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Merryweather • 3 years ago

Nice find. More evidence these elite and their royal masters are neither original nor smart.
In fact it is they who are quite dumb.

Nothing like convincing the public that comic book physics and photo cartoons are real.

Shame that the internet makes it easy to reveal the illusion for what it is. These imbeciles really think it's still the 20th century.

khammad • 3 years ago

One of my favorite lines from the movie

"In the first stage of the rockets If the spin were not provided the payload would be hopelessly deflected."

Hahahaha, what happened to spinning first stage rockets to protect the payload? Has such a thing ever been built? What would the spinning mechanism be and how much torque would it put on the rest of the rocket? Pure fiction, and not the least bit science.

Alexander H. Vandelay • 3 years ago

The video cuts from the countdown at 0:33 to something else. There is seriously no variation from this stupid hoax-code