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chaichungu • 9 years ago

Prayers to all the students and people who are in danger. KDF make us proud this time, don't fumble and God-Speed!

rihannainvestments08 • 9 years ago

Let KDF not repeat the mistake they did at westgate.

AW • 9 years ago

Uhuru's timing with a request for the UK to revise their travel-advice not so handy... Mmmm....

Wakili • 9 years ago

I hope KDF does not come out with paper-bags full of drinking water this time.... Just saying!

Gerald Mutie • 9 years ago

God help our students to come out safely.

libaan • 9 years ago

I am really sorry about people of Garrisa , students and we are praying for them.but those cowards (alshabab) the only fight they know is killing innocent people may a─║lah guard the hell fire.

matigari • 9 years ago

praying for the students. God help them

it6 • 9 years ago

Did the brits know something because they just issued another travel alert a few days ago?

Governor John Tarus • 9 years ago

This is so sad happening in an institution of higher learning, no difference between al shaabab and satan. Though the terrorism situation in the horn of Africa is getting more and more complex, there is need for a paradigm shift by security organs in dealing with al shaabab in the region, may God protect our students and staff.

Benson m • 9 years ago

So there were travel advisories then an attack. Then the government tells them off for protecting their own people. What about the safety of Kenyans?

Salmon Aderah • 9 years ago

I vehemently condemn the dawn incident.I join fellow Kenyans in praying for the families of killed and the injured.I appreciate Kenya red cross official $ security organs in their efforts towards the incident.

otwere • 9 years ago

I hope the KDF,The police and other friendly force will leave no stone unturned until the perpetrators have been brought to book.

muthuunaithei • 9 years ago

Travel advisories....they were right after all

mwangi samuel • 9 years ago

a big test for the new IG, my hope politics will not be used.lets all unite with a sober mind.pole to the berieved families. God will be in control!

John Waikenda • 9 years ago

We have very serious problems with our intelligence arm. The president's attention now should be switched to this area after the plausible corruption purge.

Salmon Aderah • 9 years ago

I vehemently condemn the dawn incident.I join fellow Kenyans in praying for the families of the injured and the killed.I appreciate the Kenya red cross officials and the security organs for their response towards the incident.

mrishox • 9 years ago

Desperate losers...May God Almighty save the innocents..

Brenda • 9 years ago

This is so heartbreaking! I wonder what can be done effectively to put an end to this though terrorism is like an invisible enemy...so difficult to pinpoint and deal with. May God help our armed forces as they man the area. To those who have lost lives may their souls rest in peace.

Mishale • 9 years ago

The other day terrorists killed teachers in Mandera. Now they have attacked a university college in Garrisa. Like the Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria, do the terrorists who are causing mayhem in north eastern Kenya want to block children and youths of that region from getting educated. Local leaders should cooperate with the countrys security agents to identify youths who have been radicalised to kill in the name of religion. We have seen in Syria and Iraq how nations can be ruined by the so called Muslim jihadists. True believers of Islam do not kill innocent people.

Kumi Liki • 9 years ago

With the recent instances of insecurity in Garisa, one would have thought that the police are more vigilant on such obvious targets as schools. Jameni! It's like our security machinery is always a step behind, at its best.

Samuel Muchiri • 9 years ago

Father in Jesus name I pray for the protection of all Garissa University fraternity and your strength to the bereaved families

tomyebei • 9 years ago

May God be with students trapped inside the university, we are praying for you.

samson musyoka • 9 years ago

Praying for God protection in Garrisa and security stabirity.

ThebullJ • 9 years ago

Here we go again....just tell Kenyans the truth, there multiple casualties. ...andbas we have seen before it might be target attacks...singling out Non-muslims. Garissa is very much inside Kenya, if pple Attack &kill students like this...and tge army barracks is in that area. ..what should regular Kenyans do? Abd Fuale, Billow tell us how NE is safe gpr our kids To go over there for studies? NE, like Coast will suffer boycott from tourists, businesses, investors&civil, private sector workers...recently Coast leaders were bemoaning loss of business&rise if unemployment ..this is what tge whole of NE will experience...this time these regions rely heavily on National govt allocation...but once devolution is fully implemented each county will be required to generate most of it revenue...you can't without economic activities...and as Dr Khalwale would say, soon we will talking of developed&undeveloped counties.
My parting wordbis for African&Arab journalists....learn to express yourselves in a few understandable words...the BBC Kenyan reporter reporting on this attack is annoying to say the least. Tye other day there was another very annoying Yemen Bbc reporter, reporting on happenings in Yemen ..they keep meandering on and on...just answer the question and stop talking.

Wufwuf! • 9 years ago

"My parting word is (...) learn to express yourselves in a few (...) words..." That statement right there applies to you my friend. You point at a speck in journalists' eyes while there is a log in your own.

kingatua • 9 years ago

why don't you just shut up.

Alpine • 9 years ago

Regular Kenyans should come out and support the affected Kenyans in Garrissa, unless of course your comment is all about 'polarizing' the nation.

MotoMoto • 9 years ago

You have a HUGE problem with English grammar yourself. You can hardly communicate clearly. Besides, you are too emotional to comment and say anything useful!

jmk • 9 years ago

What happened to our intelligence?

Google • 9 years ago

I'm vehemently condemning such inhuman and heinous act.It's very much devastating

peter • 9 years ago

I hope KDF doesn't let anyone leave the institution or else the attackers sneak out like it happened at the Westgate attack.

Mathew Omondi • 9 years ago

Just declare a dawn to dusk curfew then go house to house building to buildin in search of suspicious characteres,where is the police?

Githutha Njoroge • 9 years ago

When teachers say there's insecurity they're threatened with sackings. Now does the state believe them??

Alpine • 9 years ago

People are dying as we type these comments and your criticism is clearly out of context..

Dannick Mokua • 9 years ago

Praying that no life is lost.

OlePasiany • 9 years ago

lives have been lost already, read again!!!

muthuunaithei • 9 years ago

And when foreign governments issue travel advisories we cry foul....