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scoobyoddd • 2 days ago

Fully upgraded reinforcement are supposed to throw spears but they don't.

Pendolo7 • 1 week ago

I can't get the Premium Content.

Aro0GER0 • 1 week ago

I cannot catch the Fish, It just doesn't work. I have tried clicking for 3 Hours and it doesn't work.

CJSalgo235 • 2 weeks ago

Online Save is not working please halp T_T

CJSalgo235 • 1 week ago

Good News! It's now working properly, just tried it, plus you can also move your Local Save into the Online Save as well, which was very nice, thankss devs :D

kvb • 3 weeks ago

Why is the online save not working?????

saint_of_gaming • 2 weeks ago

There is a new Ruffle version (4-01-24); newer software isn't always perfectly better. :(

kvb • 3 weeks ago

Game login not working? I can't use the premium option. What's going on ?

saint_of_gaming • 3 weeks ago

Does anyone know whether Pagras iron challenge can be completed on normal/hard difficulty without buying the premium content?

thebrickccentric • 2 weeks ago

Yes (I've done it on Hard a few times).
Easiest thing to do is lookup a tutorial on Youtube, but it's also possible just with a bit of creativity.

ragglemorph • 1 month ago

Any tips on level 3 ironman?

FabFlop • 2 weeks ago

replace artillery by mages. Always combine archers and barracks.

samork731 • 1 month ago

If someone knows how to beat level 4 on Ironman, PLEASE tell me.

TheMysteryTaco • 1 month ago

Spam Archers in the beginning, 4 left, 4 right, upgrade the ones on the right followed by the ones on the left. Add more if necessary. Only barracks I needed was one on the top position to catch ones that made it past the onslaught of arrows.

samork731 • 1 month ago

Oh, getting nearly all the achievements feels so nice...

RoboticStuntCastle • 1 month ago

I can't get the Meteor spell to work with Ruffle.
it works fine in Supernova.
also, the sound effects for the Archers are different in Ruffle.

CandyTroll123 • 2 months ago

Why is the online save not working?

gx343 • 2 months ago

For the glacial heights stage unlock, what do they mean by completing the game???

gx343 • 2 months ago

I have all 62 stars and it is still locked

Caboose501st • 2 months ago

You need to purchase the premium content, its around 5.50 USD if I remember correctly

Nick • 2 months ago

Okay, i've played this game for months at this point and I cannot for the life of me beat the Iron Challenge on The Dark Tower map on Hard difficulty. Has anyone been able to achieve this?

BlingBlingDatingTale • 5 days ago

do orange mage on each side and then get musks with shrapnel and headshot its easy

swasical • 1 month ago

Build a wall of orange! The golems actually do a decent job as substitute for barracks, so you can add those once the cash and the skeletons are rolling in. Two or three mage towers on the right (I started with one orange and one purple) are important so you can pace the heavy armor units. Throw down archers in the middle row to do chip damage on the demon armies. A couple of barracks can help hold the line if you are pacing the skeleton kills steadily.

Make sure you handle the summoners quickly. You can't afford to beat them slowly; they need to die ASAP and with as few summons as possible. Heroes, reinforcements, golems can help distract them. You want to save your meteor shower for area damage attacks on the demons.

And take a screenshot when you have sweet success, like this:

FrancisXP • 2 months ago

Note* this was beaten during the flash version, unsure if ruffle changes how the game works.

The four main issues are the skeletons (getting overwhelmed), Demons (on death damage to foot soldiers), flyers (requires building of archers or barbarians), Dark slayers

The majority of the difficulty comes from having no area damage as both final upgrades for the bomb tower are banned in this challenge. (Along with being the two strongest towers in the game).

The second difficulty is being restricted to the free heroes as many of the other heroes can easily deal with one of these threats in comparison to the free ones. (I use free heroes only)

Now onto what I remember doing:

Paladin barracks (holy order) spam at the end of the map, upgrades 2-0-3. Allows paladins to deal area damage removing the threat of skeletons. lvl 2 healing typically allows paladins to basically negate the on death damage of demons and never die. This also allows you to deal true damage against heavily armored units (this only happens on the flash version, in other versions this turns into physical damage)

From what I remember you need to have Malik as your hero as a way to get rid of skeletons (try not to get him killed all the time). Originally I played this back when it was the flash version so Gerald Light seeker's retribution shield did not do true damage (in fact its broken in flash, dealing 0 damage but negating all damage he takes).

