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Jim Sweet • 4 years ago

This isn't an education, it's an extended fantasy.

Bundle Up • 4 years ago

Once dependent upon central authority for organization and control, the tendency is toward more organization and control, requiring more central authority, and so on – a downward spiral known as "The Road to Serfdom".

the great kazoo • 4 years ago

Hitler liked to indoctrinate the children into his brand of socialism too.
I guess a socialist of any stripe is still a socialist...
This was a good article. Perhaps the "teachers" involved should be stripped of their credentials (?)

bmoc • 4 years ago

Yes, this is definitely science FICTION, straight from Ray Bradberry. Was this assignment from a literature class?

Rich2741 • 4 years ago

Oh please, their real name is not "Common Core", but rather "Communist Core"!

Bruce Deitrick Price • 4 years ago

I'm glad to see you make this comment. The left has been so successful with their anti-anti-communism campaign, it is considered impolite to mention the obvious. Namely, that the main beneficiaries of creating millions of ignorant and illiterate American students are our enemies, e.g., Commies.

Namely, that ever since the Communists got on their feet about 1921, they've been trying to take over the world through trickery. The best trick they pulled off was taking control of our school system.

Many of you understand this completely. But some are hearing this for the first time and thinking, what's all this? Please just think about it. There is no way that normal, intelligent people could come up with scores of totally idiotic dysfunctional methods. Those so-called methods were carefully designed by sicko psychologists NOT to work; then left-wing ideologues holding positions of power in this country injected those methods into the schools. This got going in high gear around 1931 with Look-say, and continues this minute with Common Core. It all the same BS. It pretends to be an educational method but is in fact a gimmick designed to disorient and dumb-down children.

So the best thing people can do is to defeat Whole Word in any form, Reform Math in any form, Common Core in all of its manifestations, Constructivism, anything labeled student-centered, anything concerned with so-called Competencies as opposed to real content, etc., etc.

Everything the public schools do should be considered injurious until proven otherwise.


Rich2741 • 4 years ago


Very well said. Your every sentence 100% true.

In another example, just take a look at the ACLU; originally know as the "Civil Liberties Bureau", it was founded in 1920. the founders were:
Roger Baldwin (notable Communist)
Crystal Eastman (notable founder of the "Woman's Peace Party", opposed to WW I)
William Z. Foster (notable Communist)
A. J. Muste (notable radical)
John Dewey (radical philosopher)
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (notable Communist and feminist)
Eugene V. Debs (Democrat turned notable Socialist; ran for US Presidency from prison)
Helen Keller (notable Deaf, Dumb, and Blind activist)
With more than 2,000 attorneys and nearly $200 million at its disposal, the ACLU is actually very dangerous to the tenets on which this nation of free men was founded.

Our society of origin has become warped over the passage of time. This, as you point out, has been amplified by the secret recruitment and indoctrination of our children into perverse service to self, rather than abiding the credo of humble men before God. Their plan is working because we, the older generation of the moment, slumbers deeply in a bed of laurels. We are responsible for not slaying the dragon, for not simply maintaining the gift of our founding fathers, for not recognizing that there will always be evil in men, and that we have not ascended in glorious stature now bowing to men. Oh the hubris of man, the darkness of our hearts when we reject the light to show the path.

Yes my scholarly friend, "Communism" is no longer a dirty word, along with the likes of "homosexual" and "atheist". In the end times, right shall be wrong and wrong shall be right.

Post your maxims every chance you get.

CTConservatives47 • 4 years ago

There is much ignorance in the "educational" community. Prospective teachers are often subjected to the most ideologically-laced training in schools of education
(read Rita Kramer's "Ed School Follies" for a taste of it). Moreover,
education does not draw the brightest lightest lights in the world of
"higher” education, though there are exceptions. This lesson is what we get.

The global warming fraud is exactly that--an unscientific, ideologically-based crusade for world government and control based on a completely bogus premise. The vast majority of those who promote such drivel, or parrot its mindless assertions, have no idea of the science. They don't know, for example, that the
global warming political crusade amounted to, perhaps, a third of a degree rise
in globally averaged temperatures from 1978-1997, which stopped in 1997. The rest was all climate models and hyperbolic assertions based on those flawed models.

The political crusade is
based, of course, on the highly dubious assertion that CO2 is responsible for
warming. They have attempted to
transform a beneficial trace gas, constituting barely 400 parts per million of
our atmosphere, into a harmful pollutant akin to carbon monoxide. Given the scientific illiteracy of the
general population, and many politicians, it has worked to a degree. One wonders how long globally averaged temperatures will have to stay flat, or decline if you listen to the Russian scientists now predicting a prolonged period of global cooling, for the narrative to change among the benighted.

A rise in CO2 can have only a beneficial effect on mankind by spurring crop yields and helping to feed the earth’s population.

But I think that,deep-down, the radical environmentalist’s want to choke off increased agricultural productivity in their quest for sharply reducing the earth’s
population on the grounds that we cannot sustain the numbers we have now. Never mind that population growth will, according to even U.N. mid-range estimates, level off at about 11 billion. My response to their population growth
agenda is: “you first.”

