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TaniaN • 4 hours ago

Strange story of Jonathan Reed. Dr. Jonathan Reed claimed to be a Seattle psychologist, who, in October 1996 took his golden retriever Suzy with him on a hike to one of the Cascade Mountains and found a strange alien creature and a hovering, black obelisk ship. https://youtu.be/yEvTDaYHXeY

TaniaN • 6 hours ago

UFO fimed in Russia. Second video with close ups is a comparison with the UFO seen in Mexico (in Spanish, sorry). You decide )) https://youtu.be/CX-iXG369-Ehttps://youtu.be/qFukZyLSgNY

drizz • 8 hours ago

hello my family :) ... I find myself in a new place for the next few months(most likely until Nov.) without any internet(at the local coffee shop now).. so I wont be active.. I'll check in and say HI when I can...but alas tis the situation I am in... love to all of you, and may we meet soon.. luv Randy...xoxo

Ricardo Germinando • 10 hours ago

Australian Eastern Shore, cheers ;) https://twitter.com/Actuali...

Maryanne • 9 hours ago

What are those in the video? Is it sting Ray's?

MC • 8 hours ago

Ray but not the sting or manta ray but the nice "cownose rays" :) The article in English : https://www.rt.com/news/459...

Zeta • 15 hours ago

Some good news, my son graduated college this weekend and now is back home with me to gear up for Master's work in computer science.

MC • 8 hours ago

Congratulations Felix :) (and the proud Daddy)

Jackson Dean Boling • 11 hours ago

Cool, man! Is he privy to the whole Mythi thing? It would be cool to have him on here as well!

Tami • 1 day ago

Have a Magnificent Monday :) “We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. If we share with caring, lightheartedness, and love, we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then this moment will have been worthwhile.” ― Deepak Chopra

Gruntphuttock • 1 day ago

Sometimes we can all feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of "bad news" fed to us by a sensation-seeking media. Good news, or even just happy news, is a rarity. However, it is there if you look hard enough and should be enjoyed whenever possible, if only to lift our spirits... :-)) http://assets.evie.com/asse...

TaniaN • 1 day ago

Dozens of dead sharks have washed up on a Welsh beach. Many of the sharks were found to have their fins missing – sparking fears they may have been cut off before the fish were tossed back into the sea. Some fishermen have vented their fury that the shark massacre at Burry Port, West Wales, could have been the result of trawling. Beachgoer Lisa Pritchard said she stopped counting after wave after wave of dead sharks washed onto the beach: “Such a sad, wasteful sight. I stopped counting in the end as every wave brought more bodies. It was mostly smooth-hounds down Burry Port, but heavily pregnant ones with pups hanging out of them. I dread to think how many were still floating in the sea. I’m sure what we saw was a small percentage of what was thrown back. There was not one mark on them – no hook so likely a net by-catch – but because it’s not the species being hunted they die and get thrown back. SHARK MASSACRE: A spokesman for the Marine Conservation Society said the fish appeared to be smooth-hounds, also known as dogfish, a type of shark common in British waters. They are often caught up in trawler nets and the dumped back into the sea. Fisherman Vince Sims said: “What angers me most of all is this is the result of trawling, not fishing with a line. They’ve got all the rules about how much we can or cannot do in regards to cod or bass capture, us fishermen would never kill fish, only for the plate. Wrong, very wrong. Fins removed on some sharks: Another fisherman believes the sharks may have been “finned”. This practice involves removing a shark’s fin and dumping it back in the sea – leaving the fish unable to swim. The fins are used in soups and are sold as ‘medicine’ in some areas of Asia. But the MCS spokesman said: “Shark finning for overseas markets in Welsh waters would be highly unusual and almost certainly illegal.” This shark mass die-off in Wales is very strange. What is going on there? https://youtu.be/pPcIwXXzx5s

Gruntphuttock • 1 day ago

That is definitely very odd; a worrying development.

Julian Lee • 1 day ago

Bashar in the eye of Farsight - https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Tami • 1 day ago

Hi Julian :) Of course everyone has the right to believe what resonates with them but Captain Bill shared this with us about Bashar..."this Bashar is totally wrong, sorry, but we are not in a "virtual reality" we are in a three dimensional "physical reality". Please, this "Bashar" have nothing to add as a truth really, just conjectures with no real bases, just talk... and Mythi never talked about hell or purgatory, just an intermediate layer between dimensions...Cheers!"

Julian Lee • 1 day ago

Dear Tami, if we want to move forward, we need an open mind to what is happening right now. Filtering doors that are not resonating to you, are alright and are individual choices but at some point we still need to understand that we are not only 3D Beings but actually 4D Beings (Soul) who reincarnate to do lessons. There are many different points of view (angle) to just look at one single Mug.

