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Love of Country • 3 years ago

A future community organizer, no doubt.

Time_4A_Change • 3 years ago

These self-important Islamic @ssholes of the Earth think they're so special with their guns and grenades and bombs and bullshit. And sadly they keep pooping out kids.

CowDog Smythe • 3 years ago

Congratulations Liberals - You own these guys. Enjoy!

nana3015 • 3 years ago

One ISIS parent saying to another: "kids kids kids how quickly they blow up."

bikerdogred1 • 3 years ago

Cute family pictures,where they get those pictures hanging on the inside walls of the white house.

Cahal the Madâ„¢ • 3 years ago

Islam, whose ideology mirrors left-wing "progressivism" 100%, has a slightly different take on abortion. While they too love to exploit children for their sick goals and agendas, they also love to carry out post-birth "abortion" by murdering innocent children in their attacks on the innocent and the free, while also using their own spawn as suicide bombs.

Guest • 3 years ago

Islam is a cult of death which Obama loves.

xyeke • 3 years ago

IF THE KENYAN HAD A SON .................................