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Tryle N Error • 6 years ago

Orban is a good man. Why is he the ONLY leader of a European nation that really makes an effort in trying to save Europe?

Why is there not a single leader of a Western European Nation that does a single f.cking thing, except cover up the truth whilst actively contributing to the total destruction of western civilisation?

Why do ALL Western European political parties, regardless of left or right, cooperate when it comes to the suicidal immigration policies?

Why is there not a single media outlet that reports the truth and cries out about the genocide of the European people?

Guest • 6 years ago
Tryle N Error • 6 years ago

Carefully hopeful re. Farage. Sceptical but hopeful.

Too early to say about Petry. AfD is not even anti-EU.

Marine le Pen has sold out her father's legacy. Her six closest party officials are LGBT activists, and the official party policy is to continue migration, just black Africans instead of Muslims.

Either way, none of them will have a democratic majority, and thus any influence, until Europe is done for. It's all happening FAST now. Very fast.

Companero • 6 years ago

Le Pen just says that to get elected. All our right wing politicians need to "play the game a little" to get elected and then Bam bam bam

Officer Crabtree • 6 years ago

Trump for example.

Avempace • 6 years ago

FYI: UKIP has a couple of Muslim chairmen, and a few Muslim councillors too.

Companero • 6 years ago

Yeah they are playing the game

Avempace • 6 years ago

Integrating Muslims into their party?

Guest • 6 years ago
Brompeter • 6 years ago

No, they used to be just anti-€.
Their big wig backer Henkel bought a flat in Brussels on a top storey "so that I wouldn't have to see the city I hate so much", but neither he nor Lucke were for Dexit.

The new AfD leadership however is for Dexit, so they say.

WuffoTheWonderDog • 6 years ago

I heard Bernd Lucke the first leader of AfD, speak in the House of Lords last year. He was against the euro but not against the EU. He seemed very comfortable with the bureaucrat world of Brussels.

Tryle N Error • 6 years ago

I don't believe they were ever anti-EU, as in advocating Germany's exit. They were/are rather "EU-sceptics", advocating for reducing the EU involvement in national matters.

Avempace • 6 years ago

Hopeful of what? UKIP have black, Asian, Muslim, and gay members and councillors. Not really your cup of tea. Try the BNP...

Spinningjenny • 6 years ago

Good comment, but Breitbart is doing its best I think

Tryle N Error • 6 years ago

Regarding Islam, yes. Regarding the bigger globalist picture, not so much.

EeeYepBlowing Whistles • 6 years ago

All of the others are hoisted by their own retardedness - and the facts that they are all now known to be - indoctrinates into the living lie that is the EU. They are all in it (up to their eyeyballs) and they cannot leave. So they must go down with the stinking ship.

1234567890 • 6 years ago

Money! It is, as a politician once said, "the mother's milk of politics". The entire political process has been stained, since after the 2nd WW, by it. Orban was behind the Iron Curtain & for some reason I do not know, escaped the grubby clutches of the moneymen, but other pols from behind it didn't. If someone knows why he's the only decent human being to have risen to political power at the top of a European nation, I'd be VERY interested to hear them. PS Sadly, I suspect,Mr. Viktor Orban won't last long. God bless him. LONELY ARE THE BRAVE.

Po Tato • 6 years ago
... Orban is a good man. Why is he the ONLY leader of a European nation that really makes an effort in trying to save Europe? ...

It is not only Orban, but the Hungarians in general

There are couple of reasons:

1. Part of the blood flowing in the veins of the Hungarians are the blood of the Mongoloids

Unlike the brainless Caucasians, the Mongoloids (which include the Japanese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese and the Chinese) generally do not tolerate islamic bullsh*t well

2. The Hungarians fought against the moslem savages for more than 4 centuries


Two sentences from the article above ought to enlighten you guys-

The Islamic Jihad was the worst specimen of a soulless barbarian invasion. One that would put the Goths and Vandals into the pale of being refined gentlemen, relatively speaking

See also:



Christian Koncz • 6 years ago

Sorry, but that's bull. According to most genetic studies Hungarians have less than 2 percent East Asian DNA, we are most closely related to the nations that surround us, including Austrians, Serbs, etc... And this isn't just Hungary, attitudes are the same all over Eastern Europe. Political Correctness is simply not part of the culture or the discourse in Eastern Europe and that includes Academia. Most of what is freely said by especially older professors in EE universities would be grounds for firing in WE, or even a prison sentence. Same thing with the media, what is Breitbart and Infowars in the US and UK is pretty much mainstream news in EE.

