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Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag • 3 years ago

We love the martial arts. We love it like we love our children, our freedom, our history. We love the martial arts as much as we love to train, as much as we love the rush of the right technique at exactly the right moment, as much as we love the thrill of a good contest.
At Indian Institute of Martial Arts-IIMA we are committed to the entire "village" that is the world of martial arts. We
are here for the fighter, the fan, the teacher, the coach, the parents,
the traditionalist, the eclectic practitioner, the expert, the novice,
the filmmaker, the actor, the celebrity, and the unknown master. We celebrate the diversity of our histories, of our people, of everything that is the best - of - the-best of what we do - and what we are capable of.
We believe that there is something to the study of the martial arts, something beyond the technique, beyond what takes place in the ring - something magical and interesting and important. We
respect all methods, and all of the men and women on their own paths,
from all the countries, from all the schools, passing down what it is
they have learned or are in the process of learning.We really love the martial arts and this site is dedicated to martial artists everywhere. We think that the martial arts world makes THE WORLD a better, safer, and more interesting place to be. We hope that we are a part of the village that helps you be a better martial artist - and as a result, a better human being."

Swapnil Jain • 3 years ago

Whats the fees? Please tell me
I always wanted to learn karate and it seems that it will come true if it in my parents budget :)

yogesh • 3 years ago

I am looking for Martail Art classes (Adult, beginner) in viman nagar, tell me about your class schedule and fess structure

Santronique Solutions • 5 years ago

Congratulations to you Naresh and your academy for having one of your student securing prestigious medal at national level . Keep going :)

amol magar • 5 years ago

I am looking for Martail Art classes (Adult, beginner) in garkheda,cidco area (Aurangabad).
please share the contact Number/ address.

Nitin Aggarwal • 5 years ago

I am looking for Martail Art classes (Adult, beginner) in Pimple Saudagar area (Pune).
please share the contact Number/ address.

Renshi. Naresh Sharma • 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Nitin Aggarwal,
Thank you for visiting our website.Please contact our Instructor Mr. Ravindra Suryavanshi Mobile. 9049387628.
He will guide you for the nearest class possible to your area.
With best regards,

Pushkaraj Joshi • 5 years ago

Hi sir .... I wanted to join karate classes in pune ... do you have any centres around kothrud ...plz let me know the details asap... thank you .
Pushkaraj Joshi

Renshi. Naresh Sharma • 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Pushkaraj Joshi,
Thank you for visiting our website. The nearest class to your place is we have at Senpati Bapat Road conducted by Mr. Kamlesh Pandey (Mobile 8149139436 ) and in camp area conducted by Mr. Devendra Sharma (Mob. 9890150749). Please contact them directly for more iinformation on their classes e.g. timming, date, fees and days.
With best regards.

Them • 5 years ago

hi sir.. this is Them ningshen.. i want to join your class on weekend days if it is possible. i have got my black belt this march from you but i still want further improvements in my skill. please give me your class address details. thanking you

Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 5 years ago

Hi Mr. Ningshen,
We have classes on weekend sat sun at
symbiosis international school from 9.00 am to 10:30 am.
Presently I am out of station but you can contact me in 2nd week of june.
bests regards,
Naresh Sharma

Them Ningshen • 5 years ago

thank you so much for the information. i will surely join your class from the said date. i will always look forward to your kind help in my KARATE career.

Mrs.Ashwini Joshi • 5 years ago

I want information about black belt exam & 1st dan. My email id is ash-win1@hotmail.com

Folam3 • 6 years ago

Hi, Do you have any classes around Pimple Saudagar area ? If yes, what are the timings

Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 6 years ago

Hi, We have classes in Pimple Saudagar area. Please call our instructor Mr. Ravi on his mobile 9822201629 and he shall guide for the nearest classes possible. thanks and wish you all the best. 

Sahil singh • 6 years ago

Hi ,
What are your class timings in Magarpatta City .

Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 6 years ago

The Classes at Magarpatta, Head over Heels nursery timming are as follows:- Wednesday (4:45 pm to 5:45 pm) and Saturday (11:15 am to 12:15 pm). Call me for more details. 9890102359

Prity • 6 years ago

Awesome site... Who made it??

Guest • 6 years ago
Prity • 6 years ago

Please pass on their contact details....

Gohil303 • 6 years ago

i am yashraj.can you tell me where else you take karate on saterday and sunday

Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 6 years ago

Dear Yash,
Thankyou for visiting website. We have classes at Viman Nagar in SIS School. But if you wish I have started karate at B.T Kawade Road, Thursday (6.15 to 7.15 pm) and Saturday (5-6pm). 

We have classes at Viman Nagar on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. But if your wish you can join at Thursday 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm and Saturday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at B.T Kawade Road. Please call me for details. 

GOHIL303 • 6 years ago


Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 6 years ago

Dear Gohil Sir,
Thankyou for visiting the website and your kind comments. 

Thankyou very much. Have a Nice time.

GOHIL303 • 6 years ago


A friend • 6 years ago

Hi Naresh,Congratulations on having this new brand new site . Wish you many success to your academy.

Renshi. NARESH SHARMA • 6 years ago


Renshi. Naresh Sharma • 5 years ago

Thank you very much.