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Andrei Nevs • 21 minutes ago

Question for Mythi: "If I, as a volunteer, change my place of residence, I need to provide new coordinates again?"

Maksud • 7 hours ago

Hello friends! The day before yesterday, I noticed a strange bright glow in the night sky and filmed it with a camera. I was almost sure that it was a UFO, since it flew inappropriately for airplanes and satellites. She then slowed down, then accelerated. Thank you Urosh, for stabilizing and processing the video clip, after that I’m sure that this is an alien ship. I am very happy about it. The brothers in mind flew away forgetting to take me.) Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Nikhil • 6 hours ago

My friend they always near us with switch-Off light mode, we can only see them when they want us to see them. When you look in the sky with purity and willingness of your hearts then they switch-On their light. :-)

Jeffery Rowley • 11 hours ago

Here is a link to the Resignation Anon extensive list of resignations. https://docs.google.com/spr... . There are links inside of the first document to lead you to the whole list. Also remember not everyone is a criminal. There is also another list of those who have indictments pending. The format is Excel/Google spreadsheet and there are multiple tabs on the bottom of the screen breaking it down several different ways. When using the links to other documents hover over the link and click on the popup link.

Nikhil • 7 hours ago

Thank you jeff, I also want to add other link https://qmap.pub/resignations so that people can check ba$tards of their country because in this link sorting option is easy. :-)

TaniaN • 18 hours ago

Video 78: -"..The overpopulation of the planet Earth was caused by an error in the administration of your elites. There was no intelligence or consensus when, during the industrial era, they required consumers to obtain economic volume. Today, with automation and mass production of goods, large underserved populations that have multiplied out of control are not consumer of goods, only consume resources and generate pollution and destruction of nature.." https://youtu.be/JWjMiwAbGgA

urosh • 18 hours ago

Insane, such an amount of people in one place. Nothing good can come from it. All this mega cities are condemned to disappear as I see it.

TaniaN • 18 hours ago

Video 159 Question: You said that people on Mars are using technologies that are 60 years ahead of earth, can you tell in more detail which ones for example ? Answer: These are many details. For example, batteries that last for many years without recharge, digital & quantum hybrid computers and mobile phones, locomotion vehicles with anti-gravity, transmission of electric energy through the air between binary transmitters, energy cutting and drilling equipment, medical centers of regeneration, cloning of already acclimatized animals, including plants, birds and fish. This is just a commentary on hundreds of invents developed here on Earth and suppressed from its implantation here. https://youtu.be/fVF4T0OXHkU

Jeffery Rowley • 4 hours ago

Too bad - we (the peons) could be waaay far more advanced by this point. Imagine the remaining population has to leap from Rockets to anti-gravity. That is quite a leap.

JAMES • 21 hours ago

Id rather know 1 little thing about every little thing than know every little thing about one.

Angelo • 8 hours ago

That makes you a jornalist

JAMES • 8 hours ago

If have to know your view of a journalist to know how to properly process that.

Angelo • 7 hours ago

It's just a saying here in Brasil: a journalist is one who knows a bit about everything; and no specialization on anything. Not actually a pejorative characteristic.

jbharco • 7 hours ago

Like here we say "Jack of all trades, Master of none". Cheers Angelo!!!

Bhauli Martine SHell • 18 hours ago

Dear, James, when you know one "little thing" as yourself - you will know every "little things" as human beings... and much more. Love&Peace

JAMES • 8 hours ago

Precisely why I'd rather only know me thing about everything . Id have a pretty good head start in figuring the rest out. Many lifetimes to achieve level 1. Many more to level 5. We get a grain of sand every life and soon enough we see a beautiful crystal. Then we learn more about what that crystal can do and so on.

Bhauli Martine SHell • 3 hours ago

I see :-) To know "me thing" needs to go deeper into yourself, explore yourself, find the essence of yourself... It's a big job! :-) Sometimes we overlook the main thing in us, and even pretty good head is not enough for figuring the rest out and see/understand a beautiful crystal... Yes, you are right - many lifetimes to achive level 1 and more to level 5. Quality does matter... I don't know about shortcut... Good luck, James :-)

Nick • 1 day ago

Hi everyone. If aliens leave circles on fields, reduce radiation after accidents at nuclear power plants, they could apply their technology and teleport all landfills from Earth. This could show the people of Earth that there are indeed higher civilizations and this will be a sign that it is time to change the consumer society to a more social and nature friendly one. Imagine, in the morning, people in India or Africa are waking up, but there are no garbage dumps! Religious people live there and will assume that God wants them to keep clean and they will keep it.It is possible that then many people realize that it is time to change their habits, that it is time to ban plastic bottles, bags, etc.

JAMES • 21 hours ago

There are only roughly 1 third of the total human populous that are slated to inherit this planet (unless due to the current amount of -1 to level 1+ coming in after 2013 are making this go up exponentially ) are to be needing this planet to be reset. The filter put in place to capture the rest as they/we are sent to the other colonies will have to be well used before they will take the remaining steps toward a renewal of Tiamat / Ki / Earth / planet 7 etc. So , with this I suppose it's really a race to the finish . Will the Earth change its continental positions and overall state before the humans see the integration ? I have my doubts but also my hopes as my children deserve to see it . Staying positive but being realistic.

