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All I want for Christmas is to witness CNN and The NY Times file for bankruptcy. Is that too much to ask for? And it looks like I just might get it.

Churchillis1 • 2 years ago

But if that happens, who will we have to tell us that Islam is the Religion of Peace?


WJ_texas • 2 years ago

Nothing But Crap aka NBC and Propaganda BS aka PBS are Government funded. They can do it.

Guest • 2 years ago
ArizonaSun • 2 years ago

He's smarter than they will ever be. He can now suck them in anytime he wants to embarrass them.

We finally have a president that communicates directly to the people on a daily basis without the filters of the MSM.

AntiVoid • 2 years ago

And it's hilarious. Being "cutting edge" and "tech savvy" were labels applied to Obama's presidential runs. The Trump campaign, and President-elect Trump himself, showed them how it's truly done against an utterly corrupt MSM.

low information • 2 years ago

I feel more important to the country I live in, to My country when the president or the president elect speaks directly to us. it's personal, I know just what he is thinking about something.

Giantmetoer2016 • 2 years ago

I'd rather have a president that occasionally says some stupid, but always from the heart, than a president who is always on point, but as shallow as a liberal arts degree.

PTBRW • 2 years ago

I just witnessed a revolt in an outpatient surgery center waiting room located in Atlanta. They were playing CNN when "The View" came on. About 12 people started complaining loudly and said if the channel was not changed they would have to leave. Someone came out and apologized and they changed to HGTV. Way to go folks.

Guest • 2 years ago

When I see "Animal House" and I hear the line "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life," I think of those rancorous sows on "The View."

Janine • 2 years ago

I have never understood the attraction of The View. A bunch of stupid women sitting around talking politics as if their opinion matters to the majority of hard working Americans. If The View is on anywhere I have to go such as the airport or doctor or dentist office, etc. I either leave the area or plug in my ear buds and listen to music.

Angry MFFer • 2 years ago

*applause* Yes, it's happening. The public is starting to revolt.

Now if we can get all airports to stop CNN 24/7 coverage on all their TVs.

homemaine • 2 years ago

I think Trump's daily press briefings should be on the net. Screw the msm.

old_grouch1 • 2 years ago

I am really hoping Trump will change the existing press briefing setup. Continue to shake things up! Go seismic!

TNUncleBuck • 2 years ago

Alt media to the front, MSM to the back. Take no questions from the back.

SorrowfullSoros • 2 years ago

Because Trump, like 99% of us on this site, loathe the media with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.

Besides, they're all marionettes of the DNC, so what is there to like about them?

RedDog • 2 years ago

“The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country,” he continues. “It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It’s a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening.”

Steve Bannon

delna Yehlan • 2 years ago


Texa • 2 years ago

Ordering them to Trump Tower and then dressing them down was awesome...

1791LRocks • 2 years ago

Trump understand and the pople do as well that the media is a cesspool of communists and socialists that hate America. He has a willing partner with the America people who long for honesty and his way of just saying things as they are without the political garbage. Trump will go down in history as the President who helped save America, build the wall and there's even a futuristic book about it linked here on Breitbart that tells this. http://www.behungrybiz.com/...

Retiredpatriot • 2 years ago

Loved that book. On this - the people are already bypassing CNN and the rest of the fake media. Now we need to stop linking to them and stop visiting.

whyme • 2 years ago

That's the key - we need to convince Drudge to stop linking to the fake media, and I will only see a video by CNN or the like through youtube. Never do I want them profitting from anything that I do.

TexanPatriot • 2 years ago

Trump is amazing even long before he gets into office. If he can keep at it, and maybe do something truly shocking to the media - like deny them press credentials and not allow them into the White House due to their fakeness, that would send a message to the people and encourage us all to never watch CNN or ABC News again.

NK210 • 2 years ago

51 days, 10 hours, 22 minutes until Liberty!

mel hoffman • 2 years ago

yipee khiayaay mutha flounder!

"No Ni66 Day!"

{Party Time!!

clarinet • 2 years ago

Note to Trump: Remember - NEVER trust a Democrat or the MSM!

Esther Watchmen • 2 years ago


cooker • 2 years ago

The MSM is OBSOLETE! To be remembered along with BetaMax, Nehru jackets, and New Coke

Deplorification • 2 years ago

Colin Kaepernic

Barney31 • 2 years ago


Daisy Adler • 2 years ago

As Donald Trump had 98% of mainstream media against him, since his declaration as candidate in the Republican primaries, he HAD to short-circuit them, and did it brilliantly.

shirley versace • 2 years ago

that's exactly right - he used their own tools against them... and won. Brilliant.

N10AC • 2 years ago

As long as the lame stream media is complaining Trump must be right on target.

E K • 2 years ago

The same way righties were crying and bawling when Obama started and is still the master of this trend.

Guest • 2 years ago

The republican party thanks Barry for its massive resurgence.

Louisiana Steve • 2 years ago

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than road kill on the shoulder of Trump Expressway.

Linus in W.PA. • 2 years ago

True, and yet still repulsive even speeding by at 70 mph.

TNUncleBuck • 2 years ago

Reminds me of the old Loudon Wainwright song, "dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinking to high heaven". Should have been Illary's campaign theme song.

Angry MFFer • 2 years ago

Starve the dinosaur MSM, starve them!!!

New Year's resolution: cancel cable.

don't wait, do it now

Guest • 2 years ago

Did that 3 years ago...best thing ever....

Shepard • 2 years ago

It's wonderful seeing the MSM get screwed by the free market they hate so much.

sylvester_marcus • 2 years ago

Let me guess........by saying a bunch of stuff that regular people think all of the time but that no politician would actually say out loud for fear of the MSM calling them racist, sexist, homophobe, whatever,..... he drew them like a moth to flame to point their cameras and microphones at him to expose the horror of Donald Trump to the ignorant masses and drive a stake through his heart once and for all.
And they've shown no sign whatsoever of having learned anything at all from their complicity.
Its a beautiful thing!

Barney31 • 2 years ago

the dying MSM watching the elevator at Trump Tower go up and down...No leaks...they can hear about the appointments when Pres. Elect Trump puts them on social media...Masterful....

Anonymous Isn't Anonymous • 2 years ago

Its hilarious! They've literally set up camp in front of those elevators, with Coleman tents and cup noodles!

Deplorable Flyboy • 2 years ago

Last I saw there was a live webcam feed there you could check out 7x24. The same DNC/MSM libtards who did everything within their power to make sure BITCH wins and he loses now expect him to respect them?


Genie • 2 years ago

Actually was watching yesterday on RSBN when some gal high-fived Kellyanne Conway about PA. Knew at that moment something good had happened, one-half hour before the media got the info about the PA recount and Stein had missed the deadline.

Pismoe • 2 years ago

Every time I stumble upon CBS or NBC news I laugh hysterically at these NYC corporate bozo's.