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maganga. maganga • 9 years ago

I like this President. He is bold and wants to CLEAN the legendary MESS!!! Let us ALL SUPPORT HIM!!!!

xris. • 9 years ago

I don't know if he or his Company's are on the List, but the Gov. needs to look very carefully into Hassan Omars Accounts!!

Pik_Pik • 9 years ago

So what do these names really mean to us (readers)? To us, it is just a list with very
abstract significance

Obakortd • 9 years ago

just like the fake list of shame from state,im sure most of this accounts and individuals are dead,its called opposite reaction from TNA we only act after the act not before we are busy idling and searching for empty play ground to grab

Masumbi • 9 years ago

Any money transfers/banking to do with Somalia or local supporters must be cut off permanently. I am however suspicious about muhuri being included in the list. The government must tell us why and they should be prosecuted if the evidence is there. But I suspect this is gotcha since Kiai is involved with Muhuri.

Mbugua Kamau • 9 years ago

This is one area that the Kenyan government must trend very carefully. They must be prudent and only freeze those accounts they are100% sure are being used for terrorism.Kenyan Somalis are 100% Kenyan and there shouldn't be communal victimisation.We do not want a repeat of 1988 verification fiasco. If all these companies were suspected to be involved in terrorism why has the government not acted before?Who has been undermining the war on terror? When was the information gathered? This must be an open process as no one wants to make already volatile situation worse.

Nana1964 • 9 years ago

Well done Northern Kenya leaders for keeping your word of exposing them.

Alwaga • 9 years ago

Let the Kenyan somalis go on and hide these criminals, it will not take long before they start shooting each other and cutting each others throats. After they are tired of killing Christians, they will turn to their own Muslims - curses from those they have killed will turn against them soon.

Peter • 9 years ago

As a country, we must learn to be proactive and not reactive. So, someone had this list all along and didn't feel the need to act on it?

utu • 9 years ago

The impending visit by a sitting US president has incensed a local criteria who will try to embarrass the government by any means possible. The corruption trumpet call is faltering so security drums must thunder
Prevail we shall but such evil will forever taint these devils and their spawn for many generations. Be alert , pray and stay safe, report suspicious activity.

Obakortd • 9 years ago

please stop using Uhuru's word,he is not visiting but coming home

Wa-Balls • 9 years ago

What did we expect to gain by facilitating the Somalia Somalis (post 1991 IDPs with illegally acquired Kenyan ID cards) to invest in the real estate (commercial and residential buildings), transport (long distance passenger/cargo), dubious NGOs, cash transfer bureau, purchase of key positions in the state agencies/commissions/political parties? FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)? What did KWS expect to gain when they allowed camel herders from the NE region to invaded our national game parks in such of "pasture"? The elimination of our Elephant and Rhino populations?

ArkeRoyal • 9 years ago

Suspension follows their failure to remit protection money to the police and other rent seeking fellows in govt

Phillip Kahindi • 9 years ago

Am not saying anything against any community but surely all these names reads the same.

Ugali Saucer • 9 years ago

There is a certain Erick Ogada.....

Phillip Kahindi • 9 years ago

You really have to look hard to pick that name don't you agree,or can we say he is the go between?

Ugali Saucer • 9 years ago

Picked it out quite fast since he sounds like a Lolwe man....was just wondering what he was doing on that list in the first place..

Phillip Kahindi • 9 years ago

Am also wondering though like I said he could be a go between for we hear that there are the terrorists and their cheering squad.

MzalendoWakwetu • 9 years ago

MUHURI and haki Africa are never late when crackdown on terrorists starts but you'll never hear them when innocents are massacred.
I am so glad to see most of the money exchange companies listed. These things were opening up all over ni kama simu ya jamii! Now can we also clean up the census reports and start a fresh registration of somalis to ascertain ours from those from Somalia?

Robert Evens • 9 years ago

I am surprised I do not see that name of the individual who said we should negotiate with Al-shabab here. I am also surprised that the money laundering MPESA network has not been frozen either

concerned kenyan • 9 years ago

These guys should not b giben warning they will withdraw the money and disapper to somali

Mla chake • 9 years ago

Ok so Haki Africa is in the list? I was wondering how comes I have not heard them since the Garissa massacre. I can now join the dots. So they are on the other side i.e against the fallen 147.... it now makes sense indeed.

Cohenson • 9 years ago

They did not remember human rights were violated because Garissa its too far .

bob • 9 years ago

Freezing ones account in kenya is a waste of time they can easily get new ones and may already have.

MzalendoWakwetu • 9 years ago

Not exactly. Freezing their accounts means cutting off huge amounts of their money and business. And even if they do set up new ones, it will take time for them to recover what's being held by the state.
It's better than not doing anything at all.

bob • 9 years ago

If you notice Kenya has a vast formal system for money transfer while Somalia has a largely informal system. It's hard to control that or even keep track of it.
It's a temporary step in the right direction but not a permanent one.

Peterg123 • 9 years ago

I am glad MUHURI are in there-- "lawfare" experts on behalf of jihad and terrorism.

kim • 9 years ago

Shut them all down untill they show full complience of the law this business are been used to hubber evil.