Jeffery Rowley • 23 hours ago

Nice Try Nick, but our civilization is used to millennia of false teachings, misguidance and still quite "needy". What good is it if we do not have to do all the work. What have we learned? Those technologies have to be 'earned'. We have to walk the talkwalk!

drizz • 1 day ago

....while a worthy premise, ..it's never wise to remove the babies diapers and think he/she wont poop again....we need to learn some things for ourselves... the problem isn't pollution...or climate change.. or whatever "thing" anyone can come up with...those things are just the manifestation of the problem... that is basically mankinds refusal to not get into their thick heads that no-body should gain(insert value here) at the cost and expense of another... for someone to have more, someone has to have less....

Tami • 1 day ago

Hi Nick :) Video 103 pgs 262-263 Questions about environmental pollution like Fukushima's radiation, it will be spreading without control by some more time. Your governments have been reported since last year to "replace and disable" atomic power plants, but nothing was done, however, the production and installation of new units are expanding including floating traps like the atomic plants being built today. The Pleiadeans ordered not to interfere more with these plants, limited to neutralize the use of attempts of mass destruction. The human race is proving you do not want help, the vast majority do not care or are not interested in the problems, have not yet reached the necessary maturity, and this time finishing of this colony to a recognized breed will happen by way suffered so than normal. The dirt will be cleaned only when the race remaining on the planet is ripe and eager for help to survive, finally understanding all the bad decisions taken earlier. Your people do not have the initiative to force your leaders to take the "correct measures" and this shows a lack of maturity of the mass of your societies. Understand that the Community Galactica will not and should not interfere with these affairs until yourselves prove your viability as a race. Natural disasters is one thing, omission of the population with respect to their leaders is quite another. All of us here have working guidelines set not to interfere in certain matters, only the 'natural events of great magnitude' and in direct attempts to mass elimination of thy ethnicities by the ruling elites, like nuclear weapons, chemical and nanotechnology among others.

Tami • 1 day ago

Video 77 pg 213 The community Galactica responsible for the area installs a portal of discharge connected to a network of portals collecting several planets that serve the community. Nothing that cannot be recycled in nature is left in the civilized planets. The Earth should receive the benefit of those discharge portals so become a trustworthy society level one, and become part of the community. You will need professional help to clean up the planet and balance back to nature. Imagine a big hole in the ground as a "sink hole" with a portal of transport in the bottom. Everything is dumped it will simply disappear from the planet. Waste chemical, nuclear or biological no longer is a problem. Any matter that the planet lost in this process will be restored in the form of raw material supply by portals, which will be received from the inputs of your trading partners in the universe, where necessary.

MC • 1 day ago

Hi Nick, what purpose would it achieve ? Would that people grow from that ? Make their own choices ? And if they didn't have the choice ? What about their corrupts politicians that accept to have all that garbages transfered on their lands in exchange for money and maybe some small aids for their countries ?! If there is no garbages tomorrow morning how will they make things for free ? Or eat ?! We have all the power to change but it must come with the will to change. I suggest you a little video of a man that decided to change things on his own : https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Jeffery Rowley • 11 hours ago

Right on! What happens when we do not have any 'exchange' in place with another system to replace the objects that were disposed. Another point where corruption can enter for sure!

David a Guzman • 1 day ago

Question for Mythi; Melanin is a substance that can be chemically developed? How? It serves to make infinite vaterias? How?

TaniaN • 6 hours ago

Added, Q 793. Hello David!

JAMES • 1 day ago

If we go by these words as fact , than Einstein literally called tesla the most beautiful man alive when he said Tesla was the smartest. And Tesla also mentioned those behind the flawed equations of relativity / gravity etc. Were brilliant men. So the mention of beauty being in the eye of the beholder might even extend into the third eye :) https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Tami • 22 hours ago

A little tidbit:) Video 47 pg 140 Some asked about how your scientist Albert Einstein compared with us, he was a missionary, like many who were here as Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, among many others, to provide the necessary level of development at the time of your society. They had already activated the brain in the limit of level 1 to level 2, had a capacity far beyond the average of the Earthlings.

JAMES • 8 hours ago

Yes , Einstein knew he was at a lower level than Tesla. Tesla still never once said anyone below him was anything less than he . Just pointed out that the powers that were had been using flawed equations to hold up as a pillar of faith to all sheeple to behold as they / we were / are so inherently unable to know any different as they had all the tech and knew otherwise . We became entranced and followed the "science" like a moth to the flame. Are we fools to think that the ones who have the responsibility to honor the code set out in their fields should have known they were leading falsely? They too were fooled. So I will put the blame solely on those who left things behind that were much more advanced than we should have had the ability to attain. The curiosity of the outside cats coming and going are ultimately responsible as we were not at the level to receive such things yet. Our psychology was / is not yet level 1 status yet so many were able to attain such things due to the subjugation of the many others as the machine we are to them made it all possible. It just proves that any one higher level being can come and teach us whatever they wish and we still end up ego driven and self centered so our decisions will only reflect that as a whole. Our children are now the feathers that outweigh the atom bomb as they come in with enough light in their 4th dimensional selves to tip the scale in humanities favor. We got here. We should still be proud none the less.

