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pammy • 10 years ago

i am suffering from muscle pain , so pls tell me which vitamin is good for muscle pain,and now iam doing exercise

lena • 10 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to add, I take it for leg cramps, and it always helps me.

Cheng • 10 years ago

Muscle pain often related to lack of Vitamin D.

lena • 10 years ago

do you like molasses? Take a table spoon daily. the magnesium and potassium will feed your muscles.

Ok Kissinski • 8 years ago

Potassium,bananas is a good 1

Eagle • 10 years ago

In the Middle East the vegetable have names different from those in USA, where I am from. I would like a list of veggies names that you recommend and can buy in the Middle East. What foods are known to reduce blood sugar- diabetes - and high blood pressure?
Great web site!! :O)

Cheng • 10 years ago

Vitamin D sufficient will cure both Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. In Middle East you got lots of sun, however, you may have stayed in door or due to the clothes to block the sunlight. Basically, only UVB 290 nm to 315 nm of sunlight can generate Vitamin D thru your skin choleterol, and only around noon time, say, 10am to 3pm. Also, winter time, north to 32N may NOT have any UVB at all during winter, so sun gives you none Vitamin D. If you take 5,000 iu of Vitamin D a day, your problem will be gone.

For short term treatment, you eat cinnamon will increase your cell sugar metabolize 20 times to reduce your blood sugar. And you eat banana, cantaloupe or kiwi and those with rich potassium will lower your high blood pressure.

Also keep in mind, that blood pressure is NOT stay the same thru out the day, it often goes lowest in 5am then start climbing up to reach highest of the day around 9:30am and then going down to reach lowest at 2pm and low to 5pm moving up again till sleep. So, if your doctor appointment on physical check up around 9:30pm, you will be much likely to be diagnostic high blood pressure. Also, the baseline is NOT the same through out the year, May to September the lowest and stay low till winter time with Jan and Feb the highest.

Chanie • 12 years ago

Great list of Vitamin D Foods! I wish there were more vegetarian sources. But, I do love me some shittake mushrooms, so maybe I'll just make it a point to eat more of those.

hjdez • 11 years ago

It is true, much of what is in our food stuff today contain many toxins, land or sea, and pharmaceutical drugs and our drinking water. Dr F R Klenner (1907 - 1984) cured almost every virus known to man with Vitamin C. Prevented prolonged agony and death from Poisons and toxins, including snake, Pus caterpillar, Black widow spider, drug overdose etc. etc, with vitamin C. One gram to 150 grams a day, oral, injections, and iv without ill effects. The FDA rd’s are a sick joke leaving the door open to every ailment known to man. Dr. Klenner, Irwin Stone, Linus Pauling took 15 t0 20 grams every day for over 20 years. Research these people, I did and have never been healthier. Research has shown that Vitamin C and the immune system vitamins neutruelize and store poisons and toxins in the liver then dumped, when triggered by (would you believe) caffine. More research: 'sugar the sweetest poison of all'.

boris • 10 years ago

What you are said is bogus. Having right dose of vitamins is a good prevention method. But no one vitamin is a cure real decease. In fact, putting too much of one vitamin can block your body from absorbing other vitamines and put you at greater danger.

mscognizance • 9 years ago

Vitamin B12 cures pernicious anemia. Vitamin C cures scurvy. Look it up.

yung • 10 years ago

Hi Hjdez,

I just wanted to know if you are a doctor of some sort.
My friend's relative has first stage cancer and was wondering if you know of a cure or anyother means of prolonging her condition.
Forgive me if I offended you in any ways.
Thanks & B/R


Alan Hubbard • 10 years ago

THIS is not a replacement for any of the vitamins, but Herb Robert ( a member of the Geranium family is gaining a lot of cudos for being a "wonder herb"

there is much anecdotal evidence that herb Robert has made many cancers (in particular breast cancer) disappear -- it has also been connected with diabetes -in that it "repairs" the pancreas..

Google Herb Robert -- it might be what everyone needs??

Brian Wirthman • 10 years ago

Thought to mention golden barrel blackstrap molasses which is high in iron for those who avoid red meat.Also check out wh foods list on blackstrap molasses web page.It is a great resource for all to eat heathy.Thnk you for insight.Dont be iron defiecient for shure.Brian

Nick • 11 years ago

I also wish there were more vitamin d foods for vegetarians. I love shiitake mushrooms, but i would grow tired of them really quickly if I ate them everyday. I guess more time in the sun is the way to go for me. Good list.

kat • 9 years ago

leaks are high in d!

kat • 9 years ago

sorry no i misread!!! but adding butter helps d up your veggies!

mary • 10 years ago

2 years ago my Vitamin D levels were normal - prior to the test I was working in an office constantly, hardly went out during the day and didn't get much sunlight. Then I resigned and for the last 2 years have been outdoors constantly! so i was shocked when a recent blood test showed that I'm close to a Vitamin D deficiency even though I've been getting more sunshine that ever before - I'm really confused now :-(

mscognizance • 9 years ago

As we get older, our skin is less able to make vitamin D from sunshine; I don't know if you are old. Also hypothyroidism is associated with low vitamin D. It is important for women to have their thyroid levels checked, not just the TSH but T3 and T4.

