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Kashmir Shelnick • 4 years ago

i love you holy father peter <3

Clint • 4 years ago

I miss Benedict XVI more and more with each passing day. What an exquisite, truly humble, brilliant man. Every time his successor opens his thuggish mouth I shudder.

Barbara • 4 years ago

NO DOUBT, his marvellous Writings will be read and loved in a century from now and long after. His legacy WILL BE THAT HE WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST POPES EVER!

Stephen Hand • 4 years ago

It is hardly credible that the Ratzinger the Catholic world knew for decades could be indifferent to doctrinal confusions, innovations, Kasper-like novelties, etc., and this is to say nothing of the bewilderment expressed all over the world caused by the radical change in direction immediately after his departure. Let an interview be done by someone trusted by conservatives in which all of this is discussed in depth. Catholics want to hear from Benedict himself in a substantive, far-ranging credible way.

Jon Pedersen • 4 years ago

The last few Popes have presided over a doctrinal, cultural, intellectual and liturgical catastrophe and yet the posters here laud them to the skies. It is beyond belief. One can only conclude that the average Catholic doesn't have a clue about what the Catholic faith actually is: on display are all the fruits of the Revolution to which these people have exposed the Church.

Reading these comments is like entering a dystopian world of confusion, rank ignorance and craziness.

JohnServorum • 4 years ago

God bless Pope Emeritus Benedict who is a saint in our time and a future Doctor of the Church.

Jon Pedersen • 4 years ago

Hilarious. Joseph Ratzinger as soaked in semi-Modernism his entire career. The examples are very numerous.

Having said that, the canonisation process is so meaningless nowadays that anything is possible.

Thomas Poovathinkal SSP • 4 years ago

Pope Benedicts' Brother Priest George(?) had cautioned and advised him.....It would serve the cause of TRUTH (Jesus the Lord) if somebody could interview him.

Guest • 4 years ago
Thomas Poovathinkal SSP • 4 years ago

"Holy" : holiness in the strict sense in the Church of The Lord is that which (The Spirit of Jesus The Lord) inspires us to become APOSTLES of The Lord. Jesus The Lord went of promoting more and more people to APOSTLESHIP. In the primitive Church EVERY CHRISTIAN was an Apostle. Later FALSE Apostles, from within, INSTITUTIONALIZED The Church of The Lord and thus made The Lord useless to a great extent and yet there ARE people in the Church who are true Apostles of The Lord (Please go and meet them and get inspiration from them in The DIVINE and SEHION Retreat centres in Kerala, India), for The Lord is ALIVE and listens to the prayer of those who yearn and PRAY to him with this intent.

Mark • 4 years ago

I'll never forget the rain that stopped and the sun that shone through the parting clouds when Pope Benedict XVI arrived at Cofton Park.

Tanyi Tanyi • 4 years ago

Benedict XVI, a great Doctor of the Church.

David • 4 years ago

I meant to mention someday the entire truth about the Holy Fathers resignation will be revealed to us

David • 4 years ago


God Bless You as everything you state is so very True.....I too wondered why Pope Benedict Didn't attend the Somm. Pontf.. this past year.....
Some day the whole truth will be revealed.

I too miss Him more and More Each Day, Looks like there was a lot of undercurrent in the Vatican to remove Pope Benedict.

God Love Him for all His service to the Church, as Church I too am having a tough time with...so don't fell alone.......

How we wish we had Pope Benedict back is an understatement.....

All we can do is Pray. And Remember what Christ said about the "gates of hell will not prevail against the Church"

Viva Papa Benedetto!

Chauffeur • 4 years ago

I've read the older comments here... some quite disturbing.
Benedict XVI was a good pope! Francis is a good pope!

"Lord, to whom else shall we turn? You have the words of everlasting life." John 6:68
Stick with the Catholic Church. The liberal media is "spinning" the news with this new pope by baiting him, quoting out of context (or misquoting), and attempting to change the Church through manipulation of public opinion (as if change is possible in that way). Remember; the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit. "... and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matt 16:18

Listen carefully to what Pope Francis says... he has not erred in matters of faith and morals - irrespective of news reports. For example, when he said "....who am I to judge?" - that's solid Catholic teaching. We may judge actions, but not people. Francis had been asked about people. Incidentally, the leading part of that sentence, almost always omitted by the media is "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" Note that the actions there include "gay" and "searches for the Lord and has good will". But the subject is "someone" (not someone's actions). So when he said "who am I to judge, he spoke about "someone", not someone's actions.

In a related matter, what did Jesus (who may judge) say to the woman caught in adultery (John 8:11)?

Proteios • 4 years ago

Im not sure I agree with that last commentary "the bold and wise manner of his departure". In fact, I think most people are perplexed rather than proclaiming its wisdom. I do not argue that he could one day be considered a Doctor of the Church. His writings are...well, all I can say is the Holy Spirit was vigorously working through the man. Im still sad about his abdication.

Guest • 4 years ago
Guest • 4 years ago
ranger01 • 4 years ago

Hardly, he is up, about and alert and speaks well.

Elizabeth • 4 years ago

When Pope Benedict was at the helm I felt safe and secure like when Dad was home.
Now the ship is rocking madly and i feel sick and unsafe.

ranger01 • 4 years ago

A holy, blessed shepherd. Faithfull to his responsibilities to the end.
We now have a rock star pontiff who is praised by historic enemies of the Church.
Pray hard for both men.

Guest • 4 years ago
ranger01 • 4 years ago

Other than the fickle mob on Palm Sunday, who praised Him? Pls be specific.

Guest • 4 years ago
disqus_7kTRDgXCnD • 4 years ago

on what grounds do you accuse pope emeritus benedict the XVI of lying?
why do you believe his words of resignation to be a lie?

