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Guest • 6 years ago
Robert Nava • 6 years ago

Thank you!

Ronnie McKenzie • 5 years ago

They should get you sharing that story in prisons to inspire others to do the same :D

Matching Family Stuff • 4 years ago

That is an amazing idea @ronniemckenzie your story is so inspirational it should be shared. It even gave me a few tips for my journey of starting my small business called Matching Family Stuff geared towards uplifting Dads with custom 100% cotton modern design t-shirts.
Like us on Facebook @Matching FamilyStuff or shop online at matchingfamilystuff@bigcartel.com

-Let's continue to spread positive vibes!

Maurice • 5 years ago

Any way you could help me be successful ive been thinking about business opportunities for a long time but I don't know where to start

kylecina • 4 years ago

A large part of it is planning, like he said. The other scary part is taking the leap and doing it. If you're not willing to do that, be willing to sacrifice your nights/weekends/free time running the business outside of your daily job until it is making enough money to warrant making it full time.

Trevor Justin Rudd • 3 years ago

Go watch the movie "The Founder" and take his advice.

Khoi M Le • 4 years ago

Hey Robert, any advice on the setting up an efficient return policy where both customers, manufactures, and yourself are happy? Thank you in advance!

EgoThrift • 5 years ago

Thanks for this. I'm having a bit of a rough time getting things going and your story and others like it help me keep focused on the ligjt at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again. @egothrift @rcl4rk

Karyn • 6 years ago

What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing your success. Karyn

Robert Nava • 6 years ago

Thank you Karyn.

Rhonda LaBatt • 6 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing; I think you are very inspirational. My company is still such a baby, it gives me encouragement to stick with it, even when return is so small. I can't wait to apply these principles to Redemption Market. I wish you the best!

Robert Nava • 6 years ago

Thank you for the kind words Rhonda!

Taylar Colyar • 6 years ago

Just checked out your store Rhonda and you have GREAT products & an awesome mission!!! I plan on shopping very soon., Checkout my store if you want ;) shopconsignmentcouture.com

Cristi • 6 years ago

What are you selling Rhonda?

anita cullum mccants • 6 years ago

Hey Rhonda, I visited your online store and there is no contact info for visitors or customers to give feedback regarding the products. Also, I think your homepage should include an excerpt from your About page so customers will know from the start that they are not only purchasing handmade products of good quality, they are also helping make a difference in the lives of others. I wish you much success!!

Rhonda LaBatt • 6 years ago

Thank you so much for your feedback; I will take it into consideration! - Rhonda

Frank Nicholas • 5 years ago

Hi Anitha,
I have a new Shopify store but unable to make any sales. Can you help me please.

Bharath Balakrishnan • 5 years ago

Rhonda- Have you already explored the Etsy marketplace. Your store products look wonderful.

Rhonda LaBatt • 5 years ago

Thank you! Because my items are not handmade by me, I am unable to sell them on Etsy, but I am happy with Shopify, and slowly growing my customer base. I appreciate your kind words, Bharath.

Bharath Balakrishnan • 5 years ago

Oh Rhonda. I can imagine. Now here is my other take. Have you tried selling on Amazon in US? If you have some decent stock levels, I'm authorized to sell in Amazon's handbags category and we could explore mutual synergies. I currently sell in Health, Beauty, Clothing and a couple of other categories on Amazon if you wish to explore possibilities. I'm Dallas, Texas based.

Rhonda LaBatt • 5 years ago

Thanks, but I'm not interested at this time.

Stephanie Hight • 5 years ago

I might be interested in collaborating utilizing your Amazon access. I was very successful on Ebay but it became a hassle. I have several "closets" & am a Top 10% seller. I'm on Posh, Tradsey & TF. I'm working towards creating my own website but I'm horrible with technology & funds have been limited. I have items from 5.00- a few thousand...bags, clothes, shoes, accessories etc. I'm in AZ. On Posh I'm goforit13. ~ Stephanie

Bharath Balakrishnan • 5 years ago

Stephanie Hight - I'm open to exploring synergies. Are these customer returns or used products. We aren't allowed to sell those on Amazon in the clothing category. It needs to be new and you need to have an appetite for high returns.

ibrah • 5 years ago

hello bharat.. wats your email .. i will like to use you as a dropship.. i sell on ebay and amazon ..

Bharath Balakrishnan • 5 years ago

Hello Ibrah - I sell on Amaon and eBay too. So a synergy might not make too much sense for those marketplaces :)

But if you sell on your own and have a lot of traffic, then certainly would be interested in exploring synergies.

