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CREDAI Kochi’s ambitious project is today its biggest pride. The CREDAI Clean City Movement, the NGO formed as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme was set up in 2007. The movement focuses on health, hygiene and safety in solid waste management. The project started with a working capital of Rs. 200 lakhs in 2007 and as of 2013 trained and ensured placement for more than 1200 women from low income groups. It is the duty of each member of the civilized society to maintain eco friendly living standards. Clean City Movement works to create awareness and knowledge in the society for implementing self contained rejection management system for maintaining hygiene.more information logon

Rashi • 9 years ago

Dear Mr Aamir if you are reading it..... I wish to join a moment of cleaning my city. I am a resident of Patiala punjab. i also wish to start a laughter club here. As i was not knowing how to contact you so i m writing here

Kuber Narayan Garg • 9 years ago

mai sochta hu jo police me interning h wo constebal se hi, hamare des me bhi hona chahiye.

Bhavika • 9 years ago

Hellow Sir
I m Bhavika sir Need ur Help sir ek Bhude Maa Baap Hai Jo Apne Bete n Bahu se Bohot Pareshaan Hai i Knw sir its a Family metter bt Mera b Unse kuch relation Nahi bt Maine b Unko Jab Rote Huwe Dekha To UnkeEk Insaniyat Ka Relation Ban Gaya sir Unki Bahu Un Becharo ko Bohot Marti Hai Unko Thand Me Bahar Sulati hai wo bechare Bohot Lachar Hai Main Bhi aek Aam Nagrik Hu Nahi Koi Socialworker ko janti hu aapka Show Dekhti Hu Aur Un Becharo Ke Liye Kuch Karna chahati Hu Sir Is Duniya Me Aise Bohot Se Maa Baap Hoge jo Aise Pareshaniyo Ka Samna Kar Rahe hoge Plzz Sir they All Need Ur help Plzz Gv Some Advice Ki Ye Bechare Maa Baap Apne hi Ghar Me Shanti n Sukun Se Kaise Rahe.. Plzz Sir Help Them

nidhi • 9 years ago

My parents are presurizing me to marry wid another guy. Bt iwant marry wid prateek. Sir pls help us so dat we my.parents accept dis relation n alow me to marry wid him. We are so tensed we need ur help sir pls.

nidhi • 9 years ago

Sir i am nidhi sakalle frm ujjain mp. I need help. My parents are also against for my decisiin. I love prateek bhandare n we want to live kufe together as husband wife. His fmly alow him bt my parents not because of our standard difference. Pls help us pls we need help.

sameer • 9 years ago

hi iam researcher in bio medical waste management.required assistance in research.want satamev team to recommend me some NGO.

akankshakukhraniya • 9 years ago

i would like to start garbage disposal program in my society......could you please guide me how to start.....you can contact me 9582362336

sara • 9 years ago

providing a doctor in the ambulance would reduce the number of deaths caused due to accidents.

Suganth Raj • 9 years ago

we want to stop the child labour .......

shubham swami • 9 years ago

Ye hai hmare tonk district ke malpura ki roads ki photo yha PR ye 1 wahan nhi ESE secro wahan yha ki roads jate hai chahe police wale inko dekh kyo n le.

Santosh Mahanty • 9 years ago

A big salute to you Amir Sir. You just go ahead.. we all are with you.. Just ignore the crap!! people who are talking non-sense. Jai Hind........

ANSAR.K • 9 years ago

proud to say that we are Indian. we arranged excellent programme to help our
country .kindly I request satyamevjayate team to arrange episode to avoid
relation marriage and please show abnormal children's effected because
of heredity problem ,chemical imbalances etc . as per my knowledge
(referred Mr.ZAKIR NAIK founder of IRF )
in ISLAM,HINDU etc Religion relation marriage restricted and allowed for only
one generation.

Kindly I Request you to
make awareness programme of above matter

SHIRISH • 9 years ago

Sir,traffic police waalo k liye bhi koi rules hone chahiye..! Kitni rishvad lete hai wo log..! Aur unko palat k jawab do to Hume hi daat te hai..! Sir, is baare me plz kuch help kare..! Plz..!

