo ye bhi bol rahi thi ki main mar jaungi, isliye Dheeraj jyada pareshan tha.....
Next Day maine ladki ke papa ko phone kiya aur unko mujhse baat karne ke liye raazi kiya aur ham dono ne baat bhi ki, unse maine puch uncle ji iska hal kya hai, ham dono ne dono ko samjah kar dekh liya par koi fayda nahi hua, ladki ke papa ne mujhe kaha main apni ladki ki shadi agle 3-4 mahine me kar dunga, aur jo usne kiya hai uski saza main use de raha hu bas agar uske baad bhi ye dono aisa hi karte hai chahe mujhe ek khoon karna pade ya do main kar dunga 50-60 Lakh rupaye de dunga jail kaat aaunga, iss par maine unhe shantipurvak klaha kya yahi hal hai mujhe nahi lagta ki ye samadhan hua, ek kaam karo apni Ladki ko aap samjaho maar ka nahi pyar se ki wo Dheeraj ke samne mana kar de ki main Dheeraj se Pyar nahi karti bas usi din se ye sab kahatm ho jayga, main chahta nahi tha ki main ye baat usse kahu par mujhe jaanbujhlkar ye baat bolni padi taki Ladki kitna sath de rahi hai mujhe iss baat ka pata chal jaye. Ladki ke papa ko iss baat ke liye maine razi kar liya, Dvya ke perents se ghar par use bahut samjhaya, uske baat mere paas call aayi aap shukra Bazar mein milo main ladk ko lekar wahi pahunch raha hu, main bhai ko lekar pahuncha Divya se uske papa ne puch tu kya chahti Divya ne yahi kaha Main Dheeraj ke sath hi rehna chahti hu, uske itna kehte hi Divya ke papa divya ko wahi par maarne lage, wahi par Dheeraj se divya bolne lagi mujhe le chalo yahan se please mera bhai use le jane ke liye bahgne laga magar mere kehne par wo ruk gaya, maine use samjhaya kuch nahi hoga ladki ko apne ghar jane de ladki bahut ro rahi thi..
aur mera bhai aur pareshan ho raha tha, main use kisi tarah se ghar lekar aaya mera bhai mujhse baar baar keh raha Bhiya wo use maar dalenge, maine kaha nahi bhai aisa nahi hoga tention mat le par main andar hi andar ye bhi janta tha ladki ko bahut maar rahe honge. ghar par Hamare Papa ko bhi ye baat pasand nahi thi wo bhi Dheeraj ko dutkarne lage wo mera bahut purana Dost hai colony wali baat hai tujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha tujhe usse shadi nahi karni chahiye thi mere bhai ko raat ko December ki sardi me ghar se bahar nikal diya, udhar Divya ke papa use lagatar maar rahe thhe aur ab Divya bhi bol rahi thi ab to meri shadi ho chuki hai chahe mujeh maar dalo, uske papa ka mere paas phone aaya Original papers kaha hai maine kaha mujhe nahi maloom tum seedhi tarah se dete ho ya nahi, fir unhone kaha kagaz to main court se nikalwa lunga, maine kaha theek hai nikalwa lena.
Udhar Dheeraj ne apne advocate se lagatar baat kar raha tha wo keh raha tha aap 100 no par phone kijiye, Dheeraj ne wahi kiya usne 100 no par kayi baar call ki par koi jawab nahi aaya ek baar jawab aaya apko thane me aakar milna hoga.