Guest • 9 years ago

I will go out on a limb here.The government needs to be very careful here.So now most Somali businesses are sponsors of terrorism? If somebody knew this before,why was/were he /she / they not doing anything about it.Or have they just dug out this infor in 3 days? I think it's time to fire some people.

wiilsharaban • 9 years ago

On point. One of the people whose accounts has been frozen Sheik Mohamed Umal (49), has been a vocal anti Alshabaab Speaker and Alshabaab have even threatened to kill him. It makes one wonder the veracity of the other people and enitities in the List.

#phaRAOhSucKs • 9 years ago

Maybe Sheikh Mohammed Umal, possibly your friend or accomplice, is against Al Shabaab shooting their terror victims. Possibly he would prefer they adopt slaughter like ISIS. It is more gory and chilling! That does not make him innocent!

wiilsharaban • 9 years ago

The Only Gory thing are the thoughts in your mind. Take time to understand and argue your points clearly.

#phaRAOhSucKs • 9 years ago

The next time the terrorists hit, we will answer in kind. We know you have been hosting our enemies, feeding them, collecting money on their behalf, surveying the places to hit...

He who beds the devil is no better than the devil himself! Shame on you TERRORIST!

MzalendoWakwetu • 9 years ago

From karissa Maitha (rip) to kimemia, the somali money has always been questioned but what was lacking was the political will.
I remember when duale and farah maalim attacked kimemia when he questioned the source of the money and stated that he was profiling them and that somalis had a right to buy and own anything in Kenya.
The difference now is that kenyans can get on board on any action that the government takes unlike back then when terrorism wasn't as much of a threat to us.

Mr. 22% • 9 years ago

Thank you for asking the obvious.

MisterClean • 9 years ago


Peterg123 • 9 years ago

I think you are in Germany or States or somewhere and are losing touch with the Kenyan motherland. Here, that Somlais fund terrorism will do nothing to stop them getting passports and opening businesses. Secondly, nobody is ever fired for allowing the same in Kenya.

Guest • 9 years ago

Am not saying that some of them don't.Am questioning how they came up with that list suddenly.Where were they before the attacks?

Peterg123 • 9 years ago

This government is wholly reactive, never pro-active.

MzalendoWakwetu • 9 years ago

When Uhuru fired those eight immigration officials si walienda mahakamani and all the president could do was suspend them indefinitely.

kingatua • 9 years ago

you were rightfully cautioning me not to demonize jews because it's bigotry, but it's ok to demonize somalis because they all finance terrorism? hypocrite much?

Peterg123 • 9 years ago

Point to where I said they all finance terrorism Y

blackman • 9 years ago

Good......Now lets hope some terrorist sympathizers wont appear here shouting ''ethnic profiling of f*c*k*g Somalis'' !

Mla chake • 9 years ago

How did all these companies or institutions most of them owned by somalis establish themselves in Kenya? It seems we are not very careful. If we continue this way we will soon find ourselves as caretakers of somalis in our own country. Former Galole MP once said to Jeff Koinange that Kenyan Somalis have been turned into caretakers in their own homes by Somalia Somalis whom they welcomed, accommodated and even helped to acquire Kenyan Id's hence the common clan wars in NE.

Abdul • 9 years ago

Keep hatred aside and let's work towards a peaceful and prosperous Kenya devoid of terror. We can only achieve that and keep our enemies at bay if we accept that we are one people and one nation that complements each other. Remember alshabaab is committing this same heinous crime even in Mogadishu where the population is 100% Muslims. Let's not be deceived that they are fighting in the name of religion. They are not.

Mla chake • 9 years ago

Te he he he the same song that your muslim leaders sing everytime after an attack 'lets keep peace as we work together to elimnate Al shabaab ,they dont represent our views, lets be one. Very nice words only that they keep on attacking us again and again even after such promises. Who helps them? we have now learnt that they are your sons and daughters. I dont hate I just want to know who helps them attack us? is it the same people who after the attack tell us to keep peace?. Christians warmly accepted the somali refugees, we are also very warm to our brothers from the NE. We accomodate them even in our remote villages, buy their marashis and clothes and we even accepted to include Kadhis courts in our constitutions to accomodate their special lifestyle. But now A university built by our own tax payers money....our children are killed like chicken. Told to lie down and bow then shot why? Just because they dont pray like you, they dont behave like you....please think about it very hard.

Abdul • 9 years ago

No faith condones terror. Read about Islamic History. This is totally unislamic and not acceptable. Some of this innocent lives were brutally ended while they were in prayers yet Islam forbade it. We are just victims like other Kenyans. You can very well remember Mandera governor was severally targeted yet he wasn't a Christian. Many chiefs were murdered in Mandera for reporting their activities. It's only that they strategize and hit the right people for them at the right time so that the likes of you start blaming the locals and their leaders. But I'm certain we shall come out triumphant in the the war on terror if only our unity remains unshaken, so preach peace and not hatred to achieve that.

Mla chake • 9 years ago

OK point taken only that Muslims especially Somalis have a higher responsibility to reensure us. We are eagerly waiting for Duales list.

mkenya • 9 years ago

I just find you to be one stupid person who don't understand what he is saying. If you preach hatred then you are not civilezed. Are muslins not killed by Alshabaab and other terrorist groups? How many Muslim shrikhs were killed by terrorists in mombasa because ofctgere srsndcagainst them? Terrorism has no religion for your own information

Mla chake • 9 years ago

First of all dont call me stupid instead tell your muslim brothers to stop killing non muslims. If the sheiks were killed its because they talked against the killing of non muslims that most of the muslims support so they were seen as betrayors.