Shreya Dutta • 9 years ago

Hi amir ji...ham sattyamev jayate ki har episod dakhte hai ....u r very inspiring to me and to all indian.....u have told us about the highwayes.bt in normal roads there are so many accidents happening each and every day ....this happens only for our carelessness....

Nagabhushan Karanam • 9 years ago

Watching Sathyamevajayathe very unusual and I personally feel un-natural. Some thing which is very dis-comfort while watching, But sure it ignites your thought process on how to face the truth. It very interesting to prepare your self to face some thing unusual.

I support the concept of showing homo peoples feelings and painful process to face the world. But because of their pain I don't believe society should face the consequences on the next generation thought process by creating open society.

But Supporting Gay or Lesbian is left to the individual. for me its a desire with in but at experiential level ..........not sure. In India we living in some social obligation and boundary, in fact our law is also written based on social obligation. We should not pass some wrong message to next generation by supporting such acts. the feeling is very personal and he/she should prepare to face with facts of society. Our society is build with values and rules, yes some values are unusual but because of some 1% 99%of society should not be given free .... If some one wants to live the life of their choice yes they are free. Never expected Amir supporting such act of homo sexuality and his views during this programme

Radha Bharti • 9 years ago

apke sare episode ache h or bahot khuch sikhne ko milta h

poonam • 9 years ago

Hii Amir ji
Muje apka show bahot hi pasand he. Aaj road accident ka mudda jo apane uthaya us nazariye se hum kabhi soch bhi nahi sakte. Apko request he ki please aap ye show continue rakhe taki log aur jagrut ho sake muje ye show apna show lagta jo mere ache ke liye har bat kehta he. Aap please gau hatya ka mudda utha sakte he apko ye meri request he. Kyoki kai log apne personal fayde ke liye gau hatya karte he. Desh me kuch sudhar karna ye hamari soch tak simit reh jata he par apne ise practical tarike se kitya iske liye apka dil se dhanyvad karti hu Satymev jayate munkin he.

Akshay Chakor • 9 years ago

Road Accidents or Murders? Its truely murders...we people of world biggest democracy cant form a law which enforce strict traffic rule and regulations...often rules are only made but never followed...Ethical thinking to help person who is suffering of incident injuries as our moral duty instead of neglecting it...common people,administration,trading faculties,police should together change this unpredicted murders....Just wanna share one incident with all...i was driving my car in city area fully crowded place near highway junction at speed 10-20km per sec.one old man avg age 50+ was driving bicycle fully drunk..he passed my car n in zag-zig way driving cycle from one side to another..unfortunately he strike to my car from end back side of car just 1 inch back side left..and felt downside..there is no rule is think so for cyclist in motor vehicle Act 1988.the old man was fortunate that no speedy car from left or back side was coming n unfortunately if he might not strike my car he might strike to heavy loaded truck on highway definately because i was not driving mentally but phyically..fully drukun in his own world..:-( i didnt wait there n passed out of there rapidly..later was feeling guilty but it was non of my mistake..

nutan • 9 years ago

Hello sir, very pleased to see todays episode on road safety. specially the tape shown at the end of the show on road accidents in bangalore.
bangalore police had taken an initiative to show the same tape in the cinema hall just a minute before the movie start. this did create a lot of impact on the public in the cinema hall. as all group of people do come to watch a movie in cinema hall, it would be fastest and the most effective way to show awareness of road safety.
Request to take this small suggestion forward.