This is the nonsense that Al Gore’s pathetically unscientific crusade has wrought among the ignorant, which includes Senators “Witless Whitehouse, Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer, Richard “Blooming Idiot” Blumenthal, Chris “Airhead” Murphy and Edward “Clueless” Markey—all Democrats, naturally. They don’t call it “global warming” any longer, of course, but “climate change,” because the earth is no longer warming, even so slightly. Talk about lowering the
bar. By employing the term “climate change,” they can claim that what their opponents deny is the equivalent of weather or rain. But they all set themselves up for failure because man cannot affect the climate, any more than it can affect the earth’s orbit, or axial tilt, or solar output, or the effect of cosmic rays on cloud cover, all of which are part of the complex mechanism that actually produces climate.

Their agenda is insidious. By blaming man for “anthropogenic global warming” they can provide a rationale for government intrusion that would not be justified if natural forces were the cause. Blaming man's "carbon footprint" allows them to choke off naturally abundant sources of energy, put thousands of coal miners out ofwork, halt construction of gas pipelines, and significantly increase the price of oil and gas for home and auto. Even Obama’s own Treasury Dept. estimated the annual cost of “cap and trade” legislation at $1,742 per family in the near term. The Heritage Foundation sponsored study estimated the increased cost at $3,000, rising to $4,000 by 2032. So when you’re done paying for Obamacare—and still paying out of pocket because of the higher deductibles—you can fork over another $4,000 to heat your home and drive your automobile.

Bottom line: We cannot afford the Democrats. And “liberalism”, so-called, really is
a mental disorder.

Karen Bracken • 4 years ago

Communism coming to a school near you!!

Debbie Falls Williams • 4 years ago

As a parent of two (2) common core students in Eastern NC, I can assure you that it is detrimental to ALL STUDENTS! Forget the fact that it was designed to help children better integrate in any school that they would attend. It is a complete travesty as I find that the teachers in our school teach far less than video lectures are taken with quizzes online afterward. We're paying for 'teachers,' who may not have an education background, but are 'certified' to teach by completing a course in the local community college. Why? Our taxes are not lowered to accomodate the lower acumen of the educator. Our teachers were/are woefully underpaid, but they at the very least took the initiative to give their all to the education system and they systematically undercut BECAUSE of their education. Something smells rotten, and the government is yet again dismissing our children, they want mindless citizens. Afterall, who knows how better to take care of its citizens but our government (being devilishly wicked here)?

Barrie • 4 years ago

What happened to the posts from this morning?

Montanian • 4 years ago

Just another back door to the Obama philosophy that he knows better that us what is good for us...........besides then he can channel $billions to is supporters............

Barrie • 4 years ago

This all falls under the U.N. Agenda 21. Common Core has been put in our schools because of the money the schools get from the Government. If the schools take the money, they have to do what the Governments agenda is or the Government will take the money back. How much money does it take to teach the "3 R's" and to take responsibility for your own actions, and respect others and the law. The students are not the only people that have been indoctrinated on Common Core but the teachers have been indoctrinated in Colleges to teach this kind of "Cr-p".

markchristopher • 4 years ago

They know if they have patience, indoctrination will work. So, we have to stop it now.

longplay • 4 years ago

The Left is nothing if not devious. They knew exactly what they were doing when

MooTieFighter • 4 years ago

Indoctrinate 'em. Think of all those extra taxes you can get from them in the future, and think about how much more control you can have over their businesses. Go government!

David Stovall • 4 years ago

Global warming is not about global warming, Obamacare is not about health care. the pipeline is not about the pipeline, and the war on coal is not about coal. It is about destroying our systems and replacing them with, central planning Big Brother.. We were warned in Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Animal Farm, etc.

Morrigan • 4 years ago

Which is worse...
what we just read
or the fact that Colorado taxpayers pay for it?

sborsher • 4 years ago

Maybe that's why they just legalized MJ: to avoid thinking about global warming.

Morrigan • 4 years ago

...or much of anything else

sborsher • 4 years ago

Ignorance is bliss. Even more blissful if they win the Pot Bowl.

JC Snow • 4 years ago

Public schools pimp kids.
Get your kids out.

Sledge Hammer • 4 years ago

Separation of church and state.
Global warming is a religion based on some people's beliefs and of no scientific value.
The school system should be charged in a court of law accordingly.

surroundedbyidiots • 4 years ago

I've been saying the same thing!!!

ZZMike • 4 years ago

"majorly confused"? OK I'll assume that English has changed a bit after 500 years (assuming it's even still around).

The assignment does say "Use what you read in the passage ....", and it is labeled "Science Fiction I", but unless there's a discussion section following, it seems to lead the students into accepting that viewpoint.

The next piece, "Welcome Valley Farmers!" make no pretense about pushing the global warming agenda, in the most extreme terms.

the great kazoo • 4 years ago

The 'science fiction' verbage was intended to fly right over the heads of the small children being brain washed, while simultaneously giving the entrenched school district socialist something to hide behind in the event they were exposed.

