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Jose Ortal • 8 years ago

Having been intimately involved in these types of issues, during 1996-2006 period, it appears that the only responsible thing to do is--to the best of my ability--correct the record.

@GuardingTheRegister--is correct about the article's modest amount of verifiable data;
@Outsider77--depending on how "...professional investigators..." is defined, LCC may only have 2 options, i.e. on staff or outsourcing it to a third party. In the latter case, this entity would have to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act's strictures and
@NadiaSindi--basic point, notwithstanding rhetorical flourishes, is accurate. During last year's accreditation dust-up, LCC divulged that it must comply with the OFCCP's rules and regulations. One of those rules states that federal contractors shall write yearly Affirmative Action Plans. LCC's last AAP is available at (https://www.lanecc.edu/site.... Once data for the 2015-2016 AAP year are published, her critique about LCC: "...Ignoring all Arab Americans, Muslims, females, minorities!!," will be proven. A full blown Desk Audit by the OFCCP will unearth a raft of illegal hires going back several years.

More problematically for LCC, moving forward, the following issues are in need of attention:
1. According to internal sources, it appears that:
1.1. The LCCEA continues working on the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program matter.
1.1.i. Solution?: The college's longitudinal efforts to do away with the program date back at least to 2006. A review of files, currently available either in HR or the archives, will more than prove this.
1.2. The president's staff sent out an all-staff survey asking--in essence--how to sell another bond measure.
1.2.i. Solution?: Pay the first bond completely, rather than layering another one on top of what remains unpaid.
1.3. In the works informal and formal complaints make the current mess seem small by comparison.
1.3.i. Solution?: Hire a president that knows what she/he is doing. Etc.

GuardingTheRegister • 8 years ago

He clearly had serious mental health issues. But once off campus what was the school to do? Could she not file a restraining order? Change her email? Move sooner? Appears that the school followed protocol and he became societies problem. The article is also not clear, did he sexually harass her? It says he was threatening, but then she wants a "comprehensive sexual harassment policy."... Strange. Why do I get the opinion that facts from this case were cherry picked for the story? I think there's an incomplete picture here to say the least.

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

Did you see the part where LCC complicated and hindered her attempts to obtain a restraining order? Have you tried to change your email address when it is issued by a university? She would have been using the email address given to her by the school and which was supposed to be her contact information for her other students. Should she have to uproot her entire life due to threatening behavior by an unhinged and delusional stalker, clearly in need of mental treatment? Shouldn't the school have attempted to get the student in contact with mental health services? And the idea that she should have moved sooner -- why should a person have to move from their home to hide from a stalker? Why is the onus on her to take action, and not on the school to protect its faculty?

GuardingTheRegister • 8 years ago

WHY is the school responsible for his actions?! They did everything possible but when he's off campus, how are they to police him?

No different than any other workplace. Guy was kicked off campus, arrested for trespassing when he reappeared. It's ridiculous to think LCC could have done more from the information that's reported. How does she know they didn't try to get the student mental health eval? How did they "complicate" her attempt to get a restraining order? We need more details but I can't imaging how the school is responsible for his actions off campus toward her.

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

Perhaps you should reread the article, because they most certainly did NOT do everything possible. He was arrested for trespassing at an APARTMENT, where he'd gone looking for the professor. Did you notice this part: "After S.S. made similarly bizarre comments in Lundquist’s class — including one mentioning a belief that other students 'were reading his thoughts and trying to keep him from murdering anyone' — public safety officers informed LCC officials that the student was a convicted felon who had several restraining orders filed against him, according to the lawsuit."

Schools cannot be held responsible for off-campus actions, but they did little to nothing to create a safe and secure learning environment for the instructors AND other students. Schools can and must do everything possible to ensure the safety of students and instructors, and LCC completely failed in that regard.

Sputty Johnson • 8 years ago

Simple answer, the school is NOT responsible! Sounds like another Muslim trying to use the American justice system for a quick payday!

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

How incredibly racist of you. What an abhorrent comment.

Outsider77 • 8 years ago

The problem I have with this is that we have a whole sector devoted to public safety. They are called police and sheriff deputies, etc. etc. The court house is full of judges and prosecutors who live to deal with transgressions.

Is it good to demand that schools undertake to create their own police forces to duplicate available public safety personnel? Moreover, as we read this story, we only get one side of the story. Was the dude really doing something wrong? Only way to tell is for professional investigators to intervene and get all the facts. How can a school administrator get all the facts? They do not have access to trained detectives - but the police do. Finally, any wrongdoing should have been decided by a jury of peers.

Seriously, the reporting here is totally one-sided and presents only what the teacher claims with no thought to presenting the other side to determine whether the teacher's claim have substance. Or is substance unimportant these days and gut reaction is everything?

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

Do you believe that the police should be involved with the mentally ill, or should they be a last resort for those suffering from mental illness? Do you truly believe that schools have no need for police or security? (If so, have you any awareness of American schools and their troubling tendencies toward mass shootings?) This student ("S.S." for a NeoNazi -- wow: http://www.oregonlive.com/e... ) could have potentially been helped by mental health services before continuing on his bizarre pattern of behavior. He was arrested for trespassing after twice entering a Eugene apartment complex, stalking her. Should things have been allowed to go this far? Three other instructors noticed a troubling pattern of behavior. Are we to imagine that he did not bother nor frighten other students at all?

Community colleges serve the public -- both the mentally well and the mentally ill. If we, as a society, are going to continue to ignore the problems associated with gun violence, then we really need to ensure that the mentally ill are not allowed to become armed and dangerous. This stalker-student was convinced that a "large corporation" was surveilling him and reading his thoughts. Should he wander unmedicated and untreated amidst the rest of the student population?