Dheeraj Raat ko 12 naje ke aas paas thane gaya par waha par bhi Dheeraj ki koi complent nahi likhi gayi, Dheeraj haar chuka tha maine use phone kiya use kisi tarah se ghar par bulaya mujhe yaad hai us Raat Dheeraj Raat bhar rota raha aur wo baar baar keh raha tha bhiya wo log use maar daalnge, kisi tarah se raat beeti, subah fir dheeraj ke advocate ka phone aaya usne kaha ab ka 100 No par phone agar police nahi aati tab mujhe batana Dheeraj ne waisa hi kya aur iss baar subah 9 baje PCR Police aa gayi, isse pehle Ladki ke chacha aur bahut se unke Rishteddar hamre ghar par aa gaye wo Original papers maang rahe the, Police wala ladki ke paas gaya magar hame nahi pata waha kya hua?
kareeb aadhe ghante ke baad Dheeraj ko bulaya gaya ladki ke ghar mera Bhai mere paas aaya Bhiya aap bhi chalo, main Dheeraj ke sath Ladki ke ghar gaya waha dekha police puch rahi thi Divya se Tujhe Dheeraj ke saath rehna hai ya nahi Divya ka bayan tha mujhe yaad hai mere chacha keh rahe hai isliye dheeraj main mana kar rahi hun, tabhi police wale ne kaha chacha nahi keh rahe hai tum batao tum kya chahti ho Ladki ne halki si apni gardan hila di aur ham fir waha se wapas aa gaye tabhi wahan par kaha gaya ladki apne bayan likh rahi hai Dheeraj bhi apna bayan likhe maine Dheeraj se kaha apna bayan likho, wo likh ho raha tha maine ek baat ka ehsas kiya ki police wale abhi tak ladki ke ghar par hi thhe, maine apne bhai ko mana kiya bhai tu ab bayan mat likh mujhe lagta hai ye police wale bhi inse mile hue hai bayan dono ka amne samne hona chahiye tha, magar aisa kuch bhi nahi hua mujhe ajeeb sa laga maine turant apne bhai ko bayan likhne se mana kiya aur main use Sangam Vihar Thane le gaya waha hamari baat Mr. Lalit se hui unhone kaha main ladki yahi aa rahi hai aap log ruko ladki wahan par aayi aur wahan wo apne papa chacha aur unke 2 Freinds aur ek lady Divya ke sath thi, wahan par Divya ne Dheeraj ke saath jane se inkaar kar diya, fir ladki wahan se chali gayi aur wahan ek Blank papar par Divya, Divya ke papa Dheeaj pehle hi sign kar chuke thee mere dimag me ye baat aayi ki balank papers par sign kyun maine pucha bhi par kisi constabule ne kaha Lalit sir ki koi call aayi hai isliye wo ja rehe hai, wo baad me likh denge, maine bhi us papar pa sign kar diya ye mujhe ab tak ki sabse badi bhool lagi.
aur police walo ne kaha rafa dafa case ho gaya isse pehle Mr Lalit ne hamse pasie maange hamne tumhara kaam kar diya etc, kehke hame  unhe 2000/- Rupaye diye.
Police wale bhi jante thhe Ladki ne majboori me ye bayan diye hai ye baat mujhe wahi ke ek constable ne batayi, aur fir ham waha se aa gaye, mera Bhai puri tarah se toot chuka tha ab usne soch liya tha jaise wo khush rehna chahe wo rahe bas wo khush rahe. agle hi din fir Dheeraj ke Cell par Divya ka phone aaya Dheeraj ne usse pucha tumne aisa kyun kiya, Divya ne kaha Muihe Police aur mere gharwalo ne kaha tha ki agar tune Thane me Han kar di to Dheeraj ko  thane me ulta karke marenge aur baad main uske gharwalo ko bhi jail me band kar denge isliye majboori main mujhe ye bayan dena pada, Dheeraj ne iss baar Divya ki Call Record kar li thi, par wo hairan bhi tha, uska dimag fir badal gaya wo phone par bhi baar baar yahi keh rahi thi wo mujhe maar dalenge.