Satyamev Jayate

Debomalyo Biswas • 9 years ago

I appreciate your efforts to make India a better place and would like to congratulate you too as the spark that you are igniting in all of us is working like a wave and I am hopeful that the problems will get solved and we will have a brighter future. You are like our new age Gandhiji fighting for a better India.
I would also like to be part of this mission in my small way. on today's topic of road accidents, rules and regulations, traffic sense and etiquette, I would say this is a very vast field of discussion and concern, from a pedestrian to our government, each and everyone's contribution is required to bring the change.
Today we have better and faster cars in our country but roads do not support the capability of those magnificent machines. I myself love to drive and till date have have driven more than 2.5lakh km. in 17 yrs of driving experience and in that I have met with 3 accidents, out of which 2 of them on the traffic signal when the light was red and I am standing on the signal, have been hit from behind by the infamous red line buses of Delhi, while they were trying to jump the signal. Thankfully my seat belt saved me from any major injury. My personal experience of the Indian roads are intact good. I have driven on the highways since 1999 and the road design have improved a lot, have driven from Delhi to Kolkata and back not just once, but twice, the second time was this year where I drove drop Delhi to Kolkata in 22 hrs straight non stop, and that's because the roads have become better and safer. But ofcourse the scope for improvement is a lot.

We already have technology in parts and parcel which if combined can make driving more safe and enjoyable.

Tech 1. Biometrics... We are spending millions on aadhar card as one more proof of identity. We have separate voter card, pan cards, licence etc. My suggestion is to combine all such identify proofs as one single card with Biometrics and many other technology combined, which I would be explaining as we move on, with one window system where it can be made with full efficiency.
Tech 2. Vehicle features.... Ignition system. All vehicle these days have electronic ignition system with computer chip controlling it. There are luxury cars with key less ignition etc. My suggestion is to retrofit all vehicles with a card slot attached to the motherboard of the car's computer, adding to that a recorded (something like a black box of a plane). The slot is where the driver will insert the card (license). Which will then get recognized by the car computer, which further can be combined by a finger print recognition system on the steering /handles will match to the driver to run the car. Further this combination of technology can be used to do the following things:
1) control car theft as the car will be programmed for the owner and family members of the owner and driver etc. This same information can be relayed to the car company from where it is purchased as well as in the RTO. Therefore anyone else driving the vehicle will be suspicious.
2) traffic management. The card as well as the vehicle's computer as a combination will able to give the GSP location of the vehicle in relative. This can be monitored by the traffic depth to control the traffic movement 24x7. Already Google map has it in few cities in some forms. Navigation system can take help from these data's to suggest routes accordingly. It would able to monitor vehicle speed, traffic congestion, road accidents, monitor routes for emergency vehicle etc.
3) the vehicle condition can be monitored by the car company from the black box which can intimate the owners for timely servicing of the vehicle. For all commercial vehicles this info should also go to the department responsible for the health of the vehicle.
4) the style of driving can be monitored from the way the driver drives through all these technology and any wrong doing can be easily picked up and be penalised accordingly.

Tech 3. Bhagidari.... RWA Panchayats..... All such small units of our society to take their step forward to teach and monitor driving skill and talent and help RTO issue these fresh driving licence. Such organization should help in educating people the right etiquette for road safety, so be it walking, crossing the street, cycling, riding, driving, or anything else to do with road. Also initiatives should be taken for better road design at both micro and macro level.

I hope all these ideas makes sense to you. This thing has been playing in my head for a very long time and still it's a very sketchy idea. I need the right kind of people to implement this idea. Professionally I am am Architect and my name is Debomalyo Biswas my ph no is 9899059665. There are many more things that I have to say, which I may have missed in this post. Hope to talk to you soon on this topic personally

Sir I want to tell action movies or stunt scenes in the movie influences the teenagers ,movies can also be made on safety in which the consequences can be shown and the making of action movies can be shown with it.it will definitely going to motivate youngsters that all those scenes shown in movies r not real.

kamlesh thakkar • 9 years ago

this is to say that,in your road accident episode, that BMW driver after making the accident, how driver gets free from police?
we also came to know that, the new law came with high penalty by cash, this will increase the curruption for not making the police / accident case.

