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Gordon • 2 years ago

Well predicted Sir.
Please continue your efforts to give us hope. The people need Reich et al in the news every day now. I am beside myself tonight that the 'fair and balanced' are feeling the Bern.
Yours in sanderdarity...

ChristBurns2YearOlds • 2 years ago

Bernie Sanders is on board with the American people. :He in sincere, he talks about the things that other candidates refuse to say, and other politicians are studying him to see if they would be a way to copy him without the substance, but it is impossible. God made some things which you are not able to buy. It is really sad that some choose to try to fake being a good person, instead of just be a good person for real, and follow the guidance of a real conscience. John Kerry for example - talks all this good guy stuff, but in 2002 when it came time to act for good or evil, he made excuses rather than face the actual issues of morality. Bill Clinton, for example - talks all this integrity stuff but when it came time to sign the derivatives gambling bill, or NAFTA, Bill Clinton stood up for the worthless rich and sold us out again. Stand up for Americans.

MooseMalloy • 2 years ago

Another gullible Obama supporter heard from.

Frances_in_California • 2 years ago

Gullible is an apt description of Trump supporters. He's all sound fury, signifying nothing.

ChristBurns2YearOlds • 2 years ago

Oh right, I suppose what you mean is that I did not mention Obama. Fine. I will mention Obama to make you happy. What do we got a grudge on Obama for. The TPP. Libya and Yemen and the Ukraine, etc.
Appointing HSBC cartel official James Comey to the FBI and the other HSBC gangster to the DOJ. Not taking a principled stand on gay marriage or the legalization of marijuana until he is forced to. I was talking about Bernie Sanders, so what is your point. I thought so.

Ghost • 2 years ago

"The geometry gets fuzzy after that."

Revolt Against Plutocracy has a plan to burn through Clinton's Southern "firewall." It starts by taking the Bernie or bust pledge.


Janice • 2 years ago

STAKES are high for women. The Taliban republicans have been on our case and can't stop talking about our private issues and we can't even get equal pays passed.....Our only recourse is to elect more women to DC and a WOMAN PRESIDENT who cares about us.

MEN run everything----80% of our GOVT------they control our corporations, media, religion and Wall Street. Priorities need to change and with all that testosterone we'll get the same talk and nothing happens and if it rarely does it's at a glacial pace..

The U.S. ranks 61st globally in maternal health, performing worse than any developed country in the world, according to Save the Children's 16th annual State of the World's Mothers 2015 report. In addition to its poor standing in maternal health, it ranked 42nd in children's well-being and 89th in political status.....

as measured by women's representation in national government. ! !

Deva O'Donnell • 2 years ago

I'd love to see a woman president and would vote for Warren in a heartbeat. Heck, I'd even campaign for Warren, but I won't vote for Clinton for too many reasons to enumerate here. No, I won't vote just because vagina. Grow up.

Frances_in_California • 2 years ago

Please vote for her if she becomes the nominee. I will be in the next booth, holding my nose and demanding that NO Repuclican choose Supreme Court Justice nominees.

Deva O'Donnell • 2 years ago

All that comes to mind when I think of her is Monsanto, WalMart and Goldman Sachs. With the exception of some mildly liberal, too little too late socially progressive views, she's essentially republican. I just can't do it.

ChristBurns2YearOlds • 2 years ago

And then after that, a gay president.
And then after that, a muslim president.
And them after that, a pot smoker president.
But still no populist president.
When do we finally get to have a populist president, along the lines of FDR, who will welcome the hatred of our enemies - the worthless rich who will get us all killed with their corruption.

Mary M. • 2 years ago

If you're concerned about women's issues, Bernie Sanders is far more on the side of American women than Hillary Clinton. Electing HRC is like electing Margaret Thatcher or some kind of modern-day Marie Antoinette who will tell women needing social security expansion or health care to have some cake!

Or how about all the women over 50 -- in HRC's age-range who need jobs? You think Clinton disastrous and criminal job-killing trade deals are going to help them? Along with the social security she's not expanding - or the single payer that she's dedicated herself to now opposing? And what about her opposition to a lousy 15/hour - even for workers in NYC? How is that good for women's rights? She's so close to her Walmart girlfriend with her billions and she doesn't want her female workers enough money either! She's just lapping up off the taxpayers with Medicaid and Food Stamps because she wants the whole pie to her selfish self!

HRC is a faux feminist. She is a militarist who voted for the war in Iraq. How many women's lives were destroyed because of her shameless personal political ambitions - her need to advance her career through brainless facho posturing - no different than the male kind?

