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VagrantHige • 9 years ago

There is only one restroom in the park. It is at the end of the hedge maze. Also, don't ride the coaster. I created it one notch too fast so it is about to destroy those innocent people on the walkway below as it goes flying off the track into the sky.

No refunds.

mustbepbs • 9 years ago

Oh the classic death coaster.

Never gets old.

Espilonarge • 9 years ago

Face it, everyone would do this just for the lols! :P

shlevai • 9 years ago

The joy of this game; was setting high salt content on the fries; and an above average caffeine in the sodas. Bathrooms? That'll cost ya, bub.

Result? Everyone drinking more often, which increases their speed and going around the park faster; using the bathrooms more often, and voila, almost no lines and quick turn around.

...and sometimes small riots at the bathroom stalls.

SeaOfInsanity • 9 years ago

Sounds like piss poor management to me.
*Ba dum tiss*

shlevai • 9 years ago

You win, sir. =]

The Tingler • 9 years ago

They were clever, those Bullfrog guys.

mustbepbs • 9 years ago

Right in the childhood.

arkane9 • 9 years ago

I remember wanting to like this game. Loved the everloving crap out of Rollercoaster Tycoon though. And Theme Hospital kicks ass.

Taerdin • 9 years ago

I love this game.

It amused me to no end once I realised you could rig the games... yknow, like a real theme park! :D

Awesome game but l always preferred Theme Hospital.

Mew • 9 years ago

"I was shocked by the revelation of its original release date of 1994. Was Bullfrog's seminal management sim really that old?"

Considering the PS1 port is in the longbox, yes. (Thats how i remember some games.) This game was great, I wonder how Peter Molyneux would make it today....actually no I don't, it's perfect the way it is.

VagrantHige • 9 years ago

The game could only be worse if it was remade today. Think of all the new rides and mascots they could sell to us after the fact.

totaro • 9 years ago

This already happened:

Karishma Roy • 9 years ago

That's pretty fucking sad: you try to make a joke and it turns out it happened for real

Rabite • 9 years ago

Wait... people forgot EA did that already? No wonder the industry gets away with so much shit, we have the memory of goldfish.

Karishma Roy • 9 years ago

I didn't forgot I just missed it back then. But you're right we're collectively very goldfish-like.

R. Hoffmann • 9 years ago

Urgh. Didn't like Theme Park World / 2 already and today it would be super horrible with microtransactions and dlc crap.

AugustAPC • 9 years ago

I played the shit out of this as a kid. I still play it today, on my DS!

Espilonarge • 9 years ago

Got it for DS as well, still very faithful to the original DOS/Amiga releases (unlike how EA tried to milk it on iOS). :D

EmoryM • 9 years ago

I already bought this in the 90's - they're trying to sell me the same game twice? Bah!

FlamingFirewire • 9 years ago

Well, at least it's a hell of a lot cheaper now :)

Guest • 9 years ago

Dammit, my images appeared in backwards order.

Benny Disco • 9 years ago

There was a game called "Theme Hospital?!"

I'd want to make a hospital with a "village people" theme


"It's time for your checkup!"

The Tingler • 9 years ago

Theme Hospital was utterly awesome, and I'd still recommend it now. And it's available on PSN.

AboveUp • 9 years ago

Nurse required in pharmacy!

Doctor, attending psychiatry please!

Taerdin • 9 years ago

I wish this is what they meant by 'theme' hospital :D

R. Hoffmann • 9 years ago

Theme Park was an awesome game. Had at least 200 hours of fun with it on the Amiga, SNES, Playstation and the Sega Saturn

Bullett00th • 9 years ago

awww yiss...
Theme Park

Hangman669 • 9 years ago

I used to play the ever lovin', blue-eyed crap outta this on my Genesis!

Josh Derocher • 9 years ago

I want to buy this and play it a lot. I played the shit out of Theme Park on my Amiga.

mgbenz • 9 years ago

OMG Bullfrog.....and Westwood.....DAMN YOU EA!!!!

Ravelle • 9 years ago

I still hope someone brings new life in to the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, RC3 was a nice try but it didn't have the same feeling to it, even riding your own roller coasters didn't make up for it.

GrimmTrixX • 9 years ago

man i used to play the hell out of this game

Pixelicious • 9 years ago

Love this game, used to come home from grade school, every crappy day and just get lost in it. I can already hear the sounds of vomiting and "ew!" as people walk past it lol

Themuad • 9 years ago

The way bullfrog did graphics really made them stand the test of time.

Both theme hospital and theme park look awesome. Even Dungeon keeper still looks good

Cahone • 9 years ago

One of my fav games.

vincentdante • 9 years ago

Woah another one of my childhood games is on gog.

Curse you christmas shopping and wiping me out.

FFP2 • 9 years ago

Aww man this brings me back to the good ol' days.

Occams • 9 years ago

I'd like to make a theme park.


Benny Disco • 9 years ago

Is that from Gummo?

Bacon on the walls:


Occams • 9 years ago

Gummo was such a bad movie.

Benny Disco • 9 years ago

i honestly couldn't finish it. Made me feel icky inside.

Occams • 9 years ago

It was pointless.