Mohd Ather • 9 years ago

Aamir Sir,

Please aap india me hone wale riots per bhi episode banaye.taaki indian citizens me ek badlav aa sake,,,ke hum ek country ke log hai aur hame mil jhul kar rehna hai...

indian • 9 years ago

ordinary people are not trained in accident victim handling---they are also afraid of legal hassles---every ordinary person is deeply burried in his own problems hassles of survival in this country he doesnt want to add to them -----so it is upto the people to help or ignore----you cannot file criminal case for not helping------so some people will help others will not ----you cannot depend on or force them to help ---------permanent solution is to develop a system which is capable to help victims & save his life

1 develop traffic laws which will drive fear deep into heart of law breakers ( overloading speeding etc)

2 reduce corruption in RTO & traffic police
3 force hospitals to treat accident victim immediately or take strict action against doctors

4 give wide publicity to emergency nos & urge people to make a call
5 declare cash incentives or issue a good citizen certificate to whoever helps
6 people elect a govt & govt controls various agencies, departments where people are paid to perform duties so it is primary function of govt to ensure such a system which will rescue & save accident people------people will do their bit or not ( u can keep on requesting ,sensitizing them thru advt ,documentaries talk shows etc) but at the end of day it should be left to them to help or not
7 deploying helicopters to lift vehicle straight off the road to carry vehicle near to hospitals
8 develop law system which encourages & rewards helping a accident victim
last but not least the only reason accidents happen is the reckless speed
9 most of the accidents happen at the time of overtaking ,at intersections ,taking turns ,braking ,so people should be lessoned on how to use proper signalling & controlling vehicle at overtaing turning etc

last but not least reckless speed is the main killer rest of the issues are secondary

(for example if somebody is driving without licence but driving at controlled spedd he is less likely to get into an accident)

in all accidents both vehicle or atleast one is driven at deadly speed ----a cyclist or person who is walking is always hit by a vehicle driven at high speed

pawan sharma • 9 years ago

Amir i face some problems here .......! it is not solved Amir....!

Ajay Panghal • 9 years ago

In New Zealand you can't drive a vehicle without passing a Warrant of fitness or certificate of Fitness for it which is contducted by a registered autoshop from the government. This tests the vehicle's road worthiness whether it is drivable on the road or not?

Ajay Panghal • 9 years ago

And this is done every 6 months or 12 months

Sanjeev Kumar • 9 years ago

After watching the show and found that most of the accidents can be prevented. I suggest following steps to get a licence from RTO:

1. Person go to RTO and do the initial formalities.

2. Before getting the licence the person should go through a free training by RTO. This training should be of minimum 3-4 weeks and 1-2 hours each week. Upon completion of the training, only candidate who had good attendance in it should be able to take the exam.

3. In the training people will engage with RTO to learn everything needed to drive safely on Indian roads.

3. People who pass the exam can only go for driving test.

4. People who pass the driving test will get the licence.

This training helps in many ways:

1. Help people to understand more about road safety. With this training people can also clear their doubts about the rules and driving symbols.

2. Remove corruption made by middle brokers.

3. Will invite more people to go through RTO route rather than brokers' route.


Umesh Raghuvanshi • 9 years ago

Hi Aamir , I am a great fan of this show and would like to thank you for motivating the people around, educating and making them aware with such important and sensitive social issues.

Now Coming to the current Road Accident Episode; I have some something to highlight here; We all now that the dedicated permitable time span for Commercial Trucks to commute anywhere across the country on is ( 9.00 pm to 9.00 am). But We all must have observed that the even after setting this law; Nobody follow this so promptly. Even most of the Trucks passes multiples Police Chokies, Check Nakka, Traffic Signals in a day Time after 9.00 am.

Even after having this strong law, Is Police actually trying to stop this ?? becuase no truck can bypass the highways and chokies without been unseen by them ?

Chirag Varshney • 9 years ago

Aamir sir, I want to raises an issue of jugad car which travel more in U.P . Jugad car which have no registration , no fitness registration and overloaded.
Why U.P government and Indian government pass a bill these vehicles. Why we r suffering with the losses of our family members??? What should be the solution for this??

