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Brian Leslie • 3 years ago

You madam are an amazing lady...and I condone everything you've said...particularly about getting old...but your mind is having none of that anyway.....bless you madam.

Calvin Bartlett • 3 years ago

well said Ma'am .. give them hell ... or give them exactly what they give us

Roger Spradbrow • 3 years ago

Wonderful. The banks are such a load of impersonal greedy burkes who grab your money by fair means & foul, use it to earn money and yet give you virtually zero interest

UjutPaneerak Wilkins • 3 years ago

ROFL.. oohh I LOVE her, LOVE her!!!! Hahahaaaa, she's ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! :-))

Lily • 3 years ago

Not exactly a letter by an 86-old woman, but still to the point and funny to boot. http://www.snopes.com/busin...

Susan Harrison • 2 years ago

I assure you, an 86 year old is well able to write such a letter. I live in a retirement community and know 3 residents who are 96, 96.5, and 97 and whose mind and wit are sharp as can be.Don't write off seniors! There is a woman in our long term care who just turned 107 in May and my conversations with her are terrific. She can fire off quips you would be stunned to hear.

Lily • 2 years ago

I agree, my 92-year-old great-grandmother was quite coherent at that age, and wrote letters. However, this is an allegory, not an actual letter. It was penned by Peter Wear (confirmed), a columnist for the Courier Mail in Brisbane, Australia (where I live), for that publication’s “Perspectives” column, in 1999.

EC • 3 years ago

And the Snopes article makes more sense. It was not the bank's fault that things like bouncing checks happen.

Britt • 3 years ago

How could it possibly be 'not the banks fault"???

Don Izzy • 3 years ago

Jolly Good, wot?

Alfred • 2 years ago

go to a credit union instead

Susan Harrison • 2 years ago

This is delightful, although I am not quite sure it is "real." Nonetheless, it is worth it for the laugh and to remind folks that chronological age does not mean lack of mental acuity.

Susan Harrison • 2 years ago


Debra Carruthers • 2 years ago

Bravo Ma'am! We can ALL learn from your wisdom, you are hereby my hero!!

Jim Van HoRn • 2 years ago

Banks SUCK!

Leo2Leo • 2 years ago

It's funny and it could apply to many institutions. I personally love my banks. Just today, no lie, I came home to a message on my machine from my bank asking me to call them regarding my credit card. An actual human being answered. Turns out someone tried to use my cc # in another state. It was declined and thankfully my bank put a stop on my card and will issue another. If your bank doesn't function like this find another.

Robert Healy • 2 years ago

I love women like this...
God Bless you !

Charlotte Fisher • 2 years ago

very much worth a read and a chuckle

Michael McAndrew • 2 years ago

So funny Marie, so factual & the best quote...Don’t make old people mad. We don’t like being old in the first place, so it doesn’t take much to piss us off.”

Lisa Fonseca • 2 years ago

Luv it!!!

Al • 2 years ago

I'm sick of banks I hope they learn the lesson from this amazing old lady who give them a sip of there own medicine .
Madam you rock 👍🏼😂😂

Jeanette Harmon • 2 years ago

Good for her. I agree with her sentiments. She is one sharp person.

Pamela Rae • 2 years ago

Go lady.

Barbara Conant • 2 years ago

Right on

Ann-Marie Burger • 2 years ago

Priceless! You go girl!

Morad Sheikh • 2 years ago

This is very well put.. A gr8 slap and lesson to the Banking institution..... must read..

Berti E M Lemmes • 2 years ago

Really clever old lady!

Peter Zeevy • 2 years ago

It may well be priceless but it's also over a year old & making its 37th appearance here on FB. Yawn.

Jeanette Harmon • 2 years ago

It may be making its 37th appearance for you but for me and others it is a first. Making me proud that someone informed the bank what we, the general public and seniors, think of their actions

Joshua Pridgen • 2 years ago

Older than that. It was originally written in 1999, by a man, as a humor piece in a newspaper. The old woman angle was added in 2003.

Jerri Lynn • 2 years ago

We need to all do this.

Monika Würtenberger • 2 years ago

she simply says what happens to elder people in such a great way, "chapeau"

Steve Murdoch • 2 years ago

Spelling police here. The word is 'cheque'.

Joshua Pridgen • 2 years ago

It was originally written by a British man. In 1999.

Stephen John Cole • 2 years ago

It's Americanish. lcd English

Pasquale Possidente • 2 years ago

Maybe in the UK.

Rynia C. Matthews • 2 years ago

She is so cool

Victoria Perez • 2 years ago

I love this lady

Sharon Layton • 2 years ago

You go girl!

Jim N Patricia Merriman • 2 years ago

Bravo mam!

Alexandra Claudia Stenson • 2 years ago

Very cute!

Dennis Amstaff Wu Wei • 2 years ago

No. It was send by a comedian. Not a lady

Jane Morgan • 2 years ago

its wonderful

Maggie Pawlowski • 2 years ago

I love this! Don't give me ideas ......

Linda Pfister • 2 years ago

The best

Tess Burke • 2 years ago

Love it

Richard Patrick Baxter • 2 years ago

Perhaps we could all follow this lady's example and send a similar letter to our banks. Drown them in paper work.

Elizabeth Barry • 2 years ago


Russell Curtis • 2 years ago

Yes! I love this woman

Deborah Holcomb • 2 years ago