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ShadowyOne • 10 years ago

..."And that’s why the Vietnamese hatch their children from golden eggs even to this day." LOL

mom424 • 10 years ago

I was born in France, lived in Belgium as a child. The landlady called me "mes petite choux", my little cabbage according to Daddy. Because that's where babies were actually found, under a cabbage leaf. The stork story? Utter baloney. ;)

Guest • 10 years ago

Makes sense

Jean Grey's Anatomy • 10 years ago

Mon petit choux. Mes is plural and would make no sense.


Swede • 10 years ago

I would have guessed she said "Ma petit choux," but of course, she may have been speaking some unusual French dialect.

Swede • 10 years ago

No, wait, it's LE choux, right? So I'm probably wrong. Pardon my French.

Mahjudd • 10 years ago

Vietnamese girls lay golden eggs? WoW!

WistfulChica • 10 years ago

I kinda wish people could lay eggs. And have tails--Id want a tiger tail.

Ivan Vicevic • 10 years ago

Hmmm, interesting that we i Croatia don't even know about that creation myth, well whatever, Croatia to Vladivostok!

Practice • 10 years ago

All of Croatia or just you?

mom424 • 10 years ago

Pretty interesting how we've all parallels in societal development. Doesn't seem all that odd to me that lots of creation myths have sisters and brothers engaging in a little procreation. Extrapolating backwards, if there's a single founding father, we're not left with a shit-ton of options here. Ancient folks figured that out too.
Same with the clay thing; clay can be molded and shaped into whatever. And dirt? Dirt's been here forever and it's where all good growing things come from. Not a big leap to make people out of clay and magic. Good job.

Swede • 10 years ago

Legend #1 makes me think along the lines of comparative mythology. Au Co, the fairy, wanted to live in the mountains, while her husband Lac Long Quan, the god, preferred the seaside. In Scandinavian mythology we have exactly the same thing going on with Skadi and Njord.


Skadi wanted to live in the mountains, since she was from a mountain giant family and felt at home there, and Njord wanted to live by the sea, as he was linked to it as some kind of sea divinity, just like I presume Lac Long Quan was linked to the sea because of his tendency to change into a sea dragon.

Njord was one of the Vanir, a clan of gods sometimes poetically called elves because of their beauty. Now you may say that this is an obvious difference, since in the Vietnamese story it is the woman who is the elf, and the man who is the god. So the parallell would fail unless we think there was a sex change involved, right? Strange to say, there may have been such a change. Njord was once, according to the learned, the goddes Nerthus. Read all about it on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

The other difference is that it may be argued that Skadi wasn't really a goddess, but just a giant's daughter. However, the "regular" gods of Scandinavia were all descended from giants, and furthermore, Skadi was considered a goddess with her own worship, so that part of the story sort of fits in as well.

This is another case of me wondering how old fairytales, legends and mythologies really may be. I think it's obvious that the Scandinavian and the Vietnamese myth must have a common origin, because I can't see how there was much traffic between Vietnam and Scandinavia thousands of years ago.

It's just like the story of the Biblical Flood, which pops up everywhere on Earth. How old are these stories really?

Bob the Rock • 10 years ago

The one about Scotland was actually made up by priests in an attempt to give Scotland a legendary founding story like the Hebrew

1DireWolf • 10 years ago

Good list.

Mr Henderson • 10 years ago

Very interesting list. Thank you

Hello • 10 years ago

Nice list

Eric922 • 10 years ago

Even though these kind of stories are always so one dimensional, I still can't help to be fascinated by them.

Guest • 10 years ago

sex seems to be as much a parallel between creation myths like those above. kinda makes you wonder what truth you're reading...

Bunny • 10 years ago

Well, society had to be started somehow and I only know one method of baby-making, so...

Just me • 9 years ago

Gojoseon's real name is Joseon, only that King Taejo founded a more recent kingdom that was also named Joseon(500years ago roughly) to show that Koreans were all descended from one, and historians just put "Go" (means "old") in front of the older one to avoid confusion. Just felt like saying it ;-)

portland_girl • 10 years ago

I swear I thought the authors name was Anne Boleyn when I first glanced at the title.

The Mighty Rohan • 10 years ago

Shame no-one told Brutus about the weather lol

Poke poke splat • 10 years ago

Dan gun is a pattern in tae Kwon do that states Korea was founded in the year 2333 BC.