uske agle din se ladki walo ne colony me sabse keh diya hame original papers dilwa do colony walo ne hamse baat bhi ki par maine unko yahi kaha original papers ka wo log kya karenge jab divorce dono ko dena hoga wo de de ya main baat to ek hi hai colony walo ka kehna hai agar apne papers nahi diye kal apke saath jo bhi ho ham jimmedaar nahi honge. par advocate se hamne baat ki thi wo keh raha hai Papers mat dena nahi to wo apko ulta phasa denge, jis advocate ne Dheeraj aur Divya ki shadi karwayi thi usse Dheeraj ne Family Protection ke liye Kaha ek application bhi kadkad duma court me di. usi din Divya ka Dheeraj Ke paas phone aaya ab Divya bhi Dheeraj se Shadi ke Original papers phone par mang rahi thi Dheeraj Hairan tha ye kya ho raha hai us din Divya ke Dheeraj ke paas 3-4 baar missed call aaye uske baad Dheeraj ne call ki magar wo baar baar sirf Papers ki hi baat kar rahi thi, Divya Dhamki dene lagi ab tak to main tumhare sath thi ab main ulte bayan likh rahi hun ab tum sab logo ko main jail ke andar bhijwa dungi tum meri Property lena chahte the isliye mere sath ye sab kiya main samajh gaya tha Ladki ke gharwalo ne use behkana shuru kar diya tha baat chahe jo bhi ho par ladki ab hamare sath nahi thi, ye lagne laga tha hame, uske baad Dheeraj ne ye baat aapne advocate ko batayi usne kaha aaj ke baad tum uska phone receive nahi karoge, Us advocate ka Divya ke paas bhi Number tha Divya ne apne chacha ji ko number de diya aur shayad us advocate ne Dheeraj ki saari Baat Ladki ke chacha ko bata di ek di wahi advocate Dheeraj ko court bula raha tha dono ka samjhota karwa deta hun tum court aa jao Dheeraj ne mujhse pucha main e kaha kanoon ke mutabik ek saal tak divorce jab ho hi nahi sakta to wo samjhauta kis baat ka karega mujhe lagne laga shayad wo advocate bhi bik chuka hai agale hi din maine dusra Advocate kiya saket court se use hamne pori kahani batayi Papers dene se hamare advocate ne bhi mana kar diya tha Advocate ka kehna tha paprers dene ke baad meri koi guaranty nahi, hamne Family Protection ke liye dubara Saket Court se Application di.
usi din Divya Yadav ka koi Rishteddar Nashe ki halat me hamre ghar aaya aur Dheeraj ko Dhamkane laga teen din ke andar Papers de diyo warna tera anjam bahut bura hoga etc. iss tarah ki baat kar raha tha, main Raat ko jab ghar pahuncha tab mujhe pata chala Maine socha ye baat mujhe ladki ke chacha ko batani chahiye unko pata to chale Main Ladki ke chahcha ke ghar gaya, wahan dekha to pata chala wo Rishtedaar Unhi ke ghar par baitha hua hai wo mujhe bhi dhamkane laga Ladki ke chacha ne mujhse kaha tumhara colony me rehna mushkil kar dunga Paise chahe jitne lag jaye dahej ke case me andar karwa dunga Ladki ab wahi bolegi jo main chahunga Ladki bol rahi hai  Dheeraj ne mujhe jaan se maarne ki dhamki di thi tabhi maine Dheeraj se shadi ki etc, Par ye sab jhuth tha kya koi zabardasti shadi karwa sakta hai mera bhai aisa nahi hai, main janta hun.