Guest • 4 years ago
cathi m. • 4 years ago

I've been thinking for some time that I may have seen the first time in history when the Church was led by 2 cosecutive Doctors of the Church. The influence of JPll's and Ben16's writings will resonate for a long time.
Unfortunately, the question will probably not be resolved in my lifetime. That title is usually conferred many years later.

Helena Handcart • 4 years ago

My thoughts precisely. Both Drs of The Church. Two sides of the same coin. Look at what they achieved together. Now look at what we have. The contrast is frightening.

michelekc • 4 years ago

Beautiful account. Thank you for giving us this unique perspective into Pope Benedict's last weeks as Pontiff.

Rondre • 4 years ago

Both he and JPII should have resigned earlier for their good and the church.

Thomas Poovathinkal SSP • 4 years ago

You miss the essence of things spiritual in Jesus The Lord.

St. John Paul II is one of the most exemplary and heroic lover of the Lord. He has followed the Lord imitating him to perfection. In every sense, like the Lord he remained on the CROSS till his last breath.

Rondre • 4 years ago

That's your opinion!!! Maybe you missed it.

Helena Handcart • 4 years ago

why ?

Bil Carter • 4 years ago

I will always have mixed feelings about Benedict's resignation. St. John Paul II once responded to a question about resignation by saying it is impossible to resign from fatherhood. It is natural to see your father get older, sicker, and then to die. The Pope is not a CEO, not merely a head of state. He is the Holy Father, and the Church should accept him in any state of health or sickness, just as we would our own fathers.

On the other hand, I certainly understand that for a man as meek and humble as Benedict, this was the only option. I strongly believe that between John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Church had two successive saints as Supreme Pontiff. I am sure Benedict will someday be canonized, and by evaluating his body of written work and substantial contribution to theology, I wouldn't be surprised if he is declared a future Doctor of the Church.

Denis • 4 years ago

I agree.
I think Pope Benedict will be acknowledged as one of the great Popes of Church history, though not perhaps in my lifetime.

JBQ21 • 4 years ago

Paul VI said it best shortly before he died. The "smoke of Satan" has entered the Vatican.

Thomas Poovathinkal SSP • 4 years ago

The 'SMOKE OF SATAN" inspires resigning Popes. Correct?

JBQ21 • 4 years ago

Not correct! The "smoke of satan" intimidates popes into resigning. Do some research on Cardinal Siri in the 1958 Conclave when there was white smoke and then he was forced to abdicate. Roncalli then stepped in. Malachi Martin wrote about it. The same appears true for Begoglio stepping in for Ratzinger.

paulpriest • 4 years ago

It wasn't until the form-tutor left and we got a supply teacher that we realised just how badly-behaved the students really were - and which students wanted to behave and learn...

Honest question: If I had a time machine and was able to go back two years and stop His Hoiness from resigning - how many would join me?

Helena Handcart • 4 years ago

I would.

Thomas Poovathinkal SSP • 4 years ago

What would be your reason to do so?

paulpriest • 4 years ago

...because there's a distinct difference between God's antecedent Will and His consequent Will....

....and most of us weren't ready for the ensuing chaos. Yes God's will be done; but selfish little old me wanted a Pope on the throne of Peter who...well...enough!
I want him back!
Most of us want him back!
...and it isn't going to happen.

God forgive me but I don't like Pope Francis!!
I can't stand most of what he says - and most of the time loathe the way he says it - even if I agree with him on the objective I generally disagree with him on the details or his apologetic reasonings or his shallow, sometimes mean-spirited way of putting things across.

I think he acted like a bullying, manipulative autarch at Synod changing the rules arbitrarily at whim to get his own way.
I think his treatment of the FFI and certain prelates and the expulsion of loyal curial members has been despicable...
I pray long and hard for His Holiness but I think he's a misguided thoughtlessly insensitive...well? Buffoon!

I think this whole 'Emperor's new clothes" media love-in farce of how wonderful and loving and thoughtful and pastorally revolutionary His Holiness is - is just imposing all manner of falsehoods and fallacies on a man who blatantly hasn't got a clue what he is doing - who is a proven poor judge of character - who has no decorum or respect for tradition - who constantly wants his own way - who is self-confessedly no intellectual or a professional administrator or someone who cares very much for doctrinal or moral nuances or subtleties - he sees such things as legalistic pharisaical rigorism....not a deposit of faith and a Creed, Code and Cult of the Mystical Body of Christ....

Hand on heart? I just don't think he's very truthful.

Is that enough to go on with?

Guest GBOP LHUA • 4 years ago

A wonderful, and heart-rending, account; a sincere thanks goes to this Most Reverend pastor.

'But I think already there is little doubt that the bold and wise manner of his departure will assure Benedict XVI a special place in the history of the popes.'

Would that more pastors of the Lord's sheep, His little sheep, and His lambs, could exhibit the Holy Father's interior knowledge of his own abilities and disabilities, and act with such devoted self-emptying service. The awesome Benedict XVI - and he is still awesome, even in his gracious public silence - is a model for the 'modern' papacy, not in retirement, as such, but in devotion to the needs of the Church. Patently, then, if only incidentally, it is we who let him down, not he us: we did not pray hard enough to heaven to assist him .. against the wolves.

'We followed him to the lift that goes up to the private apartment. Normally this is done in quiet dignity. This time it was in silent shock.'

In his innate humility, no doubt he would enter a gentle non sequitur to our remissness, but also, I trust, offer to each thankful penitent ' .. ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis ..' - and graciously to boot.
God Bless Our Pope! Lord, help us all!
St Michael defend us in the day of battle!
Papa Pacelli - Beato Subito / Santo Subito!