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Dajjal • 7 years ago

Islam is Islam: what Moe preached and did 1400 years ago. Nothing perverted, distorted, hijacked, extremist, etc, its just normative Islam, needing no adjectives nor qualifiers. Islam is pure unmitigated evil regardless of sect or heresy.

UncleVladdi • 7 years ago

"Democracy is a man-made system, meaning rule by the people for the people. Thus it is contrary to Islam, because rule is for Allaah ... it is not permissible to give legislative rights to any human being ..."

— Sheik Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid, in fatwa number 07166.

In his book Jihad in Islam,


Syed Maududi clearly summarized the mission of Islam, as understood by his supporters whether they are in Pakistan, India, or in Canada:
"Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation that rules it. […] Islam requires the earth – not just a portion – but the whole planet."


And NO true muslims will ever support America or the constitution... because no muslim believes in the validity of ANY sovereign national country or government, which they see as man-made false idols, to all eventually be destroyed and replaced with their one-world global muslim Ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate government!

Why have human rulers - even "elected" ones - to legislate, when "God's Law" as written in the Qur'an, has long ago been Perfected? To make any laws contrary to it is blasphemy, and to make similar ones is redundant!

Dajjal • 7 years ago

The fatwa is reall, Unk ain't joking! Read it here and curse Islam:

It is incompatible with representative self government!!!

William_Teach • 7 years ago

Think about this: experts say that's it's just 1% of Muslims who are jihadiized, willing to engage in violence. The al Qaeda types, the ISIS', Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. That's 16 million jihadi Muslims world wide. May not seem much in light of 6+ billion citizens of the world, but 16 million can do a lot of damage.

Furthermore, some studies show that the percent of Muslims who hold radical (meaning they follow the Koran to the letter) views is 10-25%. They are working hard to undermine Western society, and so many of them can be quickly turned into jihadis.

Feel better?

fiddlerbob • 7 years ago

Thankfully, muslims always answer polls honestly, right?

Perhaps a counter terrorism expert could simply read the quran and find out what the enemy is doing and maybe look at 1500 years of empirical evidence. It's not like anyone has to break the enigma code again. Remember George Patton when he defeated Rommel, "I read your !@#$ book!!"

The only "radical" muslims are those who are not actively engaged in killing the "kafir" AKA "us" - everybody who's not been corrupted by islam. FYI "kafir" is the most vile and offensive of terms: like "mf" or the "n" word on hypersteroids.

The muslim's most holy book instructs them to enslave or kill anybody and everybody who doesn't submit to islam (that includes those who speak or act against those imposing the terror of islam on o. It also tells them that it's quite okay to lie about it and teaches them to lie with a smile and a soft face (extra points for adding a tear or two) so that their victims will be unsuspecting of their treachery.

These pathetic satanic creatures will eat at your table or serve you a feast, dance at your daughter's wedding, take you hunting and fishing, and then slit your throat in the morning with no more thought than one might have going to the bathroom. Though, they'll probably feel even better when they're done.

muslims are supposed to become like mohammed who was a sadistic, merciless, lying, thieving, murdering, sex trafficking, sociopath and pedophile (and these are his good points) who hated and lied about God, lied to a bunch of dupes about a visit from one of God's Angels to create a false satanic cult, and used it to enslave or kill everybody who wouldn't give him everything he wanted including his son's wife. Not one good, much less Godly, thing has ever come from this fraud.

The muslims have been using the same MO for 1500 years: infiltrate in "humility" and "peace", multiply until reaching sufficient strength, take over and force submission to satan or kill all kafir.

The big "surprise" comes when there are none left but muslims. Anyone paying attention can already see this in every islamic state. They start killing each other off. It has to happen this way. That is how islam is designed. Since they have no Godly spiritual guidance or established authority other than an inanimate book to aid them or act as a referee, so to speak, islam is left solely to the strongest voice who must to kill everyone who won't submit to his interpretation or dishonor satan/allah and forego his 72 virgins and blissful afterlife with his lying, sadistic, sex-starved master. islam is the ultimate suicide pact.

It's time to get a clue.

saksin • 7 years ago

Another sense in which Islamist "extremists" are not extreme is the way in which they pattern their actions on the precedents in the life of the founder of their religion, Muhammad. His success came only in the last ten years of his life, spent as warlord, in the course of which he personally presided over both massacre (by beheading - Banu Qurayza), torture (by fire - Khaybar), and forced conversion. When you follow in the footsteps of the founder of your faith you cannot be deemed an extremist, at least not from the perspective of that faith...

There is too much of Muhammad in Islam for Islam ever to be anything other than a threat to anyone unwilling to live under its dispensation.

turnipweed • 7 years ago

Their role model couldn't have been worse. Mohammad was right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot, and 0bama.

Guest • 7 years ago
Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

Good Post. Thanks for stopping in to comment.

Fantaman • 7 years ago

Islam is the problem, that's all. Make it illegal and it won't be a problem anymore. Germany banned Scientology as it's a harmful cult. We need to do the same for islam.

John • 7 years ago


That's what I caught from all the media blathering about Nice's attack: "oh, but we don't know if he's assovciated with any terrorist group."