So Amir khan sir koi bhi mere sath nahi hai samajh nahi aa raha kya karu paiso main bhi hamari itni aukat nahi hai ki ham kharch kar sake Ladki wala paise wale hai wo kuch bhi kar sakte hai yaha sab bikta hai Chahe wo Police Ho Ya Advocate kiska viswas karun kuch samajh me nahi aata ab Sanagam vihar thane se bhi Call aa rahi hai Dheeraj ke paas tum mujhse aakar Milo Ya apne Bhai ko bhej do pata nahi kisliye bula rahe hai, complaint hamne ki hai protection hamne mangi hai ek baar nahi balki do do baar koi bhi karyawahi nahi ho rahi, Ab to ladki ka bhi sath chhut gaya hai wo bhi ab  hame phasane par tuli hui hai Main nahi janta wo ye baat kisi ke Dawab me bol rahi hai ya khud bhala hame uski property kyon chahiye hogi?

Pata nahi sir iska anjam kya hoga ho sake to please meri help kare...

Neeraj Kumar

Shashikala Rai • 11 years ago

Dear Saytamev Jayate Team,

I would like to know Dr. Samit Sharma's contact, to connect with him on the procedure to open a generic medicine store.

Doctorsriram • 11 years ago

Its unfortunate that a person like aamir khan is talking about ethics in a noble profession.just because there are few black sheeps blaming the entire fraternity is not right.Further aamir has to understand that in the manufacture of a drug mere molecule is not alone the criteria.The coating,packing,the shelf life of the packing..the extended release formulations are all add on process.Thats why the shelf life and cost of diff brands are diff.Aamir has to ask the govt to fix a  price for the molecule and allow the govt extra cost based on the other process the drug has undergone,taking into consideration the profile of the company.The govt should put a ceiling on the price of this extra cost.Like for example it can say the price for this extra features should not be more than  rupees 4.So the price diff bet an ordinary generic molecule and one which has gone these extra process is rationalised.Its the govt (the drug control authority of India) which fixes the MRP.By this process the price of all medicines can be rationalised.Instead of doing this aamir is unnecesarily blaming the medical fraternity.Are all 100 cc bikes and 800cc cars are priced the same.Do parathas cost the same in all hotels.Does the salary of all bolly wood stars of the same fame are same.I cant understand why aamir cant think rationally.

Dr Harpreet • 11 years ago

Dear Amir, I am doctor working with govt. One thing many of the doctors have forgotten the nobality of medical profession. They blame system for being corrupt. One thing they just dont realise is that they are not dealing with machienery or construction work etc. They cant take any chance on compromising the quality of care as there is question of life and death. They cant say that everybody is corrupt so they are part of the system.

INDIAN • 11 years ago

There is only one way to resolve this bloody doctors  problem!! Just load the maczin and pull the driger. t ocher to their family until death and finish them off the revolution has begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ss700635 • 11 years ago

Even I think this to be correct , this shld be done with the doc's ..... The hospitals , doctors charge a bomb !

Ajapa Kumari • 11 years ago

I also want to be vocal about the  issue of private practice by government doctors.  It is really very disheartening to note that these governement doctors are sucking the public money in two ways.  They are getting salary out of hard earned taxpayer's money and at the same time charging a huge amount to patients during their private practice.  I am stunned at the behaviour of these doctors.  These doctors get irritated with even a single query from the coming patients as their precious time wil be killed.

Harika • 11 years ago


Thank u so much for conducting this programme it is really good

Gita • 11 years ago

I recently lost a beloved family member due to gross negligence of one doctor in a reputed hospital. While some of the doctors in the hospital were good, it was evident that many of the doctors and this particular doctor were driven by how they could increase the bill. While my family member will not come back, I feel if someone before me had done something, the doctors would have been more careful with my loved one.
What are my options?
From this episode, and reading comments, it looks like they just get away with it and no one can do anything

Dr Dipen • 11 years ago

Dear Amir, I have respected the content of the show. I am a doctor myself, and I agree with most of the matters from the episode in terms of malpractice and commissioning. However, I would sincerely like to ask about the story of the lady who passed away post transplantation surgery (where pancreatic transplant was offered along with kidney transplant). Can I know what was the reason for her kidney failure. There is a usual practice in many parts of the world (also supported by strong literature) to transplant both organs in certain conditions...

Dear Amir, had SMJ team done enough reaserch before spicing up that particular story?? I would be more than delighted to be proven wrong and telling me that she was not under the criteria for simultaneous transplant. Otherwise, u owe the Indian community an apology for providing misleading information.

Rajeev Kapoor • 10 years ago

I would too like to know more details of this case. It just does not sound right! Aamir, could you please provide all the information about this transplant case and there has to be the other side

I am a surgeon and would agree with the fact that there is lot of corruption in healthcare and many practices as practiced wrongly have become the norm and the accepted standards! I returned to India in 2010 to practice in private sector and have faced or observed ethical hurdles through out the last three years! Its a cancer in our midst with no one to take responsibility and cure it. Unlike cancer, this malady can be easily cured, if there is a will to do so!! Appropriate legislation, separate boards for each specialty, national guidelines, punitive action against the defaulters and significant changes in the curriculum of medical education are the few steps amongst many more required!