Shrishti Gupta • 9 years ago

Hi Aamir,
Your show is really very very inspiring and an eye opener. Thank you and 'Satyamev Jayate' team for all your efforts to bring change in our country. There are many mistakes we come to realize after watching this show which we commit and we are unaware of it. And also we get the awareness of how to stop committing those mistakes again.

"I want to request all the citizens of all age group of my country to please don't miss any episode of "Satyamev Jayate". Please try to watch it on internet if anyone has missed it."

"I want to request you that 'Satyamev Jayate' must come on RADIO also at the same timing when it comes on television so that all those who are traveling or unable to watch the show on television can at least listen to it."

"I also want to request you to show the repeat of 'Sataymev Jayate's' all episodes of all seasons again n again, almost every day at or at least at weekends at different timings like all other daily soap serials so that each and every citizen of all age group who by one or the other reason missed any episode of this show will be able to watch it easily as it is not possible for everyone to access internet to watch this show if they have missed it."

I also wanted to share an incident which took place nearly two months before, in the lane near my society.
A water tanker killed a child of nearly 6 or 7 yrs. After which government had build speed breaker so that the tanker driver will be forced to limit his speed.
My concern is the speed breakers were not built in a proper manner and after the rainy season they are almost damaged, also they had built the speed breaker only at the accident spot and the other accident prone places of the lane where also speed breaker was needed were ignored. I want to request government that if any such road construction is done then please take care that its constructed in a proper manner and can last for longer period of time.

I promise that "I will try to be the change I want to see in the world" :)
Thank You.
Jai Hind.

sunil • 9 years ago

Dear Aamir,
Thanks for creating awareness among citizens, government officials. Need to share my brothers haunting experience:
In April,2003, My brother was driving his bike from Chandigarh to Mohali around 10 pm. Road was almost empty. A doctor professional drugged and drunk, driving his car came on the wrong side, rammed him. He got stuck in front side of the car. Doctor knew it, still doctor carried on my brother stuck under his car. He dragged him for 400-500 meters, in thought of overrun him and run away. My brother got multiple injuries in head, left elbow, ribs, pelvic came out, started bleeding profoundly immediately. Also, due to gragging, his right leg nerves were damaged.
Doctor was there when police came. Police took money from doctor, asked him to run. Someone called me as my number was saved as brother after half an hour. Someone told that police was working on doctor escape from public rather than picking him and taking him to hospital. When he arrived at hospital, I reached by that time. He was alone with Ambulance officials. It was inhumane that no one came from the accident site.
Hospital declared brother's case as critical, and referred to PGI. Ambulance took him to another hospital. I requested doctor who was co-incidently his school mate, to accompany to PGI rather than any other doctor. While on the way, doctor declared him dead as there was no pulse due to severe blood in the lungs and suffocation.
I asked to the doctor whether something can be done in this situation. He said,"NO'. I again requested, "I know he is no more but you can try on him whatever possible". He asked me to pump on my brother's chest. I started doing it, but I couldn't do it due to emotional weak to press brother's chest harshly. I requested the doctor to press even in inhumane way as he has been declared dead. Doctor started pressing him like hitting any animal. My brother threw stream of blood almost 2 litres in one of the pump. after few pumps, brother started breathing.
When we reached PGI, he was in come for 8 days. It was 8 days of God's exam.,and our severe restless state.
When brother recovered from coma, he took 2-3 months severe treatment and care, complete family involvement. Then, mother and wife (pregnant) took care of him for 2-3 years to bring him to the state where he started speaking, crawling and walking along the wall in the house. ........... a lot of adversities uptill now as he is not normal ... mentaly irritated, not proper fuctional (say, dependant on others)...... Son is not getting good care of due to financial crisis.
Doctor is enjoying his life with drugs, drinks with some money bribed to police. Who is sufferer ???????

