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Yoyo • 7 years ago

What about the brand Mauri, which is now Koha? They have food with Brushtail from New Zealand in it, or at least that's what the pet food store told us.

Alvin Wong • 7 years ago

Thanks !

Chris Ridling • 7 years ago

I'm sorry to sound so skeptical but this almost smells like a publicity stunt. I should be more trusting I know.

Gale • 7 years ago

Vit A can cause birth defects in puppies when mom eats too much vit A

Dolores Musumeci • 7 years ago

Is it just the ones with expiration of December 2018. My cans have same UPC code but different expiration dates?????

Sherry • 7 years ago

I would call the phone # just to make sure.

Dolores Musumeci • 7 years ago

Yes, I did that. They told me it's only those expiration dates.

Lyman Duggan • 7 years ago

Is Vitamin A harmful to dogs?

Di4dogs • 7 years ago

Would you consider feeding another food with this one to cut the vitamin dosage? It seems reasonable..

Andy • 7 years ago

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for all dogs, and deficiencies can cause problems with vision, growth and skin and coat health. But it is also one of two vitamins which can cause toxicosis in excessive amounts, which can lead to muscle weakness and bone abnormalities. This would require massive doses for months or years, however.

Mary Vedder • 7 years ago

"Exposure to EXCESSIVE Vitamin A levels for an extended period of time may cause adverse health consequences in young, growing animals."