If anything THIS attack shows it is islam as a nihilistic, totalitarian ideology which is the danger - *not* any "extremist" terror group.

This guy was just another "normal" muslim schmuck!

AND LOOK AT WHAT HE DID - in the name of islam.

Cableguy • 7 years ago

Maybe Trump is right? He's absolutely right.

Arbitrary turn-back cmd • 7 years ago

what's to expect from the religion based upon their Allah's instructions to dominate the world. Including all non-belivers and those that believe that Jesus is the son of Allah. (He is not, there is no son of Satan.)

Guest • 7 years ago

Forget Gun Free Zones, or even Truck Free Zones. We must declare the USA a Muslim Free Zone. Our survival depends on it.

albertconstantinejr • 7 years ago

Right on, Colonel, right on!

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

Thanks for checking in Big Al!

Dan - Still Conservative! • 7 years ago

Wake up, America! It is Islam that is killing us -- assassinate the jihadi killers and thrown the rest of them out if they refuse to obey our laws.

Pecos+Pete • 7 years ago

Common sense requires that all Muslim immigration into the USA be stopped until their religion recognizes that Sharia Law and religious violence are not acceptable in the USA. Any other action weakens the USA's national security.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago


Good post...It gets to where I was trying to go...but didn't quite make it. Another commenter opined that we cannot reform Islam. He is likely correct. However, by shutting down the immigration of Muslims to the US and some other policies, we could possibly nudge the non or not yet violent part of Islam to reform itself.

Some folks promote eradicating Islam...I read an interesting book by Ralph Peters...it's a future history entitled, "The War After Armageddon." He posits a pretty scary result for us. Check it out....it's a pretty good read. And Ralph Peters is as sharp as they come.

Pecos+Pete • 7 years ago

Mike, thanks for the reference to Peters' book.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

It's an uglier version of "If this goes on" by Heinlein...you oughtta read that too. But read Peters first....that way you don't end up on a downer.

KristenSuzanneM • 7 years ago

What Turkey's former Prime Minister Erdogan cited only a few years ago in reference to Islam applies. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam, just Islam. This is who and what they are. Reading their 'faith's documents illustrates and illuminates who and what they are, in addition to fourteen hundred years of history and highlights what they've done in America for decades. They are savage animals who will never assimilate and deserve nothing the West and its civilization can offer. They don't want it and they will destroy all of us. Standing up is the least of our problems; going after them is mandatory and destroying them a necessity.

irunbartertown • 7 years ago

Umm. Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel have been telling us this for years. The violent Islamic jihadist is supported by the average Muslim the same way the Christian missionary is supported by the pew-sitting congregation. Not all are called to carry out the most radical expression of faith, but we are all supposed to contribute.

Lizzie • 7 years ago

Until we understand that Islam is Islam, a totalitarian system of govt, and is incompatible with our way of life, we are doomed.

gray_man • 7 years ago

"Perhaps the problem is Islam in its entirety."
double duh.

gray_man • 7 years ago

"Perhaps radical Islam...isn't."

AndyJ • 7 years ago

Those members of the perverted death cult called Islam who commit terror acts are merely devout followers of the Koran, Mohamed's perverted power trip treatise.

The "good" or "moderate" followers, who do not commit murder, are simply those who prefer their own life over killing others. However, the millions of followers of Mohamed who celebrated openly in the streets, worldwide, the killing of 3 thousand innocent Americans & others on 9/11 is proof that their heart is with the devout terrorists not some mythical "religion of peace".

The Mohamadan evil doers did not conquer and subjugate millions of square miles of planet Earth and over a billion people by peaceful means or by persuading people to join their "religion". When join or die became the devout
followers mission, pursuant to the Koran, the "good" Muslims chose life, not a great peaceful religion.

COHighCountry • 7 years ago

No one alive today will live long enough to see anything remotely resembling "meaningful reformation" of Islam. Never happen. There are 1400 years of history to prove it. We need to stop this insane importation of peoples who wish us dead. And it's prudent to deport many already here. Our very survival depends on it.

Guest • 7 years ago

By our definition of the word, reformation is what is happening within radical Islam. These murderous maniacs are returning to their roots, the anti-Christ "gospel" of Satan as transcribed by a demon possessed pedophile & throat cutter.

COHighCountry • 7 years ago

You are right, Road. It really depends on what one's goal is for "reformation". Most in the west thinks means they would evolve towards western beliefs. For the Islamist nutjobs it is a re-dedication to Islam and sharia, which means the infidels must submit or die. Pretty sick.

Mr.+FreeMarket • 7 years ago

Another important issue is the extent to which public education is in bed with those who would teach that "Islam is just another peaceful religion." Our kids are being propagandized. Note how many trips are being taken to mosques.

Foxdogs • 7 years ago

A better and more accurate term for the terrorists is Islamic Fundamentalists.

A fundamentalist is one who believes that Islam is based on direct revelations from god to Mohammad, and that these revelations are not to be interpreted but obeyed using Mohammad as the model to follow.

The so called radicals are specifically those fundameltalists who adhere to the revelations that Mohammad documented in his third phase in which he was spreading Islam by force.