Take a hike, HRC. It's Bernie or Bust. If he doesn't get the nomination, your Big Bank Corporate candidate can get herself coronated. THIS gal ain't voting for Chase Manhattan, Walmart, the military industrial complex, the Dept of Education's loan sharking, Monsanto, the Keystone, the oil companies, fracking, and the TPP.

Yes, under Clinton, women out of work over 50 will be expected to sit down and shut up even moreso. Nothing to make Queen as first woman president look bad. You won't be allowed to criticize or complain. Like Obama, everyone's got to shut up - the economy is doing great - RIGHT. (And here's another article from Dean what's-his-face on truthout, former Clinton administration person, and now another mouthpiece for the DP elite.)

Bernie Sanders has genuine economic plans and goals with everyone, not just some, in mind. I'm surprised he hasn't statistically attracted more older women, but then again, I find those statistics somewhat suspect. He supports social security and Medicare expansion, he has real compassion for vulnerable members of our society, and he has the record to prove it. He's not taking the corporate dough and that makes all the difference.

No candidate has presented specific employment plans for women over fifty, who are invisible yet alarminingly high statistically in long-term unemployment. Still, I'd stack my bets with Bernie and leave self-centered Hillary with her millions in the retirement bin where she'll be fine, we're sure.

Mary M • 2 years ago

Not to mention the health insurance and pharmaceutical mobsters! Not voting for them either! Mass murderers of Americans!

Many of whom are women. But Billary took her millions in pay-offs and is now stalwartly opposed to universal health care after supporting it decades earlier. Consider what that means those women in Billary's age range. Nothing she herself will ever have to deal with, and indicative of how she will treat everything with respect to her peers. I was among the women who helped women like Hillary advance to higher office with our votes, but I won't make that mistake again.

Rebecca Credena • 2 years ago

New York Times endorses Clinton. Disgusting, but totally expected from the elites propaganda machine.

Observer • 2 years ago

I was so revolted by that, too. Fortunately, thousands of New Yorkers were out in the streets on the very same day they published that tripe, demonstrating for Bernie Sanders to be President! Those thousands in the streets made feel proud and hopeful, at the same time that their sold-out rag destroyed any semblance of intellectual integrity remaining in mainstream print. It was an absolutely awful article. (And of course they don't put their name or names on it - the cowards!)

Jerry W. Kelley • 2 years ago

Bernie Sanders is fighting a war that most people are not. It's the war between the people and the corporations. If you are not fighting this war, you can't understand how important it is to vote for Sanders over Clinton. It's about fighting our real enemies, the big corporations who control the USA and the world.

jan • 2 years ago

Sanders is a bad joke on democrats who support the fraud. Sanders voted to loosen Wall Street ...voting for the Commodity Futures Modernization when only 4 House members were against the bill in year 2000 that led to the 2008 crisis but and now to some he's the "expert" economist. CORPORTIONS/WALL STREET ----are not our enemies-----they only exist to make money and it's up to our GOVT to be their conscience. Sander is the worst of the worst----if you HAD to support another MALE-----Jim Webb hero would have been a better choice ---at least he DID something notable in congress

PaulK2 • 2 years ago

Because most people will be interested in this, I'll pass it on. NBC News at 6:30 published a count of volunteers:
Clinton: 4,200 precinct captains and supporters
Sanders: 15,000 volunteers

Jerry W. Kelley • 2 years ago

Yes, I'm one of Bernie's volunteers and proud of it! :-)

MooseMalloy • 2 years ago

Congratulations, sucker!

coup63 • 2 years ago

And may you have a beautiful day too.

evolved human • 2 years ago

Have you contributed in any way or are you content just running off at the mouth, adding nothing to the conversation?

je_proteste • 2 years ago

Cheers! (From a fellow Bernie volunteer.)

FUPubs • 2 years ago

The Election right now is Bernie vs the GOP and yes I include Ms Clinton on the GOP side. I will not vote for her at all not even for dog catcher. IF the democratic party is stupid enough to pick Ms Clinton as its party leader I will leave the Democratic Party before November and yes I have been a member for over 30 years, I refuse to be a part of any organization that would have her as its leader.