Jeffery Rowley • 1 day ago

New "study" reports that even drinking more than 8oz of natural fruit juices will surely cause early death. Well of course if you put chemicals and fake sugar in them goes without saying. We should tell Mythi before he and his civilization succumbs from the use of fresh centrifugally extracted fruit juices! https://www.msn.com/en-us/h... from Video 29 (English PDF) page 36. " We, on our planet, really respect these insects. We have fruits from various parts of the galaxy, take fruit juices in our day to day, have fruit wines, and enjoy all kinds of vegetables..." and from Video 141 (English PDF) page 331 - " The water we drink are usually metabolized by plants in the form of centrifuged fruit juice, but also drink pure water that goes through a molecular protractor separating water and other beneficial minerals in their composition of any contaminant and debris it may contain . It is a type of filter that you all in the near future may also have. Greet the water, juice or food before ingesting, wishing them a good journey through your body, they will absorb your compliance and will always act in your favor."

Ricardo Germinando • 1 day ago

"Beam Of Light Has Been Filmed Again" Cheers ;) https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Ricardo Germinando • 1 day ago

Hia Friends... This video was recorded in a magical place, Arcobaque, in Colombia. You hear a song that was sung by a group of children from a kindergarten accompanied by their teacher and her sister who repeat the following chorus: "I believe in fairies, I believe in fairies, I believe..." What do you think? Cheers ;) https://twitter.com/Fernand...

Karen • 13 hours ago

Wow maybe Urosh can tell us if this video is real or not.

urosh • 4 hours ago

I think it's real. These creatures are only visible on video, we can't perceive them with our sight. But it's so much we have to learn about nature and it's frequencies that making myself a smartass won't help.

Tami • 1 day ago

Hi all! Finally some sunshine today :) This can also apply now too. Video 155 pg 415 Friends, I know you charge CB for the contacts and sometimes he gets stressed because we have a lack of time sometimes. We have exchanged brief words a few times but to speak of other points that did not answer these questions. No one is the cause of these delays, only the accumulation of labor to which our fleets have been subjected. We have been assisting other colonies at the request of the CG and this sometimes prevents me from talking to you more assiduously. We are enthusiastic about the implantation of new colonies in this quadrant of the galaxy, which makes this Regional CG increasingly important in its performance. Five more colonies are being deployed in systems close to this and soon there will be plenty of movement in this region. With you through the level 1 will be one more race to be able to help in this great endeavor.

Shanto Mathew • 1 day ago

Has anyone seen this video? This claims to be an interview with a reptilian woman. In it the reptilian says they are not the actual race that control the world and evil race that mentioned in all religions (bible etc.). She says our creature species itself wanted us as a slave race and they might come back again to destroy our civilization again and start new. What do you think about this? Who do you think are our creature species and what do they need from us? Who is behind the Illuminati and spreading negativity in this world? Who is this Satan or molech? https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Karen • 16 hours ago

Something to think about when you’re asking Mythi Questions about other races from other sources....Video 26...Q - Mythi, friend Lebilly asks, do you know a race called Zetas?.....See, it's hard for me to know these names you adopt on your planet. The names we use are very different. The only way to respond is by having some information on the origin, the correct location of the planet, otherwise it is impossible to know what it is.

Karen • 1 day ago

Oh yeah...the Illuminati..(well educated economist)... well last I heard that elite brotherhood has set up shop in Africa. Their intentions are to make economic adjustments to a large poor country. It would seem they have been pushed out of Greece, got a bit difficult to stay on top. This group of elite realize times are changing and was harder to control the more developed groups....Africa is full of people starving for work to make money. Soon you may see some major medical cures being released from Africa to sell to the world. It’s the plan.

D.Yves • 1 day ago

Complete trend opposition between evolved Mythi Level 5 civilization respect for any citizen concerns about common good and elites covering up and repressing of legit democratic human rights of expression in France about it in 2019.
"Cynthia, we are governed by a board of social coordination of the planet and three colonies. All matters relating to all areas such as technological research, food production, harmonization of the environment, development and maintenance, power generation, joint ventures, foreign policy, transport fleets, exploration and defense, etc ... are analyzed and solutions addressed to the responsible departments. Board members are ordinary people but experts in their fields, who donate their time for the good of the community as a whole. Any solution or opinion coming from any citizen who believes is an ideal solution in any area is always welcome and considered by the council as if it came from an active member. Any citizen may speak on any matter where he is a specialist for the better development of their area. There are no cover ups, secret activities, or any activity that is hidden to the knowledge of every citizen." Video 46
"Why I'm a yellow vest" (the french speach eventually needs automated translation activation to your own language)

MC • 8 hours ago

Merci Yves :) (Thank you)

urosh • 1 day ago

Amazing Yves.

dominiks1 • 2 days ago

Hi, did someone watch this movie, what's your thought about it, how to think positive and only positive? https://www.youtube.com/wat... ; What the Bleep Do We Know is a Groundbreaking drama-documentary that explores the natural laws of quantum physics and their interconnected relationship to human consciousness in how we perceive and experience our lives. Scientifically, the movie is a dramatic shift in how we understand the unseen sub-atomic world and how thoughts become things.

Karen • 13 hours ago

Hi, A small group here has done research on thinking positive. It works for sure. Test it... see for yourself.

MC • 8 hours ago

Yes, it does work very well :)

Maryanne • 21 hours ago

I loved that movie!

