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Mysirius • 3 years ago

Years ago, some of those of the Louis Kelso (the worker capitalism dude) perspective argued that eventually machines would be able to do just about everything faster, better and cheaper than humans. So what are the humans to do? This is where they argue for establishing capital accounts for everyone which would allow for targeted investments in local development corporations, locally based utilities, moving towards worker owned businesses, citizen land banks, etc. The purpose in all this humans control the capital and where those resources are placed. Indeed, they compared the wealth in capital as ultimately will be more efficient than labor (Bill Gates capital value would continue upward even if he were in a coma). The key will be to assure the right to property for all and equitably distributed. Interesting how this is circling back around.

Michael Harrington • 3 years ago

Collectively? Cooperatives? Government providing basic income and dismantling the work ethic? post-Capitalist?

Is this all really necessary? How about we all participate in the capitalist economy as creative individuals and legally assign and defend ownership and control of our product? Isn't that what entrepreneurs try to do? In a world of robots, I want my own fleet of robots working for me (hint - CAPITAList); I don't want to wait for the democratic (sic) political process to get around to delivering what "they" deem a basic income. Is it going to be the same for everybody, no matter the risk taken and energy expended?

Humans are naturally communal if they are free. We don't need to be coerced into it.