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Why_bother • 5 years ago

It's not character "assassination", dude has a history of sexual assault and belongs in jail. Others have to face what they did but he doesn't? He is a disgrace and deserves jail time not praise

Rita Long • 6 years ago

The first place was Vegas; He paid her so know a tape form Collage is Fake. Its a cold casr.

R. J. Randall • 6 years ago

Further proof that the citizens of Cincinnati, as well as their football team, have no class.

Britster • 6 years ago

Ben will eventually face judgement day just like Bill Cosby. It will only be a matter of time because Karma has a way of catching up to perpetrators. The universe has a way of leveling the playing field.

Dianna Lynn C • 6 years ago

Does not matter if a year ago or ten.....much like Bill Clinton.....still walking and talking

Scott Kernaghan • 6 years ago

Bill Clinton is morally reprehensible. But he did nothing illegal! Why wouldn't he be still walking and talking? Your statement is so absurd it is nearly unbelievable.

Chad DeLong • 6 years ago

So i see everyone assumes this is "joking about rape." But a jokebisnt a joke if there it truth to it. It then becomes a valid warning!

Yearight • 6 years ago

The only raping Ben will do is rape the Bengals Defense.

Rhunny Poopysquirts • 6 years ago

That's funny.

d c c • 6 years ago

One can not rape the willing

Ozzy Greenwald • 6 years ago

Stupid! -- Anyone who thinks sexual assault is funny is an idiot!
True, Ben has a history; but it seems to be totally in the past -- This is character assasination and the station should be sued for millions.
I understand using a ploy to cause disruption for the opposing team; but this ISN'T it!
I know that Cincy is really hungry for a play-off win; but this is in very BAD taste and will probably fuel a superior Steeler team to try and humiliate the Bengals team on the field -- This could really BACK-FIRE in their faces BIG TIME!

Calvinius • 6 years ago

How do we know it's "totally in the past"? It's very rare for rapists to just stop. Especially if they got away with it before.

Ozzy Greenwald • 6 years ago

I'm NOT defending Ben because we don't know what actually happened -- BUT -- if he had been convicted, then it would be up to law enforcemet officials to issue an official warning -- NOT -- a mockery of rape by a radio station.

Dianna Lynn C • 6 years ago

Character assasination ??? There was more than reasonable belief he did it...

Ozzy Greenwald • 6 years ago

That was long ago, he has suffered because of it -- but that was "classless" of the radio station. I'm not defending Ben, I'm against what radio station did.
Also, the fans cheered when Ben got hurt -- that's TOTALLY "classless"!
It was a hard-fought "rivalry" game; but it should have been played cleaner -- the stupid fouls at the end -- cost them the game.
Maybe they deserved to loose. . .

Robby the Robot • 6 years ago

2 women accused ben of rape. no women accused any other NFL QB of rape. but yeah they were just after money. ben is totally innocent. okay

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

Girl logic is silly. I don't like the Steelers either, but stop being so butthurt.

ralph • 6 years ago

Complainer told Ben, "It's not okay," and yet Ben persisted. I agree with her. Bathroom sex is not okay. Ben should not continue if an otherwise consenting female complains about details like the location.

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

1 more thrust than agreed to is not rape.

Sidney • 6 years ago

This Browns fan approves this Big Ben warning.

Sandi • 6 years ago

LOL way to go WLW!! Cincy I hope you win!! Who Dey!! Everyone needs to lighten up!! Love it TMZ!! :)

DBarksdale74 • 6 years ago

Don't worry, you'll forget about this tomorrow when you're offended by something else.

Slim louis • 6 years ago

Rape is funny? Great karma Cinnci. Your about to be put out yet again anyway. A mediocre Steelers team is still top grade NFL and better than most. That combined with their luck this year... There's a reason why they are considered so hot right now and no injuries...

Robby the Robot • 6 years ago

do u realize how stupid u sound? joking about rape is wrong but actual rape is ok? only an idiot is a fan of a team with a rapist QB

lynn1964 • 6 years ago

Shouldn't "your" be you're?? As in you are!! Missed out on elementary school grammar I see.

Eric Anderson • 6 years ago

And there is the grammar Nazi. Get a life.

Scott Kernaghan • 6 years ago

Hmm. Grammar becomes relevant since it indicates a certain level of intelligence. However, why critique Slim's one grammar error while Jasmine makes at least four, and meanwhile she has the audacity to call someone else stupid and to refer to people as idiots? Very ironic. And to top it all, she is calling people idiots for being fans of a team whose QB has not been charged with anything. Meanwhile, the Bengals have several criminals on their roster, one of whom admitted to a sexual offense against a minor. And comparing someone who likes to see intelligent and eloquent writing to a Nazi is a bit extreme. Again, ironic that you take the time to comment on her desire to see intelligent writing and in the same breath tell HER to get a life. Interesting logic to say the least.

CK • 6 years ago

Something tells me the Steelers will win in Cincy. Make all the rape jokes you want; when was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game?

philter8 • 6 years ago

lighten up people....thats why i call him "rapistberger"

Semi • 6 years ago

wow did you come up with that all by yourself?

philter8 • 6 years ago

All by myself...

Eric Anderson • 6 years ago

kill yourself now.

Robby the Robot • 6 years ago

steelers suck

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

And you swallow.

philter8 • 6 years ago

go f$&& yourself now!!!

Mg • 6 years ago

I'm in Cleveland and find that not nice. Ouch cincy. Karma is a b......

j briggs z • 6 years ago

TMZ a all time low ... Anything to try and help Cincinnati finally win a playoff game just as bad as Baltimore bunch of losers

Robby the Robot • 6 years ago

Baltimore owns ur sorry team. losers? they're the only AFC north team with a playoff win in the past 5 years

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

Well you got one thing right.

Michael Sterling • 6 years ago

We'll see who's laughing at the end of the game.

Stargazer1 • 6 years ago

Ben was not convicted of anything. He was the targeted victim of a opportunistic golddigger. The radio station should lose its licence for such defamation of character !

Robby the Robot • 6 years ago

yeah right. twice? how come no golddiggers accused peyton manning or tom brady of rape? they're better known

Scott Kernaghan • 6 years ago

Do you know how the legal system works? You have to prove allegations in some way. Your statements are not logical. If a man is accused even of murder twice but there is no good proof he committed either, should we put him away for life or just execute him? It is totally irrelevant whether or not another QB has been accused of rape. Many prominent athletes in many sports have been accused of sexual offenses. Sometimes they are proven to be guilty and sometimes they are not.

Scott Kernaghan • 6 years ago

See Jeremy Hill of the Bengals for an example of a case where it WAS proven that he was guilty.

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

Cause Tom and Peyton don't party.

Thatregulargirl • 6 years ago

Women drop charges when they get paid off. He raped two women, and it got swept under the rug.

youngexecutive • 6 years ago

Women make up charges to get paid off.


Thatregulargirl • 6 years ago

All the time, just look at Iron Mike's case, but this case is legit.

lynn1964 • 6 years ago

So, you're saying that, to these women, money is more important than justice???

Thatregulargirl • 6 years ago