Adam Kaan • 5 years ago

Ditto, I've been busting my butt last couple of months with all the pressures of a being a working single parent of two kids, but not seen any return yet. I'm selling T-Shirts on spreadshirt, I've done a lot of the things the gurus advise 19 visitors half of them friends and family. I know I've got to keep at it I've still got a mountain to climb. Massive learning curve. Everyone is out to sell you something unfortunately when you're starting out in my position you won't have the extra cash to make those purchases.

Reaper73 • 5 years ago

I don't know if you're targeting a specific niche as a whole or for individual items but the key is using Facebook ads just like Robert did. You need to really drill down on targeting the right interests - the sort of ones that 'fanatics' in the niche would only know.

For instance, if your niche was "golf" you wouldn't target Tiger Woods, he's too well known, but any of the top 20-50 would be a good bet.

Or if you're able to use Facebook's "AND" logic in Ads Manager, you target people who are interested in "Tiger Woods" (broad topic related interest) AND "Kevin Ha"

That kind of targeting will give you a high Clickthrough Rate, which FB will reward you with a lower CPC (which won't cost you as much) and a higher quality visitor.

Run lots of ads @ $2-3 a day with different targeting to see if anything generates any sales, then pause whatever doesn't work and gradually scale what does. Optimize for demographic and/or location. Rinse & repeat.

Obviously you need good t-shirts and an effective website but that's really 95% of the traffic stuff.


Nicholas Sgherzi • 3 years ago

Very nice

Scot Smith • 6 years ago

Impressive comeback story. Keep it up!

Robert Nava • 6 years ago

Thanks Scot!

Dave Mishal • 4 years ago

Hi Robert, can you please share your Facebook page, I would like to follow and get some ideas.
Thanks for sharing your story, very inspiring

Anand • 6 years ago

Inspiring post Robert. There are quite a few camping gears related ecommerce sites around. So what exactly about your ads struck a chord with the buyers? Did you go through a sales funnel or was it directly to products? Could you run through the Facebook ads strategy part?

Robert Nava • 6 years ago

Hey Anand. Thanks for reading my post. What makes the biggest difference is getting the right product in front of the right audience. That's all that really matters. What Facebook allowed me to do was get good products in front of people who were actually interested them. Once I identified the right product/audience match, it's was easy to scale. Hope that helps a little.

Guest • 6 years ago

This is not an answer, are you paid by Facebook to write this crap?

Brice Naylor • 6 years ago

Why do you have to be such a direct dick? I read your comments on other posts, and nearly all of them are finding something wrong with the articles. You come across as nocturnal troll that sleeps til 2pm and survives on frozen pizza and soft drinks.

Guest • 6 years ago

What do my other posts have anything to do with the fact that this "article" is nothing more than an advertisement for Facebook ads.

Laurie A Rogers • 6 years ago

It's not an article for FB ads lol, Robert is saying how he used them for growing his business, sheesh we business owners use FB to buy ads, we share this information with each other all the time. And FB has an internal team that sells their ads and it's not Robert, he's in one of my marketing groups.

Brett Radler • 5 years ago

Hi Laurie, what marketing group are you in? Can I join?

william scott • 4 years ago

And the 'common sense' of an entry level day laborer. It's no wonder that 'A' students generally work for 'C' students, and 2% now all but 'feed' the majority of the other 98%. I've never liked FaceBook (mainly a waste of time, and global intel dragnet) however if it gains 'targeted traffic' and hence increases conversions (i.e. common sense) then I'll be doing so as well, soon enough. Can't wait to add 'funnels,' after finding a HOT item and the related (and 'pinned') 'upsells!'

stella bugkollection.com • 5 years ago

No paid. Facebook can do alot. Just try and learn. So many people have made it through there. Thanks face book

Nicholas Sgherzi • 3 years ago

You're an idiot, fuck off.

Ally Johnson • 5 years ago

Hello Robert. You are such an inspiration of where a person can be to what they can achieve - a pure choice!
I'm interested to know how you find the audience match you mention for a specific product.
i.e. I do skin care (brand new range) now need to design my page and then get it to the right audience.
I'm not very clued up on all this stuff. I would love to hear from you.

Harry Swain • 3 years ago

Still waiting for your company to send me the stuff I ordered. Customer service doesn't return calls.

Nicholas Sgherzi • 3 years ago


Robin Grant • 6 years ago

Very inspirational. I have been thinking about the ads because I have not had not one sale but this just made up my mind.

Robert Nava • 6 years ago

One piece of advice. start with small a small budget of $5-$10/day/ad until you know you are getting conversions. Good luck!

stella bugkollection.com • 5 years ago

How do I get the $5 add.

Guest • 6 years ago

really? what are you selling?

NorCal • 6 years ago

So "Guest" don't buy any Facebook ads and just go do your life. No one cares about your jaded and negative views anyway. Just write these to yourself from now on please.