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Daniel • 8 years ago

Want to know a funny thing? The Brazilian voting machines already come rigged, so the winner's are already decided from the get go.

Forsaken Perared • 8 years ago

anyone this is a surprise to hasn't been paying attention. http://blackboxvoting.org/ has said this since 2004 and it is not exclusive to this one type of voting machine. It is trivial to exploit any of them.

Eric Sleeper • 8 years ago

Once I figured out that non-US citizens and people illegally here (even worse) can vote, I have lost all hope on the election process. Even a worse opinion of the politicians that continue to argue that no real form of ID is required. Once you figure this out, you start to see it's hacked before even getting to the voting machines.

sgrandin • 8 years ago

Been known and reported on for many years. In fact, there have been claims that hacking has already occurred in some elections. But this is capitalistism, where voting is mostly for show, to keep the masses thinking they determine things.

David D. Brown • 8 years ago

It is WAY past time for Congress to establish a non-partisan standards committee for electronic voting machines, composed of experts from all relevant technology components. This committee would create mandatory security standards that ALL electronic voting machine manufacturers must meet before their products can be used in any election where Federal office holders are elected.
And while they are at it, they might start working on hack-proof standards to allow Internet voting.
This is the 21st century. It's time we started acting like it.

Bob Grant • 8 years ago

First off, there is no such thing as 'hack proof'. Anything can be hacked.

Second, I wouldn't trust the government to pick out the right nail to hang a wall calendar, much less "experts" on technology. (I would trust their chosen standards far less)