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Stefano S. • 11 years ago

Best quote in the debate: "There isn’t any evidence that natural selection can do anything", DERP

SmilodonsRetreat • 11 years ago

Andy, seriously. You're going to cause Joe to meltdown. Joe's meltdowns are scheduled for Fridays, not Tuesdays. But it's OK, you haven't been dealing with him (and the same arguments) for almost 5 years.

I predict at least three nasty posts on Joe's little blog about you. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

Guest • 11 years ago
John Grove • 11 years ago

Have you seen his informative blog against me when I was showing him the evidences of natural selection? I also documented his 33+ posts that Amazon removed because he violated policy. Here was his review:


Guest • 11 years ago
John Grove • 11 years ago

Looking at his review titles against you he writes:

1. Andreas Schueler Chokes Again- When "Groups Under Groups" Are NOT "Groups Within Groups"
2. Andreas DipShit Schueler- Sez I am Wrong, Then Agrees with Me, Then Sez I am Wrong While Still Agreeing with Me
3. Andreas Schueler, Lying Piece of Shit
4. Andy Schueler, Schooled on Nested Hierarchies

Doesn't sound to me that he has anything that even resembles an argument. He is just loaded with ad hominems from start to finish.


John Grove • 11 years ago

Joe said on Amazon:
"Nick matzke did not present an evolutionary model for the flagellum- you are mistaken"

So I showed him, "Evolution in (Brownian) space: a model for the origin of the bacterial flagellum"

I further showed him:

Examples of beneficial mutations

See also 29+ evidence for macroevolution:

In Dover vs Kitzmiller, Joe said about Judge Jones, "Judge Jones heard what he wanted", not realizing that he was a conservative Christian judge appointed by president Bush who just happened to see so much evidence against the intelligent design crowd that even he accused
them all of lying and said that is unconstitutional to teach ID as an alternative to evolution in a public school science classroom. He went on to say "The breathtaking inanity of the Board's decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully
revealed through this trial."

Joe told me that gene duplications don't exist. I then showed him:

"Origins and evolution of the recA/RAD51 gene family: evidence for ancient gene duplication and endosymbiotic gene transfer."

"The birth of new genes by RNA- and DNA-mediated duplication during mammalian evolution."

"Further examples of evolution by gene duplication revealed through DNA sequence comparisons." (Actually several examples):

"Molecular evidence that the H-2D and H-2L genes arose by duplication."

"The evolution of trichromatic color vision by opsin gene duplication in New World and Old World primates."

Jonathan MS Pearce • 11 years ago

I simply cannot believe how juvenile this 'man' is. ave you seen his blog comments? I know 10 year-old children more mature than this. It's playground stuff. Puerile.