Prof. R Kapoor

KK • 11 years ago

I was surprised that some medical societies were creating an ado for this episode. Fact of the matter is - the show presented only a  few issues  and  in a very refined form . There is much more darkness prevailing in the health care system in India.
 I am a doctor from India , graduated from Bombay , with dream of higher education to achieve in USA , after getting my degree in USA,  I briefly returned to check out if I could settle back -close to where my parents are , my Desh ki Mitti and deep desire to treat people of my own land.  
I was surprised to see the state of affairs of health care system. Each and every  point he raised in the show plus so  many more were widely prevailed. --how rudely patients are  treated by doctors, they don't even talk to patients !  Agreed there are some very devoted doctors but that number honestly is too small. The profession by and large  is all too corrupted. The point to be noted is that Many doctors don't even know the kind of practice they are doing is  corrupt in many ways ,because every other doctor is doing the same and hence those aberrations have become the norm...of the society.
I was surprised that Doctors call them GOD , here in USA I have imbibed the philosophy that patient's  are GOD . They are the source of our bread & butter , trusting us to care & share their core...
 Anyways I returned back to USA , have settled in Boston ,15 yrs,   naturalized citizen , successful doctor  in worldly terms, but somewhere my heart still belongs to India..deep desire to be able to do some thing for my countries patients, people, poverty...................

K (not my real name)

Sümeyye Kübra Türk • 11 years ago

Selamun aleykum...
Malesef hintçe beya ingilizce bilmiyorum ama inşallah benim yazdıklarımı bir şekilde Trükçe ye çevirip anlayabilirsiniz. Bu program gerçekten çok gzel. Aamir çok duyarlı birisi Hindistan ın ve daha bir çok ülkenin Aamiir Khan gibi insanlara ihtiyacı var böyle insanların sayısı çok az günümüzde. Türkiye de de bu program çok izleniyor ve Aamir Khan ın çok büyük bir fan topluluğu var. Filmleri bir çok kişi tarafından izleniyor keşke Türkiye ye de gelse filmleri burda da yayınlansa bunu gerçekten istiyoruz. neyse bu program herkes için tüm insanlar için gerçekten çok yararlı ve bilgili bir program.. Aamir Khan a burdan tüm bu programda emeği geçen herkese ve özellikle Aamir Khan a bu programı izlyene türker adına teşekkür ediyorum ve Aamir Khan a başarılarının devamını diliyorum...
İnşallah mesajımı anlamışsınızdır.

Guest • 11 years ago

Pls address the issues of unqual/disparity in treatment of employees welfare across all industries, like, 5 working days in software but 6 working days in bank and others.. Why this kind of differentiation? All are same human beings and all have the same kind of physical energy limitations to deliver the work.. If software employee without any customers interaction can get tired by 5 days in a week then how can bank wmplyee deliver for 6 days with large numbers of customer issues? This is height of harassment for work..Pls do bring this to light and almost 70% population who are working for 6 working days are given justice in working hours.... 

Haidar Ali • 11 years ago

Waiting for season 2.......................................................................

Ss700635 • 11 years ago


sagar • 11 years ago

i just finished my school and want to become a doctor..By watching all this i really felt sorry for this profession,it is only working for money..beside that saw some people who are outstanding,just want to become like thems...
Thanks Aamir sir
and 2 ur whole team

Dr.Mahalekshmi • 11 years ago

hi sagar...im a doctor too...when i graduated from medical school, all i had was a candle burning to go out and help people and my candle is still burning. Yeah, sometimes, i find it hard to pay my bills, i struggle to pay my education loans and i dont go for holidays as much as other doctors. Why, because i do my job, and i live within my salary. but u know what i have, peace of mind. i sleep so well at night. i wake up with laughter and joy. i love every single patient of mine. i might not be a rich doctor, but i know im a good one. i took the hippocratic oath and will live by it. U can make a difference..if u start thinking the same..start now, make the difference, be a good doctor...simple...its an honourable profession..

