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Danielle • 5 years ago

This all sounds nice if you live in your own house... but I live in a dorm room. Most of my things are stored under my bed, I have textbooks and electronics everywhere, my roommate and I shared a mirror that is glued to our wall, and there is certainly no room in our tiny space for an indoor plant. Are there any kind of feng shui tips for us college students?

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

When you have a small space - every inch counts. So, you need to be organized and everything needs to have a place. My nephew is at USC and during his first year in the dorm we made sure his closets had Container Store pieces for shoes and clothes. And yes, he put his bed up high so he could create a mini-storage space underneath. Was it ideal? No, but you do what you can do. Just don't have a pig-pen for a dorm room. Chicks do not dig that!

Tee • 5 years ago

"DON'T keep books in your bedroom — especially if you're trying to get pregnant!"

As I proceed to move all of the books I've ever purchased into my bedroom. Haha. Great piece!

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Books in a bedroom are way too active. Just keep a few you are currently reading. I am reading Shadow of Night so I am sleeping with witches and vampires.

Brenna Egan • 5 years ago

Tee-Hee, Tee!

I'm totally giggling at the thought of metaphysical birth control right now. Definitely the quote of the day, thanks for that.


rosewithwords • 5 years ago

haha, hilarious! *drops a stack of books while laughing!*

CSH • 5 years ago

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John CHow • 5 years ago

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Daegan Smith • 5 years ago

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Jaz Lai • 5 years ago

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Lucy (Bloomberg) • 5 years ago

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Rodhika Tchi • 5 years ago

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Yuki • 5 years ago

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Rodhika Tchi • 5 years ago

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Rodika Tchi • 5 years ago

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John Chow • 5 years ago

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found Mr Right in 2012 • 5 years ago

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Robert K • 5 years ago

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Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

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Beatrice • 5 years ago

i love her living room! are there any tips for people living in shared apartments, though? for instance, i can't keep my electronics in another room...because i only have one room. am i destined to have terrible feng shui until i'm rich enough to have my own apartment?

Brenna Egan, L.A. Editor • 5 years ago

Not to worry Beatrice! Anita was very adamant that "There is no perfect Feng Shui." She said we can only do what we can and even a little bit can go a long way.


Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Yes Brenna, you are right. There is no perfect Feng Shui. Shared space is challenging. Place a fabric or screen to cover the electronics in your bedroom to calm down the energy as you sleep.

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Walter • 3 years ago

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danica003 • 5 years ago

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Hannah Navarro • 5 years ago

Wonderful article as I go to a Naturopathic provider who has changed my life and helped me with my chakras and qi. Some of the tips I was aware of and some are wonderfully new to me. I have a few questions though.

I do have a mirror in my master walk-in closet, and the closet is, of course, within the master bedroom. Can I just close the door to my closet when I sleep, or should I move it elsewhere completely?

I currently have two mirrored cubes in my living room acting as the cocktail table. I planned on moving these to the guest bathroom and replacing them with a round, glass Platner cocktail table. Should I forgo both of these?

Again, thanks for the wonderful article and helpful tips.

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Mirrors are powerful Qi enhancers when placed in the correct spaces. They are also lovely decor pieces. Sounds like the living room pieces are decor, so it doesn't matter where you place them. The closet is fine for a mirror. Do you keep your closet door open when you sleep?

Hannah Navarro • 5 years ago

I actually do keep my closet door open when I sleep but will be sure to close it from now on. Do you perform consultations for clients who aren't in the L.A. area?

Julissa Maldonado • 5 years ago

quick question: does the Rhodonite also go beneath the bed along with the rose quartz? or can I place it on top of my dresser/vanity/night stand?
I'd truly appreciate any advice on how to apply Feng Shui in a one-bedroom basement apartment.
Thanks so much! :-)

rosewithwords • 5 years ago

love these tips - especially for the bedroom! applying all of them asap!

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Good for you! Make it happen. The bedroom is one of our most important rooms in Feng Shui. This is where we spend one-third of our lives.

cauley • 5 years ago

that headboard is so pretty! lovely bedroom! thank you for sharing

Titanium • 5 years ago

Oh, my! Just about everything is Feng Shui wrong in my place! Starting with the trash waiting to be taken out in the entryway as a "proper welcoming item", glass coffee table and massive storage under the iron bed!!! Terrified! Thank you so much for these tips! Golden Buddha is already sitting in the entryway:)

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Sometimes, it's all about awareness. First we must be aware and then we can make smart changes and transformations.

Titanium • 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your reply, Anita. It's mightily sweet of you! I am saving this article as I am moving in a month and this little guide will come in very handy.

Katy • 5 years ago

so cool thanks!

Aimi • 5 years ago

I love her living room!

Anita Rosenberg • 5 years ago

Jessica has a very cozy house.