Read the other article if you are truly concerned about finding more substance. This student posed a serious threat to the safety and well-being of everyone on that campus. Schools ignoring potential threats and mentally unbalanced students have led to serious tragedies in the past. How can LCC ignore such a clear danger in its midst, knowing this potential for catastrophe?

Outsider77 • 8 years ago

I find no solution in your comments. The mentally ill are a problem, but you propose no solution. Are you suggesting that schools require every student to get a mental health evaluation and perhaps a background check? Do you have any information suggesting that mental health evaluations are useful? Background checks will further disenfranchise those with certain backgrounds. Moreover, having a mental health problem is not illegal. Should an administrator at a school be allowed to make an arbitrary decision on who to expel? From a tax supported school? Should administrators be trusted with fair adjudication of interpersonal disputes? Won't the politically correct decision be made every time.

Mental illness may be a problem. How do you propose the problem be eliminated?

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

Is there a problem with a politically correct decision being made? If a student exhibits a clear pattern of delusional thoughts and dangerous behaviors, then the school should take action to protect those who are at risk. Those with mental health issues need help and treatment, not to be ignored by those around them during a time of crisis. Neither instructors nor administrators are trained therapists able to help those with such problems, but the administration appears to have not even tried to get the student in contact with counselors.

The issue here is ensuring a safe work and learning environment for everyone. The school failed miserably in that regard.

Guest • 8 years ago
Outsider77 • 8 years ago

Wish I had the surety you have. Life would be simpler.

kurt young • 8 years ago

Whoever decided to identify the crazy neo-Nazi (I repeat myself, I know) by the initials S.S. deserves tenure.

Guest • 8 years ago
Barry Sommer • 8 years ago

Uh huh. It is with obscene regularity I am called bigoted, racist and the dreaded "Islamophobe" and I wear each with pride. As my momma used to say, if you have no enemies you are not doing anything worthwhile.
Nadia, you are but one of many who cover for Islamic expansion, apologising for Islam at every turn. You are not capable of having a truthful discussion of the texts and teachings of Islam, nor would you ever entertain the idea that Islamic doctrine is a problem. My class was to encompass all aspects of Islam, the good and the bad, but your friends at the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had me banned from teaching the class. They want no part of an honest discussion of Islam, jihad, the Qur'an, the hadiths of Muhammad or the Sira, and how those encyclicals call for the conversion, subjugation or death for non-Muslims.
Nadia, I am very sorry you have been "terrorized" and hope the perpetrator is brought to justice and you get some satisfaction from LCC. That will be much more than Islam has ever given a non-believer that has been abused by its doctrine.
Good luck.

DalaiDuck • 8 years ago

56.8% of religious hate crimes are committed against Jews compared to 16.1% Muslim, who is really being treated like animals?

Springtuckian • 8 years ago

Those poor Muslims!

sam • 8 years ago

With all due respect, you are edging towards libelous assertions.

While I agree that being arab-american, muslim, female or any minority group for that matter is an unfair battle to be fought, your post aims to paint you as the victim of a much larger, more grand conspiracy by everyone around you.

My hunch is that you lost your elections based more on your constant victimhood and irrational blaming games and less on your ethnicity, religion or gender.

domestikgoddez • 8 years ago

nadia, I think with all due respect, you may have lost your elections based on your own doings. coming across as always putting yourself in a victim's shoes is not a strong selling point.
I would not want to be muslim, especially a female muslim because the sterotype is not a pretty one - truly representative or not. I can't imagine it's pleasant to be the focus of illogical threats and hatred.

Guest • 8 years ago
Raoulduck • 8 years ago

Like Sarah Palin?

Jimosaurus • 8 years ago


domestikgoddez • 8 years ago

any kind of person. polarized, reactive, radical politics is a huge problem. there are some stone cold crazies out there (not targeting nadia - I mean anyone!) . some run nations, some want to, others are just like you and me - nobody shlubs and everything in between. being in that shlub category, I pretty much can destroy just my own life ...

Cregg Steffler • 8 years ago

So LCC is ignoring all Arabs and Muslims and females and Americans and minorities?

If true, then it's an awesome wonder that they have any students at all!

R. Anderson • 8 years ago

I don't get it, she complained, they expelled him from school, what else can they do? LCC doesn't control email or where free people walk around.

GuardingTheRegister • 8 years ago

I agree. He clearly had serious mental health issues. But once off campus what was the school to do? Could she not file a restraining order? Change her email? Move sooner? Appears that the school followed protocol and he became societies problem. The article is also not clear, did he sexually harass her? It says he was threatening, but then she wants a "comprehensive sexual harassment policy."... Strange. Why do I get the opinion that facts from this case were cherry picked for the story? I think there's an incomplete picture here to say the least.

YouCannotBeSerious • 8 years ago

It is of vital importance that workplaces take seriously the threat of violence toward employees, most especially (and psychologically potentially hideously) for those who work in schools. Unbalanced students can and do threaten the educational sphere and all those within it. Being harassed by a student in one's own home neighborhood should not be considered acceptable, but the school chose to ignore the professor's requests for assistance. Mental health issues should be of utmost concern for everyone involved in the educational field, if that is what the student suffers from. If not, the student needed much more intensive help and the professor (and other female professors harassed by the students) should have been protected from the outset.

Avanti • 8 years ago

Workplace harassment is a serious issue. The college should have taken steps to stop it at the school. If the harasser showed up in her neighborhood, she should have called the police. (maybe she did?)