Beautut • 4 years ago

Global warring? Are you kidding ?or are you just related to Al Gore. (Good old Al burns more electricity than 10 homes all together. ,Study your history, Global warming and cooling has been going on for thousands of years. If you feel so strong about global warming then stop putting Gas in your car and turn off all heating and electricity.

Beautut • 4 years ago

I don't Drink and have never smoked.. Colorado still sucks....Any state that approves weed is a looser....

Guest • 4 years ago

Interesting how we're told communism is our best weapon against a climate that has changed since a climate was formed and communism core is indoctrinating this pseudo-science nationally.
Conspiracy "theorist" have been pleading for decades, warning us [with hard evidence] of this very thing. Only to be ignored, marginalized, and ridiculed... "New World Order; blah, blah, blah". If we continue this pattern of willful ignorance, the individual, our liberty, and sovereignty will soon see their death.

Beautut • 4 years ago

This is what happens wen you smoke too much weed. . Get with-it, Colorado and Ban the weed...

Guest • 4 years ago

You drunk?

Beautut • 4 years ago

No, But you (I suspect) are high on something. I have Never smoked and quit drinking in the service USAF Korean War.

Guest • 4 years ago

Liar. If your b.s. claim were true, you brought a little too much N. Korea back with you. America doesn't need anymore authoritarians, Mr. Manchuria.

NHPatriot • 4 years ago

Perhaps we should be shocked, but this progressive indoctrination and "dumbing down" has been going on in our schools for decades now, and it's working. Want proof? Just look at whom we elected president--twice!!

See Noevo • 4 years ago

Common Core pushes Global Warming hysteria? I'm shocked!

gts58 • 4 years ago

The teachers unions - the NEA and AFT - pushed this common core nonsense in addition to the global warming hoax. The teachers unions should be investigated and those responsible charged with crimes and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The unions should be abolished/disbanded as all public sector unions!

Tagdogs • 4 years ago

I taught High School for several years and I could not stand the BS put forth by the NEA (National Education Association) or even the AFT (American Federation of Teachers). Their strikes were simply a means to get pay increases and better benefits and seldom ever had anything to do with improving education. If parents let their kids be taught the BS found in Common Core, you are going to have seriously brainwashed, uneducated and defiant kids as a result. It always amazed me how "educators" always pushed for more rights for students with the premise that they are so much more advanced than we were at the same age, yet they have little or no control over their classrooms, they have police and police dogs walking the hallways, they lock their classroom doors in order to avoid problems or getting involved in stopping problems, and we wonder why there are violent school shootings. Everybody wants to teach and talk about rights an individual has, but nobody wants to teach or talk about responsibilities or consequences of your actions.

momsense1 • 4 years ago

Indoctrination that is subtle has the maximum effect on young minds, and it's always made to look like something else.

wabansia • 4 years ago

As Hitler said in "Mien Kampf', "First we get the children." Then came Hitler's infamous "Youth Corps" wherein children were given awards for turning their relatives into the Gestapo if they suspected they were sheltering Jews or sympathizing with Jews. A friend of mine was a child in Hitler's "Youth Movement", and though she's very old now she's still sharp as a tack. She says that the comparison between today's society in the U. S. and Germany in the early stages of Hitler's reign are almost identical, right down to Hitler's writing a book ("Mien Kampf") prior to being elected (Mr. Obama's "Dreams of My Father wherein he identifies solely with blacks and goes on a Socialist rant). She said "Common Core" would be a 'wet dream' for Nazis.

Tagdogs • 4 years ago

And like everything else about obama, the book was full of outright lies and made up stories.

aggreen1 • 4 years ago

***More progressive left Manchurian Candidate-style brainwashing!

Robert • 4 years ago

When Obama promised change the Liberals didn't realize he was asking Michele for a fresh diaper.

Robert • 4 years ago

Not in this Country!

Robert • 4 years ago

These morons are why the US is 37th in the World standing. That's third World rating. Victims of their own teachings. Does anyone realize nothing has been developed that impacted the World, by any one educated past the 1970s' at least in this Country,Shuttle, Moon landing, Computers, Atomic power etc. all before the ignorant Elitists, aka, educated idiots. Anything of note has been developed outside the U.S. boarders.

lcuvillier • 4 years ago

Go ahead folks, let your kids stay in these institutions and continue to get indoctrinated as you watch our nation drifts further and further into the toilet, because you refuse to stand up to this crap and yank your kids out and homeschool them.

halma • 4 years ago

When are the parents going to demand the schools stop their propaganda and only teach facts-or is it too late?The government has controlled the schools too long.Probably the parents have already been brainwashed.By the time peoply wake up our country will be gone so we better prepare ourselves for the worst.With Obama the worst will probably muslim takeover.

commonman • 4 years ago

I see indoctrination is alive and well in public schools, but then hasn't it always been?

Guest • 4 years ago

I guess this is why they don't send books home anymore. They don't want mommy and daddy to find out about their hidden agenda.

Guest • 4 years ago

Rotten to the core.

Lowell • 4 years ago

Rotten to the "Common Core"