Nishant • 9 years ago

Aamir Sir,
I am Nishant Kumar a student of class 11th and I want to suggest somthing:
The road accidents can be avoided by some basic actions which can be taken and are not concerned on are:

1) We need excellent young engineers to be employed for the good designs from the IITs.
2) We should check out the each vehicle in particular period of time ( i.e. 1 month,6 month,1 year etc. ) by giving them a proper legal government notice and like taxes the strict actions should be taken if someone is not getting the vehicle.
3) We should introduce a bar code card as the licence and their readers on every toll booths so that no one can pass without proper legal licence.
4) As shown on the live program their should be an ambulance and first aid facilities on each traffic light so that the people can live their life
5) The liquor shops should not be a part of highways .
6) The police should check each and every vehicle for the illegal liquors and other addiction material.
7) Each and every vehicle should checked out for the safety driving before launching in the market and also before driving them on the road.
8) If possible , like foreign countries, there must be the speed observing machine on every traffic light.
9) More and more safe footpaths and foot flyovers should be established in the country for the sake of safe crossing and walking.
10) As indicated in the show there should be a law that if a person is helping someone on the road then he can claim for his money and should not be disturbed regularly.

Thank you very much for noticing my suggestions hope You will definitely take a look on them.

Thanks to Aamir Sir for introducing this beautiful show.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Madhur Tandon • 9 years ago

Well what happens is all related with our ministers, governing authority and people associated with it.
Like if we take today's episode eg. first of all roads are not properly made, the designing, construction, use of unrated material for construction, etc.

2ly people do not think about their responsibilities regarding their own safety while driving.

3ly the RTO people just want to make money neglecting their role & duties.

4ly the police person who are involved or are inducted mostly had come out by giving bribe to their seniors(part of which goes to ministers) or ministers. So they also take bribe(to cover the bribe which they had given for their inductance) from the defaulters rather then punishing them or fining them and just leave them without imposing any charge.

5ly this is very true that people are not helping the victims of road accident as police sometimes suspect the volunteers, asks so many questions and lots of bla bla.

So such things should be stopped and change must be bring to ourselves, governing or ruling bodies and their acts and rules. Also our system and it's working has to be changed.

Then only we can be safe & secure not only on roads but everywhere.

Poorva Lokre • 9 years ago

Hello Amir road safety is a major issue for today's generation because in small cities there is no rules and regulation for citizen and in the age of 13 14 15 children started riding bikes scooty and car these children not having licences even truly speaking i also do not have licence but still i am using scooty i know its wrong and my parents are totally my against so i use to go at school by cycle its necessary for all new generation to learn how to ride but after the age of 16 or 18 . I belong to small town vidisha m.p here each and every child come at school by bike or scooty even they feel ashamed to use cycle but according to cycling best therapy so everyone should be spend there only one hour for cycling instead of using bike or scooty and get peace in a day. If we are not follow the so police cannot do any thing but when i if i got opportunity to stand on any square or highway where i earned lots of money from these driver and riders you know so many people crack the traffic rules if police do strict checking they can earn lots of money from people in a day by these money our country become a developed country like USA

deepak bhojwani • 9 years ago

My father was sitting on his scooter near his shop
Two bulls fighting to each other just collide with scooter.
my father admitted in hosp in no sence for almost 15 days so dont u think aamir sir in this case the real reason was cattle on the road

Somya Gupta • 9 years ago

Sir its a request to you to please request the authorities to give the road making contracts to proper engineers and cctv camera should be on every signal, working street lights should be on every road.

Sagar Dalvi • 9 years ago

Plz educate the people about CPR and emergency act.....
We can change it .......may be possible.
Mumkin hai
Jay hind

Rathiraj • 9 years ago

Stray animals and wrong-side driving on highways are most dangerous for high speed traffic. This is more prevalent in UP and Bihar.

