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Luke101 • 7 years ago

"Rather than oppose immigrants and refugees, it is important for leaders to help EVERYONE IN THE WORLD --- with their problems.!"
“Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,”
"Aggressive Nationalism. A crude populism. Sometimes from the far left but more often from the far right.”
- Yes , that's right, we are being Lectured on the evils of Populism , by a Community Organizer...
----- Another Speech, another steaming pile of Traitorous Globalist Blather.
This evil man has been a repugnant and malignant force of Cultural; Military, and Social de-construction to our Country since he sauntered into the WH with his clubs.

NationalCapitalist • 7 years ago

The UN and EU are becoming identical in their objectives and goals. They would see a world without nations, flooded with Islam, with all the power given to the elites. Trump needs to pull us out of the UN and shut down the payments to this global organization of hate.

Space Cowboy • 7 years ago

Cripple the UN by the US stopping its funding of it, exiting the UN, and kicking it off of America's shores, as it is nothing but a cesspool of radical Leftists and Muslim jihadists.

Libsareclowns • 7 years ago

Its always fun to see LibTards lose their minds....Obama, go Eff yourself, we are sick of you

Trump 16

fird • 7 years ago

Barack Hussein Obama is completely utterly out of touch with the American and the British patriot. Bitching about "populism" -- the new dirty word of liberal globalists -- is simple whining about "Patriotism". Liberals can't use the right P-word in their griping.

Globalization will NOT grow. This is the path forged by Trump, and followed by Brexit.

American patriots WILL have this country back; political correctness is being rejected as is Obama/Clinton leftist policy centered on legal and illegal immigration as tools of vote-pandering.

Hillary Clinton IS the embodiment of Barack Obama's ineptitude, incompetence, and failure --- SHE WILL BE CRUSHED. And it will be a beautiful thing to behold.

America WILL NOT lower it's standards to accomodate money-grifting globalists ... America is A SOVEREIGN NATION and ALWAYS will be.

Izzlam luvs us • 7 years ago

You mean O'BOMBER. Don't drone me Bro...

Walter White • 7 years ago

Fitting that the thin smoking empty suit man would say this garbage while standing before the UN and behind an emblem of world government and leftist fascism. He's never been a president. He's always been a spokesmen for the world elite, Islamization of the West, and the decline of Western society. He is a devil pure an simple. An enemy to freedom and free people.

freewheelinfranklin543 • 7 years ago

A nwo marionette so to speak!

Michael Noone • 7 years ago

A soros puppet.

Guest • 7 years ago
Walter White • 7 years ago

If he were to intentionally try to destroy the country he couldn't do a much better job than he's done.

1) bring in millions of anti-American immigrants who have no intention of assimilating, some intend and have politically and racially insighted violence against legal citizens, others to perpetrate violence for their medieval religion

2) throw in crushing debt catapulted by economy crushing fiscal policy and indefinite Federally frozen interest rates, give billions of dollars to our enemies, and even establish a precedence for a few million $s for US hostages with our worst enemies

3) racially incite violence and stir up racial tension at every opportunity, never losing a chance to blame the race, religion, nationality, and culture of the white, Christian, right wing amongst us while condescendingly defending every other group of people, even those who have repeatedly shown themselves to hate the rest of us and want to cause us harm

4) bulldozer other branches of government while calling any form of descent obstruction, any sort of disagreement bigotry, pass executive orders for everything you can think of while constantly telling the country that we must act now, the agenda must move forward at all cost or we risk disaster

5) give lip service to the last long honored traditions of our country, our flag, our military, our veterans, while out of the other side of your mouth spew hate and bile at everything our ancestors fought and died for to preserve our great nation

Yeah, if Obama were trying to destroy the country and prove himself to be a demonic traitor to America there isn't a whole lot differently he would do.... Just sayin'.

Ralphsheets • 7 years ago

a failure as potus and consider him as a great divider and chief.

Guest • 7 years ago
Michael Noone • 7 years ago

Horse crap. He has deliberately divided us in every way possible, at every turn.

LILIBETH • 7 years ago

Obama threw black people under the bus a long time ago. Get a clue. Blacks are doing worse now than they were before the idiot took office.