JAMES • 1 day ago
TaniaN • 1 day ago

Lenticular cloud illuminated by the Moon. Images taken in Khibiny, Murmansk Region (Russia), on March 19th by Oleg Ivanov https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

MC • 1 day ago

Beautifully eerie!

JAMES • 1 day ago

Mythi , does a picture of a person that represents who they are today and what get look like now have any effect on how one might either locate that person or help in any way to send healing vibrations / energies / intentions to the one in picture ? Does it have anything to do with why you won't allow a photo to be taken of yourself? Though I do have my doubts about my questions making their way to Mythi due to opinions in the background , I must still push on in hopes that someone may have asked similar to the same effect.

Tami • 1 day ago

Hi James :) Questions are submitted due to the nature of question, the relevancy of the question, IF the question has not already been answered and if the question/answer will be for the benefit of all. Most moderators here have been helping Captain Bill for years and have earned the opinions we have and what Mythi may/may not answer. Then they are sent to Captain Bill and he may take out some questions as he knows more of what Mythi will answer. Since you stated your brain works differently, it should not be that hard for you to come up with a viable question that we could add. But just because a question is asked here does not mean it will be included in list, just because a question is added does not mean it will be asked because of the mentioned reasons above. Mythi still has rules/guidelines to the CG and an actual picture of him is against the CG until we become a level 1 society :)

JAMES • 21 hours ago

None of my questions are for personal gain nor to merely fulfill some personal quest to just know something. I'm sure the elites are aware of this site and the answers actually have impact on a security level that normally would undergo a certain shut down and seizure type of situation. This tells me they are being warned not to interfere as they've already caused enough damage . If my questions do get answered in part or just one , each one will answer ten others I may have to ask. 1000 poems can be written about one picture the same way a picture can inspire 1000 words. We are all equal from the beginning . We are all at different levels now. An answer may do justice for one but inspire more questions from another. https://uploads.disquscdn.c... picture has beauty and is amazing in one or another way. I can assure you there's more ugly to it than beautiful. This is a landfill. There is no other place within 100 km of that place with so many eagles in one place . They don't have the food they normally have. Beautiful to see . Ugly to know . I only want to know so I can see . If I see it doesn't mean I know. This is why researching what man has discovered is not knowing. Mythi has knowledge . Before , I thought I knew . But I now know I never really knew , I only hoped what I had accumulated in my memory was fact. So , now I sift through my memory to find what is needed and rewrite what needs written over. This has amounted to a lot . Thank you Mythi for showing me there is actual light to be shed on the nature of who and what we are and where we are to go. My candle burns and my children will have the extra light for theirs to burn as I teach them to help others to glow as well.

MC • 1 day ago

James, and this will be my only comment on the subject. You accuse Urosh of "...it is of low vibrational frequency to call people stupid for having not the understanding that another has the fortune to have." Yet at the same time you also denigrate the work of all the moderators in your passive aggressive sentence : " ...due to opinions in the background ..." I think there is a sentence somewhere in regard to looking at oneself before launching the first stone. No one is perfect, we are here to learn, that's our purpose, and no one will be perfect for million of years to come either ...Imagine 10 lvl and we are not even on the first one ! On that wishing you a great week :)

jbharco • 1 day ago

Hi MC...As a very good friend used to say if we were perfect we would not be here!

JAMES • 21 hours ago

Even a perfect being should want to come back to old times just as a way to be reminded of the battle if not the experience alone just to get to being so. After all , we don't really fear death anymore at that stage .

JAMES • 1 day ago

No stone. The proof is in the pudding. I'll see how wrong I am soon enough .

Angelo • 1 day ago
Tati • 2 days ago

Hi family/friends! Take a look at this gorgeous Venus. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

MC • 1 day ago

Fab ! Thanks Tati for the pic I had not caught that in the news !! :)

Ricardo Germinando • 1 day ago

Ufff... splendid ;)

Yuval‎ • 1 day ago


Quinten Jackson • 1 day ago


Tami • 1 day ago

Hi Quinten :) Nice to see you!

Tami • 1 day ago

Hi Tati :) Video 158 pg 434 The reactions that many have observed in your atmosphere and in the oceans for the first time will become increasingly bizarre until this adaptive cycle of the planet is finalized. The delay provided by the CG of these events was due to the inclusion of Taus in the system and the viability of Venus to new colonies in the future. Now the planet Earth is by its very nature, just as Mars is in the process of stabilizing its new reality. Video 159 pg 439 Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about the Moon, it is recently being experimentally repositioned to compensate the Earth for the orbital rearrangement that is happening in the solar system to compensate for the new Venus orbit and to finalize the Taus orbit among some other celestial bodies that will be included as elements peripherals.

Tati • 1 day ago

Thank you dear Tami for Mythi's words!:)

jbharco • 1 day ago

Hi Tami...I assume when Mythi mentioned elements peripherals he meant satellites (moons) for the other