Komal Segal • 9 years ago

Hello sir,
I put up in Bangalore near Marathalli road..as i pass by tht stretch i see people(pedestrians) crossing the road without caring for their lives n their family..in nght its too difficult n scary for us to drive as the street lights doesn't work..i wud wnt the government to construct 1 or 2 walkover bridge to prevent accidents..its a busy road as thr are corporate offices all around..
Secondly thr are no organised bus stop so the bus drivers jst tke a halt anywhr on d road..i see people getting down frm the buses on the middle of the road as if life means nothing to them :(

Dheeraj • 9 years ago

Hi everyone. We all love posting snpas on Whatsapp.
095 40 824494 This is the number for whatsapp to report the overloaded trucks..

Somya Gupta • 9 years ago

Aamir sir, people who kill someone's family, someone's son, daughter... by violating safety measures which is equal to murder and there family is left back alone, is it not there moral responsibility to take care of there family, because there is than no one left for them. If they have taken the life of the backbone of a family, there should be a provision not to only give some money but to take there responsibility and take care of them whenever they need them.
Kumkum Gupta

Rajshri Singh • 9 years ago

Amirji, community policing is the best way to involve more n more people for this holy mission .

Surabhi Vikram • 9 years ago

Suggestion :
Just like Mr.Bora helps in Lucknow by keeping a check on it's roads , why not spread this good idea on a larger scale throughout the country and get started with accident management teams set up at every 10 km distance and cameras hung up to monitor all roads even the highways...as after accidents help needed is of vital importance...and each one of us will be benefitted if god forbid we get hit by any vehicle, anywhere !
Also, those who have done the accident their license should be cancelled or suspended based on the amount of injury or harm caused to the victim...and imprisonment for 6 months must be imposed with fine...
Then only the roads will be safer to walk and travel for all of us !

*After learning any vehicle, the driving test should be such that it certifies an individual to be a rule obeying and a safe driver !

Ramesh Kumar R • 9 years ago

Over loading of trucks can be controlled by having weighing bridges before toll booth and trucks complying to norms only may be a allowed to pass the toll booth and overload trucks should unload the extra load and only then pass the toll booths, the extra load can be moved thro additional trucks. This will deterrent truck owners to overload.

Steel Rods sold in city limits should be less than 15 ft as only LCV's are allowed in city limits, and more than 15ft length Steel Rods can be sold outside city limits where longer trucks can be engaged.

I am owning 3 trucks on contract to Indian Oil Corporation Ltd transporting LP Gas Cylinders. our trucks are loaded only upto G.V.W as per RC, our driver has to have a valid driving license with training certificate for Hazardous Goods Transport Driver renewed every year, wear uniforms, shoe, our trucks should be less than 10 yrs old, road tax paid, FC done. If this can be followed in IOC i am sure it can be done in all companies engaging trucks.

Chitra • 9 years ago

All these are possible when the government is held accountable. Individuals will take advantage when rules are liberal and corruption over rule the law. We need organisation to protect common citizens harassment from law enforcing agencies to become law abiding citizens.

Rajshri Singh • 9 years ago

Hello Amirji, presently I am DIG,crime. In 2009 I was holding the charge of AIG traffic. I involved people from all walks of life n senior citizens also . I constituted a Road Safety Organization , having app. 4500 people working voluntarily . They even paid their membership fee. I was the first one . Being a founder president of this organization . I still keep in touch with these members n we publish a magazine -Sarak suraksha from time to time . I gave a slogan - khoon ki jaroorat desh ko hai , sarak ko nahin . We took distt. Karnal as a pilot project then I involved whole haryana . Our The than DGP She. Ranjeet Dalal n the than Addl. DG sh. V N Rai sir helped me a lot . We could be able to save so manny lives on highways by making people aware for Road safety. I am glad that I have done something good for the society.

Rathiraj • 9 years ago

In that case also try the following:-
1. Take steps to eradicate practice of taking bribes by traffic policemen for turning a blind eye.
2. Ensure strict actions against the defaulters irrespective of their "status".
3. On the spot penalty.
4. Try overhaul the system and educate policemen.
There are many more, the above are just starters. Hope you succeed, God speed.

Rathiraj • 9 years ago

Its tragic that traffic policemen in every city and metro openly take bribes.....shameless creatures and their superiors are traitors to our country.