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EqualRice • 1 year ago

As someone who had FrontPoint for 3 years (contract ended today) I can say I was a little disappointed with my overall experience. My Simon XT panel battery started dying last year and I called to get it replaced and they told me I'd have to sign ANOTHER contract. Really? To replace a battery? Then when I left a FB review a couple weeks ago after I initiated my cancellation a customer support supervisor called to ask me about the call I made asking for a Battery. I also told her when I called to cancel my contract since I was on my last month they never even asked me why I was cancelling or what they could do to make it right.

Meanwhile I'm getting crazy offers from Protect America, way more sensors than FrontPoint provided me, lifetime warranty on all hardware, touch screen panel AND a regular Simon XT panel, keyfob remote AND a lower monthly rate. I even emailed the FrontPoint customer support supervisor and told her about the offer Protect America made me to see if Front Point at all cared to retain me as a customer. No response.

Protect America seems to really value you as a customer and will move the stars to try to earn your business. Front Point on the other hand could care less about you once you sign up.

Anon • 2 years ago

The "Crash and Smash" is and has been offered by Protect America as well. Nothing against Frontpoint, but they advertise that particular basic feature like it's something new. Nearly all security companies do this.

Rose • 2 years ago

Unfortunately, Protect America does not offer “Crash and Smash”. This is a patented technology offered by Alarm.com. There are other companies that offer this, but Protect America is not one of them. They use the tamper switch built into the Simon XT panel. It works similarly, but not the same. In fact, the Frontpoint panel also has the tamper switch. In short, Protect America's tamper switch is hardware based, Frontpoint's Crash and Smash is software based. In defense of Protect America, their hardware based solution is more in-line with Frontpoint's if you choose a wireless connection versus using a landline or broadband.

TomS. • 2 years ago

Hate to say it Rose, but you are wrong about this. Protect America does offer crash and smash.

Amanda Kaestner • 2 years ago

Hey Tom. I'm curious to see if you found anything super in depth on Protect America's "Smash and Crash" that's outside of what Rose pointed out in that it's more hardware based instead of software. I did read on Protect America's blog that if tampering is detected, it will still send a signal to their monitoring station. Pretty standard, I guess. However, it was only a 1-2 sentence brief mention.

In comparison, Frontpoint has gone pretty in depth to explain their "Smash and Crash" protection as it's own proactive monitoring entity, making it much more substantial to call it a true protection feature. For Frontpoint, their "Smash and Crash" works in harmony with their monitoring so that even if an intruder tries to disable the alarm system from within the home, it's already too late because Frontpoint is already on alert as soon as the intrusion even occurred.

Send over any additional insight you may have to Protect America's "Smash and Crash" monitoring feature that could help though. We're always looking for helpful tips and instances of updating our reviews!