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David Maiden • 7 years ago

these staircases are truly works of art. Tassos speaks to us through the timber.

Maria Argyraki • 7 years ago

An invisible and immensely intricate system holds together each staircase as if carved out of one tree-trunk... I was lucky to see them and touch them too! The feeling of caressing wood velvet...

AlexP • 7 years ago

This is an amazing craft and so few of those magnificent things are to be seen around. It's so refreshing to see people crafting such marvelous things with their hands and basic tools. Technology can do marvels these days but nothing beats the feeling and care a devoted professional can apply to his work. This is an art in its core and it would be a shame to disappear...

Glenn • 7 years ago

I am 52 and I would still jump at the chance to learn from a master as such. I may not live long enough to learn all that he wants to teach me but maybe long enough to help perpetuate and pass on this art. All too many have been lost already.

Bob Albers • 7 years ago

If I weren't 73 I would go to Greece and learn something. I sure hope that someone is able to take the torch from him. It would be a shame for his craft to die with him.