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True story: Microsoft replaced hundreds of qualified and trained computer programmers who were born and raised in America, with hundreds of immigrants from India who were willing to work for 25 percent of what Microsoft paid the Americans. The company stuck the cheaper workers in crowded housing units. In my opinion, that is NO WAY to treat Americans or our unemployed military veterans who have been trained in high tech job skills! This scene is repeated by other greedy corporations who are kicking our unemployed vets and unemployed young and old Americans into the gutter, while they stuff their own pockets instead of rewarding our vets for their services and sacrifices. This practice must end by banning all H1b visas.

boylocal • 8 years ago

This is not so much about "greedy corporations" as it is about greedy politicians. It's a bi-partisan assault on the middle class. This is an Obama Administration initiative that the RINOs do not resist.

John Miano • 8 years ago


It's worse than you describe. Once you unravel the tangle of lobbyist-written statute following two-levels of indirection you find that an employer may replace an American at will with an H-1B worker unless:

1. The H-1B worker earns less than $60,000; AND
2. The H-1B worker does not have a master's degree (quickie overseas master's count); AND
3. The employer has less than 15% of its workforce on H-1B visas (not counting the ones above); AND
4. The replacement takes place within 90 days of making the visa petition.

Notice that when the H-1B quota is used up in the first week of April for visas starting with in October, this protects absolutely no one.

It is an absolute, indisputable fact that Americans are being replaced by H-1B workers. Among some of the Senators, the reaction to this is, "My god, we need to stop this." (God bless them.)

[I should take that back. Industry groups and immigration lawyers say that this is a "myth". Meaning, the folks at SCE, Walt Disney World, Cargill, Northeast Utilities . . . . were just dreaming when they were fired.]

Among others the reaction is "We need to raise the $60,000 to $95,000."

Among real Americans (i.e., outside Washington), would be great agreement to the principle "Americans citizens come should first under our immigration laws."

Yet in Washington, they cannot agree to the principle that employers should not be able to fire Americans and replace them with cheap, foreign workers.


Guest • 8 years ago

Not just no but F - - - NO!
There are already too many Indian and pakistani doctors and IT people in the USA. That is because they are paid as 'untouchables' and don't complain, not because there is any lack of US applicants.

Typical Salinan • 8 years ago

States like Kansas are suffering from the brain drain. The kids who are educated here are leaving (in large numbers, and almost immediately after finishing school), and there are too few qualified applicants willing to come here (backwards state politicians, and backwards people who keep re-electing them). I say bring it on, so at least these foreign professionals can take all the jobs there are no qualified candidates left for.

It's cheap people like you that drive highly trained and qualified young people out of Kansas. If you would pay a decent wage, more college grads would stay to work here. Since you want to pay cheap wages, I suggest you move to the overpopulated, smelly, and polluted nation of India, so you can be in "paradise" of cheap laborers.

Guest • 8 years ago

Wow I dont think ive seen a bigger loser. Honesty you have to be a troll to write that crap. I say any time you post we need to call you put by just responding TROLL.

Angela • 8 years ago

Remember that this so called "Typical Salinan" makes comments favorable to Obama and the democrats, so his comment to replace American workers with cheap foreign immigrants shows his true colors as a hater of American workers.

Agreed • 8 years ago

Im on board, only a troll would wish ill gain on there fellow Americans.

Name • 8 years ago

Why anyone would vote yes has to be a complete moron and even more important what are conservative episodeand even more important what are conservative representatives doing about it.

boylocal • 8 years ago

What are conservative representatives doing about "it"?
Probably not enough. But surely even you recognize that the "it" they aren't doing enough about is an Obama Democrat initiative.

overworkedunderpaid • 8 years ago

Ya might as well. They already make more than I do. So do Walmart workers and fast food workers. You would figure minimum wage would have gone up before they think of this though.

Guest • 8 years ago

it doesn't go up because we bring in third world folks that think 7.25 is a boatload of cash....
Immigration from these countries prevents wages from going up.

This is why even Mexico has a secure southern border. - - they deported 89000 Guatamelans... because they "commit crime, and drive down local wages"