Roochybhardwaj • 11 years ago

Dear Amir 
i tried earlier also . i m from ludhiana punjab i can see that there is no generic medicine store here i want to know the procedure for opening a new store that cud help the poor people in need
waiting for ur response .

my mail id roochybhardwaj@gmail.com


Ss700635 • 11 years ago

A very nice thought , indeed

Surya Vr • 11 years ago

waiting for season 2..........

Radhey Shyam • 11 years ago

A big changes in same day  by this social work 

RASHMI AGNIHOTRI • 11 years ago

 me and my family likes it very much ,it;s a reality of our society .I want work with you .

Riju Aps • 11 years ago

Birla Sun Life Froud hai.  Meri purani policy 150000/- ki thi  mai band karwa rahi thi to co.
walo ko din rat muje phone ane lage muje lalach de kar mujse 30000/- ka
Vision plan de dya bol rahe thai aap kisi ko mat bolna hum aap ko faida
dena cahte hai aap ko apna Gold customer bnana cahte hai. Maine May mai
paise de dye muje Vision plan ki policy tma de. phir bole aap ke gold
customer ke peper kuch dino bad ayege to yeh wale paper bapis kar dena. 2 month bad aap ko 150000+250000 milage, per aisa kuch nahi hua. Jin nos. se muje call aye hai mai sab note kar
lya hai TV per Show arha hai
satyamev jayate us ne logo ki ankhe koli hai please sir is aur bi dyan do Yeh co.  wale din dihade logo ko loot rahe hai. mera email ad hai (riju.aps@gmail.com) cell no. 9463985188  

Simranpandey58 • 11 years ago

It's a great show. Great job has been done by Aamir khan. I will be eagerly waiting for it's next season. Please start it soon. And i want that a topic regarding reservations in job &education should be taken up and discussed. I personally think that there should no reservationat all. Reservation and casteism has just become a means of gaining votes from people. Everyone should be put on the same platfom and judged. And with reservations the deserving candidates don't get chance. For example:-the cut off percentage to get into IIM's is above 95 percentile for general candidate and for an S.C./S.T. It's just 50 percentile. How unfair.... This government is really a corrupt one..

Swapnil579 • 11 years ago

Sir G, Gr8 work indeed....May god will help you more...!!I would be glad if i could become part of this operation to serve our nation for basic amenities  

Surbhimaheshwari18 • 11 years ago

Aamir sir has been inspiration and always my idol...
 I would be really blessed and thankful to sir...
if i could help in any manner...
i request sir and his team to also make me a part of this very "greatest" work...

sakshi • 11 years ago

Great job AMIR KHAN SIR,,,, I Really miss this show,, My sunday was not complete without this show ,,This is my 1 of the favorite show,,,pls start again soon.. "SATYMEV JAYATE"

parulagrawal • 11 years ago

Dear Sir, hum rajasthan ke BARAN city se belong karte hai humare yaha par gov. hospital me  generic medecine ki facelity  to hai but yaha vo medecine aate hi nahi hai or na hame provide hoti hai agar koi lene bhi jata hai to itna 2to3 days medecine dene me hi laga dete hai or majburi me market se purchase karni padati hai.or medecine aate bhi hai to hospital wale alag se sale karte hai.

Prasad • 11 years ago

Informative and well planned show.. Waiting for next season.

Shashank Pandey • 11 years ago

Amir khan the best host and inspiration in world

Rishabh Khare • 11 years ago

Greatest show I Have Ever Seen "SATYAMEV JAYATE".....
Cannot Wait For the Season 2 of it......

Srimant Nayak • 11 years ago

Aamir sir,,we want u to watch again with our most favorait show "SATYAMEV JAYATE"..this time we need a discussion on politics...

Chaitudeokar • 11 years ago

Aamir Khan you are great we are proud that you belongs to Maharashtra Jay HIND Sataymev Jayate!!!!!!!!!Type your comment here.

Chaitudeokar98 • 11 years ago

rtn bg

Choco aliaza • 11 years ago

i am happy that we are having such indian like Amir Khan you are greatest
and i just pray to god for you as you are doing the great work

Manishdewan • 11 years ago


Divyesh • 11 years ago