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Matthew Toohey MD • 9 years ago

This author is spot on in addressing a real problem: these mercola-type internet sites are very harmful. They have the right to free speech but we must combat what is clearly destructive and unsubstantiated 'health' information. These sites have found a niche and strike a nerve for a lot of people who have come to the realization that western medicine doesn't always have a cure for what ails them.

These sites play off this reality and work to trump up a sense of conspiracy which we as humans seem to have a weakness for.

Some people are distrustful of major 'government' websites like CDC.

On my site, I am honest about each vaccine's effectiveness and potential side effects. I also explain why I support their use, one at a time:


I hope it helps.

May Wright • 9 years ago

Along the same lines: what would be handy for people who want to try to refute anti-vaccine memes on social media (FB, Twitter, blogs) is a resource page which features some of the most popular "arguments" against vaccines, all in one place, and then has links to science-based refutations on various sites. So, for instance, it would have the meme I saw doing the rounds of Facebook this morning, that "Gardasil has killed and injured more women than the disease it's meant to protect!!11!!", or the one about "I'm not injecting aborted fetuses into my baby, #ProLife SAY NO TO VACCINES!!" and then a few links to credible sources of information which provide the relevant facts?

Maybe such a page or site already exists, if so I'd love a link to it.

Abbie Vis Ruisch • 9 years ago

On facebook, I follow these pages: Vaccinate Your Baby, Your Baby's Best Shot, Voices for Vaccines, and Chillin' Out Vaxin' Relaxin' All Cool...all have great info and really help me as a family doc to refute those meme's when they confront me in the exam room.

May Wright • 9 years ago

Thank you for that, I will certainly look those pages up! Another one someone pointed me to was "Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes", which has some cute "sharable" infographics to counter the popular anti-vax memes that seem to zoom their way across social media. There is a website and a Facebook page:


Again, I really appreciate any help I can get!

May Wright • 9 years ago

For instance, this is a good one to counter the "I'm not injecting aborted fetuses into my baby!!" one:

Guest • 9 years ago

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MissMeg • 9 years ago

Here are two good, government-operated sites which vaccine investigators won't want to miss.

The first is a CDC site that lists vaccine ingredients:

The second is the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program:

May Wright • 9 years ago

I'm not sure what your point is.