ron • 9 years ago

what sunshine? the sky is never clear these days!! on a good day there is still a haze

Dennie75 • 8 years ago

The haze is chemtrails. Watch the sky-they spray back and forth in lines and it spreads out. It is aluminum, barium, strontium, and other junk. Kristen Meghan worked for the gov and told about chemicals she had to approve with no jobs attached. She was threatened when she asked questions. Chemtrails were mentioned in House bill 2977 before it was revised. Ted Gunderson also spoke out against them. Clear blobs fell 6 times over a 3 week period in Oakville, Washington. People were sick that came in contact with it and some pets died. The blobs contained bacteria and human white blood cells. The samples later disappeared. Prior to the blobs falling people noticed slow moving military aircraft in the skies above their town. Green goo also fell on homes in Snyder, NY.

Cheng • 10 years ago

Winter time your Vitamin D level often has 1/3 remained, so when did you take blood test is important. It is a fact that over 60% of people Vitamin D Insufficient during winter, and that's another reason why people catch cold in winter.

Also that, even in summer, only a few hours around noon time has UVB, if you not working but get sunlight in early morning, say, before 11am or after 3pm, you may not get UVB, note the 11am in summer is in fact 10am due to day light saving time.

People working, while stay in office, often go out for lunch in sunny summer days, and take some walk during the most UVB time, that just 15 minutes got sufficient vitamin D.

john • 9 years ago

Your body naturally stores vitamin D in the summer for later use in the winter. We are amazing creatures!

Global Healing Center • 10 years ago

Thank you for your post. Many people think of vitamin D as the nutrient they absorb from the sun. The sun rays themselves don't actually contain any vitamin D; instead, skin that is penetrated by specific ultraviolet rays works to synthesize this energy into vitamin D, starting a process involving the liver and kidneys to create the essential hormone calcitriol.

Location, season and physical blocks can prevent UVB absorption. Regions north of latitude 40, running horizontally from northern California to New York City do not receive sufficient sun rays from September through May. In addition, anything physically blocking the sun's rays impedes vitamin D synthesis, such as clothing, sunscreen with a sun protection factor higher than 15, coatings on windows and clouds in the sky. People with darker skin also require more sunlight, as their higher amount of melanin reduces their UVB exposure.

Keeping these concerns in mind you may find that your able to better absorb Vitamin D through supplementation, if anything giving this a try to be assure that you can get the D that your body needs may be beneficial. Once you have given this process some time I would suggest testing your levels again to see what the results would be.

I thank you for your post, take care and be well!

Katlin Farrell • 10 years ago

Interesting how those who eat only plant products are veggie eaters while those who eat plant and animal products are called meat eaters. Wouldn't Omnivore (or similar term) be more appropriate?

Otherwise, very good post, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Lydian Stone • 8 years ago

It's about chosen style, and appropriation to an audience. Using 'omnivore' and 'carnivore' would be fine; however, this is a casual article for a casual audience. An editor should realize that more people will easily identify with "veggie-eater" than with 'omnivore' (unnecessary to capitalize within sentence).

Were a simiilar article written for a more cerebral or academically/ scientifically geared publication, then an editor likely would opt for the more scientific terms.

Karla26 • 10 years ago

Hi! I was told by the neurologist just yesterday that i have a
trigeminal neuralgia and now the doctor will be giving me 5 injections whcih is vitamin D to avoid it from getting worst. Please advice the best meal that has vitamin D. Thank you so much and i look forward in hearing your kind response.

carmen • 10 years ago

Are there no vegetables which contain vitamin d.how about pulses or any white meat,do we find it in any of those,thanks,hope to have your answer,Carmen

GHCCustomerService • 10 years ago

Thank you for your post! There are a number of vegetables that contain vitamin D in them, the following is a list of a few that may help you.

Vegetables High in Vitamin D - Vitamin D in Vegetables per 100 g
Mushrooms, shiitake, dried - Vitamin D 1660 IU
Mushrooms, shiitake, cooked, with salt - Vitamin D 303 IU
Mushrooms, shiitake, cooked, without salt - Vitamin D 303 IU
Mushrooms, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt - Vitamin D 90 IU
Mushrooms, canned, drained solids - Vitamin D 90 IU
Mushrooms, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt - Vitamin D 90 IU
Mushrooms, raw - Vitamin D 76 IU
Spinach souffle - Vitamin D 25 IU
Potatoes, mashed, dehydrated, prepared from flakes without milk, whole milk and butter added - Vitamin D 12 IU
Corn pudding, home prepared - Vitamin D 11 IU
Potatoes, mashed, dehydrated, prepared from granules with milk, water and margarine added - Vitamin D 9 IU
Potatoes, mashed, home-prepared, whole milk and butter added - Vitamin D 8 IU
Potato pancakes - Vitamin D 8 IU
Potatoes, mashed, home-prepared, whole milk and margarine added - Vitamin D 6 IU
Potatoes, mashed, home-prepared, whole milk added - Vitamin D 6 IU

Thank you again for your comment, take care and be well!

john • 9 years ago

Mushrooms are a fungi not a vegetable. The vegetables listed above contain so little vitamin D, you would need to eat a whole bag of potatoes to get the RDA. Sunlight, certain meats, and fungi is the only prevalent source of vitamin D

jan • 9 years ago

do you have any sugestions?

jan • 9 years ago

picky, not nice!!!