Mary P • 2 years ago

I had already (recently) left the DP myself (gone Independent) - and it weren't for the fact that Bernie Sanders was running, I would be walking away too. They are awash with the corrupting influences of Wall St monies. Sure, there are notable representatives, mainly in the House (once they're in the Senate, it's generally "Sayonara!"), but even the good ones are so knuckled down by the party elites than they have virtually no effective clout anymore. The health care debate in Congress was the last straw (when the progressive folded rapidly in row). Sadly, this played around the idea of racism - since Obama's presidency faced so much racism, people felt they had to stand together - but it was self-defeating in many respects, too, since universal health care is so key to lifting people out of poverty and even death - and minorities face these challenges in higher proportions. I suspect something similar would happen under a Clinton presidency with her being a woman. As we see presently with the dearth of endorsements from the Senate for Sanders. Every single woman in the Senate has endorsed Clinton - except Elizabeth Warren - but still, she "cannot" endorse Bernie "yet" (at least, we imagine) - because the sexism is such an issue in Congress. But - as we saw with health care - this is self-defeating for women - since Bernie is the better candidate on women's issues. Anyway - they are all in bed with the big money - particularly in the Senate - with few exceptions, and there are additional political issues that are quite unsavory once they've submitted themselves to this party hierarchy and its games. So, like you, if Bernie doesn't win, I'll go independent. They can have their lords and masters coronate them without my help. Their big banksters, war mongers, insurance and drug mobsters, dept of ed loan sharks, bunch of filthy disgusting murdering scumbags. They're destroying this country and Americans need to grow a spine and get together and throw them out.

FUPubs • 2 years ago

I was going to leave the party last year but Bernie running as a dem made me change my mind for the time being, we shall see how it all plays out.

I am sick of holding my nose and voting for the lessor of 2 evils in election after election, Bill Clinton, B Obama are not liberal or progressive they are Reagan Dems if the GOP base was not so racist and extream Clinton and Obama would be in the GOP.

Clinton and Obama have been the two best REPUBLICAN Presidents in my life time and I go way back.

Hillery is no different she is a pro choice republican at best and that is being generous.

Guest • 2 years ago
evolved human • 2 years ago

Why anyone buys the 'lesser of two evils' nonsense has always been a mystery to me. Evil is evil. Period.

rdzk • 2 years ago

Yes, clinton are the ones who morphed dem intogopwanabee$, still continue falsewellbeing bubble.

DHFabian • 2 years ago

When it comes to the election overall, middle class liberals ignore a critical issue. Think back: Clinton/Gore had targeted the poor. In Gore vs. Bush, the poor (and those who get why unrelieved poverty is such a critical issue) voted third party or withheld their votes, and the middle class picked Bush. Twice. The poor, etc., overwhelmingly voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit discussion about our poverty crisis. He raised the issue a few times, liberals aren't interested, and Democrats only maintained their "war on the poor." Democrats kicked off 2015 with a clear statement about their priorities, agreeing to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled. This matters, and it will matter in November.

Observer • 2 years ago

If we had a Congress that wasn't bought and owned, and was even half-way interested in serious discussion around poverty, the real proposition in the 21st century would be direct abolition through expansion of social security and Medicare. The social security expansion could easily apply to every American adult 18 and over to provide a liveable universal basic income, and, with Medicare expansion providing a single payer health care system as they enjoy in Canada and every other developed nation outside the U.S.

This could be funded through higher taxes on the wealthy, the subsequent obsolescence of more archaic poverty programs, and, if they truly abolished the war on drugs, along with private prisons, you could probably release over a million incarcerated individuals overnight, thereby redirecting those funds into these more appropriate social safety nets. In addition, funding could come from a more intelligent foreign policy, redirecting money that would otherwise go to senseless slaughter and wars.

Basic income with universal health care would also stimulate the economy in all kinds of ways.

In short, we'd be living in a society with a higher happiness index, as well. Yes, like Denmark, for example, by all means.

chetdude • 2 years ago

Get a new keyboard, yours is seriously stuck in an endless loop of jejune-osity...

Rodger Phillistine • 2 years ago

Elizabeth Warren refuses to endorse Sanders, instead she has had a history of embracing war criminal Hillary Clinton. Since Goldman Sachs is all over the Iowa caucus, making sure the formalities are well dressed and topped off, there's no chance Warren will disrupt expected outcomes.

Warren, even more than Sanders, is one of the biggest lies of the Democratic Party. Warren worked with bailed out banks, oversaw SIGTARP, was constantly portrayed as some kind of "principled lawmaker" who would bring banks to Justice. Instead, she is inside the industry, and blamed people who were losing their homes to illegal foreclosure just as much as Hillary did.

