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Steve Steele • 7 years ago

Very nice. Played one and it's absolutely fantastic. But the price is ludicrous. Maybe working musician buys one of these as his/her main guitar, just as a concert pianist buys a $50,000 Steinway for the home. But still, Gibson is arrogant to ask this much. I bought a used 1979 LP Custom that's in immaculate condition and has all original parts for under $3000 and it's every bit as good as this plus it's a real year model. I'd like another A+ Les Paul Standard type, but not for $8000. This whole "guitar aficionado" thing has gone too far. Hate to be negative. But almost everything in Gibson's catalog is way overpriced.

timbo1965 • 7 years ago

by far THE best LP to be found and given the "treatment"....just as purdy today as it was when new, just broken in !!! .... you rock Eddie, all "your" songs tend to be favorites.

Bill Townsend • 8 years ago

Love my Redeye, #146. Love it so much I bought a second one, #51.

timbo1965 • 8 years ago

to me ED KING is the ultimate "workingman" .... he deserves this more then half the other jack-off's who have a "signature"..... and he's a monster player !!!

Zeppeholic • 8 years ago

We really don't need anymore collectors choice, people want a working man's guitar with the same quality y'know...

Volker Lohweg • 8 years ago

Like my Redeye very much. A wonderful looking and very resonant instrument. Good job, Gibson! It is #078.

Mark Wolfe • 8 years ago

Can't hardly wait till my Les-Paul I ordered arrives ! Be Jamming till the cows come home. > ALL<,...That's right ! The cows aren't coming home. "Well" guess I'll be Jamming/playing, my Les Paul 4-ever then ... : ) ( : ....Rock ON !!

Ron Isbell • 8 years ago

I play the swinet.

jack_1980 • 8 years ago

jesus christ, why so many lespauls?!?!?!?!?

Captain Pandaman • 8 years ago

Why do Fender do so many Strats? why do Dean do endless Dimebag sigs?

jack_1980 • 8 years ago

because they are upstream without a paddle.

All7ha7jazz • 8 years ago

NIce! ...but the original had a double cream PAF in bridge position.