TheLulzWarrior • 7 years ago


NeverHillary • 7 years ago

I it seems that way because that's exactly what he is trying to do.

Phlyers • 7 years ago

Now the man-child thinks he can scold the world. Can't be January soon enough!

coyote • 7 years ago

As the mooslim (((manchurian candidate))), he has earned his shekels. Our nation, and the race which founded it are now obliged to commit suicide for the parasites who send our children off to fight their wars, lock us in usurious slavery to debt, gleefully cheer on weimar-germany era decadence and depravity, and film terrorism of the world trade center collapse while dancing happily. TAKE IT BACK: starts with TRUMP 2016.

chekme2 • 7 years ago

He knows that once those moooslims get here, America is finished thats why he wants them here. You know that they are like cockoooorochase they produce like them. You bring in 1,000.000 in 10 years you will have 20,000.000.

jimmym99755 • 7 years ago

Muslims habitually have 2-6 wives - all collecting welfare, all having 3-10 kids. Do the math people.

LWM • 7 years ago

Of course it's intentional! Obama is the first U.S. president in history who hates and despises the country he leads.

My God...how could America elect and then reelect this man?

Don Brady, Jr. • 7 years ago

That's easy...hippie stupidity...'been observing the rhetoric since I was a child.

brodave • 7 years ago


jimmym99755 • 7 years ago

He IS intentionally trying to destroy the country.
Didn't you get the memo?

shashumna • 7 years ago

...and internationally his actions are even worse, turning Syria, Lybia and Iraq into bloodbaths of war and empowering Islamists at every turn, ( he tried but failed in Egypt) giving billions to Iran and clearing for them a path to nuclear weapons, embracing Turkey's Islamist direction, and running a non humourous version of " The Russians are Coming" with Putin.

DaveS77 • 7 years ago

You're completely wrong! Where you said "millions" to our enemies...it's BILLIONS!

Walter White • 7 years ago

Thanks for the correction.

SIMO HAYHA • 7 years ago


Carol Stearns • 7 years ago

If you want to find out what it's all about look up Agenda 21, and New World Order. It's already started.

oldmossback • 7 years ago

WW1 as well as WW2 started without us.........but we put an end to both........we can do the same to this agenda 21 as well.

Don Brady, Jr. • 7 years ago

WE, as a Nation; are not sheep.

Guest • 7 years ago

We'll see come November.

oldmossback • 7 years ago

What you will see is a old Lion waking up and none too happy about it.

valerie • 7 years ago

Perfectly stated. Thank you.

Walter White • 7 years ago

Thank you. I have to vent somehow.

brodave • 7 years ago

Thank you. You vent for all True Americans.
Trump 2016!

Eternal Vigilance • 7 years ago

"If he were?"

NoCoincidences • 7 years ago

He would try to secure his position as UN secretary general...

Guest • 7 years ago
NoCoincidences • 7 years ago

The nearest and highest limb of an oak tree would do just as well..

freewheelinfranklin543 • 7 years ago

Obama has had a lot of help. Both Bushes,Bill Clinton,Jimmy Carter,Gerald Ford,Richard Nixon and LBJ. This is the gang that killed JFK back in 1963.They have run the country into the ground and destroyed its culture,industrial base,the health of the American people and damn near everything else.I have been here close to 70 years and I don't recognize the place!

markinrsm • 7 years ago

It was more profitable to get foreign money, I worked for McDonnell Douglas we were forced to give Airbus key technology to help them by our own government.

What nation in the world would force a private company to give key technology to another nation so they could take over an industry?

empiresentry • 7 years ago

thats the Progressive way

PaulTT • 7 years ago

I could not agree more!

Liddleun • 7 years ago

Agree, I have been here just over 55 years and this country is nothing like it was when I was young. That includes the 60's.

JR2 • 7 years ago

Absolutely. CIA GHW Bush

El Duchy • 7 years ago

LBJ killed Kennedy but the others, with the exception of Nixon, are complicit with the elitist left in destroying America.

David L. Wrightsman • 7 years ago

Thank you for having the courage to identifying many of the criminals, which by their oath to evil span all political parties.

Johnny ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • 7 years ago

obama is our enemy, he hates americans ,, his actions say that ,,

just like hillary hates trump supporters ,, she hates americans