Companero • 6 years ago

If it wasn't for E Europe standing up I think we'd be done for.

Christian Koncz • 6 years ago

Don't forget America. I have a feeling that if these refugees were rampaging and raping their way through Texas they would not last very long. It is only the brainwashed leftie-liberals in Western European socialist democracies that have no problem with millions of invading Zombies ravaging and raping their women and children. Secretly, I think they actually get off on it, like those pathetic loser men who enjoy being cuckolded.

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

Well said.

"what is Breitbart and Infowars in the US and UK is pretty much mainstream news in EE."

I don't know about EE but I can confirm that is so in Hungary.

Christian Koncz • 6 years ago

Yes, I love the Hungarian media, it is still largely free, independent and often politically incorrect. The coverage of the migrant invasion in particular was vomit-inducingly biased in both the English - and German-speaking media.

sylvesterthecat • 6 years ago

I couldn't give two short sh1ytes who they are and where they come from if they have the same aversion to the hordes of Islam as we do, I'm glad they're with us.

We would always do well to remember that our enemy's enemy must be our friend.

Brompeter • 6 years ago

"less than 2 percent East Asian DNA"
As a business traveller in EE/WE for a dozen years before and after 1989 I was disabused of notions that Hungarians would bare traces of this "Asian DNA" drawn from reading up on history of those EE countries .
I don't know about percentages and doubt that anyone does, but I would agree that the broad-brush stuff about "Mongoloid blood" is 'bull', simply because "the uralics" were widely separated from East Asia to begin with, and the intermittently migrating hordes from the steppes left their mark everywhere. However it was easy to see why many have been led to speculate about Hungarian genes. It all stems from the great dissimilarity of the Hungarian language to the neighbouring ones around Carpathian basin, I suppose.
It is true that the language itself of today evolved from the east of the Urals, but it is also true that those that brought this language to the Carpathian basin were widely and thinly dispersed around the region and beyond.
They merged with the neighbouring ethnicities, and vice versa, in the same way that those speakers of it that remained in what is now Russia were subject to the same DNA influences as the surrounding peoples from migrating hordes.
There are surely people in Austria, Croatia, Bavaria etc. who have Hungarian roots going back well over 1000 years but who hardly if ever identified themselves with the latter, and mostly would not have known or cared about such roots.

Christian Koncz • 6 years ago

There are actual scientific studies on this and it is pretty clear that all Europeans are mutts, there is no such thing as a pure-blooded nation, though the Finns and the Lapps in particular come close. European nations have at most two degrees of separation from each other. E.g. Hungarians are closely related genetically to Austrians and Germans (due to centuries of intermarriage) who in turn are closely related to the English and the Dutch. Even Norwegians have considerable Middle Eastern and Central Asian DNA in them. Language is another matter, the science shows that Hungarian is a distant cousin of Finnish and Estonian, but not much else beyond that. The point is that the entire "West" or what is known in America as the White Nation is essentially one, large interbreeding family network with negligible genetic differences. Muslims and Jews have diverged into separate genetic "tribes" or races due to millenia of inbreeding and a refusal to marry outsiders.

Avempace • 6 years ago

Europe is a non-static social construction. What you consider 21st century Europe is vastly different to the past. Many ancient Empires were pan Europe-Asia, and pan Europe-Africa. Why then would "Europe" be a separate entity to elsewhere?

Also, give me a biological reason why we should separate humans based on a few visible (and continuous) phenotypes such as skin and hair colour. Why not immune cascade response or blood type?

Kirk to Enterprise • 6 years ago

Why indeed. Because they support the genocide of the indigenous of Europe.

EeeYepBlowing Whistles • 6 years ago

Cracking good speech by Farage at the GO Bournemouth conference today.

He even mentioned the 'Cologne' sex assault cover up again - a subject which must not be forgotten.
Plus excellent quips at Camerons Tampon tax - rhetoric!

Cheddarcakes • 6 years ago

Orban knows his people want to live in a Christian country with Christian values and a modern outlook. We have allowed the liberal and cultural marxist elites to hijack the notion of what a modern outlookis to be one where third savages fill our streets and our jobs and ra pe our children in schools and public baths

He has seen what Merkel wants to turn Hungary into (Sweden, Molenbeek) and he has stood up for his people. Good for him. God speed Mr Orban and may a plague descend upon the treacherous CDU in Germanistan

Vlad_the_Inhaler • 6 years ago

Nigel is right about Merkel. I would never have imagined a while back that someone as clued up as her could make such a catastrophic and stupid mistake - made worse by her refusal to own up to it and reverse it. That said Nigel needs to stop pussyfooting about, bite the bullet and start using the type of no nonsense language that Viktor Orban uses.

