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Sekhars • 8 years ago

BENGAL IS UNDER SHAMBLES under this tyrant women

sudhirb • 8 years ago

No wonders she ran away from Britain leaving tour mid way in the name of cyclone in Bengal. Bengal is in a bad state under Mamta rule.

Chillum • 8 years ago

She was hit by a cyclone of "Communal elements" as she was struggling to bring betterment for the secular elements in Bengal.

Ranjit • 8 years ago

Our Jihadi didi will face the same music in future from our Hindu Bengali community - my own community. Wait..... Down with Mumtaz Begum... We love Mamata Banerjee but hate Mumtaz Begum...

ashok759 • 8 years ago

If all the MoUs signed by Indian leaders, including many with foreign firms, fructify, India would look like the Pearl River Delta ! 2. On a more sombre note, the tea estates in the Dooars region are terminally sick, helpless parents are selling their young daughters, who are then trafficked to Bombay and Delhi. The British do not need to see ads in the FT to know what the score is. 3. Always knew the English were a nation of shopkeepers, but for the FCO to bill the Bengal government for a reception hosted for a foreign leader is really pathetic.