I built one archer tower to rangers as the poison upgrade deals true damage and automatically targets units who aren't poisoned. This tower should be at the front of your long barracks line.

Barbarian mead halls served as a great way to chip in a lot of damage while dealing with the aerial threat with the help of reinforcements. Do not use these units in direct combat unless you have to. These towers should be more focused toward the back of the barracks line but able to use their full range and support the paladins.

Reinforcements should be used for extra ranged damage and anti-air. Rain of fire has to be well timed and well used in swarms.

I'll see if I can find any pictures of me beating it as I was so astonished at the difficulty of this level that I took pictures at the time. (It took be a lot of attempts).

Otherwise, Good Luck

Caboose501st • 2 months ago

Use the rangers next to the graveyard with the wrath of the Forrest ability as well as teslas with overcharge

Nick • 2 months ago

This game mode doesn't allow any AOE towers to be used.. I'll try the rangers next to the graveyard though

Caboose501st • 2 months ago

My bad, been a while since I've done it

WWIICowboyRally • 2 months ago

The bugs on MacOS are so annoying. Can't play with Chrome, and Safari is impossible as on the boss level you can't unfreeze towers if it's directly to the front or the sides of the tower. Love the game otherwise

JohanBjorne • 2 months ago

It works great with Puffin.

MichaelisTheBlueMage • 2 months ago

Dwarves having artillery (as well as missiles and tesla towers) in this game made me wonder "Why are the Dwarves so much more advanced than all the other groups?" One day, I came up with the explanation that, because they live in the mountains and mine a lot, they must have a large amount of resources to tinker with. Since most of their jobs would revolve around mined resources, smiths would tinker with metals used in electronics, like silicon. Their tinkering would lead to new inventions, and since a lot of them would be smiths, there'd be much faster advancement than humans, elves, or any other race in Kingdom Rush's fantasy world.

pokerbum • 3 months ago

How do you turn off the music? I've clicked the icon and checked settings to confirm it, but music is still playing.

Tasselfoot • 3 months ago

We're aware that the premium content purchase does not currently work. We're sorry about that. We're working with the folks at Ruffle to fix it as soon as we can!

AfiTri • 2 weeks ago

5 of April - still can't log in!!!

CanadianStuntRangers • 1 month ago

Why dont you guys make it free as a thanks for the years of support instead of a monthly subscription on a flash game.

WWIICowboyRally • 2 months ago

Any updates?

Derpyisnotdead • 3 months ago


Solas128 • 3 months ago

Yessssssss! I did it, I got all Armor Games quests done for Kingdom Rush. A job well done too, it took almost two days to grind for them.

ivanklord • 3 months ago

Lets go man!

Solas128 • 3 months ago

Guys, I just realized you can get the 62 stars in Kingdom Rush without having to do the premium levels as well. But in order to do that, you need to get 3 stars on every level (Excluding premium levels), complete all non premium levels in heroic and iron, and like the game on facebook and twitter.

I already did the math on how many stars heroic and iron give for each non premium level and how many stars facebook and twitter give, as well as all the 3 stars for the non premium levels, and it adds up to 62 stars.

YeOldeSurgeryPhonics • 4 months ago

upgrades dosent work pls fix

THEMAXMANNN • 4 months ago

There's no visual for when your ability will refresh, and when it does, it's marked my a minuscule flash.

R0binH00d • 4 months ago

Vez'nan... dead?!

... it's party time!



Derpyisnotdead • 4 months ago

Finally i can play kingdom rush flash version

varghj05 • 5 months ago

I can get an online save slot but still can't unlock those levels :(

CyborgBongThrowdown • 5 months ago

Mute does not work

Fancy2209 • 5 months ago

The wait is almost over! Ruffle supports online saves on older games now, only thing missing is for Armor Games to do the proper testing to update it, if you install the extension it might work though https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Lundra • 5 months ago

Extra levels, premium content and old online saves work for me, huge THANKS!

Right now my children are interested and watching (10 and 8), they were not on this world the day I have finished the game the first time.

Fancy2209 • 5 months ago

They updated everrything, so yeah should work

CountryClub57 • 5 months ago

When I try to get premium content the feature to access it never finishes loading.

SillyLightningXP • 5 months ago

After yrs I played it again, but it was impossible to use the "online save slots". Why is that?