Hybird • 6 years ago

She's insane. The first sign of her madness was when she suddenly announced the closure of Germany's nuclear power industry after the Japanese tsunami. As Germany does not suffer from devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, only someone insane would see the logic in that. Another sign was when she was handed a German flag at a rally and treated it as if it she saw it as a disgusting rag covered in vomit.

Leo Savantt • 6 years ago

Orban was vilified when he stood up against the ECB and refused to allow Hungary's central bank to escape the scrutiny of parliament; he was vilified when he stood up against the EC and built fences, he will be vilified again.

Hungary does not have the Euro and this is his ace, one that for instance Greece does not have, never-the-less he is but one man. His resistance to Brussels will be resisted, they will try to manufacture a corruption or sexual scandal against him and failing that he may well meet with an "accident".

Unless he is successful in his attempts to form alliances, with Poland in particular, he is doomed. It is 1683 again; but unlike his forbears he cannot rely on Teutonic valour, this time the enemies lie not only to the south but also to the west, and to the north. He is a brave man indeed.

Vlad_the_Inhaler • 6 years ago

He was only vilified by traitorous European politicians. He's done wonders for the reputation of Hungary among sane European voters.

Lyn • 6 years ago

There is a video of Oban after our Dave reformed special deal ,Oban tells his people that NOTHING WILL CHANGE REGARDING THE UK BENEFIT PAYOUT TO HIS PEOPLE THAT ARRIVE WITH OR WITHOUT A UK JOB ,DAVE,S DEAL IS USELESS.

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

The new Polish government elected last October is Orbán's close ally. :)
And it's a little wonder that a lot of Slovaks and Czech have very high opinion of a Hungarian politician in his person. I doubt that ever happened before.

gunnerbear • 6 years ago

The V4 group soak up huge amounts of cash and demand FoM for their citizens and yet say the EU has no business in telling them what to do....I'd boot the lot of 'em out until they'd reached the same economic levels as Western Europe.

The V4 members collectively pay in around €7.64bn yet soak up around €29.00bn.

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

That money is only partial compensation that the Western corporations have free access to our markets. I voted no on the referendum about Hungary's EU membership. V4 should leave the EU en bloc and build a guarded triple razor wire on the borders with Western Europe.

gunnerbear • 6 years ago

And the V4 members get to shift chunks of their population to the Western nations....

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

Yes, please deport our doctors. nurses and engineers.

gunnerbear • 6 years ago

Could do for me and then we'd have to train UK citizens to do the jobs....more jobs for UK citizens....

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

Yes, do that. Good luck.

RodPolisher • 6 years ago

Of course, there was no NHS before your doctors and nurses arrived. The UK was a wasteland before your engineers built it up.

It always amazes me that immigrants coming to the UK "to build it up" inevitably come from countries that have much worse infrastructure and development. Sort your own countries out first before flooding ours with your undesirables.

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

I didn't say anything like that.

gunnerbear • 6 years ago

Orban's resistance to Brussels? Really? At the recent HOGS meeting Orban approved the EU -Turkey deal after sounding off about in public. Ohh....Hungary gets about €6bn a year from EU taxpayers.....but only puts in about a €1bn......surely if Orban was resisting the EU he'd be resisting EU cash as well.....

Leo Savantt • 6 years ago

Don't be naïve, that's like asking benefit recipients to stop claiming because they didn't vote conservative.

Leto مؤدّب • 6 years ago

Nigel rocks. He's my favourite British politician by a hundred miles. It's a real, real shame that he's a marginal figure in British politics (because of the antiquated and unfair FPTP election system). :(

gunnerbear • 6 years ago

"....(because of the antiquated and unfair FPTP election system)."

...that the Great British Electorate voted to retain.

44th "Fighting Fours" • 6 years ago

Damned right. The whole EU project is collapsing and it is people like Nigel, Viktor etc. that we must thank along with the committed people out there at the grassroots level.

EllieMae's grandad • 6 years ago

'migrants'? Gimmegrants at best, invaders at worst; hostile aliens for sure.