She ended up bringing banks a PR agency, the CFPB, in the Treasury Department. She may be more of a hawk then Hillary, gladly calling people Hitler and bombing and droning children if she ever got the power or the chance to do so. She lauded Israel's murderous attack on Gaza, a cool 2500 people were murdered. So let's review: war criminal, and bankster, which applies to Bernie, Hillary, and Elizabeth. Could it possibly be worse with Cruz, Boosh, Trump or Rubio? No, and that is the point, it doesn't matter who is in office, the end results are the same.

rdzk • 2 years ago

You are nuts and targetting Warren w/lies--why does she have to endorse anyone?

DHFabian • 2 years ago

The problem with the popular spiel against Israel is that it has been blatantly one sided. When Israel is attacked, Americans shrug. When Israel hits back, they are outraged! Remember, Israel is a tiny country, the sole (historic and modern) Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations. Each of these Arab nations are heavily militarized by China, Russia AND the US. Portraying Israel as a violent Goliath attacking peaceful little countries (for reasons not yet given, to my knowledge) is just a modern version of the anti-Jewish (or Zionist, if it makes you more comfortable) garbage my great-grandfather heard back in old czarist Russia. As long as our middle class demand steady supplies of affordable oil, the US will remain engaged in wars in the Mideast.

That said, Warren has not been a lie. Neither has Obama, etc. Take some time to review their speeches, press statements, etc. People have a bad habit of hearing only what they want to hear. Once again, we see many who seem to think their favorite candidate will deliver rainbows and unicorns, forgetting about the role of Congress, etc. We're stuck with reality.

wlawlor • 2 years ago

total zio propaganda...read a bit

je_proteste • 2 years ago

Oh, those awful attacks on poor, land-stealing, UN-resolution-ignoring, apartheid Israel!


One-sided indeed - Israel's side. When do the mainstream media cry in outrage when Israel demolishes entire Palestinian villages or appropriates them for Jewish 'settlers'?

And let's not forget that lovely act of war against the US (as prelude to a war of choice) that so few Americans know about - because this sleazy government felt it so important to cover for Israel. Remember the Liberty!

Nordcharlie • 2 years ago

Brave the cold, Iowans, and vote Sanders.

Guest • 2 years ago
DHFabian • 2 years ago

What social programs? There's virtually nothing left to take from the poor. It is Democrats who took the lead on "reforming" Social Security as well, starting with B. Clinton. Democrats kicked off 2015 by agreeing to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled. Republicans no longer need to bother with that.

rdzk • 2 years ago

Yep, Clinton it was. Once was enoug!!

Ted • 2 years ago

Hillary is just the kind of woman to start a war with Russia, since the financial sector and the war profiteers are backing her campaign. She is itching, a feminine itch mind you, to start piling up dead bodies and raining a new and improved neo-liberal police state down on the hapless herds. She's been trained this go around to refrain from her usual psychotic, shrill, accusatory delivery style - undoubtedly a combination of psychiatric drugs and coaching helped control the spectacle.

chetdude • 2 years ago

Don't worry, the LAST thing the generals and admirals of the bloated USAmerican war machine want is another war they're sure to lose...

However, The Hillary(tm) WOULD be the voter's best gift to the MIC and the National Security State(tm)...She'd definitely keep the Permanent War Economy(tm) humming along -- until the final collapse...

Jerry W. Kelley • 2 years ago

For at least 16 years our voting system has been rigged by the voting machines supplied by repub corporations. We need to revert back to the paper ballots from the olden times. If Clinton is elected, there will be the same old same old. If a repub gets it, that will be the end game. If Bernie wins, there will be hope for change.

MooseMalloy • 2 years ago

Hope for Change You Can Believe In With Hope and Change and Hope!

DHFabian • 2 years ago

After Gore lost, we heard a great deal about rigged voting machines, hanging chads, mass voter suppression, etc. We didn't hear any of these allegations when Obama was elected. Democrats might well have already lost 2016, since a big chunk of the Dem voting base was only more deeply alienated -- the poor, and those who get why unrelieved poverty is such an critical issue. And many expected that the stage would be set to explain-away the 2016 defeat. "It's the policies, stupid," and when you target a portion of your own voting base, you will lose elections.

Jerry W. Kelley • 2 years ago

There was a recount of the votes in Florida and Gore actually won. Google it. When ever something doesn't go right there is always a Bush in the background.

Guest • 2 years ago