I believe that the percentage of Muslims who support violence to defend or spread Islam is much larger than the one percent guess that government and media tell us is the case. But even if it is a small percentage, the danger of having a significant Muslim population is that one of the good, or moderate Muslims could, through what he learns in the mosque or through self-study, experience a religious epiphany and decide that violence to defend or spread Islam is fully justified and dying to do so is the path to glory.

Mr.+FreeMarket • 7 years ago

Why limit the issue to Muslim's beliefs towards violence?
How many Muslims believe that free speech towards Islam should not be allowed?
How many Muslims believe that Muslims should be free to leave their religion and join another (as in convert to Christianity)?
How many Muslims believe that court systems should be modeled along Sharia law, rather than treating each person in the court equally?
How many Muslims believe that honor killings are justified?

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

Why limit the issue to Muslim's beliefs towards violence?

Word count. Another area I wanted to get into is the effect of reformation on Christianity & the lack thereof in Islam....again, word count.

Glad you stopped by. I follow your comments daily.

17_woods • 7 years ago

Try this: Most Muslims in the world are radicals.

They – the truly “radical”Muslims – live by a flexible, relativist interpretation of
Islam (“surrender to the will of God”), rather than by strict adherence to the Koran, the central, religious document for their religious life. For the “radicals,” the Koran is not their stand-alone, guiding document for jurisprudence or commercial purposes. These more flexible Muslims are the true “Islamic radicals,” and they make-up the secular, majority Muslims.

They are “radical” in the same way that Episcopalians are “radical” (AKA:
liberal) in the eyes of, say, Pentecostal Christians.

The minority of Muslims who support, and use, violence against infidels
follow original, literal Islam. They’re not “Islamic terrorists” – they’re legacy, Koranic literalists who use terror as a tactic to promote the conversion of non-Muslims who must convert to Islam or die.

(Likewise, Rome once used terrorism to purge heretics in Roman Catholic
ranks during the Inquisition.)

Pure Islam is not a “religion of peace,” and was never designed to be a religion of peace. Instead, Islam is a religion that uses terror to enforce a dogma that defines behavioral practices that comply with the Koran, and that define the regulations of daily life.

That work?

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago


DomesticEnemy • 7 years ago

FTA: "Perhaps the problem is Islam in its entirety."

Gee...ya think? I try not to think about what muslims would have to do to actually and no kidding wake people like the author up out of their PC stupor. Then again, if you gotta ask the above question in 2016 maybe even mushroom clouds over major American cities wouldn't even do it.

1G25 • 7 years ago

Did you possibly miss this at the end of the article ?

Mike Ford is a retired infantry officer with experience in counterterrorism in Central America, Southwest Asia and as an instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, N.C.

DomesticEnemy • 7 years ago

Naaaah, I stop reading when my PC dhimmi meter gets full.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

Been "awake" for a long time. But until now, constrained from writing such publicly. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I'll pass your "PC" assessment of me on to my associates. They could use a chuckle. :-)



DomesticEnemy • 7 years ago

If you're "awake," why do you even pose the question? By definition someone awake to the threat from islam doesn't need to ask if we need to stop qualifying it.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

With due respect Sir, I wasn't posing a question...I was positing (for some folks) a differing view than they have historically held. When writing for a national publication, I try to use less blunt language than I would if I was discussing the same subject with my colleagues at the I-Bar at Ft Benning. Again, thank you for your input.



DomesticEnemy • 7 years ago

28,816 islamic terror attacks SINCE 9/11. I'd say the time for "less blunt" language is long gone. Besides, your last 2 paragraphs call for "reformation" of islam. Now granted, I'm not a "colonel" and I don't have super secret anti-terrorism schooling, I just read the koran and sunna, listen to muslims and watch the news. You can not reform islam. You must eradicate islam.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

28,816 islamic terror attacks SINCE 9/11. I'd say the time for "less blunt" language is long gone.

Perhaps so....That position is likely why Mr Trump,is doing so well. Folks are tired of PC...I don't blame them.

As for "eradicating Islam," Ralph Peters, a highly thought of Intelligence Officer, wrote an interesting future history about that, "The War After Armageddon." Check it out & lets chat again.



Dajjal • 7 years ago

Problem domain: aquida & Iman. Its what they believe and that belief.

Muslims go to Jannah or Jannahm depending on participation in Jihad. That guarantees perpetual Jihad.

While there is one Believer, he will breed or recruit more and the Jihad will resume. Its like vampirisim: one is a million too many. Unfortunately, Islam is real.

DomesticEnemy • 7 years ago

Thanks I'll do that.

Pecos+Pete • 7 years ago

My old horse, Old Tim, thinks the Colonel is, ummm, not very PC ... most of the time.

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

I have been told that on occasion, I exhibit the tact & diplomacy...of a rhino with hemorrhoids.

SUBVET • 7 years ago

I think bandito is more PC than you sir...sarc....good stuff to bad TAS won't let you post.....we need some normalicy over there.....😎

Mike 3/505 • 7 years ago

too bad TAS won't let you post

Not for lack of me trying, I assure you.