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Heather • 4 years ago

Can we give up self-loathing, indeed.

Can we stop blaming ourselves for the fact that the world has changed so that the methods that used to work no longer work?

Can we start confessing our true sin of trying to earn the approval of the institution by just trying harder to make programs work which are no longer effective in today's world?

Can we die to the old conventional way to doing church and rise transforming into the church which God is calling us to be in the next millennium?

Can we exchange commitment to committees for missional passion, orthodoxy for orthopraxis, and polity and doctrine for belonging and apophatic wonder?

Dave P. in St. Louis • 3 years ago

You want to replace orthodoxy with salvation by works? And polity with a God who can only be described in negative terms? I'm not sure I'm with you on that.

Heather Riggs • 3 years ago

No. I want to see an end to endless arguments about polity and doctrine and see us get back to work serving the last the lost and the least. Polity and doctrine are tools which are meant to serve the mission of the church, the church is not meant to serve polity and doctrine.

As to the apophatic faith I would like us to admit that God is bigger than our capacity to understand and stop trying to definitively define God and instead define ourselves as belonging to God.