Yuval‎ • 2 days ago

Hey everyone. An interesting "inside" video on the moon landing fake footage. I have no idea if its real or not...you decide cheers :) https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Maryanne • 21 hours ago

I feel this does not prove anything. The editing was confusing. Then they made a promise of a president..... The only compelling thing was the comparison to the landscape.

Jackson Dean Boling • 2 days ago

Just putting camera crew audio on top of moon footage doesn't mean anything. It's not like they have the camera crew and the 'astronauts' in the same shot.

Eric • 2 days ago

The Shocking Truth About Moringa https://www.youtube.com/wat... Moringa Documentary - the 'miracle' tree https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Jackson Dean Boling • 1 day ago

You guys got me curious. Now I might buy some maringa tea or something!

Gruntphuttock • 1 day ago

I can't help wondering where all those plastic bags, that they collect their Moringa in, end up? And should we be concerned that Moringa has come to the attention of the pharmaceutical industry? How long before they create a genetically altered version and slap a patent on it? Yeah, I know, I'm a cynical old sod...... I wonder if it'll grow in UK ... or should I stick to Asparagus?

Tami • 2 days ago

Hope everyone enjoys their day :) Skywatchers around the world get ready! An amazing night sky show is coming this weekend. The Full Blue Moon, the King planet Jupiter and the red supergiant star Antares will take center stage in the eastern evening sky, in an eye catching scene. The cosmic trio set to create a spectacular triangle Sunday (May 19) evening, and weather permitting, skywatchers around the world should be able to catch the celestial action. https://www.youtube.com/wat... Video 154 pg 414 Q - Mythi, once (meeting 37) you talked about the size of planets, and quoted one that is 100 times bigger than our Sun. Just for curiosity: Where is this planet? Which star does it orbit? (Or it's the star that orbits it?) Which colonies live there, if there's some?
- Snowmeow, the larger a star is the more mass it can accumulate orbiting it. Great gravitational fields attract and capture much more matter, which ends up aggregating and forming huge planets. Suns as you name them as Betelgeuse and Antares with 700 and 1400 times the size of your Sun can attract even small solar systems if they are within reach of their gravitational fields. Orbiting these stars there are planets much larger than 100 times the size of Earth, but most are in orbits away from the star to balance their gravity and this makes most of them surrounded by thick gaseous atmospheres like your Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. These huge planets have moons larger than Earth, and many of them are inhabited, and many of these moons also have their moons. When you can access a macro view of these systems in real time you will see very beautiful and interesting formations for sure.

jbharco • 2 days ago

Hey Sis! Please take care..you have some bad storms coming your way. That goes for Karen too!

Karen • 2 days ago

Thanks JB! Looks like the storm front will cover St Louis late this evening.

Wizaurad • 2 days ago

Hi Team, here is the Saturday Pole Axis Drift Update for you as well as the EOC's latest revised drift prediction. The drift is still inside the red 2014 line and outside the black 2013 line. With all the Energies of Love, Light, Learning, Laughter, Strength, Truth, Healing, Understanding, Perception,Patience, Protection, Peace and Safety as well. Cheers! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Richard Mullock • 3 days ago

I just thought I would present this link for the members and contributors to this forum. Many of these sky views have been taken by various people around the world and collected and put together by WSO: https://www.youtube.com/cha... RM

urosh • 3 days ago

Sorry Richard, I really have nothing against your work, but will express my opinion about that Olsen guy, which I can also be mistaken of, as anything we think we know. I am just 45 years in a world of photography and would like to say that by my opinion any of the photographs this guy is posting has nothing to do with what he is saying. For me personally, the lack of basic education of this person is just amazing. In a few months he could learn basics of what can go wrong in a analog or digital photo, and things would be a bit more clear for him. And let just don't forget of the basic, functional laws of physics, which of course he doesn't know at all. My point of view is that this WSO videos are a total waste of time, has nothing to do with any kind of science and would recommend anyone not to spend even a minute in watching them.

Jackson Dean Boling • 1 day ago

The first picture (of the featured video on his channel) looks like somebody's fingerprint on the lens and then they took a picture of the sun with the sun glinting off the fingerprint. And we're supposed to believe that the lines on it are actually "waves of electromagnetic force" (lord knows what that would even be) and not just the lines from somebody's fingerprint?

Karen • 3 days ago

Thanks Richard, I was just watching the video on the 2019 Flooding. What caught my interest most was the sun and the moon shadow and Barium atmosphere experiments. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Richard Mullock • 2 days ago

I also viewed this shot and it raises a big question...….where is the light source that is illuminating half the moon? And the moon appears to be in the wrong part of the sky relative to the "sun". RM

Павел Петров • 3 days ago

Awful! Especially when the ring of fire volcanoes have intensified, it looks like a global event is waiting for us soon.

kit • 4 days ago

question to mythi..Claim of Attacks on 4 Oil Vessels Raises Tensions in Middle East
is it a cover up or another drama??

urosh • 3 days ago

There's something fishy there, they don't want to blame anyone directly, so something weird was happening there and they got backfired their intents.