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Ninox69 • 6 days ago

this is the best !

ijapaedu • 1 week ago

I bought the premium a few years ago, and I just logged to see how it was...it says I have no purchases : (

wellplz • 1 week ago

the most popular game on armour games, good job

AjjuAlmighty • 1 week ago
AjjuAlmighty • 6 days ago
AjjuAlmighty • 1 week ago
the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 week ago

something I really love in this game is what you can do to magma elementals THESE ARE POWERFUL BEINGS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION BORN OF THE FORCES THAT MADE VOLCANOES (polymorph spell) sheep

peepinstreil1 • 1 week ago

this game is great and you dont even need a hero to beat the game

peepinstreil1 • 1 week ago

does anyone know how many lives is needed to get 2 or 1 stars?

LilithTFA • 1 week ago

I know that you need at least 18 lives to get a 3 star. I don't know how many lives you need to get 1 star since I never gotten one before. Just try to aim for the three star and do your best.

Adrian123XD • 2 weeks ago

This game is one of the best strategy type games here, i just love it, i highly recommend to play Kingdom Rush Frontiers too 'cause it's very cool to play and you can really enjoy playing it
Peace :D

the_cybfox_0n8or • 2 weeks ago

hey if anyone has any recommendations about strategy I would love to hear them just remember if those stratagems involve barracks I am not interested because I am doing a challenge run where barracks, reinforcements, and heroes are banned the levels I need some help with are the coldstep mines, stormcloud temple, and the wastes or any place later than that

czachapl23 • 2 weeks ago

i highly recommend this game. the mechanics of the heroes are very cool. to unlock the hero function you need to get the stars that you get for the completed levels (for 15 stars and you cannot use them for improvement). There are 3 heroes for free the rest is premium I recommend using the hero of the knight sorry but I don't remember his name. in 1 level (is too easy to i need write some) 2 level it's best to use bomber and soliders. and in 3 it is better to use archers and soldiers. I hope that I helped at the beginning and that someone at the beginning will do it later. and install 4 parts on my phone (3 are for money)

the_cybfox_0n8or • 2 weeks ago

the heroes aren't worth it here you can do much better with just upgrading things normally

czachapl23 • 2 weeks ago

i love this game i play 4 party of this game on my smartphone

TheLarry17 • 3 weeks ago

still playing this game after 9 years...

SS_Pepe • 2 weeks ago

I feel like that`s saying something about game design...

Ricin_Beans • 3 weeks ago

Anyone else get an infinite login loading? No amount of refreshing fixes this, so I lose my progress every time.

the_cybfox_0n8or • 3 weeks ago

is anyone else having a problem with the online save where it looks like it is having an epileptic seizure?
I don't know how to fix that

prothemaster • 3 weeks ago

so good

VitekH • 3 weeks ago

very ggoodd

josupk • 1 month ago

i have completed the game except rotten forest iron challenge. any idea?


Completed on the hardest level. Watch youtube for ideas on how.

AjjuAlmighty • 1 week ago
nazarand • 1 month ago

I have officially completed the game, 100% :)

(not achievements)

nazarand • 1 month ago

ok I got every achievement axept supreme defender. I DID complete the campaign on hard. Can someone help?

nazarand • 1 month ago

huh I didnt get the "complete campaign on hard" achievement ???

the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 month ago

I think for that one you need to do all the iron and heroic as well...on hard

sptargonska • 1 month ago

Has ANYONE beaten the dark tower iron challenge? Its.....impossible...right? I have tried so many countless times. This game is more frustrating than fun.

nazarand • 1 month ago

not impossible. Spam green towers towards the end of the road. The vines kill swarms very well, plus bassically locks enemies in place. Plus orange mages. orange mages reduce armour by 75% in total, so that will help defeat the heavy armoured tanks. get the elemental more endgame.

Also the timing of the fireball is important. At the start kill both marauders. Whenever you are getting overrun, fireball. Kill the necromancers as quickly as possible.

The graveyard spawning is 1:1 to enemy deaths.

Once you max out 2 green archers (not poison) and built 2 orange mages, start spamming more green towers in more places. You should get money very quickly, so it will work. You can ofcourse add some mages near the bandit spawner.

You haven't tried Rotwick yet lol. Thats impossible.

sptargonska • 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the help. Whats Rotwick?

M7MD2728 • 3 weeks ago

I've just beaten it. Thanks bro

dlbear • 1 month ago

It's not easy but is doable. Use Malik, 3 archer towers with vines, 2 sorcerer mages and 2 arcane wizards with teleport right at the exit. Works about 50% of the time.

EugeneTheProOfGaming • 1 month ago

The characters are really cute.

the_cybfox_0n8or • 3 weeks ago

any characters in particular? or all they all cute as far as you are concerned?

EugeneTheProOfGaming • 1 month ago

Good game.

the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 month ago

when playing this game the heroes aren't worth it

nazarand • 1 month ago

if ypu have extra stars it can be worth it.

the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 month ago

well the online save is glitching to make it look like it's having a seizure so... local save for this round

nazarand • 1 month ago

boom maxed out up to dark tower on hard.

citydeletuskill • 1 month ago

i might come and play this game again after ive played enough on xbox for tom clancys rainbow six seige, if you wanna add me my username is RA1DL1KEAB05S :0

kingdom rush is awesome

Extreame012 • 1 month ago

gettting a 3 star on coldstep mine is so hard

the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 month ago

coldstep mines? Hard? how much of a noob are you? sorry that was rude state your strategy the people in this community are very helpful

OmeletOfTruth • 1 month ago

i just used only wizards and archers - one barracks at the bottom

nazarand • 1 month ago

i found it easy maye because i have premium. I did it on hard no lost lives.

peepinstreil1 • 1 month ago

its funny how the enemies stop when a renforcement or barrack people are gona attack it.

Morana_1224 • 1 month ago

Finallly finish the Magician quest, feels so good :)

Luce_ • 2 months ago

The game with i knew armorgames site years years ago :'D

compucods • 2 months ago
the_cybfox_0n8or • 1 month ago

yeah the Tesla X104 is broken very fun but completely broken