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kymykat • 3 years ago

Well this is pretty old now. It’s pretty much a known fact we all are being spied upon and the use of chem-trails creates Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Diease, complacency amoung a list that’s pretty long. Go have your tap water tested. I have my tap water tested then I take in a sample of my pond water after I see the snow flurry like activity on my security video happening all around my house nightly from 1am til 4 am. And it shows various metals known to cause cancer, Alzheimer’s & other mind altering conditions. It also contributes to changes in our weather. Our natural weather disasters are government created. It’s good for the economy and population control I read. . So now it’s out there that there’s these little chicken sh_t cowards that stalk not the founders of the cancer cure ( they have already been killed off) but the everyday average nice guy or gal. They want your children. Yes. You see this epicdemic of people having children out of wedlock has been a great time for the dark forces to get their hooks in our babies. No I’m not saying anything judgmental I’m stating a fact is all. Go to YouTube and type in TED GUNDERSON and the mc Martin preschool scandal also please on YouTube watch RUSS DIZDAR.

MARY ELIZABETH R. • 4 years ago

Reform Yesterday! I was put under a classifed RFID US Army project in 1973/74 and I forgot all about the RFID until the beginning of January 2017, and I have been having Organized gang stalking and Mind Control Experimentation done on me which includes street theater. It seems everyone knows what is going on except for me. I don't get it. I can't even get the RFID removed from the hand surgeon at UCSD they made me get a Brain MRI just to look at my hand. How RIDICULOUS is that?? I welcome a call from Health & Human Services; my rights are being blatantly violated; PH. 619-849-9573. I need help navigating this process of whistleblowing or just help me get this chip out of my hand. I need a good lawyer.

kymykat • 3 years ago

Mary. There’s help I was just looking at the site this morning. Through this article you should be able to find the link in each country for safe removal. I’ll go see if I can find the address and I’ll post here. Don’t give up. Please everyone. I don’t get it either but that’s because we have a conscience

Don Lovell • 6 years ago

Having perfected frequencies that the human mind cannot recognize as injurious while absorbing, neighborhood, medical, and portable vehicle weapons have been deployed against us.

Ron Angell • 6 years ago

florida is in violation as over the horizon radar aka HAARP is used to move cloud mass - Directed Energy Weapons - By the order of the Secretary of the Air Force- Air Force Policy Directive 91-4 October 11th 2011 - Safety - Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Distribution is UNLIMITED - Publications and forms can be downloaded from Air Force Police Directive 91-4 Directed energy Weapons Safety http://static.e-publishing.... US LAW TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B > § 2332h

§ 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices

(3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results from a person’s violation of subsection (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and life imprisonment Current Photographs of me- https://www.facebook.com/ph...http://www.ofcm.noaa.gov/fe... The Air Force and NOAA chemtrailing and creating storms in Florida to generate money in higher instance premiums for house and car insurance and health insurance. It is also fraud from theft of federal assets from the once very full and now empty disaster fund. This is insurance fraud and murder in cases of drowning a boating accidents car accidents and from hurricane Andrew, hurricane Katrina, hurricane charley, hurricane sandy. The real estate agents are tied to weaponized weather assaults on homeowners and its tied to torture murder and fraud. Do the 4100 military and civilians running weather modification programs have side business in construction companies and landscape companies and city agencies? I wonder how many of these employees run insurance companies or landscape companies or contracting companies? USAF METEOROLOGICAL AND SPACE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES


Air Force weather forces provide high-quality, mission-tailored terrestrial and space environment observations, forecasts, and services to the U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Army (USA), and a variety of U.S. Government (USG) departments and agencies. Air Force weather enables Joint Warfighters to anticipate and exploit the weather...for air, space, cyberspace, and ground operations


AF weather is functionally organized under the Director of Weather (AF/A3O-W), Directorate of Operations (AF/A3O), Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, Plans, and Requirements (AF/A3/A5), Headquarters Air Force. The Director of Weather oversees Air Force-wide training, organizing, and equipping of AF weather organizations to include the following functions:

Development of doctrine, policies, requirements, • and standards for weather support for worldwide AF, Army, and Special Forces training and combat operations

Evaluation of weather support effectiveness for • worldwide training and combat operations UNITED Management of weather officer, enlisted, and ci• vilian career fields

Development and implementation of mid- to • long-range plans for the organization, equipment, manpower, and technology necessary to meet future Air Force, Army, Special Forces, and other DOD agency weather requirements

Advising Air Staff and subordinate headquarters • weather functional managers regarding manpower, career field management, personnel utilization, training, operations policy and procedures, and technology acquisition

Advocating and fielding standardized weather AF weather operations provide a Total Force

capability employing over 4,100 Active Duty (AD) and

Reserve Component (RC) military and civilian personnel

supporting Air Force and Army conventional

and Special Operations Forces (SOF) worldwide.

The majority of AF weather personnel are focused

on two distinct, yet related functions: characterizing

the past, current, and future state of the natural environment,

and exploiting environmental information to

provide actionable environmental impacts information

directly to decision-makers.

AF weather is organized in a 3-tier structure

to maximize capabilities that can be accomplished in

the rear area via “reachback” technology. This minimizes

forward presence on the battlefield, making a

“light and lean” presence consistent with the overall

USAF vision for contingency operations in the 21st



The centerpiece of global-scale collection

and production is the Air Force Weather Agency

(AFWA), Offutt AFB, NE, a field operating agency

reporting directly to the Air Force Director of Weather.

AFWA performs two distinct functions for AF

weather. As part of its Lead Command responsibilities,

AFWA plans, programs, and fields standard

weather systems. At the same time, AFWA has a

strategic-level operations and production function.

Specifically, AFWA is charged with collecting, analyzing,

predicting, tailoring, and integrating weather

data at all operational levels.

Through the execution of the second function,

AFWA provides timely, accurate, relevant, and

consistent terrestrial and space weather products

necessary to effectively plan and conduct military

operations at all levels of war. AFWA operates a

satellite data processing center and a centralized climatology

center with the largest military archive of

meteorological data in the world. The agency runs

numerical weather prediction models, conducts global

cloud and snow analyses, and runs cloud analysis

and forecast models. AFWA also maintains a global

meteorological database, and provides dedicated

support to the Intelligence Community (IC).

AFWA consists of a functional management

headquarters; the 1st Weather Group (1 WXG)

with three subordinate CONUS operational weather

squadrons (OWS); the 2nd Weather Group (2

WXG), which operates three squadrons, two at Offutt

and one at Asheville, NC; the Air Force Combat

Weather Center at Hurlburt Field, FL, which supports

the Combat Weather Flights and Battlefield

Weather Teams through investigation, development,

integration, exploitation, and training across new

and existing systems and processes; as well as five

detachments and operating locations. The 1 WXG

commands three operational weather squadrons

that conduct weather operations in support of Total

Force Army and Air Force operations in the CONUS:

Pester Ramsey • 3 years ago

During the 90s didn't bill Clinton allow experiments on weather after so many years of it to be considered to be tabo