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Mike Millan • 2 years ago

The guns are pointed at the wrong people. Stop corporate terrorism.

aeonpi • 2 years ago

Agreed and this is happening more often than not

dale ruff • 2 years ago

This is a siege, an act of war against American citizens and the native people from whom the land was originally stolen: Let this be the beginning of a national worldwide resistance.

a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

When those assigned to protect our rights are used to deny them, we invoke the right of revolution, as justified in our founding document, the Declaration of Independence.

CATRYNA49 • 2 years ago

This is exactly what President Bush signed into law, in the patriot Act, shortly after that bogus 9/11.

nochipforme • 2 years ago

This entire story is an operation. Just like the Bundy, Oregon, yellowcake provocation. How many times does AP have to put like stories up multiple times before people realize that the "Activist Post" is an agency.

dale ruff • 2 years ago

Evidence? Source? Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

nochipforme • 2 years ago

Interesting, I posted links to some "evidence" and AP has moderation enabled. Even though the links will probably be approved, censorship should always be a red flag to anyone that uses rational thinking.

FlumoxedOne • 2 years ago

Troll for the MSM.

nochipforme • 2 years ago

LOL Thanx :)

Jason • 2 years ago
debilee1970 • 2 years ago

So here we have it dale will only ALLOW you to post here if he agrees with it ????

debilee1970 • 2 years ago

"Please leave me alone, as you are making me sick".my sentiments exactly. Please Do NOT talk to me unless you discover some Truth. You are a danger to everyone out there with your deceit/disinformation. Please find it in your heart to be honest.

nochipforme • 2 years ago

The headline photo is funny. The date is November 30. That area has been under snow for over a week now, so we know that the photo is not as recent as the headline. AP does a lot of sensational recycling of imagery.

But aside from the deceptive sensational tactics that they use, consider this:

A state of emergency has been declared and you are trying to get your family away from the chaos of the city, so you go out into the country and as you are driving down a country road and you crown a hill, you see off in the distance, this large blockade (pictured above) of militarized police along with an intercepting helicopter. Would you find comfort knowing that these "law enforcement officers" have your family's best interests in their duty? Would you turn around?

Dd • 2 years ago

This is what happens when Corporations run the Government.
The bloody FOLLOWERS dressed in assault gear doing as they are TOLD will hang with the perps in the end. There is a place in hell for all of them.

CATRYNA49 • 2 years ago

Make a drop via plane or chopper.

nochipforme • 2 years ago

It's a "no fly zone." They would intercept any aircraft before it could get overhead. Make the second amendment seem a bit impotent, eh?

dale ruff • 2 years ago

Is this cowardly call for murder?

CATRYNA49 • 2 years ago

I was referring to a food drop. What in the world did you think I was referring to?

aeonpi • 2 years ago

Must we say more than this?

"Hands up, don't shoot" #DAPL #NoDAPL pic.twitter.com/KE8pYHaYik

— wes enzinna (@wesenzinna) October 27, 2016

YES WE MUST.. we must keep saying until our voices our heard. We must use class action.. we are the class whos water will be contaminated.
STOP THESE Corporations from DESTROYING YET another part of our ECOSYSTEM. I am for one and so fed up with the bullies.. they are protecting or Serving they are being brutes and I know for a fact that this is a PEACEFUL GATHERING OF PEOPLE WHO WERE HERE FIRST!! Wake up America you are being snowballed by lies... none of what these well paid brutes or mercenaries are saying is true. There is no threat but them.. they struck first and have struck first endangering natives and non natives overs and over again.. They have used mid evil tactics to make people ill and wage a psychological warfare against peaceful water protectors.. LIFE IS WATER and WATER is life .. so far we have lost over 50% of our ecology due to this type of industry and others .. that are not be spoke to yet.. The problem is more real that we have woke up to yet.. LIFE is delicate and can not be trampled for a dollar or convenience.. LIFE used to be more important that anything now.. its laughed and cruel behavior by those we trust is all that is the norm... is now a trend for cops to shoot first and not ask enough questions.. to do as ordered even though it violates there oaths as oath keepers which many of these cops are not.. the first response is to defend the defenseless. I think the next step is obvious and will begin to happen along with the lawsuits that are happening now. These men and women will not only lose their careers but many will be brought up on charges.. at the very least for violating the spectrum of force and for intentionally plotting to harm defenseless people.
Now to hear they will also be blocking supplies, just another lawsuit. Who has the power to block people from having? NO one, and we must remember that.. IN america is says the Right to peaceful protest... well this is not a PROTEST>> WHICH IS AFTER THE FACT.. this is a attempt to wake up the world to WATER and how it can not be TAMPERED OR brought into danger of cross contanimation.. PIPE LINES break...

"Oil pipelines break, spill, and leak—it's not a question of if, it's a question of where and when."
—Anna Lee Rain YellowHammer, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

"Seaway personnel continue to make progress in

tamajam10 • 2 years ago

Where is the civil disobedience with those in 'uniform' enforcing these unconstitutional 'laws'? It is beyond my comprehension that so many of them are all too willing to participate in the gross injustice and undeniable human rights violations.

James Choice • 2 years ago

This comment is not about the issue itself.... But if people want the right to blockade as protest (as they should) then they must expect the same methodology will be used against them - common sense really...

Concerned Mother • 2 years ago

Peaceful protest at the North Dakota Capitol building, allowing Water Protectors to stay put... Anyone with me?!?!