Alexis Elizabeth Drob • 9 years ago

OMG I hate mushrooms, those slimey things!!

urmi • 10 years ago

i am pure vegetarian can u tell me what should i eat ????????

Rosie Fellows • 10 years ago

Fish, liver and eggs are the best way to get enough vitamin D. Depends how badly you want the health benefits.

VitaminD • 4 years ago

"Fortified with vitamin D"
What about foods that are fortified with vitamin-D ? Though the foods are vegan friendly where in general is this vitamin-D extracted from or is it just pharmaceutical ?

GHC Support • 4 years ago

Hi, there. Fortified foods (vegan-friendly or not) generally are fortified with synthetic vitamin D. Overall, you want to either use a high-quality vitamin D supplement like Suntrex D3, or simply stick to foods that have naturally occurring vitamin D.

gscott • 4 years ago

Misinformation. Your body cannot make Vit D just by 'going out in the sun'. The sun must be at 50 degrees or higher in the sky. So much of the year it is not possible to make D. Your shadow must be as long as you are tall or shorter, to make D

Carrol Lindsay • 4 years ago

My doctor just confirmed what I was thinking about my health she confirmed my vit D level is low and I'll start taking vit D 25 hydroxy X 8 wks in addition to adding more vit D to my diet. Te posted comments are great & helpful. I forgot to ask if there are any limitations when exercising. Looking to a positive experience improving my bones.

Suzan Wright • 6 years ago

Good one

Kristine Chiarappo • 7 years ago

Instead of stressing out about what has this and what has that...just take a supplement and call it a day. They have vegan capsules for all you veggie lovers so don't worry about that. BUT...be sure you are in fact deficient! Have a blood test to confirm. Too much vitamin D can be just as bad as too little. Good luck everyone!

khumz • 7 years ago

my mom takes celecoxib 100gm as an ongoing prescription drug. today I bought Sandoz calcium forte 500gm and gave her to tablets as a result of severe joint pains last night (and) counteract for tonight. advise of the dangers/advantages

Juli • 8 years ago

I notice, Dr. Group, that you are a vegan, so you use the vitamin D3 serum. I am also trying to be a vegan (I've been a vegetarian for 35 years) but the serum comes from the lanolin of sheep. This does not seem to be vegan to me. Is there another plant source, other than shitake mushrooms, that is a good way to get vitamin d? Thank you

Global Healing Center • 8 years ago

Hey Juli, Yeah, you are correct. I've been working on a truly vegan friendly D3 formula to fill this need. It's called Suntrex D3 and we should have it available later on this month. Stay tuned (or sign up for our newsletter for the announcement of its release, sign up box is at the top right of this page).

Tee • 8 years ago

I know this is slightly out of context, its in re: to Vitamin D supplementation. I am really curious to read any different views people may have. I read on The People's Chemist, that Vit D supplementation is totally unnecessary and even harmful, if a true deficiency isn't present. It stated that the normal range guidelines were decided upon with Rickets in mind, and that some of the healthiest people who are in the sun constantly do not reach the ranges that we are being told is healthy. "Healthy Hawaiian Sunbathers" It then went on to say that large doses of synthetic Vitamin D are used in rat and mouse poisons then the argument of dosage came up, but why put anything that's an ingredient for any poison in our body on a daily basis? It also went on to say, because its fat soluble like A, D, E & K it leaves us at great risk for D toxicity and hypercalcemia. That's one, the next is Folic Acid, we don't need it period, he believes its a carcinogen. But states we do need folate, he uses brewers yeast, I believe, not sure about that. Going on to say Multivitamins and especially prenatal multivitamins are very harmful. I'm only sharing what I read, so different views can be shared. However, My children take Vitamin D, I have had them on vitamins since they were babies. I do as well, and I take L-methyfolte for other reasons, if its true should we all be taking the methylated form regardless of our status? Lastly, it came down to, no need to supplement anything unless we are deficient or have a specific health issue.

uttam • 8 years ago

I am vagetarian which foods contains vitamin D

Global Healing Center • 8 years ago

Sunlight, or a vitamin D supplement, are probably going to be your best bet!

B • 8 years ago

I take 2 Fish pills every morning, with my breakfast. After 5 + years taking this, the pain in my knees (from falls in my youth) has depleted about 95%. Now, I await it to stop the pain in my shoulder, from a horrid fall, down wet stairs at work in my 20's.

Michele Inman • 8 years ago

I am vegetarian for over 30 years and mostly vegan now....am very fit and great health but do have a vit D deficiency so all this info helps! Thanks so much!

Denise Stephens • 9 years ago

thank you so much for this information, I have had 7 stomach ops, the various levels of all my vitamins have been awry, but my vit D is at the lowest. xxx